Files for Carl A. Lineberry

Pantload of Trouble

Carl A. Lineberry — Feb 02, 1997

A very good map for KTMWTB. I found this one confusing at first, but then after some play time, this thing was great. There are so many places to sit and hide for other marines, that I finally fiqured out how ingenious this one was constructed. (I know I'm slow). Some elevated areas that believe it or not has fast flow to get up there. Some transporters that will aide in your play and a trick with some lava that I am still trying to figure out. To be honest, I first thought this level was too tight, but was I ever this one to see and have some good ideas for elevated net play. Comes with a extensive read me and a "tour guide", just in case you are slow like myself.

Tell Me If This Hurts

Carl A. Lineberry — Nov 23, 1996

Feels much bigger than it is (could be the large outdoor area and the thunder...). Wide open map with great flow... You can get anywhere from almost anywhere else, and once you've played for a little while, you can do it in your sleep. The hill is not a very safe place to be...