Files for Chris Silverberg


Chris Silverberg — Jan 02, 1996

Chris seems intent on converting all of Bungie's M1 maps by the middle of this week. He's doing a great job of maintaining Bungie's feel...

M2-Spiral Insanity

Chris Silverberg — Jan 02, 1996

This one's grey instead of green... but I like it a lot.

M2 Carnage Palace Deee-luxe

Chris Silverberg — Jan 02, 1996

Another port by Chris Silverberg. This one doesn't seem as dark as the original... but that could be the difference in machines. (I played the M1 version mostly on 040's.)


Chris Silverberg — Jan 01, 1996

A conversion of the M1 Bungie net level. Stays pretty true to the original. Nicely done.

M2-Showered with Grenades

Chris Silverberg — Dec 31, 1995

A nice conversion of Bungie's M1 level. Feels a lot like the original. Great for nostalgia...