Files for Claude Errera

Task-Sensitive Term Tutorial

Claude Errera — Feb 28, 1999

A tutorial (with nifty pictures and an example map) showing how to allow multiple messages on a term without tying them to full level goals. That is, if you want to change the message on a term after a particular task is completed, but before all the level tasks are completed, this little guy will show you how. My wife says I wrote it because I was feeling like a cool technique we used a few years ago was unappreciated. I'd rather think it's useful info for the Marathon community.

M2 Wall Textures

Claude Errera — Nov 18, 1996

PICT files (and Photoshop color tables) for each of the four texturesets in M2. These can be imported easily into an Infinity shapes file (using Anvil), facilitating the use of Forge for building M2 maps.

Modified Duality v1.1

Claude Errera — Sep 22, 1996

A version of the netmap that comes with the Infinity demo, modified to contain a pair of flechette guns and plenty of ammo. For those of you who feel the need to puncture your friends, instead of aliens, with flechette rounds... Update adds multiple depths to the pool, to allow experimentation with the KKV across media barriers. FAQ

Claude Errera — Sep 03, 1996

Finally, a FAQ for! Never again will you have to explain why you can't change views in net films in M2, or how to find out your frame rates. Contains info through the demo release of Infinity. (This puppy's so out-of-date, it's not funny... but it's still useful info, for the most part.)

Sideways Door Hack

Claude Errera — Apr 24, 1996

A really quick hack in response to a Usenet post asking about faking sidways doors in M2...

Suicide Maps v2.0

Claude Errera — May 22, 1995

6 Levels. I took the suicide maps, cleaned them up, got rid of four (mostly out of laziness), and added a touch or two. These are much smaller, with fewer bugs.