Files for Chris Ashton


Chris Ashton — Apr 26, 1996

You're a navigator on a mining ship where things have gone horribly wrong. You're the only member of the crew to escape capture... and it's up to you to set things straight. New shapes, sounds, physics, art, and a 9-level solo scenario make this a package worth checking out!

CA Maps

Chris Ashton — Feb 03, 1996

3 maps. Nice concepts. Two require teams to be much fun... but the teams can be as small as one person each. These are well-designed, and worth the download.

Gatling Gun

Chris Ashton — Feb 02, 1996

Modifies your assault rifle to look, act, and sound like a Gatling Gun. Very,very slick. Check it out!


Chris Ashton — Feb 01, 1996

Turns fighters into nasties from the movie Aliens. Pretty high quality, but something about the arms bothers me...