Files for Chris Sena

Surgical Strike

Chris Sena — Jan 19, 1997

Level 3 of the Codename Genesis Trilogy. This by far is the authors best yet. His first two maps Codename Genesis and Postcard from Valhalla should be played before this one. The story line continues and is one of the best yet, but, you need the first two installments for all of it to piece together. The map, well you must first play Codename to understand how this author makes maps. His attention to detail and unusual tricks will make you stop and rethink your moves. Ammo is logically placed, detail is great and every detail is there for a reason. STRATEGY is a must at all times with this guy!! Unlike his first two creations, this one is more open and gives you some fighting room. But, the visual aspects are on the lines of Tony Smith and Frigid. I tested the Postcard level before it was finished and I must say that this one is at least twice as good. The term art again is great, and the inside remarks are a nice change of pace. This map comes with a physics model that MUST be used to make it effective. Make sure to save your game as often as possible. The end of the game is, well........ Email this guy and let him know what you think

Postcard from Valhalla

Chris Sena — Oct 29, 1996

The next installment of the series started with Codename Genesis. Hmm... "non-trivial" comes to mind. A fiendishly designed level (plus a nice setup level), with nasty traps, cool terms, but more than anything, physical puzzles requiring timing, more than anything. (Or at least that's what it boiled down to for me...) Well worth the download.

Codename: Genesis 1.1

Chris Sena — Oct 04, 1996

A spectacular solo level (and harbinger of things to come, maybe). Fantastic lighting, meticulous attention to detail, very cool tricks (checK out the bio-scanner and the comms on the doors!), and great terms make this one not to miss. This is a level where stealth wins out over strength, cunning will beat brawn. Do it right, and you'll see the final term. Do it wrong, and you'll see the ceiling... And always, always, always, check for changes. (New sections show up in strange places.) Update tweaks lots of stuff, including ammo/monster placement, terms, layout... much improved! (Which is impressive, given how good it was the first time...)