Files for Candace Sherriff

Dream State

Candace Sherriff — Jun 11, 2000

A two-level map (well, one plus a welcome level) adapted from a released Pfh'Joueur level. Sound use is great, and gameplay is fun... but architecture causes some 'run-through-here-again-and-again' areas, and the storyline is almost non-existent. A fun map, but with a few flaws.

Pfh'Joueur v1.1

Candace Sherriff — May 09, 2000

An enormous, 19 level opus based in the Marathon universe. A true work of art... this one will keep you busy for days. The gameplay is very good, the story line engrossing, and the mapmaking beautiful. There are usually multiple paths to your objective... be creative, the alternatives can be fun. Definitely worth your time. Update fixes a bunch of bugs in the map (some fatal), and improves a few peripheral files. Visit the Big House for a list of mirrors. A 1.0 to 1.1 updater (1.5 MB) is also available if you happen to have to OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD VERSION.