Files for Butch Massoni


Butch Massoni — Jan 15, 1999

Ten maps for your picking-up-ammo pleasure. Map one is square. Map two is roundish. Three is titled Live Fast. Level/Map nine suffers from smearing. Level ten, well, watch out when firing that Launcher! Water medium in most of these maps, good ammo & plenty of ways to recharge when recharger works. Decent Package from the Suicide King. He recommends it here, suicide that is. Fire that Launcher Dude!

Infinity Suicide Bungie Levels v2.0

Butch Massoni — Jun 12, 1997

16 levels that are remakes of partial Infinity maps. These are loaded with ammo, weapons, in typical suicide style. These are done pretty well and should provide you with a high amount of kills and carnage.

Infinity Suicide Original Levels v2.0

Butch Massoni — Jun 12, 1997

10 original suicide levels by Butch Massoni. Some of these are visually nice as well as loaded for kills and carnage. Some pretty cool ideas for this style of map. Give these a try and have some all out carnage...

Infinity Suicide Pak #2

Butch Massoni — Apr 06, 1997

From the same author, 29 levels and these are pretty well done too. Should provide you with some all out carnage.

Infinity Suicide v6

Butch Massoni — Nov 23, 1996

4 levels, all M2 ports. These were enjoyable in their original form, and they're enjoyable now... the smg adds quite a bit. (The Molecule might induce flashbacks...) I've gotta say, though... there's absolutely no excuse for texture misalignment on levels this small that were made with Forge. (Not that this gets in the way of our killing each other...)

Infinity Suicide v5.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 16, 1996

Three levels: two Bungie M1 maps, and one original. All three are really, really fun. (Smells like Napalm is a blast-watch yourself on those recharging platforms!)

Infinity Suicide v4.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 09, 1996

Five levels, some ported from M2 suicides, some brand new. All quite playable (except maybe Kevorkian's Rooms, which will give you a horrible headache). Deadly Ledges is very nice for extremely high-carnage games.

Infinity Suicide v3.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 06, 1996

8 levels, mostly ports from M1 suicides (mods of Bungie M1 maps), but including Electric Sheep 2 from Infinity. Some of the texture choices hurt my eyes, but as usual, layout is great, and carnage is high. Warning-there seems to be a bunch of untextured sides (shows up as smearing). Not fatal, but...

nfinity Suicide v2.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 02, 1996

Three new levels, all very playable. This map is recommended for Power Macs. If you have a 040 machine, make sure you read the "read me". If you live suicide maps--you will love this one!!

Infinity-Suicide v2.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 01, 1996

Three more, all originals. These are reminiscent of the early M1 suicides... high carnage, no hiding places, lots of in-your-face action. Storm Drain is beautiful, both for action and for looks!

Infinity Suicide v1.0

Butch Massoni — Oct 25, 1996

Three new levels, all quite playable. (The readme, especially about the part that talks about these being made for Powermacs, should be heeded... the last one, in particular, is horribly slow on 040s.) The suicide tradition continues...

M2 Suicide v19

Butch Massoni — Oct 23, 1996

8 maps, all remakes of classic M1 suicides. The biggest change between these and their predecessors is the lighting... these are all bright and cheery, where their originals were dark and brooding. Cylinder, particularly, suffers from this... but they were all among our group's favorites, way back when, and it's great to see them again.

Killing Fields v2.5

Butch Massoni — Oct 11, 1996

Wow, this one has a long history... It started life as a section of Bungie's M1 solo level Try Again. Butch created one of the best M1 Suicide levels ever by cutting off outside access to this ring... the original Killing Fields can be found in several packages, including Suicide Maps v.2. Laurent Stanevich converted this to a gorgeous M2 map, which has been remodified by Butch to include one of his favorite aspects of the Marathon universe...

Suicide v28

Butch Massoni — Oct 10, 1996

Three levels, all originals (the counterparts of M2-Suicide 18). The first one is just as aptly named as its M2 counterpart, but the other two provide some serious carnage opportunities. Learning the teleporter positions on Walking Charlie is a huge advantage...

Suicide v27

Butch Massoni — Oct 10, 1996

Three levels, all originals (they match M2-Suicide 17). Pepper Popper is pretty cool... watch the damn bobs! Fans of Sky Diving will love Sky Diving 2.

M2 Suicide Infinity/NorKorh

Butch Massoni — Sep 14, 1996

It had to happen... here are the three Infinity demo levels (and one from Nor'Korh), remade for M2, in the suicide tradition. Some are recognizable, some are not... all yield extremely high death rates.

M2 Suicide v18

Butch Massoni — Sep 09, 1996

Three more from the long-quiet suicide master. The first one is extremely aptly named, but the other two are quite fun. Death awaits you...

M2 Suicide v17

Butch Massoni — Aug 20, 1996

Three more levels, all original. The first one's pretty much deadly, and the second is hard to look at... but the third is a blast.

M2 Suicide v16

Butch Massoni — May 02, 1996

4 maps (the M2 ports of Suicide 26). I like 'em much better than their M1 counterparts... there are a few bad sides (textured air) in the last one.

Suicide 26

Butch Massoni — Apr 30, 1996

4 maps, all original. A couple are really slow on 040 machines. These are not quite in the same style as most suicide maps. (Well, two are, but the other two are very big, with much lower carnage rates.)

M2 Suicide v15

Butch Massoni — Apr 05, 1996

3 maps (ports of the maps in Suicide 25). A good batch, but very open-really slow on slower machines.

Suicide v25

Butch Massoni — Apr 05, 1996

3 maps, all original. Spanish Magic Castle is a lot of fun, but watch folks who guard rechargers...

Suicide v24

Butch Massoni — Mar 28, 1996

4 maps, M1 versions of the maps in M2 Suicide 14. These are just as fun as their M2 counterparts...

Suicide v23

Butch Massoni — Mar 28, 1996

3 Maps. These work better (imo) as M2 maps, although they play faster, for some reason, as M1... The M2 version is called M2 Suicide 13.

M2 Suicide v14

Butch Massoni — Mar 28, 1996

4 levels, all orginal. Some very nice twists on KOH-type games... and one that wouldn't work with two people (it's called Eyes in the Back of Yer Head, and you wouldn't need 'em without a third person...). Carnage rating-very high.

M2 Suicide v13

Butch Massoni — Mar 20, 1996

Three levels, all quite a lot of fun. (Swiss Cheese, especially...)

M2 Suicide v12

Butch Massoni — Feb 24, 1996

5 maps, all conversions of M1 suicides. We hit 12 dpm in a two-player game on Neither High nor Low...

M2 Suicide v11

Butch Massoni — Feb 24, 1996

7 maps, all original modifications of M2 Solo bungie levels. These are almost all great. (A couple are too big for serious carnage...)

M2 Suicide v8

Butch Massoni — Feb 15, 1996

5 more. Somehow these slipped through... it's a great set, though, so I'm glad they finally made it out.

M2 Suicide v9

Butch Massoni — Feb 14, 1996

5 more, all M1 original ports. Watch your back!

M2 Suicide v10

Butch Massoni — Feb 14, 1996

Six maps, conversions of Bungie solo levels (hacked to be small). A couple have really nice starting positions...

M2 Suicide v6

Butch Massoni — Feb 06, 1996

5 more... a mix. Launching Pad is great, but really slow on slower macs... and there's a map here that reminds me how much that Alien textureset hurts my eyes.

M2 Suicide v7

Butch Massoni — Feb 06, 1996

Again, 5 converted M1 Suicides. Couple of killers here... Peekaboo really benefits from the ambient sounds, compared to the M1 version.

M2 Suicide v5

Butch Massoni — Feb 03, 1996

5 more converted M1 suicides. The texture choices are getting much better. Mountains o' carnage...

M2 Suicide v4

Butch Massoni — Jan 30, 1996

5 more. Kill everyone quickly. Or die. Whichever... carnage will be high either way.

M2 Suicide v3

Butch Massoni — Jan 25, 1996

5 maps, again... all great maps (some of the best of the M1s), but again, the textures will hurt your eyes. (They're still fun, though...we hit 12 dpm again on a 2 player game on Cylinder...)

M2 Suicide v2

Butch Massoni — Jan 25, 1996

5 maps, again all converted M1 suicides. Some good maps, but pretty nasty texture choices...

M2 Suicide v1

Butch Massoni — Jan 22, 1996

The Suicide Maps are moving to M2... here's the first 5. Get ready for mass carnage!

Suicide v22

Butch Massoni — Jan 11, 1996

3 levels. These didn't thrill me as some have... and Circle Jerk has a bit of smearing if you're looking at the platform next to you as it moves (somewhat unavoidable, given the Marathon engine). Still fun, though...

Suicide V21

Butch Massoni — Dec 20, 1995

5 levels. A couple of them are great (Mount Pfhorabachi, Out of the Closet) and all are very playable. Up on a Pedestal is a little rough if you miss a weapon at the start, but I guess if you do, you won't live long, so it's not really a problem...

Suicide V20

Butch Massoni — Dec 20, 1995

3 levels. Thor's Caverns is a lot of fun...

Suicide v19

Butch Massoni — Nov 29, 1995

4 levels (three great, one so-so). Zig Zag is too open for slower machines, but the rest are some of Butch's best. (He's been busy since I've been here last!) One game on Press Box (6 player) racked up a kill rate of 36 deaths/minute! Think fast (really, really fast) or die.

Suicide v17

Butch Massoni — Nov 29, 1995

3 levels (two chunks of Couch fishing and an original). He's still at it...

Suicide v18

Butch Massoni — Nov 29, 1995

3 levels (all original). All fun (use the low grav in Anybody In Here to your advantage...).

Suicide v16

Butch Massoni — Nov 10, 1995

Three more. A nice group... Fallin' to Pieces can get really, really messy with more than two players!

Suicide v15

Butch Massoni — Nov 06, 1995

3 maps (one modified Bungie). An odd set, but Get Yer Ass Up Here grows on you...

Suicide v14

Butch Massoni — Oct 16, 1995

Five more, two modified Bungie maps and three new ones. This is the best batch in a while... If you aren't light on your feet and accurate with your shots, you'll end up very, very, dead.

Suicide v13

Butch Massoni — Oct 09, 1995

3 more. Spanker Parlor is just Pistol Parlor (from Suicide 12) with spankers, but the other two are new. Pretty high carnage rates, even for Butch...

Suicide v10

Butch Massoni — Sep 25, 1995

Butch said he was done with these, but he lied. Three more levels, one modified bungie and two original. Pistol Parlor gets some nice action with pistols as the only weapon...

Suicide Collection

Butch Massoni — Sep 15, 1995

This is the entire set of Suicide maps created by Butch Massoni (through version 10). It includes the 49 original levels (tweaked a bit in some cases) as well as 5 new levels. There will be no more... marksmen (and women) need to check out Otis' Place.

Suicide v10

Butch Massoni — Aug 15, 1995

4 more. These are the last Suicide levels-look for a compilation soon! These are some of the best yet-two are modified Bungie levels, two are original. Carnage on Oh Pfhuck is absurd.

Suicide v9.0

Butch Massoni — Aug 12, 1995

Another 3 (one original). A nice chunk of Welcome to the Revolution this time...

Suicide v8

Butch Massoni — Aug 09, 1995

Four more from the master of mass destruction. Defense Drones 2 lives up to the suicide billing quite nicely with anything over 2 players.

Suicide v7

Butch Massoni — Jul 24, 1995

4 more (will he never stop?). A new version of Yer Out There!, which Butch says is fixed, still freezes our 040's, but it runs fine on Powermacs. DragStrip2 is, as Butch says, "great practice if you go dove hunting." Check 'em out!

Suicide v6.0

Butch Massoni — Jul 24, 1995

4 more (will he never stop?). A new version of Yer Out There!, which Butch says is fixed, still freezes our 040's, but it runs fine on Powermacs. DragStrip2 is, as Butch says, "great practice if you go dove hunting." Check 'em out!

Suicide v12

Butch Massoni — Jul 13, 1995

Another 5, all original. I think our favorite was Narrow. Watch for freezing crashes in Yer Out There!

Suicide 4

Butch Massoni — Jul 06, 1995

3 more from the CarnageMeister. 2 originals, one modified Bungie level (Ingue Ferroque). Much better than the last batch (IMHO). Mars' Canals is deadly!

Suicide v3

Butch Massoni — Jun 22, 1995

Five more from the CarnageMeister. 4 originals, one modified Bungie level (Bob-B-Q). I don't know... There's still plenty of carnage, but more and more finesse is required... Maybe he's just getting older. (Nahhh...)

Suicide v9

Butch Massoni — Jun 18, 1995

I've got to get a better naming scheme for the Suicide maps, because their creator (Butch Massoni) is turning them out way too fast. Here's six more, three originals. The first two should only be played by people who don't mind dying (a LOT). We hit 117 deaths in 4 minutes with three people on Cylinder.

Suicide II

Butch Massoni — Jun 07, 1995

Contains all the unique levels of Suicide Maps and New Suicide Maps (cleaned up to the level of Suicide Maps v.2). That is, if you want all 16 levels in the two Suicide releases, but you want the bugs taken out, get this map.

New Suicide Maps

Butch Massoni — Jun 04, 1995

11 levels, some repeats, in the genre of the first suicide maps (see the modified bungie page). In addition to 6 modified bungie levels (five of which are in the first suicide release), there are 5 new levels. Small and to the point. Watch yourself. Like the first set, these are rough, but I should be releasing a cleaned-up version in the next few days.

Suicide v5.0

Butch Massoni — May 09, 1995

10 Levels. Very nice concept-ten solo levels were hacked to provide small, enclosed spaces for carnage. Teleporters and elevators were added as needed for flow. A little rough (some texture smearing), but no major problems.

Suicide Maps

Butch Massoni — May 09, 1995

10 Levels. Very nice concept-ten solo levels were hacked to provide small, enclosed spaces for carnage. Teleporters and elevators were added as needed for flow. A little rough (some texture smearing), but no major problems.