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Flame Pits IV (evil)

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

A central covered arena, with a surrounding lava moat and a second arena above. Judicious use of 5D space to supply a nice quantity of carnage space. Also available in an Infinity flavor.

Evadere v1.0

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

A large level, with architecture reminiscent of the author's Alhambra. A bit darker, though... and with more indoor space. The author has suggested a somewhat unique solo method of play-see the readme for an URL with details.

Flame Pits v5.0

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

The most complicated (and in some ways, the prettiest) of the Flame Pits levels. Very nice flow, once you get the hang of it... before that, it's easy to toast yourself running out a doorway on the outer ring. Also available in an Evil flavor.

Flame Pits v4.0

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

A central covered arena, with a surrounding lava moat and a second arena above. Judicious use of 5D space to supply a nice quantity of carnage space. Also available in an Evil flavor.

Prison Tower

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

A central building with some very confusing insides, and a few outer passageways. Hard to get used to.

Sniper's Dream v2.0

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

Sort of in the vein of Everybody's Mortal But Me, but with way more complexity. A central hill, in the middle of a raised cross... with lots of platforms (all nicely fast) and lots of teleporters (easy to figure out)-flow is superb, plenty of weapons... carnage should be really high.

Carnage Soccer Ultimate

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

4 maps, all based on the same idea as DoubleAught's Carnage Soccer. Some nice twists, here...

nine nine nine

Adam Rose — Jan 26, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Flow from the Sky

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

A simple, square arena enclosed by a wall. Access to the wall is gained by climbing the water towers... but the towers can be enclosed in solid columns. Careful if you're going up, and someone's near the switch! Also available in an Evil flavor.

Midnight Carnage (infinity)

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

A large, open arena with a semi-protected hill, surrounded by dual-level rings. Needs a bigger group if carnage levels are gonna be really high...

Ground Zero

Ryan Rose — Jan 26, 1999

A rather insanely busy map with lots of moving platforms and lava to fall into and stuff to kill you.

Pit of Death (infinity)

Carnage Inc. — Jan 26, 1999

A straight port of their M2 version.

Inner Light

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

Very dark, except for the (sunken) hill. Square.

Platform Fun v3.0

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

Platforms acting as walls constantly change the shape of the playing field, providing differing paths for getting to your objective. Not much to look at, but can be fun to play.


Carnage Inc. — Jan 26, 1999

An open arena with a moat-surrounded low hill (you can get there from the ground, but not from the moat). Outer stairs lead to sniper perches... as the title implies, the emphasis is on spnkrs.

Srea v1.0

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

Another chisel-influenced level. Lots of concentric circles... with some neat flow in the center.

Living Box Top

Adam Rose — Jan 26, 1999

Dark, but with great flow, and a cool hill placement.

Alhambra v1.1

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

A huge, wide-open, nicely-built killing area. Weapons and ammo come in clumps... so if you want a particular weapon, you also get lots of ammo for it. Also comes in Evil and Tempus Irae flavors.

Flame Pits v2.0

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

A large open area with 4 lava-filled pits. Switches on the outside edge control the lava height... and the aliens that can nail you. Best as KOTH, but playable as EMfH.

Fast and Furious (infinity)

Carnage Inc. — Jan 26, 1999

A direct port of the M2 level with the same name.

The Toolshed

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

Eerie lighting and some funky 5D add up to pretty good carnage. Watch your back!

Up and Down

Adam Rose — Jan 26, 1999

A simple 5D arena (or pair of arenas, to be more precise). The name comes from the orientations of the hills (which aren't actually hills, unfortunately).

Arena of Death (infinity)

Larry Chesler — Jan 26, 1999

Needs a lot of work. One lighting type, no weapons, broken platforms... hmm.

Nighttime in Tool City

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

A wide-open, dark arena with lit sniper ledges and a lit hill. Straightforward, but fun.

Sniper's Dream

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

A multilevel arena, with access to the hill only from the outside ring. Favors the player who can run and aim up...

Fever Tag (m2)

Adam Rose — Jan 26, 1999

A dark arena with some sniping areas surrounding it.

Sphere of Carcasses

Adam Rose — Jan 26, 1999

A tower, surrounded by a lava-filled moat. You can leave the tower to grab the big weapons, but the bridges are narrow... careful firing that spnkr, you might end up in the drink!

Fun with Dirt

Adam Rose and Brian Sauber — Jan 26, 1999

Gee, M1! Map seems to be rather limited as to Net play. Crusher with which you really aren't involved, lava medium with transporter in middle, jump. Room at end of long alien-filled path leading to an arena-type location, Jugger (those old ugly ones) in the middle. Switch to reactivate elevator back to corridor from whence you came. This could be an in-your-face arena but we found this map lacking in the attributes of Net play. (Really stinks)

The Altar

Andrew Miner — Jan 26, 1999

A big level, starting in a really dark room, with access to brighter areas. Some neat tricks, but the flooding one causes some nasty smearing... Also available in an Evil flavor.

Mine Field

Adam Rose — Jan 26, 1999

A raised ring around a deep hole with lava at the bottom. Don't worry, the lava's shallow... and if you fall in (or jump in), you'll end up on top of the central flagpole. Only one way down from there...

da BOT

Steve Barnes — Jan 26, 1999

A sprawling arena with a couple of surrounding corridor rings.Nice looking... but the outer ring is a bit large (you'll be running a long way from opening to opening).


Hamish Sanderson — Jan 25, 1999

Converts your HUD to look like what you might see as a Pfhor soldier. Classily done, as should be expected from HAS... right down to the fonts. Deleted inexplicably from these archives... but back now. (Weird.)

Twin Dreams

Unknown — Jan 25, 1999

A simple arena surrounded by (and intersected by) a cross-and-square built in simple 5D. Okay for small groups.

Conquest of K'Yandra Station

Rudi Bloks — Jan 25, 1999

A single-level solo scenario. This puppy is hard. Extensive use of force-fields... pretty nicely done, overall. Don't try to blast your way through... you'll only end up dead. Look around, think about what you're doing, and above all, read the readme-it'll keep you alive more than 2 minutes. Definitely worth a look.

New College Maps

Matthew Grieco — Jan 25, 1999

10 levels, all created by folks at New College. A nice variety, including a few small carnage maps, some team maps (capture the skull, everyone on a guardian, that sort of thing), and general all-around nice levels. Will keep your group of 2-8 busy for quite a while.

The Incident at Quiliam

Mark Hudon — Jan 25, 1999

A 7 (or 3, if you only count the action levels) level scenario. Nice attention to detail, it'll keep you on your toes. There are always shots coming from somewhere...

Backside Boogie+

Mike Miazgowicz — Jan 25, 1999

Seven maps. A real grab-bag in terms of size and play style-there's big, there's small, there's weapon-specific... one thing they all have in common (well, except maybe Chrome and Metal) is great flow. Cava Solaris, especially, is wonderfully set up to handle anywhere from 2 (well, maybe 3) to 8... give 'em a try.

Light Rail Test

Lyndon F. Lorenz — Jan 25, 1999

Another of Lyndon Lorenz's very nice earthlike scenarios. This one's based on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail System, with extremely nice tracks... it's called a test because it's not done yet, but don't let that stop you, it's quite playable as is. Read the readme for future plans... sounds pretty cool!

Movin' Arena I-V

Pfhrier — Jan 25, 1999

5 variations on a theme. They all center on the idea of a large arena with a floor made of platforms (hence the name), with varying degrees of complexity to the outer corridors that move around it. Nice, mostly... except that the platforms move pretty slowly, and if you're trapped in a lower corridor with the platform up, you're dead.

Dances with Drones

Rudi Bloks — Jan 25, 1999

Very difficult, pretty convoluted... but well-built, and with an interesting storyline. You'll die a lot, but it'll be worth it in the end-you'll be stronger for it.


Lee Heida — Jan 25, 1999

A mixed bag. 14 maps, generally with nice attention to detail, but sometimes with some weird angles and texture choices. You'll certainly find a number of very playable maps in this collection...

Water Works 1.0

Jonathan Merriman — Jan 25, 1999

A pretty straightforward, find-the-chips-to-open-the-doors level... there's a problem with the final term (seems not to be activated, so there's no way to finish the level).

Gates of Fenris Demo v1.2

Todd Proctor — Jan 24, 1999

A single level demo of the upcoming scenario, Gates of Fenris. Comes with a shapes patch, which doesn't seem to do much (except make the "slanted floors" hack look right). A few problems (some smearing from certain angles on the lavafall), but mostly a nicely done level, with a good deal of attention to detail. Should keep you busy for a while...

Donut of Death v1.3

Candis D. Manson — Jan 23, 1999

Another 5D arena. Multilevel, with fast elevators joining everything.

Evil-Plague Maps Pack v2.0

Nick Mason — Jan 23, 1999

Four maps, Plague Planet, Winds, Water and Thunder. Some of these levels are very similiar to some you might have seen before. They are all nicely constructed. They are large, but, not extremely large once you get to know the level layout. All maps have aliens for solo running and most all net modes are supported. This update merges in a proper physics model, adjusts alien behavior, and features better term graphics. (It also eliminates the individual versions from the download, decreasing size from 440K to 260K.)

Lunacy Cubed v1.1

Nick Mason — Jan 23, 1999

Hey, this is pretty good! Supports solo play & up to 8 players. You will be busy as this handsome well-thought map is full of ‘tweaked’ Troopers, a bad, bad Jugger & other assorted nasties. Recharger for super shields sure is a good idea! Sounds are familiar but we always liked those sounds anyway. Too funny, when you finally eat it, just lay still & watch the action, those crazy kids keep creaming one another! KaBlam! Pow!

Evil-DOA Netmaps II v1.0.2

Jeff Swartz — Jan 23, 1999

Update fixes the second hill on "Fused", moves the hill on "Slaughterhaus".

Ouch! Woman

Peppé Lé pew — Jan 23, 1999

A small two-level 5D arena. the stairs can be a little hard to get into from the top, especially if you're in a hurry... and the explodabobs are really annoying.


Steve Brown — Jan 23, 1999

Single level solo scenario... nicely constructed, and fun to play. Although there's no shapes patch, there is a new monster... and he's damned annoying. (You'll notice him as soon as you run into him.) Lots of extra stuff to find... take your time!

Jug Jug v1.1

Candis D. Manson — Jan 23, 1999

A small square arean that utilizes 5-D space. This level is small and due to the number of objects and their regeneration rate, I had some blinking monsters going on, and this was even on a G3. Small and short hallways are accessed by elevators that orginate from the ground floor. Elevators need to be a bit faster and no matter what size of group you have, this level will give you high carnage rates. Updates speeds up elevators, and decreases some of the ammo.

Carnage Gardens v1.0

Nick Mason — Jan 23, 1999

Another keeper. Large Arena with perimeter passageways for ammo, 1x & 2x, a couple of elevators, garden pathways. Supports KOTH, Ball, with a sniper outcrop to die for. Up to 8 players and is loaded with mean & nasty aliens for whiz bang solo play; includes a Jugger right there, in the middle of it all! Go ahead, fire your Launcher!. Remember, the Sph't are on your side. At some point lay back & watch everybody duke it out in middle of the Arena, too funny!

DartBoard Bonanza v1.0

Candis D. Manson — Jan 23, 1999

Complex square, supports 2-6 players. Sniper areas, bldg. in main lobby with goodies & a 2x, can get caught here, difficult to get out and would slow you down. A few of those stupid Bob's for solo play. Also has that Fish Eye & the Infra-red. We liked this map, except for the damn Fish Eye.

Bridge of Despair v1.0

Nick Mason — Jan 23, 1999

Pretty good layout, Arena type square with bridge in the middle, secret doors, variety of levels, and the S'pht are on your side which means they're pretty useless as usual, especially with that Jugger in the middle of your bridge. King of the Hill, Ball are untested but author recommends up to eight players. No cooperative play although solo is also okay per Mr. Mason.

Netropolis v1.1

Candis D. Manson — Jan 23, 1999

Nice little 5D map. Flow's great, ammo is, um, plentiful. (If Bungie had built in support for 16 players, it'd still be plentiful.) Textures... well, I don't like the Pfhor set on principle, so don't ask me about the textures.

Evil-DOA Netmaps I v1.0.1

Jeff Swartz — Jan 23, 1999

Update fixes a couple of glitches in one level.

Testical Twister v1.0

Candis D. Manson — Jan 23, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Veil of Maya

Tarmo Turunen — Jan 23, 1999

A very enjoyable 7 (or 4, if you want to count real levels) level scenario. A bit linear at times, but always with lots to kill, and a decent amount of ammo to kill it with. Gives a very satisfying feeling to finish. Gets two thumbs-up from the BattleCat. (And from me, as well...)

Burning Steel v1.0

Nick Mason — Jan 23, 1999

Square Arena play, lower level populated by aliens for solo play, upper level ledges have good corners for sniper spots with a raised dais in middle for King of the Hill. Decent layout. Supports up to eight players.

RadialParadygm v1.0

Pezman — Jan 23, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Pfhorcade v1.0

Candis D. Manson — Jan 23, 1999

A pretty cool little map... Narrow catwalks sit filled with spnkrs and 3x canisters stand above pits with teleporters. The teleporters lead to crushing rooms... so the key is staying on the catwalks. (Because of the 3x canisters, kills will probably be much lower than deaths.) Comes with a film in which RuGGeR whales on Pezman...

Leelas Return 1.0.5

Moritz Grund — Jan 22, 1999

Herr Grund apologizes for the all-German text in the terms, however, if you look at your Map, the level titles are in English. Three levels, and you better put on your running shoes and carry your balance pole! This player, due to the German text, doesn't know whether we talked to Leela or not. Always did like that gentle & helpful AI (Durandal was such a rampant rat!). This is a very challenging scenario to get into, bonk on the head, glub over the head, that kind of thing. But well worth the download. Good Map Making, somewhat standard, but a challenge as well.

Sym1Trikzzh Arena

Jeremy J. Olson — Jan 22, 1999

Looks like it might have started life as Duality, but it sure ain't anything like that map now! If everyone stays in the central area, this map would be comfortable with as few as 3. Start exploring, though, and 8 might get lost... A few nice secrets, for those who find 'em.

Genus J'raxii

Jeremy J. Olson — Jan 22, 1999

Six level solo scenario. Nicely done, with some thought put into how to make you flip switches in a specific order without making it look like you're being made to flip switches in a certain order. Should keep you busy for a goodly chunk of time...

The J1raxis Hell Arena

Jeremy J. Olson — Jan 22, 1999

An enormous arena with more space in the outlying corridors and small rooms than in the main area. Construction is generally well done, with nice clean Thunderdome-like choices. The main arena is floodable with lava, so beware... in fact, KOTH games are pretty unlikely to have very high hill times, since the lava switch is not attackable from the hill. If you stay out of the secret passageways, you can have high carnage rates with groups of 3 or 4. As soon as you go exploring, 8 will be too few...

The Elements of Map-Making Style

Jason Parsons — Jan 22, 1999

A nice document detailing some dos and don'ts about mapmaking. These are well thought-out... everyone making maps should read them-there's probably something you haven't considered here.

CMCT Netmap Pak

Jeffrey Wood — Jan 22, 1999

A very good map pak from the Califormia Marathon Carnage Team. 10 net levels in all, with 4 by Stephen Richie that have never been released. These are some very fine maps. Worth the download, supports all net modes.

Menkalinan! 2.0

Jeremy J. Olson — Jan 22, 1999

An okay 3 (or 4) level scenario, with a pretty bizarre plot. (Well, bizarre might be the wrong word... but it seems to evolve with each level. (The readme suggests this might be the case...) Gameplay is pretty linear, but it'll keep you shooting stuff for a while, and that's the point, right?

Balance of Terror

Bruce Morgan — Jan 21, 1999

Hmm... this one's not really classifiable. It's designed as a teams map, with very fixed goals. On the plus side, the goals seem pretty cool, the level design is quite good, and weapons layout has been very well thought out. On the minus side, if the goals are used, a game will be a minimum of 25-40 minutes long, which is a bit much for most groups, the map is really, really big, making getting lost quite easy, and the whole thing has some quirks. (Aliens, for example, are nearly invincible. I finally dropped down to kindergarten, and it still took most of my ammo just to kill two green troopers.) Also, you might not be thrilled with the weapons layout... you have to think carefully, and be aware of what you're picking up. (This is part of the plan.) If you've got a really big group, and lots and lots of time for netgames, this might be for you. Otherwise, grab it maybe to look at level design, which, again, is quite good. The size is due to a shapes patch (another downside for netplay)-it's essentially a mix of texturesets 2 and 4. (Looks nice, if that's any consolation.)

Evil-Wanna Die Boys

Patricio Silva — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Me and my Shadow

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Classic Net Maps

Unknown — Jan 20, 1999

61 classic maps, adjusted for Evil.

Evil-Wild Things 13 Hops

Lars Jorgensen — Jan 20, 1999

As the title states, 13 levels that are visually pretty nice. I found some of these to be very fast. Object placement was very logical and some of the light sets were great. Fast maps, good flow and no deadends makes this pak a keeper! Don't just fly through these, there are some secrets to be found.

Evil-Foul Binge

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

A netpak consisting of 10 maps. These are the Evil versions but they haven't just been ported over to Evil. He has gone thru and worked on Object Placement. These maps seem to be faster now that they are ported to Evil. Worth the download, 10 very fine net maps that all have good flow and some really nice design.

Evil-GuNby's Net Fun v1.1

GuNby — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.


Kurt Murray — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Mystic Map Pack

Nick Mason — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-SSB Evil Maps

siete7 — Jan 20, 1999

Four choices here via select. Aliens included for solo play, really aggressive Bobs. 2X canisters, heavy ammo. Terms within game are in Spanish. 1). Kharstle: Lava medium area controlled with switches by player, oval with perimeter upper ring for sniping. Seems best suited for maybe three/four. 2). Gam O-Nal: Very wide-open square arena play with terms giving expansive info (Spanish), circle in center for supplies, fast fast fast. 3.) SC old base: Lost in Space attitude, crisscross walkways over square playing field, switches to activate elevators, perimeter & center areas for supplies with a lower sewage swim surrounding all, very hard to get out of. This is a challenging map. Seems best suited for EMFH, multiple players. 4). Disc-Oh! Complex map with TP's for off-site locales, includes lava/water mediums. Starts as a square but evolves. Re-con recommended. Multiple players due to layout. This is a nifty package of maps that will keep your adrenaline going good, can you spell F A S T & F U R I O U S?

Evil-Wild Things 26 Hops

Lars Jorgensen — Jan 20, 1999

No Bugs Mi'lady. These are a terrific & very handsome collection of maps designed mostly for EMFH play but have areas for KOTH, terrific sniper slots, lots of lava, especially in 1.) Longhorn Shoot Out, where, as you run about, the lava comes & goes, keep movin'! Lava continues to make an appearance in 2.) Domas Magma (duh!) and 3.) Don't Swim! The hall lighting effects are quite spectacular in these two, Lars has a handle. 4.) RIP is a very small arena type, best for Carnage we believe. 5.) Steel Pulse is very large & well designed to keep one on their toes 6.) Stairway to Health is a very complex Square. 7.) Valley of Death is also a squareish layout with perimeter paths, plenty of sniper slots overlooking a KOTH area, seems larger than megs would imply. 8.) May-A-One supports KOTH with fabuloso sniper slots, bridges and outer paths, 3x somewhat concealed. Lots of room for multiple players. Maps here are all similar but with different attributes. All have inter-map transporter and Circle type maps seem to reign. 14.) Think About It has a particular mean KOTH area in that you can activate a switch & raise or sink Hill into/above lava pit. Cool! Going on to 15/16/17/18 you get House of Sewage; N'oth Rone, A Reena & W.Y.P.I.W.W.Y.G respectively, all very respectable designs. This is a nifty package with, as stated, no bugs, plenty of room if you wish or tight if you like. Worth a download for the fine variety and smart design. 26 Maps in all, something for everyone.

Evil-Mikes Net Levels v3.3

Mike Srstka — Jan 20, 1999

An update of a net map pack posted here many months ago and more recently updated at MidWest. 20 levels varying in size and game options. Most are small levels with minimal polygons allowing for fast action games, although the amount of objects placed can cause problems in some areas (most levels also have initial monsters). There's a few fun 'concept' maps in here such as the ones that have platforms covered in 3x shields canisters and SPNKRS's with the aim to blast the other players into lava, crushing platforms, or a surrounding corridor filled with ExplodaBoBs. All texture smearing and invisible walls seemed to have been fixed, although it's still very easy to get trapped by sharp corners when someone's on your tail. V3.3 fixes a bug in 'Plastic Soul'.

Evil-Atomic TV

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Talk about getting lost! Vast space for game play, very complex map best suited for EMFH, supports all play but KOTH. Complex layout for multiple players, 3 at minimum. Aliens for solo play. Tunnels are cool, can hang out. Vantage points everywhere. Bigger & better from Jeff.

Evil-Lets Tango

Mike Miazgowicz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Trigger Abuse

Tommy Poulsen — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.


Patrick Frye — Jan 20, 1999

Underwater, most of the time. Upside: it's an evil map, so you've got pfhor staffs.

Pay the Evil Piper

Timothy Zulewski — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Forget Mortality

kolattukudyS — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Fury v1.1

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.


Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Supports all modes of play with 3-6 players as optimal number. Map key shows two KOTH areas. Fairly complex layout for running around with elevators and medium size areas for splattering opponents. Tag would be good. Version has all the Evil sprites including Devlins! So nasty! But good for solo play, leave on for a team effort against the baddies. There's enough to go around!

Evil-Sinful Consciousness

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

A small arena wrapped by a outside ring and a elevated ring. The middle is the hill with four elevated paths extendend above water. A fast map, lots of ammo and fun to play. Another good map from Rich!


Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Blazing Hatred

Nick Mason — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Pits ahead

Claus Selsager — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

It Doesn't Matter

Ian James (Celos) — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Crushed Hope v1.1

Nick Mason — Jan 20, 1999

Another of Nick's so many aliens I can't even play solo Maps! A Pfhor Water Reclamation Plant, not too large an area but supports up to 8 players (may be a bit crowded) with KOTH, Ball and of course, Carnage. Handsome layout, and you don't sink!

Evil-Mucus Membrane

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Silent Fear

Nick Mason — Jan 20, 1999

Leave the aliens on! Mystics! Devlins roaring! Oh; net play-supports carnage, KOTH, Ball, up to eight players. Very large layout, coop play, no. Everything else is here. Solo play for bored Marines, check it out for Net, fast & furious! Remember, the S'pht are on your side!


Chris Komarnicki — Jan 20, 1999

Two levels, the first sort of a concept level. Very interesting architecture, but the switched doors get old after a while. If you're building sweeping spaces, download this map... you might get some very good ideas.


Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Slaughter Net Five

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

Five net maps from one of Marathons better authors. Los Besos-5D level, Betadine-simple bilevel, B.Pump-a small arena, Chicken Pops-mini arena with two levels, Frenazo-a great level for those that like to sit and snipe. All of these maps can also be played in solo mode for practice. Most of them support all net modes...A very good download for those looking for net maps for small groups.

Evil-Future Ghosts v1.1

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

This map is all over the map! Big! Small! Corridors, ledges, elevators, lava reservoir, dark, light! Aliens for solo. Supports 4+, all modes of play. KOTH is kinda cool though. If you're familiar with Mr. Swartz's maps then you know what to expect. Expect the unexpected.

Evil-Flight of Fury

kolattukudyS — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-White Sands

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

A Evil arena level with a few twists. A couple of layers that overlap but map mode can still handle it. There is a neat Forge trick in this level that feels almost like a pusher. It can be a pain at times...Worth the download!

Evil-Hope and Death v1.3

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

Another very good Evil map from R.Dierkes. As with all of the maps from this author he always gives you multi-levels within levels. This one includes some very good design and flow, great ideas and as always, some very good placement of weapons and ammo. Supports EmfH and KoTh.

Evil-Death Zone

Nick Mason — Jan 20, 1999

A very large arena level. The inner hall or area is the main arena and the outer areas are the killing zones. Some very unique design and you will need a large group or it will be slow. Supports EmfH and would be playable with smaller groups on KoTh.

Evil-Temple of Nasties

Adam Zettlemoyer — Jan 20, 1999

A large "temple-like" structure surrounded by a outside ring makes this level fast. Some very good ideas with design and flow was very good. Supports all modes of net play and is best designed for EmfH.

Evil-Limb from Limb

Simon Christensen — Jan 20, 1999

A big Arena style map. Two rings with different elevations support the outer rim. Teleporters are used to help the flow. This one is for large groups!

Evil-Siege & Damnation III

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

Mr. Dierkes strikes again with three winning maps. Of the level Maps (and where does he come up with those clever connotations?) 'Brutal Contumacy' has loads of ammo and various villains. We played solo and boy, that fusion gun really takes it out of you! Never did find the shield recharger nor any transport, just fight or be so dead dead dead, but cool. 'Profane Vigorosity' has all the Evil gang here and for solo play is most satisfactory. Liked it best. Three level layout with baddies everywhere. Supports several players but boy, will you be busy between the Mystics and your opponents! Third Map is 'Heinous Chops & Apple Sauce'. No Mystics but plenty of Pfhor to keep you occupado. Three excellent exercises, highly recommended. Net, wow, that would be a challenge x's three!

Feeding Time

sherwood — Jan 20, 1999

Wow! An abandoned Devlin Breeding Station, cool! A series of walkways over nests, & watch out, they tend to drop out from under you! This is great for solo play & author says leave aliens on for net. By all means. Large square where you can pick off opponents from the walkways or be bumped into a nest yourself. Textures done really well. Better get rid of the Darling Devlins before you get rid of your opponent. Multi-leveled, offshoots to rear areas, TP's 2x's. Comes with a Spoiler, very concise & informative. Nice Show.

Evil-Castle Nemesis

Adam Zettlemoyer — Jan 20, 1999

A large, central arena with lots of room for carnage shoots. The author states he made this on a fast Mac, you will be able to tell real fast, the central area is very complex and the faster your Mac is, the better this map will be. Supports all net modes and best for large groups.

Evil-Shadow Death v1.1

Nick Mason — Jan 20, 1999

Two maps which are same layouts with v1.1 enhanced (meaner for solo players). Pitch black playing field, a circle with four convergent paths dissecting the field leading to KOTH area, which is a well lit deadly place to be. Elevators to ledges which don't appear to be good sniper slots, may work out. Solo players have much to do what with Mystics & those lower-body/head is missing guys. (who are those guys?) Fast & furious with author calling for smaller groups, 3-6 optimal.

Evil-Infernal Damnation

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

One of Jeff's earlier maps. This one is a very open level that has tons of room for all out carnage. Lava textures with some baddies added for solo practice.

Evil-Urine Pool

Adam Zettlemoyer — Jan 20, 1999

Several distinct areas for play of your choice. Didn't see a urine pool, thank God! But at start-up you are in a Mae West-shaped area with water medium paths, 2x's & from there, it's pretty standard stuff. Supports 3-4 players.

Evil-Argonaut's Tomb v1.0

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Totally Terrific Tomb! What a handsome, well designed layout in an EMFH attitude. Large square area, Tomb Shaped, with many, many offshoots; elevators & sniper slots all over, and a 2x affectionately known as 'easy pickings'. Smaller areas (notice the beauty of the mini water plants) plus areas for KOTH if you choose. Could support up to 8 players we believe. Even has an actual tomb/coffin in it. Jump in randomly placed pools for transport. This is a good one, the Pharaohs would have approved!


Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Fear and Loathing

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

The King Always Wins

Unknown — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Anorexic Sacrifice v1.1

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Jeff Swartz is definitely a mapmaker to watch. This is a big level, but moving around is just beautiful. Elevators are quick, and almost always where they should be-you'll rarely find yourself running into a wall. The hill is interesting-centrally placed, and wide open, but defendable, to a point... You won't (as on some hills) be blown off the instant you arrive, by snipers hiding in the wings, but you also won't (as on some maps) be able to stay put forever if your carnagemates are any good at all. Altogether a great map.

Over or Under

Danny Holley — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Dust Off 1.3

Rev. Bleak Cycosis — Jan 20, 1999

Now here's a little ditty that will have you guessing just what it is; Net? Mission? Scenario? Starts in a very large square arena with enough ammo for the ROTC crowd. Read Me says 'stay out of the tunnels', but course you have to go there! Xeno-forms (read Devlins) everywhere! Great fun for solo players. Terms with mission, i.e., go to the roof. Sure, past a bazillion xeno-forms who don't mind the light! Every side room, elevator, corridor is trouble with a capital 'T'. But what fun! Could qualify as EMFH if you turn off the aliens, but what fun would that be? Hold down control key, run like hell, shoot your opponents on the fly! Teams would probably work well. Fight your way back to arena area to re-up supplies. Good stuff here!

Evil-3 of 1

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Quite nice... 5 levels, sorta. The first is simply an intro, to get everyone on the same wavelength. The next 3 are a netloop... each is small, complex, with fantastic flow. The last level is simply the 3-level netloop combined into one level. If you've never played these before, or your group is small, use the three-level loop. If you're familiar with the levels, or you've got a big group, play with the 3-in-one level. Either way, enjoy superb carnage from a superb designer.

Evil-Space Junk v1.1

Adam Zettlemoyer — Jan 20, 1999

Two levels. Both of them for the Evil application and they are well built, with some rather strange building techniques at times. But, overall worth your time.

Jays Net House v2

James Addison — Jan 20, 1999

Based on the author's house... really light on weapons and ammo, and with some nasty smearing once the place is flooded (weird liquid heights in neighboring polys). The version I played was version 1 (the version submitted to the Evil maps contest), but there's a version 2 included in the archive. I didn't try it... it might fix some of these problems.

Ill Tidings

Gary Iams — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Screaming Nipples

Duckmon — Jan 20, 1999

This is a twofer download with two maps/levels, first of which is Screaming Orgasm, a nifty layout. Supports all types play. Hill is, of course, a Very Tall Pillar in center within reach of cool sniper ledges. Sewage medium partially surrounding large playing field(s) & very fast passage around stairways, transporters, arena areas. Roaring Devlins for Sounds, no aliens to be seen. Second map (level) is really an addition; Screaming Nipples, with those tall pillars serving as nipples (can you see it?). Layout here is really superb in that you have room to move up/down, all over. You should be up however as lower floor level is fraught with lava pools. Plenty of elevators to get you back on a that tall pillar connected by crosswalks to three other pillars, four in all. Supports all play although perhaps best suited for KOTH. Switches to turn off lights too! Aliens here including some irritated Juggers in your face, but that's good for solo players which this level supports. We highly recommend even though you might get a bit of smearing here and there, nothing one can't work through.

Way Cursed Hock'n & Pinch'n

Richard Dierkes — Jan 20, 1999

Two large levels, with lots of tunnels. (did I say tunnels?) If you are the type of net player that likes to fire it out head on, then these levels are for you. Some of the design was done well, but taking into consideration the motives behind these maps, and what they are made for, it geometry fits the bill.


John Bousfield — Jan 20, 1999

A rambling level, with several areas all opening on a small arena. Secret (or almost secret) areas offset by the danger/ damage needed to get to them.

Evil-Isla de Encanta v1.1

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

BIG map. Supports any type play (Read Me) with KOTH clearly defined. Large area contains water medium, open perimeter passageways in a fairly square arena setting. Handsome layout with 1x recharger & 2x's very difficult to locate (hold your nose). Aliens everywhere for solo play. Recon may be necessary due to considerable ups & downs of stairs, water, cubby holes, etc. We like this one.

Evil-Big Stuff Little Stuff

Adam Zettlemoyer — Jan 20, 1999

Arrgh! A vacuum net level! Not a bad layout, though... and plenty of ammo. Dark...

Evil-Arena 1.4

Snow Monkey — Jan 20, 1999

A stretched-out Waldo World.

Evil-The Facility

Miles Jacob — Jan 20, 1999

Challenging is always a nice way to put it. Really, really tough is another. Perhaps, think, man! You can do it! What a trip this scenario is for your Evil Application. This will you keep you occupado for awhile. Great use of transitions, water, elevators. Does the word hidden count? This reviewer was sweating when we realized that Mr. Jacob had thoughtfully provided a "walk-through" Film. Have to have it. Dare you to download & succeed without it. The end of the film may have you cracking up (is that a bug?).

King of the Fortress

Joel Rosenfeld — Jan 20, 1999

I made this map a while ago to test my skills at map making and survival. In solo mode you can go into the middle of the map to fight mystics.

Multiplayer could be fun with King of the Hill by using the lava switch.

Have fun =)


Alan Greene — Jan 20, 1999

A very good map made with the lava textures. Flow is good, object placement was well thought out and the use of sounds was placed very well. This map works well with a large group but you could get by with three players. Most net modes supported.

Evil-Immortis v1.1

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Box Of Chocolates

Patrick Frye — Jan 20, 1999

This is really set up as a coop level, shoot everything that moves level, but you can play it alone, if you like. Sort of a plot, but mostly, it's just run-around-and-kill-everything.

Joker's Dice

Yoshi Murai — Jan 20, 1999

Two tiny arenas, joined by a corridor. Pretty mapmaking... extremely high carnage rates with any more than 2.


GazeDoom — Jan 20, 1999

A large circular arena, with three (or maybe four, depending on how you count) levels. Flow is pretty good, especially with 3+ players. The changing sewage level seems a bit superfluous... but that could just be me.

Evil-Spank You Very Much!!

Jordan Offutt — Jan 20, 1999

A level best suited for KotH. Media involved in this one for underwater fights. A small group will fit perfectly into this level. The lighting fit my tastes, very bright.

X for EVIL

Michael Paulus — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Uck OuItch

Adam Zettlemoyer — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

When Daydreams go too far

Even Steven — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Dr' Kurr Station

Liam Coonan — Jan 20, 1999

A huge, mostly symmetrical level based around a central open area. (I'd hesitate to call it an arena, since it's full of holes dropping into the sewers below...) Level design is quite attractive, with lots of care shown to details.

P I T - 4 N 1

Lars Jorgensen — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-DOA v1.2

Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

Corridors, upper & lower levels, sniper spots, sewage swims, TP's, all here. Aliens for solo. Supports all play but KOTH. Fast & furious, you will be movin'. Re-con for sure.

Hammers of the Mighty Thor

Lee Heida — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Jjaro Studios

Miles Ludwig — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.


Jeff Swartz — Jan 20, 1999

A very good medium sized Evil net level. The stariway alone is reason enough to download this map. I really enjoyed the design of this thing and didn't spend much time on the rest of the parameters of the level. A mistake on my part. Make sure to download this level and email the author. His web page has all his creations.

Evil-Staff Fighting

Snow Monkey — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Circularium v1.0f

Lincoln Mills — Jan 20, 1999

A multilevel circular arena, with good flow, nice weapons allotment, and good level design. Works best with 3-5, but 2 could play if they don't mind chasing each other.

Pfhor Pfhun

Chris Souza — Jan 19, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

More Textures... How To

Borzz — Jan 19, 1999

A DocMaker file detailing how to add extra textures to a textureset. Quite useful for mapmakers wanting more than the 30-someodd textures Bungie uses... in very simple language.

Where Evers lived...

Christian Fett — Jan 19, 1999

A large net level representative of a house... nick job. Very tight... don't use the spnkr inside the house! Very good design work.


Matt Schenk — Jan 19, 1999

A 3-level solo scenario, where your job is to clean up after someone else's mess (what else is new?) Starts a little slow, but picks up okay.


Chris Souza — Jan 19, 1999

This has to be one of the largest, most complex net levels I have seen. It is really not a net level, although there are many starting points. I believe that the author has put into this level just about everything you could think of. There are some bugs, a couple of untextered sides, some polys not being assigned "alien impassable", but when you download this thing, you will play forever. Some very good visual ideas, but, almost "overkill" in some ways. This author deserves some email, download it, give it a try and let him know.

To Squirm and Stiffen... v1.1

Rich Dierkes — Jan 19, 1999

5 maps, all nicely built, all catering to slightly different tastes. Small groups should be able to use all 5, but larger groups will probably pass on the middle three... unless they're looking for 5+ kpm rates. Flow is generally quite good.

Crumpet Monkey v1.4

Todd and Ed Keating — Jan 19, 1999

At first this set of levels looked very familiar. Make sure to take the time to read the "read me". A net hopper that has some really neat tricks. I remember this authors levels due to the doors that open at a angle. When you start on the first level, you;ll know what I mean. Five levels in all, some nice geometry, some nice flow and I only found one dead end on the 4th level. Supports many net modes and will hold up to 8.

Sand Pebbles

Perry Noid — Jan 19, 1999

A large outdoor courtyard, surrounded by several buildings (or one, maybe). Nice flow, aided by the openable windows on the upper floor... a few secrets, but nothing that will throw off a net game-very balanced, overall. (You most likely won't run out of ammo, unless you're a really, really bad shot.)

Shadowstalker v1.4

sart1739 — Jan 19, 1999

If you've ever played Mike Neylons WWW maps, you'll recognise the basic concept behind this net level. It consists of a 5x5 grid of narrow passageways with slightly larger polys at the nodes. However, this takes the concept further by stacking 3 identical levels, linked by 4 elevators, make tracking someone very confusing. You really need at least 4 players for this, otherwise you could run about for hours without meeting anyone. Supports all game modes, but EMfH would be the most practical. Version 1.3 changes some alien physics, sets the level as magnetic (making that motion sensor even less reliable), and gives the terminal an exit status so the level can be played solo. This update fixes a possible bug in solo games.

Tempus Irae: The Lost Levels v1.1

Nardo Group — Jan 19, 1999

10 solo levels and 11 net maps, from the group that brought you Tempus Irae.Although the solo levels don't flow together as well as the originals did, neither will you feel totally lost... and the mapmaking is superb. The original Nardo group did much of the work, but Marathon legends Randall Shaw and Randy Reddig each contributed a level to this masterpiece.

Anyone seen the cork lately? v1.1

Jeffrey Wood — Jan 19, 1999

Arena style for up to 8 players. Water medium in large central room one can see from windows on surrounding pathway. Supports KOH, KMWTB & Tag. Crusher room, ouch, it's bad. Spacious, author says the more the merrier.

Psychodelia's Tempus Maps v1.8

Cy K. Delich — Jan 19, 1999

13 levels. A real mix... there are some fun levels here, some really big levels, a couple of tiny levels, and some god-awful lousy levels. A few have physics messed with... one's sorta cute (bob-corn popper with a purpose), but the others are just annoying. DON'T play spnkr's house of horrors with aliens on!

Gallery of Death

J Coffey — Jan 19, 1999

A large, open map with 6 featureless areas linked by catwalks and passageways. Not much in the way of eye-candy, but I suppose the flow's okay.

PipeLine v1.2

Jeffrey Wood — Jan 19, 1999

A large central, waterfilled arena with a dry hill is surrounded by a matrix of passageways both above and below the waterline. Access to the hill is pretty nice for a water level. Update adds Infinity compatibility.

Did You Get That Number? v2.2

Jeffrey Wood — Jan 19, 1999

Very straightforward map. Recommends 2-8 players or more. Huge Read Me which leads you to believe there's more here than there really is. Stairways (one or two?), sniper spots. Author would like feedback & Films.

"Step Aside, Junior"

Mike Sugarbaker — Jan 19, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Pfhorgotten Pfhortress

Unknown — Jan 19, 1999

A small arena with some surrounding corridors. Lots of secrets, but there's a film to show them to you. Flow isn't bad...

Smokin' Crack with Hookers

Unknown — Jan 19, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

"To the moon, Alice!"

Lee Heida — Jan 19, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Everything Is Allowed

Herman Ulltin — Jan 19, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Seige and Salvation VII

Richard Dierkes — Jan 19, 1999

Seven medium-sized Infinity net levels. These levels are all very good with all modes supported. They are stocked with aliens for those that enjoy solo touring. The size of the levels range from large to medium so 3-6 players will fit very well.

Take It To The Hill

Steven McGranahan — Jan 19, 1999

Reminded me of the second level of Marathon Infinity. A very large, well laid out water arena level that has pretty good flow along with some fast rings. For as large as this thing is, it was extremely fast. I was expecting it to even play slow on a performa, but I still had good results. A good KOtH map and the author is requesting some films. Take the time and send him some email.


"Vernon "Bernt" Legakis" — Jan 19, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Ready To Serve

Mike Sugarbaker — Jan 19, 1999

A complicated little arena. Nice attention to architectural detail and lighting, but sound is absent. You shouldn't miss it too much, though, if you're killing people fast enough...

HAS' Edit Notes

Hamish Sanderson — Jan 17, 1999

Hamish Sanderson might know more about the down-and-dirty details of color editing for Marathon than anyone outside Bungie. (He has, after all, done 2+ total conversions...) In an effort to find some external value in the enormous amount of work he put into this stuff, he decided to write out some helpful hints for those folks interested in shape editing for Marathon. Beginner or expert, you should read this... you'll almost certainly find something useful here. (Heck, it's only 35K. Download it twice!)


Lyndon Lorenz — Jan 16, 1999

A pretty slick 3-level scenario based in a city... pay phones work just like they do in real life (which means not all that often). New monsters, lots of new textures, great gameplay... try it, you'll like it.

Marathon East

Lyndon Lorenz — Jan 16, 1999

Hack your way across Europe and North Africa, helped along (?) by The Commodore. Not for the weak-hearted... but beautiful, even if you're looking at it from a puddle of goo on the ground.

Metropolis 2

Lyndon Lorenz — Jan 16, 1999

Three more levels of heavy carnage, based on the textureset used by the original Metropolis. Watch this guy!

Fux! 1.0.2

Bo Lindbergh — Jan 16, 1999

Are you making a scenario, and frustrated by the limitations of the Marathon Engine? Wish you could, say, enable your new weapon (which you've replaced the AR-75 with) on vacuum levels? Want to change the color shift under media? Fux! is your tool! It allows you around some of the hard-coded stuff in the Infinity application itself. (Also works with M2.) Warning-you can really screw up and crash beautifully with this program... be careful! In Bo's words, "If you don't get everything exactly right, you're fuxed."

Scalpel 1.0.2

Bo Lindbergh — Jan 16, 1999

Even better than IZD-this actually excises zero length lines from your map! Fix your maps forever, and obviate the need to run extra software when playing Marathon on a 68K machine.

Marathon Term Text Decoder

Naoki Yokoyama (nao) — Jan 16, 1999

A small app that dumps term text to a text file. Quite handy, if you just want the text.

Exercise in Perversity

Aaron Sommer — Jan 15, 1999

A small, dark, seriously 5D map. I'm not kidding... the whole thing is repeated several times. Don't play this unless you're good at spinning around... folks will come from behind pillars on a regular basis. Carnage rates will be horrendously high, even with the invincibilities... there are fusion pistols everywhere.

"Vade retro me, Satanas!"

Thomas Hverring — Jan 15, 1999

Two maps, one entered into the Bungie map competition, a level from a scenario to be released later (at this point, presumed deceased). Hit the switch, wait for the door to open, kill stuff, find another switch, wait for the door to open... and so on. And so on. And so on. Until you finally say "that's enough, thanks" and quit. (The author could use a bit more humbleness in his readme, given the quality of the map.) The other map is a rather convoluted netmap. (He's not kidding when he says "I'm not on the net, so I don't know s*** about net-levels".)

Waterworld v3.0

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Circular water arena with back hallways, switches below water to close off areas for hiding, maybe. Slim ammo, some doesn't register. No rechargers. Looks like those switches might work when dealing with more than one opponent.

The Lawton-Brronson Package

Gabe Haafke/Jason Hackney — Jan 15, 1999

Turns out The Lawton-Brronson is a school club for Marathon wherein tournaments are played and relationships with teachers can be strained. Eight members called into principals office. They want to start a petition addressing unfairness, particularly of one old bat, er, teacher. We suspect this scenario to be an early, very early, effort in map making. Three levels, probs on level one, Rage, with registering data chips in your inventory. Level two & three, Simulacrums & Volunteers respectively. Keep at it boys, we will wait on your College Years for more sophistication in Map Making. We very much appreciate your efforts.

Backfire v1.7

Dunkster — Jan 15, 1999

A small, symmetrical arena with superfast flow and lots of weapons/ammo. The only forseeable problem with KOTH is that the map's so small that you have a shot on the hill from almost anywhere. (This might be good, though...)

Nobody's Fool

Terence Coe — Jan 15, 1999

Two levels; requires Reeboks, fast trigger finger and outstanding action key agility. Pattern Buffer, also lots of ammo and a price on your head.


Kurt Murray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Delphi Interdiction

Jesse and David Krebs — Jan 15, 1999

Good Job! Short but Sweet, you'll use that Map Key quite a bit. Watch out for Kill Area, that damn ceiling you know. Overall this is pretty cool. When you finally reach AI's core and shut him down terminal ends with job well done, etc., and then says, "Sleep Well". No transport to game screen, but be satisfied, you're done. If you accidentally shoot one of the cores, well you'll see . . . the abundance of Bob's (kill 'em) sometimes freezes your screen. This scenario is a challenge in many ways but overall, we liked it!


Gary Nash — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Rogue Moon

Tim Thomas — Jan 15, 1999

We don't have a contest for most difficult scenario ever! Had we, Mr. Thomas would win hands down, or at least get honorable mention. United Earth Military Complex Consortium is the AI/leader. Opening screen of actual Hubble space photos is impressive & beautiful. Can we get this as a desktop picture? Nonetheless, it's a maze, it's a labyrinth, it's going to take up some of your time. This is a well organized, architecturally interesting bit of map making but oh boy, it is a stinker! The term's are too articulate and full of directions for a poor dumb Marine like us to grasp all at once (as you're asked to do). Are we whimpering? Oh yeah! First level is informational "Lock & Load", second is "Fault Intolerant". We did pretty good; thought we had gotten almost home, just around the next bend, and then realized, there is no end in sight! If you succeed here, please send us an email & tell us what you think. We're always interested in feedback.

PG-Crosshatch v1.1

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Deus Ex Machina

Susan Clapp — Jan 15, 1999

A three level game with complex switch placement & areas where, if you don't finish the task while there, you may get stuck. Ms. Clapp has given this scenario Rambo Weapons, yummy! Some interesting twists and turns here, not too easy to figure this puzzle but the prime target is "Big Bad Blue Bob". The Read Me's a gas, something about Men in White Coats . . .

Jumping Beans

Seth D. Kromholz — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Mark A. Youngman — Jan 15, 1999

Chappy is your AI here & your mission is to start a sequence to detonate the present location by finding & inserting eight uplink chips, through eight doors, in 8 or more areas. The planet is populated by Cats and Chappy the AI is a Dog! Chappy tells us that we know nothing, and the real order of intelligence is: mice, dogs, cats, dolphins & humans. Well! This is fun, not a very big area but some nice secrets about & chips in odd places. Hummmmm, wonder where that eighth one is, it's always the last one that's such a pain. Good fun map. Read Me is only author's name as submitted by. Think it may be a young'un.

Figure ƒ

Arend C Miller — Jan 15, 1999

Small map but well laid out. Recommended for two players (because that's the number of computers author has access to). Plenty of goodies to re-up your health. Sniper slots, stairs. Might just be really fast & furious! Oh, Arend is 3rd place winner of the Frog Blast the Vent Core contest & is awaiting his "bucket o' guts" prize...

For Ever and Ever v1.1

Gairdt Hans Lundeen — Jan 15, 1999

Comes with a bizarre readme that covers most of the other stuff this author has done, and gives one line to this map. The map itself is a pair of circular arenas, overlain in 5D space. They're different enough in looks that you shouldn't get too confused...

Vermicide ƒ

Damon Holmes — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

El Lobo Feroce

Jeff Model — Jan 15, 1999

One level, Switch City! Pretty good layout, a lot of running around, decent puzzle here. Could stand better direction for the player, what final result are we looking for? But a good run for your money.


Justin Wood — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

"Your best bet, man"

Tyson Blades — Jan 15, 1999

A single level solo map and a single net map. Also comes with a shapes patch to replace the assault rifle with the m-16/m203 grenade launcher, but it crashed my machine every time I tried it. The solo level is a bit strange... the AI says she's Leela, but she acts more like Beavis. Keep looking around for new room exits... eventually you'll get to the end.


xraytad — Jan 15, 1999

An open arena with a ring around it. One buggy area (no textures, teleposting), and some physics changes. (Check out the SPNKR shots...) It's fun to go around blasting the potatoani... but beware your fellow players.

Chaos Incarnate

Chris Fuchs — Jan 15, 1999

First map effort, a Marathon Contest Entry. Three levels. A few admitted bugs in this scenario. Map Maker should keep at it, has the right idea but not quite ready for Prime Time Players.


Bernie Wieser — Jan 15, 1999

Three levels with 3 Anvil patches to change textures to suit your preference. Also includes Spoilers for the four (counting original) maps/textures/mediums. These maps/levels are so complicated, convoluted, twisty, tricky, complex, switch oriented, etc., etc., with ammo hidden everywhere & Bobs so deadly . . . well you've got to see it to believe it! Highly recommended for solo play & boy, good luck for Net folks! WHAT FUN! Should support quite a crowd of foolhardy players. Download now! (Note to Bernie, throw in some terminals, give us a mission! You couldn't go wrong with any scenario you choose to design!)

Decimate >-)

Matt Schenk — Jan 15, 1999

Mr. Schenk in the Read Me states he is 14. We believe it due to several factors, language is one. PG13 for sure! But watch this guy, he is working towards being a Marathon Map Maker Extrodinnaire! This is basically a "Kill all the Aliens" mission with some clever twists. Barry apparently is the AI (Barry?) and gives you clear directions. This is a large scenario with every texture, hallway, lighting, platform, large space, small area . . . you've ever seen in a Marathon game beautifully executed. Shapes patch included. It's terrific! Clever! Playable, flows, progresses. Two levels, some surprises. We are so impressed. However, that darn however; at the end of level two when you finally reach where you were supposed to go for transport, there is a Pattern Buffer (works) and a Terminal (doesn't). Terminal freezes my Mac and all grinds to a stop. See if you can find another way. This is a dynamite design from Matt. Eminently playable, lots of fun!

D&M Ultimap

Michio Hashimoto — Jan 15, 1999

The reason we all have 60 channels on the TV is... choices. This NetPak is all about choices. 16 Maps, each somewhat different, all reasonable. These gentlemen are considered VidMasters in Japan, so they say. They would like feedback as to whether you like, can use, this substantial Pak of maps. They may have a handle. 1. Dimension Doors/Bungieeeeeeee!!! You can fly, pick up ammo for next level/map. 2. You Can't go back, Of Course; hideous maze-type layout. Gather ammo while ye may. 3. Arerona, pick up ammo, bunch of terms with teleporters attached, back to 'You Can't go back, Of Course'! From here to... 4. Lavayard, terms, transport back to YCGBOC. Then... 5. Sewage World, teleport to YCGBOC. 6. Then on to Bungeeeeee! 7. Miharena (now we're getting somewhere!). Square, KOTH, some aliens, cool layout. 8. The Eight, surprise! Different. Crusher, true net (whatever that means), multi-shape layout. 9. Colosseum, KOTH, compilers, arena play. 10. Carnage House Economy, pretty good, Baby Bobs, recon essential. 11. Photon Spirit '97, very complex; Compilers, Pfhor. Big layout! 12. One Hit Terror, maze (horrible), transporters on ledges, good luck! 13. Half & Double, rectangle, qualifies as standard net play. 14. Water World, square (can you say glub?), Flechette for underwater, raised central area for KOTH. 15. Dust of Disappearance, two KOTH locations, no aliens, clean design, can transport to one another's Hill. 16. Sewage Dome, best described as 'combo play', KOTH fer sure, Arena, tag with scattered aliens to distract. Not a big download here, but a selection worthy of your attention. Aliens in majority of levels, first 5-6 frustrating due to back, forward, back thing. But hey, try it!

In the Shadow of Lh1owon

Thomas Finley — Jan 15, 1999

If ever there was a straightforward, good old days Infinity Scenario laying about, Mr. Finley has captured it all. Durandal, that demanding sarcastic, grumpy AI. Clear directions, flows like fine wine. Ahhhhh the memories of following Durandal, Killing Phor, Using Pattern Buffers, Reuping your Launcher . . . here it is. And it's Free!

Bob's Mƒ maps

Bob Vandehey — Jan 15, 1999

Four maps that support multiple players. RUBIK: Large Arena shaped like the cube, secret doors to get around, elevators, ambush rooms, water on perimeter, will support lots of people. HEY HOGG/Bonanza: Small, very high Hill, sniper ledges, great kill ratio & very fast. The 'lost in space' view is quite spectacular in inner circle. THE DOCTOR SAYS/Turn & Cough: Linear map with an abundance of teleporters getting you to sniper ledges. Center is water medium with ledge hopping for ammo. Somewhat confined but fast with high kill ratio. DIE: Symmetrical with big vistas, water medium, long kill distances, not many transports out of water. Launcher is essential.

Bedknobs & Broomsticks

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Very nice symmetrical level design-a sort of a helix design with some bulbs at the end. With aliens off, a fantastic small net level. With aliens on, a really nice training level... gets your shooting up to snuff around corners and in tight places.

Plastik's ƒ Maps

Chris Pruett — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Dominic Coe — Jan 15, 1999

Right idea, nice clean little Map. Could be more thought-out, some excitement maybe. Handsome effort by Mr. Coe.

Inquisitor Deum

Tom Bridge — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

David's Merge of Pure Enjoyment

David Gargus — Jan 15, 1999

David David David . . . How many invisible Compilers must one kill? Two levels, first one named Purgatory. Oh yeah. It's definitely Hell. More shooting gallery style. If you like to waste Compilers, invisible at that, this one's for you Marine! Blam Blam Blam

Net Pack #1

Justin Cooper/Sylvan Furness — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Island Refuge?+1

RedLight1 — Jan 15, 1999

Don't get killed! This is probably one of those guilty pleasure, very short, scenarios. Practice your side-stepping skills. Author says excuse the hokey storyline. Okay. First map effort, keep going and in the meantime we'll try to avoid those damn flame-blowing, grenade-rolling guys on wheels!

Mƒ-M1 Network Maps v1.2

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Chris Valley — Jan 15, 1999

Very few baddies, lots of misaligned textures, pretty uniform lighting... but lots of ammo. (Too bad there isn't much to shoot...)

Mario's Maps v2.2

Mario Saullo — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

PG-Jetstream v1.1

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Netaholics Anonymous

John Hopper — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

PG-Snipers Only! II v1.0

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Phive Levels For U

Chris Pietrzykowski — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

The Bob Shower f

Martin Cooper — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Jameson's Contest Maps

Jameson Fisher — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Inobmaz Battle Station

Ryan Hylland — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

You're Going Down (infinity) v1.1

Seth D. Kromholz — Jan 15, 1999

We expected better things from a Cornell student who designed his map for net play on the campus game site (whatever). Very small area, says there's a Crusher for players who hide in rooms (one room), didn't experience although we tried, but really like the idea. Recommends up to 8 players. Not many places to hide, no sniper spots to speak of. Gee, must be a "Kill" map!

Temple of the Bulldog

Victor Bellomi — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Stomp Box

Stephanie Schindler — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Hot Springs of Lh'owon

Humberto Acevedo — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Butch Massoni — Jan 15, 1999

Ten maps for your picking-up-ammo pleasure. Map one is square. Map two is roundish. Three is titled Live Fast. Level/Map nine suffers from smearing. Level ten, well, watch out when firing that Launcher! Water medium in most of these maps, good ammo & plenty of ways to recharge when recharger works. Decent Package from the Suicide King. He recommends it here, suicide that is. Fire that Launcher Dude!

Here Be Dragons

goldragonne — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

The Cross

Dan Weintraub — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

G4, no more?

Kurt Murray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


christian — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Ground Hog

Rick Tuttle — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Overlap v2.0

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Juggers of the Jungle

Bachus — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


T.W. Jackson — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Turnabout Intruder v1.5

Matthew Dalia — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

RCB Bungie-thonfinity

Rich Barker — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Brian Wadley — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

PG-Focus v1.0

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Deep Forest v1.4.6

Chris Grantham — Jan 15, 1999

A large arena speckled with "trees"... large platforms that provide a sniping canopy. Teleporters bring you up, and water cannons on the ground facilitate fast movement (escape or ambush). A few glitches (bouncing polys, solid transparent walls, that sort of thing), but nothing critical. Udate fixes most (all?) of the glitches. Still minimal sounds... more than there was, though.

Fallin' Down

BaggBone — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Gerald Helland — Jan 15, 1999

So . . . how can such a simple little Map be so difficult!? Read Me is sans info so you're on your own. And those platforms, so annoying with their Up&Down maneuvers! A terminal that speaks of getting to the "Garden", huh? Try it. A puzzle for INF fanatics.

Death Rotunda ƒ

Gabriel Gilder — Jan 15, 1999

A straight port of an M2 sniper arena.


Craig Harvieux — Jan 15, 1999

Large square arena-type play supporting up to five players. Most unique crusher use we've seen in awhile. 1x, 2x canisters; perimeter ledges for sniper spots, stairs up & down with some whacko Bobs in ambush mode. Some water medium but no sinking. Fast.

Personal Holloway

sHaDi — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Liam Anubis Furniss — Jan 15, 1999

Won Best Net Map in Bungie's mapmaking competition... and it really is a blast. A central waterfilled arena, surrounded by three satellites... and a bunch of secrets. Travel between the areas is accomplished via water cannon, most of the time (although other routes are available). The cannons are a great place to reload when you're out of ammo, but beware the exit... you might just find someone waiting for you there. Best as a King of the Hill map, but plays fine in EMFH mode. Very well done.

Hahn Infinity

Tim Kolar — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Hot-handed God of Cops 1.0.3

Dan Preston — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Hot Stuff v2.1

Jim Head — Jan 15, 1999

A simple, nice-moving level consisting of a lava pit surrounded by two tiers of hallways. Update is a major overhaul, doubling the size of the map. (There are now two rings on each level, instead of one.) Once you get a feel for the flow, this works very, very well. Latest update tweaks platforms and objects, moves the hill.

Are You Ready v1.0.0

Peter Vanatta — Jan 15, 1999

A huge, sprawling level, one really big ring surrounding a smaller playing field. Needs a minimum of 4 or 5 to be any fun at all...

Ill Will Hill

David Riggle — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Crazy Super Net Map

Mark Turner — Jan 15, 1999

A newbie to map making is Mr. Turner & here has given us a maze-type layout with lengthy halls, water medium corridors and enough fisheye doohickies to last a lifetime. For a first map, not bad. Would appear to be best suited for tag. Lots of running around. Mucho Phfor for solo players.

The Stadium - Net Play v3.0

Krikor Daglian — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Death's Harbinger

Matthew Sheppard — Jan 15, 1999

BiG map here, Oval with upper ledges for sniper delight, offshoots decidedly cool! Author suggests a run-through to figure out switches, area. Off-site room, lava with a door across pool at the far end, no, don't get curious! This map would be too small for just two players, 8 would probably be just a bit too many. Set your timer on long as this is one heckava neat Net edition!


BaggBone — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Come Get Some of Me

Scott Ingold — Jan 15, 1999

Dual areas for defense, or to defend as your turf. Sniper slots, water medium, precarious ammo retrieval area, 2x, KOTH maybe. The two areas could qualify as defendable bases should you wish to play teams. Lots of small side rooms containing ammo. Interesting map. You might be able to get something going here. Run-through recommended.


Stephen Horowitz — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Chris Baumbach — Jan 15, 1999

Originally a Map Contest entry (eons ago! We'll get back to you Chris!). Read Me uses term: 'Procrastination proliferating hooligans' aka Bungie. Wha? Bungie/Marathon (ab)users are procrastinators? Say What? Pretty good map, kids. Spectacularly large, complex, rectangle which could support as many as 8+ players, and also (definitely!) solo play. Would seem best suited for tag. Many, many, hidey holes, vast assortment of doors, passageways, stairways, hallways, you name it. 3x available, all ammo & every stripe alien working against you. Run through would be necessary unless you're just... well, run through is recommended.

PG-Funnel 1.2 v1.2

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

PB's Aqualung

Peter M. Bukowinski — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

PG-Beam Me Up! v1.2

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Chucker Brawl

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Another keeper. Large Arena with perimeter passageways for ammo, 1x & 2x, a couple of elevators, garden pathways. Supports KOTH, Ball, with a sniper outcrop to die for. Up to 8 players and is loaded with mean & nasty aliens for whiz bang solo play; includes a Jugger right there, in the middle of it all! Go ahead, fire your Launcher!. Remember, the Sph't are on your side. At some point lay back & watch everybody duke it out in middle of the Arena, too funny!

Wheel of Fortune

Marcus Spangenberg — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Medulus v1.0

Andrew Bromell — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Outa Here! Map

Todd Holcomb — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Benjamin Fitts — Jan 15, 1999

A tiny arena, surrounded by lots of dark passageways and underwater areas. Lots of places to run... but no room to manouver once you get there.


Jack Coyle — Jan 15, 1999

A huge, sprawling level, much larger than its poly count would lead you to believe. Gameplay is pretty good (that is, it'll keep you on your toes)... the only problem is that the level's not finishable. You're required to insert 14 chips... but either that's too many for the Marathon engine, or the author did something wrong, because the chip insertion slots don't acknowledge a chip insertion... and several of them will take an infinite number of chips (which is bad because you onlly have the 14 you need). If you want an adrenaline rush, though, it's a pretty good map for it.

Magic Waters

Dave Pellerito — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Wash or Dry?

Ed Schenk — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Dale Munoz — Jan 15, 1999

Deceptively large figure eight map with a few Troopers thrown in. Off shoot areas with ammo, access to sniper ledges, hideaway areas pulled together by teleporters. Fast, should support at least four players. Clever design here.

Fata Morgana

Johan Borg — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

This Mortal Coil

goldragonne — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Metter Maps

Bill Cameron — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

It's Needs Must Wither...

Brett A. Barnes — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

The Tidy-Bowl

Samuel Baisden — Jan 15, 1999

The bowl itself is pretty cool, but the pipes are pretty annoying, and don't even get me started on the filtration unit...


Mackman — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Grant Davis — Jan 15, 1999

Uni is the University of Tasmania! Three levels reuniting Leela & Durandal in the terms. Although Read Me states 3/4 players this is quite satisfactory as a solo scenario. And boy, you'd better follow directions exactamundo or you are in over your head, i.e., buried. Chips & Key Cards are the exercise here with level two a vacuum level, so you will be moving speedily. A good game for honing your deductive powers; repair the Unix, PC & the Mac. Okay. Worth a download.

M. Weems Maps

Michael Weems — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Mar 123 Map

Mark Gregg — Jan 15, 1999

Well, this one's fun. Your basic kill mission with all the troopers and other flavors of aliens exploding & flying through the air like your basic Bob's. Two levels, first one hard to get out of. General Mar is the AI, first time we've heard a General say "See Ya!". We suspect Mr. Gregg is fairly new to map making and, if so, he's got a good start.

Muscles in the Shell

John Luttropp — Jan 15, 1999

A huge one level scenario. Variety here is tight access and then grand areas. Author says terminals are not worked out but they seemed fairly clear as to where to go, however mission itself is not clear. After exploring everywhere, winding down, following the jillion passageways & taking the myriad elevators one finds those fatal flaws so often seen when an author is inclined to make his Map the toughest ever; compilers that can't be killed or moved, troopers that can't be decimated - you've no choice but to quit and try again. Doesn't change the situation. This is a very worthy effort and a terrific puzzle. You could spend some time here! Complex map!


Ben Philip — Jan 15, 1999

This is a great Map Maker and we would like to see him rework this terrific scenario of three levels, you will stay interested! Read Me admits to some bugs, evidently made on an old Mac. Believe this is author's first effort and what an effort! Playable, difficult, just bypass or go on re: bugs. Articulate, intelligent, humor, Durandal in the term's. Story very good. When your fists shoot cool blasts of fusion, who can say bugs are that bad! A twisty, full of things to do map with level two named Jingle Bells Prison Cells. Transport to three needs a little help. A winnah, coulda been a contender, close but maybe a piece of the cigar, not the whole thing. However, we highly recommend and commend . . . download for sure!


eztex — Jan 15, 1999

Looks like a pretty well-built level, in Forge... unfortunately, there's no start position. Marathon will generate one, it seems... but it puts you in a place with no exit. Maybe with an update...


Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Nice little Map but . . . Good ammo, small challenge, nice layout, usual cast of aliens . . . then the wheels fall off. At the only Term. At what appears to be the end. It's the damnable ceiling, & then Mr. Mac gives you an error message. We think we finished.

Levelia Map

Daniel Dorman — Jan 15, 1999

A lot of mileage in this 68K Map. And smearing too, but you can get through it. When you bring up your Map screen statement is "Don't worry, your just a bigginer, let Bob Dole Do the work". According to Viagra ads we've seen, we believe Bob is involved in 'doing the work'! A kill exercise pure & simple, with those teensy little aliens. Dan should stop listening to all that dinner table politico talk & concentrate on "map making", close the bedroom door and keep going.


Henrik Madsen — Jan 15, 1999

This scenario doesn't say it's another version of Texus Stations (UPS), but it is. Think it may be a little easier, maybe by a nano byte. Three levels with a specific mission, and No Chips! Maybe one. Bob's are whacked and dangerous so keep moving. The UPS truck for transport is still a nifty idea. The spelling is horrible but we suspect it's an "English" thing. Will certainly keep your interest.

Don't Forget Your Meclizine

Dante Suffredini — Jan 15, 1999

One level, you go through it a couple of times. Be sure to save when you can, crashes are not uncommon. Mostly, it's just go through and kill everything... there's plenty of ammo, so don't worry about running out. Not a lot to say about it, unfortunately.

Rebel Attack

Argyrios Christos Saccopoulos — Jan 15, 1999

Good Map, action key oriented on the first of three levels. Primarily a kill aliens & destroy facilities of the "slavers" who are using recycled dead soldiers, ugh! A Read Me and a Spoiler are included in this package courtesy of Mr. Gates, i.e., "created with Word Perfect". Terms are intelligent as is story.

The Sea Change 0.09

PierSeven — Jan 15, 1999

Oh, this is good. A master map maker in the making with artistry (see classy Read Me, opening screens), imagination and good storytelling. While you transport several times it is, still and all, one level. Pier lives in Kansas & included his Driver's license photo in the Intro and . . . it's cool for him to do so! We liked it. We also like this scenario. Sure could use some expansion for a superduper rendition of an Infinity "not even stupid" game. Keep going Pier. Folks, take a look.


Steve Hunter — Jan 15, 1999

There are possibilities with this Map Maker's scenario. Handsome opening screen, articulate term's (from Germany), great English. Layout is imaginative, especially if you like sewage, old mining facilities, prisons and a designated takeout target. Watch out for that leftover gravel crusher in case you forget to carry an exit chip! Advice in a term, 'wear your helmet". Believe it!

Farchie's Revenge

Jay Kells — Jan 15, 1999

A solo level for your Infinity pleasure . . . what a terrific Map by Mr. Kells! This was FUN! Very handsome design, a lot of switches and the Pattern Buffer is hidden; best advice, tab away. Worthy of your attention, try it, you'll like it.

5 good reasons

Philip Mueller — Jan 15, 1999

Two maps from Herr Mueller with the first being the 'suicide' map. You, as a 'Mechanized Mercenary', are fresh out of stasis & called upon by Durandal to run a kill mission. This is an extremely simple map, best play it on Total Carnage if you want some action. The second map is 'Toad Stroganoff', a Net map with a singular square and a few scattered weapons.


C. Carlyle McCullough III — Jan 15, 1999

TCAT/To Catch a Thief In the Read me we're referred to as Dudes & Dudettes, told this is cool fun. Not that there's anything wrong with that. In fact, the terms are quite intelligent with Durandal needing help with Boomer, tractor beam problems. This is quite a bit for a one level scenario but it moves along, good assortment of creatures, switches, etc. At the end you find yourself in the most horrendous tunnel/maze-like area you can imagine! You will certainly spend some time here! Early play is pretty good, but oh that last run through. We're wearing out our Map Key!

go with the flow

Chris Wilson — Jan 15, 1999

Well, this baby will give you a run for your money! 10 Juggers at once? Please! Although this Map is only 104K it certainly seems much larger, crammed full of good play. Go with the Flow, literally means that. Watch your step. Circle back, figure it out. Terms give good info/instructions. All in all a very playable scenario for Infinity abusers. Count me in!

Spiral Hell

Crispin Jones — Jan 15, 1999

One level but crammed full. A challenge if you have lead feet. Term info is somewhat ragged but one can follow. Explore and establish power links is primary mission. Aliens are very aggressive so watch out. AI is not identified but encourages you with "hurry" and like terms. A good little, or not so little, scenario for INF.

time machine

Paul Grone Meyer — Jan 15, 1999

A very clever layout of concentric & not so concentric areas wherein you must make your way on assorted pathways and various levels in order to 'steal' a Time Machine. Has possibilities. Best you conserve ammo!


Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Big, lots of baddies, minimal texture use and lighting.


Brannon & Corey Moore — Jan 15, 1999

The opening screen is so cool! Good design by these bros. No, it's not Italian, keep going! First level a stinker, tuff. Three levels altogether. Very intelligent story, Durandel & Tycho at your tab request. Comes with Shapes & Sounds patches. Nice Map, good effort by the brothers Moore.

Volvox Station

Andy Kaufmann — Jan 15, 1999

When you die in space there is no sound, not even that little 'ehhhhhh'. Mr. Kaufmann, a University of Michigan grad student along with help from fellow grad students (whose majors we suspect were math with an emphasis on physics) put this complex, challenging and nerve wracking scenario together. Three levels and . . . you're a Doctor! Level one moves slowly until you figure it out, pattern buffer is available on into the scene. Very articulate terms with words like helix and advice like "remember your Newtonian Physics". huh? Level two is where that 'what goes up must come down' comes into play. This level, oh my Aunt Fannie, good luck! Still, we were jazzed by this Map and looked forward to the end, however when you make it to level three, read the term, and follow directions, you crash. At least we did. Several times. That dead halt while trying to make a move. Tried to no avail, must be a nasty bug. BUT download and play 'til you crash 'cause this is almost a winner. Challenge with a capital "C".

description by JD


Ralph Boelsterli — Jan 15, 1999

A Map Maker from Switzerland. A very kind and gentle map, well by some standards. Progresses well, you won't wear yourself out. Great clarity in the term directions. A few twists. A first effort by Mr. Boelsterli (I just wanted to spell that again!) wishing all of us a Happy New Year - oh, that's 1999. Almost makes you want to ring in the New with "Marathoners of the World, Unite!"

"I'm There Pfhor You, Man"

Steven Mast — Jan 15, 1999

Nifty! This little scenario is nifty! Comes with a Physics model so please use then watch out for those Phfor Staffs, blammo! And Hunters that are firing missiles at you. Missiles? This is a terrific map by Steven and in the Read Me he states he's been working on bugs. We were devastated when towa rds the end we couldn't fit through a narrow opening, even with just our fists. Overall, we recommend as a great kill ëem exercise. You just may quit sooner than expected, or try another route.

Three Beings

Andrew Emmott — Jan 15, 1999

A three level scenario whose first two levels are decent; playable, laid out fairly well. Watch out for deadends, suicide situations as in No Way Out. Mr. Emmott states in the Read Me that as he knows we appreciate some humor, he made a valiant attempt at same. Term's/AI's are kinda cute. The third level is "one of those". Scant ammo. So often in early map making efforts we find a multitude of ammo but not the appropriate weapon for it. Just that lil' ole .44 Here you face Hunters. And they're good, or really bad as the case may be. Twenty blows of your fists just to knock one down. Bap Bap Bap


Sven Reiche — Jan 15, 1999

Three levels of a great scenario! This one's a keeper for sure. Read Me is a spoiler of sorts. Opening screen, shades of Star Wars! Term info clear with a slight accent coming from Durandel. You want to be sure to look before you leap on the first level, watch out for suicide pockets which can be avoided using your head. This is excellent game play and will keep your interest as you careen along seeking what you must find and doing what you must do. Great use of space and textures along with cramped passageways and enough elevators to complement Bloomingdale's. Third level is challenging but doable. We're putting this in our files as a go back and play again, it's that good! Download! That's an order Marine!

D-Day V1.1

Gary Simmons — Jan 15, 1999

The year is 1944. The day is June 6TH, D-Day. The world has been torn apart for a decade in a terrible struggle of good against evil. After many years of desperate bloodshed there now appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Allied forces have grouped together as the Allied Expeditionary Force under General Dwight D. Eisenhower for a major push into the Axis held French lands of Normandy. The race to beat the Nazi scientists to the atomic bomb is almost at hand. However there is another threat against humanity.   It has been learned that a new and terrible weapon was recently developed. A weapon that, if left in enemy hands, will turn the tide of the war in favor of the German war machine. Atomic fusion has been developed by the Nazis in the form of a plasma pistol in a small laboratory in Cherbourg, Normandy. The secrets of this device must be stolen by you and utilized by the Allied nations before the Axis powers can develop a fusion style "hydrogen bomb" based on the scientific principles behind this new and awesome weapon.


The D-Day scenario is the long awaited prequel to Bungie's early game, "Pathways Into Darkness", connecting that game with the universe of Marathon. In D-Day you will witness your own birth as the very first prototype Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg - the Marathon Marine incarnate. And yes... prepare to meet your maker! 12 solo levels, 1 net map.

No physics models are used to pump up aliens to undefeatable strength, or make flying Hunters shoot flaming, screaming

  BOBs that stick like napalm to babies. Just straight-from-the-can classic Marathon fun. All difficult puzzles are "on the side," so you do not need to solve them to proceed (automap and terms give lots of clues), one even hurries you on your way. All rooms can be entered (except the airplane levels), all ammo stashes and power-ups can be had. There are no insolvable teasers in D-Day. Can you reach the secret terminal?

Kev's Map

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Three levels with numero uno a vacuum level. Can't find air rechargers, shield rechargers & the Pattern Buffer, while it saves (only) essentially doesn't work. Triangular elevators are the constant in first two levels with hidden doors to same, but then what. Level three AI says we got you out & then transports to game screen. Not fond of this effort by . . . Kevin?

Wra'khata from B.V.B.

Benjamin Blaser — Jan 15, 1999

Three levels with a minimal mission. The spelling & grammar are so bad it's awesome. Don't think it is an English thing but you never know. Good Opening Screen/Music with first term telling you "you will have to extinct the . . . . " Read Me says hard but fun. First level, do everything 5x's but term to transport out-of-order. Second level a prison & you may transport to level three wherein if you don't get the order of the switches right, dead end room/done. Pattern Buffers available and a great assortment of baddies to cream.

Take me home

Jonas Nitz — Jan 15, 1999

Take Me Home is the favored scenario by the author as this package includes three maps, Last Living Man & Alcatras being offered as well. That annoying message "These maps were not created by Bungie . . . crash . . ." so true on Alcatras, but you can beat it. These scenarios are stinkers in the go 'round & 'round framework. All in all though, we have to say Mr. Nitz came up with three decent scenarios, real puzzlers.

David1s Map

David Miller — Jan 15, 1999

Entered for Bungie's Marathon Map Contest. Articulate story, three levels. Mission is somewhat unclear, but a decent layout. And all the guys are here; Tycho, Durandal, Blake. Some smearing and one area where aliens can't be decimated, be careful of getting stuck! All-in-all map maker should keep designing maps, getting better all the time, oh, one level is called "Octopus's Garden".


M.G. Randall — Jan 15, 1999

A single-level solo map... decent layout, but too many blind and deaf baddies. Will give you 15 minutes of fun on Major Damage...

Hell Hole 1.5

Gary Simmons — Jan 15, 1999

Hell Hole V1.5

By: Gary Simmons
the Battle Cat

I'm not going to embarrass myself or annoy you with version 1.4. It was a dog for several reasons. Most annoying was that the map was too sprite intensive meaning that sometimes monsters you were fighting would blink out of sight in mid carnage. They would still be there and still be fighting back but you could not see them. Just as vexing was the sticky polys, they would snag your shoulders and shake you snotless as you tried to run past them. A really great way to get yourself killed by a monster or a net player. However there were many good things to say about it. I had a really good handle on the map editor by this time. Mainly I was responding to the critique "Hell Hole V1.3" received in Frost's "Marathon I-Zine" review, I have fixed some things that I readily admit should have been in the original release. In order to practice properly, one needs to sharpen the "aiming up and down" skills. There are now 4 mounds that are .9 WUs high. I have also added shading to show the sun shining down at an angle onto the playing field. In addition to these recommended changes, I have made it playable as a net game as "Multiplayer Carnage" and "King of the Hill" with a sniper ledge overlooking the hill accessible via the Mosh Pit. Yet it still blows for the reasons stated so on to version 1.5:

Boy I hate whiners. OK, the number of polys have been drastically reduced thanks to Grendel's technology and tremendous personal sacrifice. You BASTARDS! It is much faster now, no more sticky polys. I have added "Kill the Man With the Ball" net play and for those of you who grew up with a "Slip & Slide" in your back yard there is now

  a water canon accessible via teleportation from the mound just under it. Just stepping onto the activated canon will land you on the hill. Running out of the canon will flatten your nose on the far wall but if you rub yourself off on a column you can run through the map at near relativistic speeds. Use this to scoop up weapons from the Mosh Pit for net play. No more Sniper Alley you sneaky little pukes, monsters are allowed everywhere except the Blood Trough. Actually this hearkens back to the original concept of this map where I thought it would be fun to blow monster guts over a low wall. Again back to the original concept, the weapons are now randomly placed except for net play. The whole idea behind the randomness of the player and alien start positions, weapons and ammo was to make it a new game every time you fired it up. Keeps you on your toes. THERE ARE NOW TWO (2) LEVELS in Hell Hole V1.5. Although either level can be played net OR solo, the first level is designed for solo play and has all the old and new goodies. The second level is designed for net play. THE DIFFERENCES IN THE NET LEVELS ARE AS FOLLOWS: Fewer monsters for those who like playing with monsters on. All weapons are in the Mosh Pit. Sprite intensive monsters have been eliminated in the net level because sometimes other players vanish from sight while escorting your filthy carcass to Valhalla in a hail of smoking lead and I'm not having any of that crap here. The Enforcer, Cyborg and half the Fighters were left out. No power up canisters to skew the Carnage Report, no invulnerability power ups for the same reason.



Simon Blickert — Jan 15, 1999

The Map Maker here is co-author on Adexcoriatarium and this is published as a solo effort. Adex was tuff, a pretty good puzzle. With this scenario you basically get the same game. Might have a bit more flow to it, a little different design in some areas. Seven levels with the 7th a Net Level & very handsomely done too. These two scenarios, Adex & Exterminate, are very good for play, you won't finish in a half hour, unless you're a better man than I am Gunga Din! Worth the download, definitely!

Hard Day at the Office

Michael W Simon — Jan 15, 1999

Rarely does one see a Marathon Scenario so aptly named! Your Boss gave you an impossible deadline? Play this game! Your subordinates are whispering behind your back? Play this game! The copier broke down 25 times? Play this game! It's surprisingly satisfying, a short map, quick heal, takes care of the old office stress. As in KaPow KaPow KaPow


David Candland — Jan 15, 1999

Interesting story here, in the Read Me and in the Terms. The story was superior to the scenario but still and all, a good little exercise. Two levels; pattern buffers and, a definite must, a Shapes patch. You meet a "self-thinking" Jugger who is "rampant" and contained in the ParaDome. ooooooooo! You might freeze when you fire a weapon other than your Rocket Launcher when in the ParaDome

Greg Nelsons Adventure

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

No Read Me with this game, however, from the Term text we suspect English is not the first language. Pack your fusion pistol for this exercise in mucho water, sewage, wet wet wet. A 3 level scenario with transport from the second level, and thanks at that term, to a "little space ship", this player thinks this was the end. Basically a two level game. If you like fusion action & fruitless attempts to utilize your rocket launcher effectively, this one's for you. Not a bad design, just very wet!

More Real than Reality

BaggBone — Jan 15, 1999

Sometimes you want to say things like: "this is another Rough & Tumble edition of the Marathon scenario", or perhaps "this Marathon Map really Rocks!", or maybe just give a bit of advice as in: Caps Lock Down/Control Key Depressed/Run Like Hell! Three hair-raising levels plus one Net. News squibs in terms are wry (those Quake people ick) but spelling in mission objectives could stand improvement. Plumb wore out this Marathoner. Try Fast Fast Fast; with a multitude of aliens . . . coming out your ears . . . they're everywhere!

Credit Hell

David Lecraw — Jan 15, 1999

A very good two level solo map. This is one of the maps that was submitted to Bungie for the Map Making Contest. A good story line and some very nice artwork. Some of the geometry is not the norm. But, it works. The author is asking for feedback so please take the time to let him know what you think.

They were always there

James Sheppard — Jan 15, 1999

Also by Ralph. Read Me; picture two guys getting supplies; beach balls, Mountain Dew, Pizza, Cheeseburgers, etc., to put this game together. Hooking up their computers 'cause this is supposed to be a two player scenario. And, there you have it. We suspect they had fun making this Map.

Delta Scenario

Matt Ramquist — Jan 15, 1999

Bring up Map and title shows "Flip Da Switch", which is basically it. Articulate terms, 11 levels, fast transports. Chips are easy to find but this player may have forgotten one, not that it probably mattered. Level 6, "Fight the Power" ended up dead end. No way back, no way ahead. Da Door is closed. All following levels are Net Play. Basic good ideas here but don't you just hate those dead ends? Next level is Net so ok. We really tried but to no avail. Maybe you can beat it! No thrill in a solo scenario to transport to a Net level anyway.

L O R O F+1

Victor Garcia — Jan 15, 1999

A Fabulous Scenario! A Bronze Medalist! Gee, this one was fun! Read Me gives an apology in that author couldn't get text in and so terms generally don't work. Trust us on this, use caution on action key at center term. Pattern Buffers work. Even so, without terms, this is sooooo worth a download. So much crammed in here, an excellent effort by Sr. Garcia, we highly recommend!

Jamie's Mƒ Maps

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

When that old feeling comes over you and you've just got to get some Bobs and grind 'em into exploding particles of whatsis . . . this series of eleven maps will work. Included; Be My Yeti, Bob Cathedral, Bob This, Let's Get Bob, etc., etc. Up to eleven maps with physics included. All maps could work as Net Levels. Maybe Jamie will do that someday.


Mark Conahan — Jan 15, 1999

A strange map... two hills, in areas not accessible from one another. Lots of organic-like curves, narrow passageways, multiple exits... needs a big group.

Deeper In

Chris Pietrzykowski — Jan 15, 1999

Big. Really big. Lots of hallways, some dark, some not... a few large rooms to blast people in. (Most of the hallways are big enough for blasting, so they're not completely necessary, but...) Doors and elevators are quite slow, so don't count on a fast escape if you run out of ammo...


Jeff Cedeno — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

K'Nath Outpost

John Viator — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Leap of Faith

Chris Frederick — Jan 15, 1999

We have no Faith, at least not that we'd complete this scenario, but we're in a bad mood today. Read Me states "have fun heheheheheh". 'Round & 'round, get the chip, put it . . . . where the sun don't shine? Or, maybe try harder.

One Count of Reckless Endangerment

Tyson Green — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Hedge Maze

Seth D. Kromholz — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

The Wonders of Solitude

John Airaksinen — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Dan's Underwater Grotto of Love

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Didn't find love’ but did find a decent net map here. Dan must be responsible. Large square with two sides devoted to sniper ledges or perhaps could work for KOTH. Many small squares of f the larger one for ammo, transport, hiding out. Elevator, 1x & 2x. Due to smallish size would probably be fast if opponents don’t disappear in all the rooms.

They came from mars

Tom Kehler — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

time to kill

Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.


Justin Bellomi — Jan 15, 1999

Large rooms, linked by doors that look like walls... vertical travel is facilitated by sewage columns. The physics model is pretty heavily weighted to the carnage end of things. (Be careful with the grenades, and with the second trigger on the fusion pistol.) I especially liked the second trigger on the alien weapon.


Rob Short — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

parallax insignia

Edward Easton — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

O do not forsake me

r0b colonna — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

11th Hour

Will Starck — Jan 15, 1999

A big, wide-open arena with some cool tight passageways around the outside. Teleporters everywhere... you'll probably have to play it a few times to get the hang of what brings you where. Sizewise, would easily fit 6+, but weapons seem tight for 4 or 5.

Nine to Five

Chris Holm — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

PG-Girders v1.3

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

PG-Cathedral 1.0

Patrick Gray — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Jjaro- The Other Durandal

jesse simko — Jan 15, 1999

Three levels, good story in the Read Me, clear mission, love the "Muerte Machine". A few musical notes from the "Good, Bad & the Ugly", sounds really Cool! Not sure what to say about this scenario. You might like it if you like to go 'round & 'round. Terms/Durandal are good. Intimidating Pfhor as well. Shoudn't be dismissed too quickly.

Square Dancing

Gus Sronce Jr — Jan 15, 1999

A big square room, with lots and lots of explodabobs. If this sounds like fun, go for it.

Missed Island

Jason Harper — Jan 15, 1999

The Granddaddy of puzzle maps. This map won "best use of Forge" in the Bungie Mapmaking competition, and is a treasure-trove of super-cool tricks. Any serious scenario-maker should have this map in their arsenal of tools. (Yes, it's a tool.)


Dominik Kieselbach — Jan 15, 1999

Opening screen is the VidMaster's Challenge pict. But it's not particularly hard. A fairly straightforward Map with a few challenges, mostly switch sequences. Story lacks direction but this is said in the Read Me. Herr Kieselbach is in Berlin, ain't it grand to know Marthoners "are everywhere!" This Stonehenge not to be confused with the TI Net version.

Don't Make Me Spank You

Mike Lanzetta — Jan 15, 1999

Look's easy, isn't. This is an exercise in running around but in a productive manner. Practice your timing for sure. And use your head.

Shower room fun

Brian Fedde — Jan 15, 1999

What the . . . It's a Shower Room! Read Me states first Map that ever worked. Brian, keep going, Map Making is a life experience, ask the pros.


Tobias Merriman — Jan 15, 1999

Let's hear it for goofy! Your AI 'Roy' has his picture in the term; a plate featuring two fried eggs and a couple of curly bacon strips, looks happy to us! This scenario is funny! Opening music, 'Space Cowboy' by the worst Steve Miller impressionist you ever heard (ow!). And the Map is very good, interesting, convoluted to a certain extent, but Fun! A prison where they let the prisoners keep their weapons, oh yeah, that's a good idea! Describes the main bad guy, a Hunter, as looking like a "big Smurf on Crack". Two levels here. Highly recommended, lots to do. There are some problems with the baddies though. Activate too many and you may get stuck, or your weapons may poop out, at least some of them. Or you may have problems returning to a saved game so we recommend a "play thru" day. Even with the problems this scenario is very playable, just be aware.

...and one Pfhor all!

Chip Barber — Jan 15, 1999

A three level solo map. Nicely done. Terms aren't too exciting, and monster placement needs quite a bit of work, but mapmaking is quite nice. Nice texture choices, nice construction, nice lighting... this one will keep you entertained for a while, at least.

Be Quick or be Dead

Mark Hatzitaskos — Jan 15, 1999

I'm rather astounded this map won Best Single Player in Bungie's map competition last year. It's not a bad map... but it feels an *awful* lot like some classic Bungie levels, enough so that I'd probably call it creative plagiarism. (The first level, for example, is a hybrid of Waterloo Waterpark and What About Bob. The beginning of level 2 reminded me an awful lot of Arrival, or maybe Ne Cede Malis, at least in parts. It goes on.) Anyway, the action's good. What do I know?

Adexcoriatarium 1.0

Simon Biickert and Chris Spicer — Jan 15, 1999

Great Map making! Great dialog. Great story. Great mission. Great use of space & some smart ideas. A 7 level game plus two net levels. It ain't that easy either. But then, problems appear on the last of the solo levels, "Mother Can't Save You Now". What a shame. This reviewer couldn't make it work, definitely design glitches; aliens don't die, stuck between a wall & a persistent alien . . . that sort of thing. Maybe you can make it work. Might be worth a try (ahhhh the challenge). It was fun while it lasted!

NT's WaterWorld

Naoya Takahashi — Jan 15, 1999

Very clean-looking construction, beautiful attention to detail. KILLER monster placement... literally. (Getting to that first term buffer is a real bear.) The terms are, well... strrange. An adrenaline rush all the way through, though... definitely worth a look. (Don't give up if you die the first 20 or 30 times, though.)


Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Odd. A whole series of levels where the object is to kill Bob... kill enough of 'em, you win. They don't seem to be linked in any way (except for a few pairs), so you're on your own, weaponwise. (That is to say, kill or be killed with your magnum and your fists.) Addictive, nonetheless...

Viggos' Map

Viggo Skar — Jan 15, 1999

A one level scenario with three objectives: 1. Disable Complex Computer 2. Destroy All Aliens 3. Return Alive to Ship. Can be done toot sweet!


Unknown — Jan 15, 1999

Explore the swift moving waterways, give thanks for Mercy Transports, listen to Durandal, who promises no ammo, swim like a fishy. Surprisingly there's a hidden Pattern Buffer here and an additional term you see in passing by "rapid"ly. This INF style exploration does have an end.

Pine View (Hell)

cattan mcclelland — Jan 15, 1999

Eat right, exercise, stop smoking and you may understand Pine View. It's Hell. A little ragged in the scenery department. A kill or be killed edition for INF.

Mr. Bob's Holiday

Paul Mackinney — Jan 15, 1999

We're busted! Mr. MacKinney apologizes for a rather small map due to the fact he has a day Job! This is a great little map, very handsome, and you're the Bob just off vacation. AI is Caspar Gomez Garcia but you can call him Gomez. This is a great fun exercise. Leaning over your keyboard to swim just that extra foot . . . know I can make it . . . umph! And no Bobs! That in itself is worth ****s. Get this one.

Forge 1.0.4 Updater 1.0.4

Bungie Software — Jan 12, 1999

An updater to bring Forge up to v1.0.4. This is the latest, and last release of forge by Bungie Software. It is claimed as the best version of them all, however some would argue that. Make your own decisions.

Forge and Anvil Tips v1

Chris Johnson — Jan 04, 1999

Just another mapmakers insight on the ins and outs of using Forge, etc....This was taken off of the alt.games.marathon news group. There were a couple of items that was news to me so I thought it might help other mapmakers out there...

Anvil 1.0.3b4 backdater 1.0.3b4

Bungie Software — Dec 13, 1998

Backdates Anvil 1.0.3 to the last really stable, bugfree (mostly bugfree) version available. This one has all the enhancements that they wanted to put into 1.0.3, without the really nasty sequence bug that 1.0.3 has.

Courier 11

Nick Confalone — Nov 16, 1998

This one's huge... A little rough around the edges, but very playable... worth a look!

Marathon Shapes Juggler v1.3

Charles Lechasseur — Nov 15, 1998

The Marathon Shapes Juggler is the next generation of the Shapes Shuttle. It allows to transfer shapes collections to and from Shapes files, to store them in Shapes suitcases and to create Shuttles for easy installing. It also corrects a couple of bugs in the Shuttle code (notably the optimization bug). New in this version: As Micro$oft would say, this version includes "tens of thousands of bug fixes". Sounds scary? It should, but maybe not for this! :-) Anyway, a must-have version.

Marathon Film Installer 1.0.3

Charles Lechasseur — Nov 15, 1998

The Marathon Film Installer will allow you to extract, delete or change the films found in any Marathon application (M1, M2 and M00). New in this version: it supports Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge by the MMMG. It also bears a new cool icon, thanks to Sean Patten.

Texture Switcher

Charles Lechasseur — Nov 15, 1998

The Switcher was made at the request of David Twist from the MMMG. This util is designed to help port M1 maps to Infinity. It can replace every instance of one texture with another, throughout a level. Although I'm not really planning on retouching it unless someone really wants me to, I thought I'd release it to the public.

Texture Mover

Charles Lechasseur — Nov 15, 1998

Again, at the request of David Twist from the MMMG. This util is designed to help port M1 maps to Infinity. It can take all the info about floor/ceiling/wall textures of one map, and copy it into another map. This is mainly useful if you want to nuke'n'pave a map without having to retexture everything. Although I'm not really planning on retouching it unless someone really wants me to, I thought I'd release it to the public.

The Burning of Eden

Ed and Matt Schenk — Oct 14, 1998

The Burning of Eden is a new 18 level scenario for the Marathon 1 engine . Along with 18 levels it has new shapes, a intricate plot line and much more. I found the story line in a way to be similar to what we have been through before, but at the same time it was interesting to say the least. The new shapes was a nice change, to a sometimes unused game. Check out the immediate alien action and be patient, the story line is there and it will take your through some, different...well, download this scenario and see for yourself.

La Virgin v1.3

Richard Dierkes — Sep 27, 1998

Evil Solo Map

By Richard Dierkes a.k.a. Metamucilax

La Virgin
Solo Map, 1 player (9-27-98)

Basic Map and Story Characteristics
La Virgin is an Evil solo map made in the Jjaro texture. This map and story support only 1 player. The mission objective is to restore the ship’s (La Virgin’s) drive to power before the Pfhor and Mystics can muster the energy for a space time fold-out. Characters in the story were based on real people and their pets. The split teleporters (referred to as the telepads in the story) may be something original/different for Evil maps.

In the embedded PM, all weapons have standard physics and the only the fixed guns’ (tiny yeti) were modified. Any other changes were for scenery and sounds (to support the story) .

Terminal Art and the chapter screen were made with PhotoShop and Forge.

Thank You's
I want to thank Bungie and the developers of Marathon, Forge, Anvil, Chisel and Hex!. Thanks to the Lost Level crew for their teachings and to Wendy for her support. Finally, thanks to Evil for the great idea of having a contest and giving us map makers cool stuff to mess with.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Productions Corporation. Created with Bungie’s Forge and/or Anvil by: (Richard Dierkes)

You may distribute this map freely if you include the corresponding Read Me file and make no altercations to the map files or files themselves. Please, in the event that you wish to include this or any of my maps in a collection or CD, etc., please secure my permission first. The Evil Group, of course, has my permission.

Gus Drips Pink v1

Alan — Sep 27, 1998

Marathon Evil Map Making Contest Entry

Small net map designed for Hill play. This is the way all of my maps are designed, with the Hill in mind. The Hill area is the dirt-textured circular region ... well, I'm sure you'll find it. During testing, weapons have appeared to be plentiful but not too generously supplied. Only the Staff will fire under the sewage, and if you're playing with aliens, I would advise you to stay away from all thing wet.

In spite of the relatively large number of polygons for such a small map (due to the circular layout), the frame rates seem to remain reasonably low. I would recommend playing with three to six players, but it works with two. Eight player start positions.

Say the name of this map with your nose plugged. Stand in polygon 1 and look northwest; that was my dream. Thanks to Block for testing, and extra thanks to Devlin Slayer for texturing advice. Also thanks to Fm for lots of neat maps and advice. I really hope the winner of this contest enjoys Quiver, because it is the coolest thing in the universe and should be toyed with extensively.

Gus Drips Pink
Begun May 12th, 1998
Completed September 27th, 1998

The Space Station v1

Argyrios — Sep 27, 1998

The Space Station

A 600+ poly solo map by Argyrios Saccopoulos (sacco@bellsouth.net)
Map Completed Sept 27, 10:00 AM (whew!)
Watch the film I included!

For some reason the terminals dont work, so I left the text and pictures out of the merging process. So, here's the story. The Pfhor have built a huge space station that is protected by an impenetrable energy shield. They have a new shielding technology that makes the station impossible to board via teleportation or destroy. If we don't do something, they'll move the station into earth orbit and nuke us down to bedrock. So, our only hope is to smuggle a lone marine on board by stowing him away on a cargo ship. Enter you. You start the level in the cargo ship and from there, you make you're way through the bio-lock into the station. You're mission is to kill everything - turn it into a ghost station. Then, we can send a ship to dock and take it over. If you don't kill everything, they can re-man the weapons towers and blast our clean-up crew, so you have to destroy everything.

Weapons Towers: These are cool. I believe this is the biggest continuous space anywhere, including your juggernaut bay on "We Be Ground Pounders." You can see across 30 WU's to the other weapons tower on the other side of the station, and you fight guys floating outside in space.

Training room: The Pfhor battle Devlins and captured humans. The Devlins win, of course. Some training program!

The Juggernaut Bay: It's a trap!

Other things as well. Oh well, I'll let you guys get on with judging.


Fire Cracker v1

Jeff Swartz — Sep 26, 1998

Evil Map Making Contest 2nd Place Winner!


This is a map for marathon EVIL! Don't know what would happen if you tried it in Infinity. Don't blame me if it crashes.

More Words

Although seemingly spacious, it's not hard to keep running into people in this map, works well for medium sized groups...can get pretty hairy with a full house. Lots of cool vantage points ("where the hell did that come from"), and room to move about. There's quite a few little hidden goodies (teleporters and whatnot) so don't forget to snoop around.

There's a nifty version of FM's forcefield that will hopefully make people go "duh, I shoulda thought of that". It blocks the obvious entrance to the tower. Once you've figured out how to get into the tower, its view is useful for locating other victims...uh..players.

There's ONE nuke in play at all times. Only one. You kill the guy with the nuke? You know where it's gonna re-appear. The nukes physics have been modified...see below.

Also there is an invincibility, but it only appears once per game.

It supports all modes of play, and includes some aliens for solo practice. The hill is especially brutal. Have at it.

Physics Words

The Nuke in this uses a physics variation I used in Future Ghosts. It fires nukes in 5-packs. Since there's only 5 nukes in a packet, you have to re-load after every shot. They look a little different (very similar to cyborg bombs...hmm..) and they bounce. Ok ok, before you start harping on me about balance of power, be aware they are far less powerful individually then the regular nuke, and don't have quite the radius. IF you get caught by all five you're way dead, but the spread pattern keeps them scattered about. I really like this one. It's pretty spectacular. Big fireworks...hence the name.

You might also see which guns will fire through the forcefield or not...ya never know...

Pest Control v1

John A. Hancock — Sep 26, 1998

Official Evil Map Making Contest 1st Place Winner!

Pest Control
by John A. Hancock


Thanks to the organizers and judges of the Marathon EVIL Mapmaking Contest. I had stopped making maps so I could finish up my Ph.D., but the contest enticed me to make just one more level. Many people had asked me for a sequel to my scenario "An AI Called Wanda." This contest gave me an opportunity to add something to the end of that story. Although this takes place after the events in "Wanda", it features a different main character and was made to be enjoyed on its own. With any luck, it will also encourage some people who haven't played that scenario to go get it.

I hope you all have as much fun playing this level as I had fun making it.


The Pfhor have just become a little more EVIL, and it's up to you, a professional exterminator, to stop them.

After humans began to explore space and colonize new worlds, they encountered a variety of new creatures on these planets. Some of the creatures were able to coexist peacefully with humans, some were annoyances, and some were downright hostile and dangerous. Sometimes these alien species were brought back to Earth by accident or on purpose. Extermination companies soon had to deal with new alien species, saw an opportunity to expand their businesses. They began combat training their exterminators and equipping them with more than just insecticides. Exterminators were soon being sent to every new colony to control or wipe out hostile indigenous species.

You are one of URKIN's best exterminators. You've been in some hellish places, and have exterminated some nasty beasts: huge snake-like creatures on Vega Prime, beetles big as houses on Lorash Seven, and a particularly nasty species on LV426. Two weeks ago, you received an extermination request from a science station. Some unknown creature apparently killed someone. They couldn't tell you much about it, just that it was big and seemed to have a taste for human flesh. Perfect. When will people ever learn to check cargo containers more carefully?

Now, you are finally reaching your destination. As you enter normal space, you spot a large Pfhor warship sitting next to the space station. One shot from the warship jars your craft and blows out the rear cargo area, jettisoning most of your equipment into space. A force field goes up to seal the hull breach. You start an evasive maneuver and manage to avoid two more shots from the Pfhor. You accelerate towards the station, trying to put the station between you and the warship. Soon you are in the station's shadow, and you dock the shuttle. You survey the damage and conclude that you aren't leaving the station in this ship. You grab the shotgun that you always keep next to you. It's gonna be one of those days..

It's not just a job, it's an adventure.

Bug Hunt v1

Elohymn Underhill — Sep 23, 1998

Bug Hunt: A solo map for Marathon: Evil.
By: Elohymn Underhill. © 1998.

This is a tough level but with a bit of cunning it can be mastered no problem. It's your basic extermination level so you may have to do some hunting before you can teleport out (thus the title). I had a blast creating this level and hope you have as much fun playing it. Enjoy.

Story: The story picks up where Evil leaves off. The marine now an AL God, turns his attention to tracking down Tycho for revenge. But he finds Tycho in ruins on an obscure moon and decides to revive the Tycho motherboard into a super sensitive cyborg body. You become Tycho doing the bidding of the new marine God. The level starts as you are put down on a vicious planet to clear out an alien complex. Prove yourself worthy and you may be able to continue your existence.

Medical Advice: This level is not for the weak hearted. I accept no responsibility for gray hairs grown or undergarments soiled. I suggest having a deep bowl of Scooby Snacks readily available to get you through the more terrifying interludes.

Hints: Look behind you, look above you, and run like hell for santuary. Search everywhere because you'll need all weapons and items to survive. Whenever possible nuke them buggers!

Please feel free to contact me with and comments or questions. Now go have some fun.

Turn Around... v1

Chris Wheeldon — Sep 19, 1998

This Map is EVIL! AI advises they dumped a few dozen Devlin eggs on the base to soften things up . . . gee, thanks! Find the plant from location where you've been dropped, way off side (of course). Communications/Research facility being run by . . . .? Find the "Ice Chip" and insertion point. There is a way to whip it! Be advised you will be called upon to use your bean. Good exercise in Evil Application and those Devlins, the nasty things will always make us jump!

This is an adapted map from a Moo scenario; the caverns and dark spaces seemed suited to Evil.

The name comes from a They Might Be Giants song, oddly enough called Turn Around.


Chris Wheeldon

The Devlin Ship v1

Hippieman — Sep 16, 1998

1. Story
You are a simple scavenger, ransacking old space ship after space ship. Untill on day you encounter the U.E.S.C. Dreadnaught. A famed ship that was lost in space, never seen again.

2. Level design
The Devil Ship is composed of 1 Marathon: EVIL Map, 1 Marathon: EVIL Physics, 1 HEX! Terminal Text file, and 1 ResEdit Terminal Pictures file.

3. Features
697 Poloygons, 26 Lights, 161 Objects, 60+ Platforms, and 4 Terminals.

4. Tools used
Simple Text
Adobe Photoshop
Aldus Superpaint
Claris Works
Marathon: EVIL
Quick Time 3.0

Copyright 1997 in Whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Forge and/or Anvil by: Hippieman (Bruce Morrison), http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/7993

An Al Called Wanda v.1.0.6

John Hancock — Aug 27, 1998

A twelve-level solo scenario with an intricate plotline, revolving around a rather disturbed AI named Wanda. Level design is quite good, although some of the puzzles seem to be repeated on subsequent levels. There are some beautiful areas (neat mapmaking tricks) and I never had that "dang, who wrote this story, anyway?" sinking feeling when the writing reminds you that it's only a game... This is a really playable scenario, definitely worth the download. If you get stuck, there are hints available at the author's web page. (You can also find a more complete plot description there.) Be sure to have selected the Wanda Shapes file during play... a couple of times, Infinity reverted to the standard Shapes file during play, and I only found out about it when the game crashed. (This is entirely an Infinity problem, not a Wanda one, but this is the first scenario that caught me more than once...)

Don't Panic v1

Tom Kehler — Aug 12, 1998

About this level
This level supports all types of net play, but is meant for KOTH games.
I've never tested it in net play, but it should work fine. This map will be slow on 040's so if you have one go buy a new computer. And finely, this map was made in november 97.

About me
I am 18 years old, and I started making maps shortly after marathon 2 came out. I have never put my levels on the net before so this is my first one, and I hope every one likes it. If you have any questions our comments I'd love to here them.

Fm: Tipatae Tibatoh (oo)

Frigidman™ — Aug 08, 1998

Specs: Runs great on any mac that runs Evil, or Tempus well.

Tipatae Tibatoh is a map I designed for the Tempus Irae II: The Lost Levels. The map was then designed for Evil and then Infinity. In all actuallity though, the map was first created in Infinity, then Evil and then in Tempus... because the texture transfer was much easier to go from few (Infinity) to many (Tempus).

The Tempus version can only be gotten by downloading The Lost Levels, and playing it from that pack within Tempus Irae. If you want the single map of it, too bad, go get the pack

The Evil version has special physics built in. The Railgun and Nukegun both have second triggers that do something dangerous. Because of these second triggers, the weapons don't show up much, and only one is in game play at a time when they do. Warning, use the nukegun's second trigger, VERY carefully (I call it the panic trigger).

The Infinity version is just a plain simple carnage map with no special physics are adjustments. However, it is still very fun to play.

Evil: Sci-Fi Sounds v1.0

Marcheds — Jul 18, 1998

Cursed Sci Fi Sounds

This patch changes most of the Weapon and item sounds in Marathon:EVIL


Evil: MOWMDN Bobs v1.0

Marcheds — Jul 17, 1998

This patch turnes thoes pistol carrying Bobs into MOW-MDN totin Bobs. (you heard me Bobs not Marines)

To install this patch correctly use a ***COPY*** of your Cursed Shapes and use the Physcis Model provided, and have fun!


Fm: Tipatae Tibatoh (evil)

Frigidman™ — Jun 25, 1998

Requires: Marathon:Evil, Tempus Irae, or Marathon:Infinity
Specs: Runs great on any mac that runs Evil, or Tempus well.

Tipatae Tibatoh is a map I designed for the Tempus Irae II: The Lost Levels. The map was then designed for Evil and then Infinity. In all actuallity though, the map was first created in Infinity, then Evil and then in Tempus... because the texture transfer was much easier to go from few (Infinity) to many (Tempus).

The Tempus version can only be gotten by downloading The Lost Levels, and playing it from that pack within Tempus Irae. If you want the single map of it, too bad, go get the pack

The Evil version has special physics built in. The Railgun and Nukegun both have second triggers that do something dangerous. Because of these second triggers, the weapons don't show up much, and only one is in game play at a time when they do. Warning, use the nukegun's second trigger, VERY carefully (I call it the panic trigger).

The Infinity version is just a plain simple carnage map with no special physics are adjustments. However, it is still very fun to play.

Map Filetype Changer v1.0

The Evil Group — Jun 17, 1998


This is a file type changer for use with Evil.

It will fix all filetypes of maps that you drop onto it. This is so Evil will recognize your new Evil map creation. Enjoy!

Fm: Temporal Lab 17 v2

Frigidman™ — May 29, 1998

Initially Created: 10-4-95

Requires: Marathon or Marathon2, depending on the version you get.
Specs: Will run fast on any kind of mac.

First in a series I never finished. The reason I never finished the series was because I didn't want to be limited in what I could do. Following a series format, would have limited me.

Handles many players, and is a pain in the butt. Solo play is really fun with the monsters that are present. Wasps and Defense drones abound.

This was my first map where I messed with Portals. Thus the reason it was called Temporal Lab. I used this interesting idea in the second to last level in Marathon:Evil, where I took it all to the next step, and created a whole facility that was folded onto itself through a portal. This map was my first attempts at the idea.

This was also my last major creation for Marathon, before I moved onto Marathon2. This map was my first attempt at Marathon2 aswell. I used the first Pfhorte version made to deal with M2, and the map turned out so badly, I had to redo it. v2 is the redone version, fixed in Forge after a long tedious converting process by Carl Lineberry. Thanks to him, people can play this map in M2!

Fm: Clan Wars (oo)

Frigidman™ — May 26, 1998

Created: 3-16-97
Converted: 5-26-98
Requires: Marathon:Infinity and at least 4 players.
Specs: Was created on a PPC with Forge. Runs well for me, so it should run well for others. I suggest no 040 users play this map.

Battle of the Clans was made for Evil initially, and was supposed to be ported to Infinity. For some reason, this never happened. So, I yanked out the map and ported it to Infinity in this file called Battle of the Clans. This might be the first in a series, but I am unsure at this moment. If there is a demand, then there is a will. So eMail me!

This map is designed for two teams, and no less than 4 people playing. It consists of two huge bases, one a Fortress, and the other a Castle. Each base has a throne hill that has a special feature about it. The point of the game is to be the team with the most time on the hill.

"There are two hills, one in each base, so whats the point?"
Well, from your base, you can close off and flood the other hill, thus giving you a stronger defense on the single hill. However, they can do the same.
"The same? Does that mean the other team can just close off your hill, and you theirs and then no one gets on the hill?" No, there is a locking switch to prevent them from flooding your hill while you are on it. This switch will lock off their flood switch to your hill, thus giving you the satisfaction of standing on the hill safely.
"So what do we do when that happens?" What you do is the whole point of the map, and that is to infiltrate their base to deflood your hill and lock their switch, so you can do the same to them. But the infiltrating part shouldn't happen if you are the better team! You will have to defend, because they will be trying to get in to unflood their hill, or take yours over.

It's a game of balance and power. Once one team manages to flood the other teams hill, and lock their flood switch to your hill, the battle begins. They try to attack in force to either take over your base, or get theirs opened up for time gaining. But be warned, because once the other team gets the edge, you are out in the cold and will have to attack.

It's a really fun game with like 8 players, lemme tell ya. The map has a terminal in the center of the level that outlines and explains the switches. But after a few runs, playing the map like it is supposed to, you will understand it. If you have Evil, and wish to watch to see some players playing this map the way it is INTENDED, then go grab the film pack in the downloads and watch.

AMPG Carnage Fest 6

The AMPG — May 24, 1998

PLAYERS: Fm™, brymen, Pmac, Nukeboy
All these films need to be run from Evil. Some films require the non-standard Evil net maps to view.
These maps are:
The Coriolis Loop map pack by doubleaught
The original Marathon:Infinity Map file
Three new maps by Frigidman (Included)
(read the readme for more instructions)

Hastur's Workshop Examples

Grendel — May 21, 1998

All the simple example maps enclosed in this archive, are guides and information on how to make odd and strange new things with the Marathon egine.

Force Fields
Multiple Stop Elevators
Bouncy Wall Fixing
Cast Shadows
Multi Split wall techniques

These are great to help "open your mind" to the ways things can be construed and manipulated to get interesting desired results!

Fm: Time Becomes a Loop

Frigidman™ — May 17, 1998

Requires: Marathon:Evil
Specs: Runs great on any mac that runs Evil.

Time Becomes a Loop is an interestingly small, but large, map. The structures form a loop because they are around a fissure in the ground. Some structures have two levels, and others don't. Many windows, angles, areas for surprise attacks, and full frontal assaults make this a good run for your skill.

This map was originally made for Marathon:Infinity. The map for Infinity will be released soon in a net map pack that is being created by some highly talented people. Only thing I can say now is, that the map pack is going to be really really nice. And, two more maps of mine will be in it as well.

So, I was given the go ahead to make an Evil version of the map, and release it early, so that you will all get a taste of whats to come.

Evil Concept Sketches

Frigidman™ — May 14, 1998

Marathon: Evil Sketches

Sketches were drawn from April '96 to December '96 by Randall Shaw.

This pack contains 22 sketches from my sketchbook that pertain to Evil. They are numbered in the order they were in my sketchbook, so I am guessing that is the order in which I made them (heh, even I am not sure of what I do).

Some sketches make sense, and some do not, that's the joy of looking at them. But the most part, if you have played Evil, and enjoyed it, then you might enjoy looking at some of the idea sketches behind it.

This pack does not contain any sketches that any of the other members of the Evil Group might have made. This is just my sketches.

Evil Prequal Sketches

Frigidman™ — May 13, 1998

Siege of Nor’Korh Sketches

Sketches were drawn from March '96 to July '96 by Randall Shaw.

This pack contains 10 sketches from my sketchbook that pertain to the Siege of Nor'Korh. They are numbered in the order they were in my sketchbook, so I am guessing that is the order in which I made them.

Some sketches make sense, and some do not, that's the joy of looking at them. But the most part, if you have played Siege of Nor'Korh, and enjoyed it, then you might enjoy looking at some of the idea sketches behind it.


Evil: DOA Physics I v1.0

Jeff Swartz — May 11, 1998

DOA Evil Physics I
Marathon Evil physics models


These are physics for marathon EVIL! Don't know what would happen if you tried it in Infinity, but I'm sure it would seriously screw up things.

Words about the physics in general

These are all tweaks, changes or enhancements to individual weapons. I only modified one weapon per model, since most of the changes make the weapon in question more powerful in one way or another. On that note, please design maps with this in mind. Some of them can be extremely unbalancing when used incorrectly.

These were made with map makers in mind. Don't bother trying these with any of the maps that came with Evil. They have all been pre-merged and will not accept external physics models.

If you want to test them without going through the merging process, you can do what I did when I was initially making them. I used one of my unmerged maps as a testing ground. I set it on kindergarten and left the aliens in so I could see the effects of some shots. I had it on kindergarten because I would freeze up when I got killed, and have to restart. It was easy to make changes and immediately see what the effects were. I don't recommend this except as a quick preview to see what these models are before you include them in a map.

Heed the words of the Evil Group. MERGE your physics models into your map. It's the best way. Maps without merged physics can and will crash.

You want to use these in an existing map that's already been merged with physics? I'd split it apart with Map Splitter (utility from the Hyperarchive at www.marathon.org), and then re-merge with your physics of choice. Pain in the ass I know, but that's how it goes. Be aware this could very well screw up things, especially if you're doing this to a solo map.

2-Fisted Fusion, Nukes, and Railguns- The Nukes and Railguns are taken straight from Rancid OJ, and Nukedome made by Randall Shaw (aka Frigidman). The 2-Fisted Fusion is based off those two. It's all pretty self-explanatory, right trigger-left trigger. The Nukes are toned down a bit, so as not to get too ugly. One of the downfalls of being able to do this is that there are no bitmaps of marines with two railguns, nukes or fusion pistols. From the players point of view everything looks peachy, but to everyone else it looks like you're holding a couple pistols

Holocaust Nuke- It fires nukes in 6-packs. They look a little different (very similar to cyborg bombs...hmm..) and they bounce. They are far less powerful individually then the regular nuke, and don't have quite the radius. IF you get caught by a few you're real dead, but the spread pattern is pretty loose. I really like this one. Real crowd pleaser. Big fireworks.

Shotgun Slug- The normal buckshot round of the shotgun is replaced by an armor-piercing slug. Has the effect of making the shotgun more formidable from a distance, and now shoots one barrel at a time. It fires out of phase making it a lot quicker. Best results are obtained when you fire off a quick burst of four at a time. Oh and of course it still hurts like hell.

Plasma Burn- The Fusion pistol normal shot fires a new 3-round scatter burst turning most foes into flame. As if that wasn't enough you also get a new powerful shot on the second trigger that will burn through a whole line of baddies like a hot knife through butter. Unlike the old second shot, you don't want to get too close to this one. This model really pumps up the Fusion guns' lethality. Don't hand them out like candy. Well, unless you like doing that sort of thing.

Other stuff

I like comments, so send me some. Thanks to Mark, Jason, Eric Dave, Darrin, and Jeff H. for helping me playtest all my maps during lunch. "We're...uhh...testing the network..." Thanks to FM for and everyone else I've siphoned information from. And of course thanks to the Bungie posse.


Jeff Swartz

Evil: HUD Patch v1.0

HAS98 — Apr 22, 1998

Marathon EVIL HUD Patch

This patch replaces the original Bungie-esque ammo displays for both the Rail Gun and Mortar Launcher with more suitable versions. Gameplay has not been altered, the only difference is that the HUD ammo display is much improved for these weapons.

Apply this patch to an unmodified copy of the 'Marathon EVIL v1.5' application - the patched copy will be saved as 'Marathon EVIL v1.5 patched' and the original moved to the Wastebasket. Note that you MUST have updated your 'Cursed Shapes' file with the 'Cursed Shapes Interface Patch' before attempting to use the patched application. Failure to do so will crash EVIL as the updated version requires extra graphics not found in the original 'Cursed Shapes' file.

'Marathon EVIL' application originally modified with Bo Lindbergh's Fux! - a very, very cool application indeed. (Thanks Bo!)
'Marathon EVIL HUD Patch' creaded using ResCompare by Michael Hecht - another very cool app.
'Cursed Shapes Interface Patch' created with Shapes Juggler by Charles Lechasseur (need I say more?:).

This patch was created by HAS who got bored one day, and is not supported or condoned by the Evil Group in any way. All the usual disclaimers apply - use at your own risk. You may distribute this patch freely as long as it is accompanied by its associated 'Cursed Shapes Interface Patch'.


Tina Sounds

Loren Petrich — Apr 21, 1998

These patchers replace bob sounds with Tina sounds. One patcher does bob sounds for M2 and Minf, and another patcher does bob sounds for Minf vacuum bobs.

The Bastards

James Hastings Trew — Mar 31, 1998

A beautiful, very large net map by one of the creators of Tempus Irae. This thing has some of the prettiest light sets, rooms and passageways that I have seen in a long time. Sniper posts, ledges, stairs, media, this thing has it all. Object placement is tight, so this map will take some strategy to play. It isn't a "run around and shoot at everything" type of level. Just a large net map that will need a large group. I played it on a performa and it did fine..but there are some rather large rooms in this thing. A great download!

Marathon Universal Patcher v3.5

Naoki Yokoyama (nao) — Mar 23, 1998

Actually modifies your Marathon app to change your starting setup. You can add invincibility, weapons, ammo, health, oxygen... and you can add a save anywhere key (for both PPC and 68K!). Works on all marathon versions through Infinity 1.5. By the author of the various M2 film patchers.

Folie a'Deux

Rich Dierkes — Mar 20, 1998

Another two level net hopper from Rich. The first level is a small outdoor arena set with the Nardo alien texture set. The final level is a outdoor/indoor arena with some great design ideas. Another great one from Rich!

Cherished Illusions

Rich Dierkes — Mar 11, 1998

Another great level from Rich. This map has three levels, two that are new sporting the Nardo textures and the third, using the pfhor Nardo set is a port from Rich's Evil Map"Meat Hive". These levels really are visually stunning with these textures. I found myself just trying to steer clear of the "baddies" long enough to take in the texture choices. The flow is great and the "multi-split-level" idea is really challenging. This is a great map and will support any play you desire.

Evil: Meat Hive

Rich Dierkes — Mar 10, 1998

Another great level from Rich! This map is built with the Evil Lava texture set although you won't see the lava. It can support as many as 8 players and all the net modes. This thing has drones in it that are very deadly. So if you play it as a practice level, watch out. The purple pulse's that they shoot are very determental to your shields. Built in a oval layout, this thing has great flow, some very nice visual tricks and will provide for some overall great net play. I played it solo and you need good aim to shoot the "gnat" like drones.

Marinero al Carbon

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

Out of all the Evil levels that Rich has made, I liked this one the best. There is a embedded physics model and once you play this level, I think you will understand why I liked it so much. It has just about everything in a net level along with some good suicide areas, some good basic weapons, open type arena but not completely wide open and some fast lower levels. Take a look!

Evil: Apostasy & Nettleson

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

Visually, one of the nicest maps that I have received in a while. Built with the water texture set, this level has various multi-levels that can be accessed rapidly and with ease. The ring around the map is somewhat inset in the level. Design is very well done and the choice of textures are very nice. Aliens included for practice and all net modes supported.

Evil:Fetid Psyllium Sigma Net Hop

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

Seven levels, really just six with a starter level. This is a Evil net hopper with some very fine small to medium net maps. The aliens are included if you would just like to play it solo, net modes are supported. You get to do some spnkr hopping on a couple of levels and one was made with chisel. A really nice "oval" type arena.

Evil: Corrupt Behavior

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

A medium sized square arena. The ring provides access to the four levels that wrap up to the top elevated area. Built with the sewage texture set, this level has very good flow and if you are a mouse player, the aiming that this one requires will be right up your alley. Lots of aliens for practice and most net modes supported!

Evil: Profane Catalepsy

Rich Dierkes — Mar 06, 1998

A small to medium sized net level with two raised walkways along with two levels that make up this level. Total levels in this map equals three and the transitions are very fast and very smooth. Some great fast carnage games will be provided if you download this file. All modes supported, the hill is pictured in the screen shot. Grab this one, aliens are added for some practice.

Evil: Triptych

Alan Greene — Mar 04, 1998

Another very good level, this one at times resembles a very large arena, but like his other maps it is once again, a "You call it". I had a lot of fun trying to stay alive in this one, and if your in need for some "Evil" carnage, this is the download for you!

Evil: Androgynous to the Touch

Alan Greene — Mar 04, 1998

I have debated on what to say about this level. It is a very large, fast, loaded with baddies, tons of ammo, lots of weapons and really laid out well. A large net map, a practice level? You decide, but it is definitely worth your time and please send the author some email on what you think.

Marathon Hang Time Guide

Todd Keating — Mar 03, 1998

A comprehensive tutorial concerning many of the "alternate methods" of travel in Marathon. Some of this is very good, and I strongly suggest you download it, if for no other reason then for the films. Some of these give you a detailed "visual account" of the methods the author is trying to explain.

Chai'etra Infinitus

Gareth Wood — Jan 28, 1998

A combination of The Chai'etra Saga, The Hammer of the Gods and Fallen Angel all put together and ported over for Infinity. The M.A.D.D. patch is vital to this game, (made by Quartz) and really makes these levels unique. A great download!

Nardo Spoiler Guide

Nardo — Jan 21, 1998

The Nardo: Tempus Irae Spoiler Guide, compiled by Michael Neylon and members of the Nardo team. Having problems? Your answer's probably here... Also available online.

When My Sister Sings

Nick von Beroldingen — Jan 03, 1998

A medium sized net level built more along the lines of a Fm map. (IMO) Although this is a Evil shapes patch, the level that comes with the patch is quite good. The patch gives the bObS SMG's. With Evil's great sounds, this patch turns out really well. The BobS are suppose to be totin' smg's, but I couldn't see it. A very good patch, a much better level and some cool sounds all come with this file. This is just a glimpse of a upcoming scenario.

The Alderian Connection 1.1

Rudi Bloks — Jan 03, 1998

A large 5 level solo adventure that are quite large. All of the maps are large compared to most and they have enough sprites in them that they will keep you busy for some time. I got through on Normal, but it took some time. You will need to explore EVERY area, backtrack some of your steps and flip all the switches. These levels are hard, but not unplayable. The story line makes sense along with some good art work. These were made with Pfhorte and then merged with Forge. Worth the download and definitely worth your time. Some neat tricks and some great construction.

Now updated. This update fixes a few bugs and adds a few monster triggers. Also cleans up a smear or two.

Nardo Mapmaking and Tools Guide

Borzz — Jan 02, 1998

This guide tells you everything you need to know to design and construct a Nardo level. The sounds are outlined, the textures are all described, and all the scenery and objects are listed. A very good guide laid out in DocMaker format. (Also includes a Forge updater, so your scenery objects are easier to set.)


Borzz — Dec 30, 1997

A great new net map by the leader of the Nardo Team. This map, created and inspired by the great monument, Stonehenge, fits very well with the Tempus game. The textures fit very well and once you play it, I think you will agree. I really did enjoy the Tempus game, and this map is a "fresh" look for Marathon.

Animated Objects

James Hastings-Trew — Dec 30, 1997

This is nothing more then a text file that I picked up on AGM. It was a response from James Hastings Trew to a post asking about the animation of scenery with Norton Disk Editor. I snagged it and decided that if anyone was interested they could grab it too.

Tempus Irae v1.1

Nardo Group — Oct 31, 1997

With its gorgeous textures, intricate plotline, superb artwork ,and flat-out fantastic gameplay, this total conversion has set itself upas the one to beat. Check it out! Has its own homepage at http://www.nardo.org/.

From Up Out Da Earth

VacThok — Oct 14, 1997

A very dark, large and sprawling net level. Evil has a default of a dark set when the game starts...combined with this level it is DARK! There are lights and this level would be great for the "sniper" type player. Some ideas with strategies in mind...

Cursed Whirl Womb

Richard Dierkes — Oct 14, 1997

Based on the water texture set...ported over to the evil application. This map used chisel and he did a pretty job with it. Water chutes and fast currents make you plan you routes carefully and well in advance. Built in physics will help the nuke cannon.

Saturday Night Pfhever

Richard Dierkes — Oct 14, 1997

Visually a stunning map. Some very nice lighting and texturing in this level. It can be used for solo pratice, or as a net level. As a net level it is a large arena surrounded by some strange and neat effects. Worth the download....The wanted poster was a pretty neat trick.


Dave Ptasnik — Oct 14, 1997

A very good KoTH map. A large square arena surrounded by three enclosed hallways. A large ring wraps around the whole map and is elevated and exposed. Some very nice lighting effects with this one and the chip will expose some much wanted ammo and shield recharges.

Trojan Spoiler Guide

Hamish Sanderson — Sep 30, 1997

Here it is!! For all of you that has emailed me along with the posts on agm. This has been compiled by Josh, Chris and Hamish Sanderson. This file is put together in open doc format.

Many Maps

Bob Vandehey — Sep 29, 1997

Many maps is the title of this pak and it describes it the best. There are 20 maps here and some of them, which I liked, are small enough for 2 to 3 players. Lots of levels here.....and some real nice ideas!

Waldo and the Yetis

Christian Blomqvist — Sep 29, 1997

Two very large oval arenas that are connected with a enlcosed ring that wraps around the larger arena. At first, you would think that this is very close to Marathon , but the extra arena makes it a bit unique. Walking along the edge of the outdoor arena, I got some weird effects when I turned towards the wall....but it didn't hamper the game any. Supports most net modes along with co-op and even solo.

Lun v1.01

Jason Parsons — Sep 29, 1997

A circular arena surrounded by a elevated ring. There is a small central hill that is enclosed by another ring that is acessed by jumping from the outer ring. This map sports some very good light sets along with some nice texturing. A fast, KotH map that will also support EmFH.

Outpost Isni v1.b

Mike Miazgowicz — Sep 29, 1997

A very good solo evil map. This thing is the definition of "non-linear". I really enjoyed some of the level design. I have had this file for some time but have not posted due to a bug that is now fixed. The only drawback of this level is that you are on a remote outpost on a icy covered planet. Hence, you slide through this whole game. The "kick" of weapon fire take on a whole new meaning with this map. This is the first of a upcoming scenario that will be much bigger.....If you can take the sliding around, then get this map!

Marathon Atlantis Gold

Adam Rose — Sep 29, 1997

A new scenario for the Infinity engine. 6 solo levels and 3 net levels are included in this pak. You will encounter some strange things with this map, but, after the author explained them to me they made complete sense. The story line is pretty good and the amount of baddies you have to face, at times, is incredible. Make sure to save often, you will need it. The readme's in ClarisWorks format-but here's a simpletext version.


Michael Spina — Sep 28, 1997

A large so called "village" with buildings that are surrounded by streets. This level is wide open and you will find your self lonely unless you are in a big group. The buildings give you hiding areas, sniper perches and some secrets. Supports all net modes and comes in two versions. One at day and one at night.


Anti Fun League — Sep 28, 1997

A fairly large net level built with the pfhor/alien texture set. Starting points are located in small, enclosed "bunkers" that open up to the map. Some 5-D with this one along with some pretty neat tricks..Light sets are pretty good and they are set to help some of the players if you are in the right spot at the right time. Most net modes supported....except KoTh. A couple of secrets worth finding and it will easily hold eight. More of the authors maps can be found at his

La PetiteCarnagerie

Anti Fun League — Sep 28, 1997

A very interesting level..I spend a hour just trying to figure out how to get to the elevated areas. I will admit I finally went into Forge and got my answer. A very big oblong arena divided into three areas. A great map for EmFH. There is a secret in this one..look at the screenshot for a clue.

LSD in the Water Supply

Anti Fun League — Sep 28, 1997

A medium sized KotH net map best suited for 3-6 players. The hill is reached via teleporter that is in the water. A very tight level and should work great with small groups.

Space Popcorn

Anti Fun League — Sep 28, 1997

Outdoor arenas in space is a good way to describe this level. This level is supposed to be similiar to the pre ride areas at Disney World in Florida. Just visiting there, I tried very hard to find the similiarties. Wasn't able to, but, some of the design ideas of this level are very good. The teleporter will take you to a pretty neat area...

Mikes Net Levels v2.0

Mike Srstka — Sep 22, 1997

A updated set of net maps that was previously posted at the HA These have been tweaked and rebuilt in spots for speed and a few other bugs. A giant leap in comparison...10 levels are included in this pak....and they support many modes. Some of these I found interstingly built. Check this pak out! It is worth the download...

Infinity Textures and Scenery

Jason Parsons — Sep 22, 1997

A set of PICT files for printing that contain all of the Marathon Infinity texture sets and corresponding scenery objects. A great reference tool...

Carpal Tunnel

Darrel Plant — Sep 22, 1997

If you looking for some fast carnage with small to medium sized groups, then this map is for you. The author boasts of 284 kills with a 6 man group in less than 10 minutes with this map. A vertical, very linear two level tunnel built on the lava texture set. Fast paced fun with this one...

Whole Lotta Smote'n

Richard Bushey — Sep 22, 1997

The design on this map is probably one of the best from this author. The use of stairs was very unique. It is hard to describe in a short paragraph. A lot of sniper ledges..some narrow paths....very large..dark dungeons...and some secrets. This level with support KtMwTB, EmfH Co-Op and their are aliens for solo practice. For the large size that it is it was extremely fast. Check this level out.

In Enemy Hands v1.2

Matt Dolan — Sep 22, 1997

A great KOtH map. Lava based level with a central hill that is accessible by running across some lava. Some sniper mini-hills around the main hill that provide for a hard task to stay on top. There are alot of directions to protect from in this one, so be prepared. Aliens are included for solo play. This level might be misnamed so be watching for a update.

Show'em that You're a Tiger

MCatha — Sep 19, 1997

A very, very large net map that is going to require a big group for it to be kept interesting. Some really good ideas in this level, big open connecting passageways that connect into a central open areana. The hill in the middle works well for KoTh. Due to it's design it works well with KtmWtB.. It would work great for this mode...


Allen Murray — Sep 19, 1997

A small to mid size net level that is basically a wide open--open air arena. A couple of good sniper ledges acessed by teleporters along with some towers in the middle that serve as the hill for a good koTh map. The author is requesting feedback and filmes. so make sure to take a minute and let him know...

Temple of Zeus

John Coffey — Sep 19, 1997

A kill everything/practice level for the author of Amazoms and Robertas. This map works great with Amazons Deluxe or with the Bungie shapes. Some very tall, elevated platofrms inside of buildings. The buildings make up the different areas of the map and exploration is well worth your time..Not bad for a first endeavor...

Mystic Base v1.2

Nick Mason — Sep 18, 1997

I really like what this guy does with lights and light sets...These are not going to be your typical net maps. These are beginning to become a very good standard for map making and I really do enjoy going through this authors levels. This update adds another room and tweaks the physics a bit. This is the first level based on his Pfhor Mystics so we should see more in the future. These maps are not for Infinity so don't port them or even try. The author is very specific concerning this. The story line is for the player to capture the Pfhor Communication Node. In the process you must kill everything. Have fun and make sure to not miss anything...

Atrophied V4.1

Kurt Murray — Sep 18, 1997

A six level netpak for Evil. Some of these levels are very good and some have some "strange" ideas. Not bad, but different. Randal Shaw helped with some of the levels. (suggestions) and for the most part they are fairly well laid out. I enjoyed the "sunbathing level" the most. I found myself playing it way too long this evening. This pak is worth a look...and make sure to email the author. Check out Level 6, How Do I Get To Carnagie Hall? I only found one bug with a invisible wall....there should be a update soon. Now updated with two new maps and bug fixes.

More Spankies for Daddy (evil)

Richard Dierkes — Sep 18, 1997

The original map for Infinity now made for Evil...has a good hill for KoTH play, has enough pillars and gagets for protection for EmfH and is made small enough that it will support small groups. Still a good map and a very good download and now for Evil...the lava pits will bring some rewards and are equipped with transporters...

Evil: Sights Patch v1.0

Daniel Richelson — Sep 17, 1997

The Marathon EVIL Sights Patch 1.0
Daniel Richelson

What is it?

The Marathon EVIL Sights Patch gives you sights (so you know where you are shooting) in Marathon EVIL. The sights pinpoint exactly (almost) where the bullet, missile, etc., will hit.

EVIL Sights are almost entirely based upon Stefan Joos' Stefan Berner's excellent Marathon Infinity Weapon Sight Patch v2.0, and without it, this would not have happened at all.

How do I install it?

1. You need the original "Cursed Shapes" file, and about 12 MB of free disk space.

2. Just open the patcher and locate the file, then save the new file wherever you want (preferrably in the Marathon EVIL folder).

3. You can delete the original shapes file, but you might want to keep it, or make sure you have the EVIL installer.

How much does it cost?

It's free, but send me e-mail if you actually download it and use it, (money is also accepted, e-mail me for my real address).

Known problems:

Some inaccuracies in the Assault Rifle and Pfhor Staff (neither of these shoot straight anyway), also some unpleasant visual garbage on the screen when firing the Assault Rifle, but nothing to hinder gameplay.

© November 1996 by Stefan Joos and Stefan Berner
© September 1997 by Daniel Richelson

Special thanks to:
The creators of
Marathon Infinity Weapon Sight Patch v2.0:
Stefan Joos
Stefan Berner

Advanced Gernade Hopping

Todd Keating — Sep 17, 1997

A new and improved edition of what we in Marathon have come accustomed to. This file along with a map and film will help you to "jump" to new heights. It is worth the download if you are one that has tried in vain to learn how to gernade hop without wiping yourself out!

Snork Pak

Cliff Wagster — Sep 14, 1997

A collection of very good netmaps that range from small to medium levels. These were put together for the authors group of 2-3 players. They would fit that size of group perfectly. All of them have at least 1 or 2 very good visual tricks and all of them are very fast with good flow. KoTh to EmfH supported by these levels.

Death Blade Arena v1.1

Nick Mason — Sep 14, 1997

Probably one of the better uploads tonight without a doubt! This is another map from Nick Mason. (Mystic Series) A very large round open-air arena. Two different rings run around the arena, one exposed to the arena itself and another, that is higher and enclosed in the walls. The lower ring will eventually take you to the devlin cave. Can be played solo for carnage pratice, which I enjoyed very much. Acess to the upper ring is via elevators that travel at a very good speed. Entrance to the lower ring.......I won't spoil it.

Pfhriers Net Levels

Pfhrier — Sep 14, 1997

Eleven total net levels, some made by the author and a couple that will jog your memory of some of Bungies favorites. Most of these have very strong light sets along with equally strong flow. Lots of net modes supported in these maps and I only found a couple of bugs.

Map Making Topics/FAQ 6

Chris Onslow — Sep 14, 1997

Round 6...Now in a very good format. Icon folders helps you locate subjects now much faster.. Chris just keeps doing a excellent job and this file just keeps getting bigger and bigger. [note: these are in ClarisWorks format... difficult to read if you don't have a copy. Because of this, I've made a text-only version (952K) available. I hope the author doesn't mind...]

Three Shots of Whiskey v1.1

Adam Zettlemoyer — Sep 14, 1997

A very, very large net level. This thing just keeps going and going. The author seems to like small, 4 to 5 sided rooms for weapons. Ammo is no problem, but, you will have to hunt for the weapons. Visually, a very good map. You will need a large group with this one. It will seem as if it goes on forever. Worth a look............supports EmfH.


Christian Blomqvist — Sep 14, 1997

Just a small text file that explains how to make rain with Forge...You will need to know some basic mapmaking skills before trying this.

Ground Pounded

Nick von B — Sep 14, 1997

What a fun map this was....I really enjoyed this level..just playing it solo! You will need to download this, if for no other reason, just to release some stress. Supports almost all the modes. The ball is clearly labeled. There is a central elevated room that does give you acess to the outdoor pations. Just be patient and keep looking, if you stay alive that long. (My 5 year old son found it, after I had given up!) Only drawback of this level is the teleporter room.

Paradise Theater 1.1

Unknown — Sep 14, 1997

This is a one level solo map that is "not" you usual solo level. The author first sent this in around the first of July. At that time it was a large, very large net level. We went through the map and suggested that he convert it to a solo level. To sum up, it is now a solo map. It came in the second version with a shapes patch. But, after trying many times, I could never get the patch to work. Now in this version, it is just basically the level. This thing is so big, that it will take you some time to get through it. Some nice lighting effets, some good use of texture choices and a great basic design. Flow gets choppy every once in a while due to the huge size. Don't waste your time trying to go at it from the front. You will need to go up first.

Morphine 2

Bubba & Company — Sep 13, 1997

A large "Evil" net level with enough ammo and weapons to house any large group. Elevated ledges along the walls lead to some secrets/sniper perchs along with a outside corridor that is borders two of the arena walls. All of that surrounds a large open arean with so much ammo and biochips that it is almost over done. A few deadends, but overall a good arena for high carnage...

Dr. Richards Ring (evil)

Richard Dierkes — Sep 13, 1997

A medium sized net level that will absolutely drive you nuts trying to figure out the 5D space tricks. Built on the jjaro textures, this map would be ideal for 3 to 4 players. All modes are supported and try to remember that you are in space. Now ported for Evil...

ResCompare 2.6

Unknown — Sep 13, 1997

After many emails....I have decided to post this gem of a utility. Many have taken the ResCompare route for their shape patches....So here it is. If you need some useful info concerning this program....get it here.

Abbe Surcum Delar Quen

Silbiz — Sep 13, 1997

Visually a stunning map. The choice of textures along with the use of lava really makes this map stand out. A small KotH nete map that is ideal for 4 players. No weapons in this map, just your Pfhor staff. The central hill is surrounded by a deep lava pit. There is a way out of the lava....Four starting points, each with a pfhor staff. Thin, narrow elevated paths lead to the hill, but they do retract, so be fast when crossing. A good KoTh map and a great idea. Definitely worth you download.

Lava Lord

Matt Dolan — Sep 13, 1997

From the title you can get the gist of this level. One small middle arena area, surrounded by connecting hallways that take some wide turns to wrap around the map. Visually nice at times, Supports alll modes, and qutie fast.


Matt Dolan — Sep 13, 1997

Another large net level from Matt Dolan. This is a smaller lava level then the Lava Lord. It supports all modes of netplay, and has a couple of shield recharge's that whould be first come first server! Visually some very nice choices with textures.(36K), and, I found some of the polys with aliens trapped inside. (monster impassable)

The Temple of Apollo

Michael Coyle — Sep 13, 1997

Not much to say here! Another very fine level from Michael Coyle. This is a very large outdoor arena that is wrapped with a elevated walkway. Every possible angle seems to have been thought out with this one. The arena is flooded with water, (personally my one and only dislike), but, even with the media, you can tell that there has been some thought in this one. Very good flow, some very good light set and should support up to 4 players. Supports all modes and should be a great carnage shoot.

Crowbar Specialist

Stuart Glenn — Sep 13, 1997

Hmmm...Let me see if I can describe this map fast. A large, winding, mini-arenas, liquid forcefields, tight hallways, fast elevators, lots of BoBs pissed off at each other, net level. Supports a few modes.... Is built to enhance net play. A few neat ideas, texture choices were wierd at times, but with the fast turns and short sight lines, it begins to make sense.

Arbitrary Map Points

Loren Petrich — Sep 13, 1997

With this download you get two programs. Add Arbitrary Map Points and Create Spiral Staircase. The AMP utility will add arbitrary points to a unmerged Marathon 2 map, and, Infinity map. It is highly recommended that you read the readme before using the utility. Doing so, should help tremendously. A pretty neat little utility!

Dr. Richards Ring

Richard Dierkes — Sep 13, 1997

A medium sized net level that will absolutely drive you nuts trying to figure out the 5D space tricks. Built on the jjaro textures, this map would be ideal for 3 to 4 players. All modes are supported and try to remember that you are in space.


Matt Dolan — Sep 13, 1997

A very large net level that at times reminded me of "Kill Your Television" form M-2. Some of the ideas in this map are very good, and along with the lava.....you should have alot of carnage with this one. Some very tight walkways along with some pretty neat tricks...

Rockets of Fury v3

Colin James — Aug 31, 1997

Rockets of Fury (RoF) for Marathon EVIL: ReadMe
Map Pack by: Colin James


•This patcher will turn your Bob's in to Rocket toting marines, with deadly accuracy.
•Perfect for training (especially after Keyboard -> Mouse conversion!)

New in this version: 3 new maps, and now the Marines shoot shotgun blasts when you are closer (becuase they used to suicide w/ rockets just to kill you).

Double-click on the shapes patcher application and locate your Cursed Shapes file. It will do the rest automatically. This is ONLY for Evil... not Infinity.

I originally made this because I wanted to practice after my recent conversion from a keyboard to mouse player.
I use it to practice strafing, mobility, and accuracy. As a result of my time spent in these maps, I have improved greatly.

Anyway when you click "Begin New Game" hold down the "command" and "option" keys. You are presented w/ a dialog box into which you can choose which level you would like to play. The levels are as follows:

1 = Return to Dome
2 = Return to the House of Luck
3 = Return to Cloud 7
4 = Return to Dusk
5 = Nukedome
6 = Roam
7 = Rancid Orange Juice

Enter those numbers to go to the corresponding level...

I only play these on Total Carnage, and I suggest you do as well...It's frustrating at first, but gradually gets less so.


This software is completely unsupported. Neither Bungie Software Products Corp., nor I, are in anyway responsible for any effects that the use of this software may incur, on either hardware or software.

a clump of rump dumplings

Joshua Lorr-aka DJ clown — Aug 18, 1997

While on IRC the other evening, some of the DoubleAught crew asked if they could send this to me. After spending some time going through some of the levels, I finally decided that I could describe it and post. (you'll understand when you get it) It wasn't until this evening that I had a chance to catch Randy and/or Greg on IRC again. ( I was trying to find the author) They gave me the info I needed and I present tonight this new collection of net levels, titled as is. 25 levels that have some of the most bizarre construction to some of the best construction I have seen. Some of these levels are double fisted magnums, blast away at BoBs and try to stay alive maps. The rest are some very good detailed net maps that can be used solo or net. If you ever get to the point that you have time to just "blast away", get this pak!! I really enjoyed playing these and they make for a good evening if you need some carnage.

Moonbase 11c

Mattias Holm — Aug 18, 1997

A new update of a previously posted map at the HA. This solo map now consists of 4 levels. Make sure that your explore all areas of the thrid level, you will be able to teleport out before examing all the rooms. The fourth level was hard to understand, but, I would presume that the author speaks of it in the terminals. The story line is good along with the some good art, watch out for the troopers. There are a hord full of them...

Employed For Life v1.2

Gary Iams — Aug 16, 1997

A completely large but centralized map that's great for KoTh. Some interesting secrets and floor plans, makes for some interesting play. Good midair shots are possible in this map.

The One and Only v1.01

Matt Denton — Aug 16, 1997

This is a wild ride in and around and at the bottom of a compact outpost on a mountain. Small and best for 2-4 players it can also be played solo. Has some wild lighting effects as well as some wierd floor plans. Worth a look.

Screaming Orgasm

Dustin Haynes — Aug 16, 1997

Visually exciting and lively, this map is very good. Done with the Jjaro texture set with some powerful lighting effects, this map was fun! Check out our film from our last fest! Supports all net modes but ball is not recommended due to some sewage rivers.

Cheese Steak v1.0

Gary Iams — Aug 16, 1997

Another very good net map from Gary Iams. This one is fast and loaded with some goodies for all players. You can tell from the film that many times I was trying to snipe and ended up with air time from someone's spnkr. Lots of different angles that other marines can attack you from. Some different style arenas makes this one a great download.


Stuart Glenn — Aug 16, 1997

A very large, KoTH net map that has multiple rings along with multiple "psuedo" arenas. You will need to take some time with this one or you will miss some of the details. Very tight angles and entry's make this one a carnage blaster. Built with the lava texture set, flow is pretty good and object placement seems to work well.

Whirl Womb

Richard Dierkes — Aug 15, 1997

A medium sized water arena that is based on the water texture set. This level supports 2 to 8 players with all modes of net play supported. The speed of the media should help you keep alive in this small arena. There is a terminal that is explained via email to the author. Make sure to check all heights in the middle reservoir...

Fm: Roam

Frigidman™ — Aug 08, 1997

Requires: Marathon:Evil
Specs: Was created on a PPC with Forge. Runs really well for PPCs, and runs 'ok' on 040 machines.

Roam is a concept map I came up with while trying to get to sleep. I was thinking, "Wow, wonder what it would be like if we played a King of the Hill map where the hill kept changing locations during play." SO... I made this map in one day, then we played it at our Carnage Fest VI the following day to test it. Was really fun, so I decided to release it. A film of us playing it is included also.

The hills change location by way of closing up and flooding. When a hill runs its time, it closes up and floods with lava, and then the next hill opens for everyone to dog pile onto. Was really fun, because if you get caught, you die, but you get some time on the hill till you die, so it's a good tradeoff. Some hills you can escape the death, but some are REALLY tricky to escape.

Five different hills total, in five different places, so strategies change with each area. The hills cycle around every ten minutes, so, in a nice ten minute game you can have played on all the hills.

If you look at the 3d map view below, you can see the Control Rods I used to send the signal to the next hill to open and close. I did this because it made sure that everything stayed in time with each other, and it couldn't get thrown off in really long games. If I had made each hill on their own timer, things could get messed up big time once you figure out how.

JS Vid's Evil

Dr. Nicholas J. Head — Aug 07, 1997

Some Marathon Evil films in the Vidmaster Tradition on We Be Ground Pounders and Hackers
Here are two solo films from the excellent Marathon Evil scenario. FM claimed to have knocked these two maps out in a few days - see the secret terminal in "Ground Pounders". Took me longer than that to make these films! "Ground Pounders" is without doubt one of if not the greatest 3rd party map ever made IMHO. It's also one off the biggest and and because of the Juggernaughts and only a Pfhor staff to kill them with you may want to make use of the ] and [ keys to speed up / slow down the film. Please if you watch these film let me drop me a quick e-mail to let me know.

Fm: Nukedome

Frigidman™ — Aug 07, 1997

Requires: Marathon:Evil
Specs: Was created on a PPC with Forge. Runs well for me, and from my FPS, it will run kinda ok for lower end PPC's, and I suggest no 040 users play this map.

This... is Nukedome.

Hell to live, hell for fun.

Watch your side.
Watch your front.
Watch your ass.

This has an interesting physics adjustment to the regular Evil physics. And that is, you can hold two nuke-units at a time, and fire em off like the pistols. This map was created just for this purpose, so you can sure bet you will find tons of nuke-units and ammo to burn your enemies into ablivion. Have Fun.

Evil Films Pack 7

The Evil Group — Aug 07, 1997

Submitted by: Anonymous
All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.
These are mostly of the map ClanWar with 8 players doing two teams. Pretty good on showing how the map can be played effectivly... notice when the team members cooperate to flood a hill and lower another... really funny to see the other team fry in boiling lava :)

Evil Films Pack 6

The Evil Group — Aug 07, 1997

Submitted by: DuKK of #marathon
All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.

Fm: Rancid OJ

Frigidman™ — Aug 06, 1997

Requires: Marathon:Evil
Specs: Was created on a PPC with Forge. Runs really well for PPCs, and even on 040 machines.

Rancid Orange Juice came to my mind when Stompy from #marathon was commenting about some rancid OJ in his refrigerator. You just had to be there... anyhow, I told him I was going to make a map using that as the title, so here it is.

This map is made for every type of play, including solo carnage fun. It also has a deadly hill... where some might feel over confident with the cubby area they can hide around, but any well executed spnkr shot will kill them. Many strategic vantage points are in this small map, but don't let strategy get you down if thats not your game, because this map has just about enough areas to attack and be attacked in.

This map is strictly for use with Evil, it will bomb Infinity, so you will have to have Evil to play it. Being an Evil only map, it has its own built in physics for Evil also... and there is a nice surprise waiting for all of those who love the Railgun.

Amazons Deluxe

John Coffey — Aug 01, 1997

John Coffey has once again updated his Amazons and Robertas. This patch now adds new Troopers and the MerDrones.....which have taken the place of, Drones! These patches IMO are really done well and now they sport a great shapes shuttle patch that is very stable. You will need the Amazons Deluxe Sounds patch (680K). It just isn't the same without them.

You will also want to get the Knossos/Stoneridge Maul Maps (369K). Stoneridge Maul-a map made in the tradition of a mall, watch out for the other shoppers. The Labyrinth of Knossos-made in honor of the Minoan "Palace" of Knossos, is a maze like level that really reminded me of the Labyrinth level in Pathways of Darkness. Two levels that are very well done and quite huge. Loren Petrich has made these levels and the new textures are quite good. John has adapted them for his patch and they do work very well together.

Although some might not like this type of alien, it is still done in good taste and definitely worth a look.

Evil Films Pack 5

The Evil Group — Jul 31, 1997

Submitted by: Grayphics
Maps Needed:
Infinity Map file, and also the Coriolis Loop Map file. A single other map is included.
These are films from the Grayphics Marathon Tourny (GMT)97. They are fast paced, and full of great stuff. They played a bit of games with EVIL, so I am posting the Evil only films for your viewing enjoyment.

Robo Cops / ED-209

Richard Mikat — Jul 31, 1997

A update and a add on to a previously posted file. This is the RoboCop's file that now includes the men from the agency. Again, Richard has done a very good job. The death scenes for the ED-209's are quite good. The "men in suits" are doing very well. They fight the robots with their briefcases and Richard has added some lighting effects that are very good. Comes with the map, a physic's file, shapes patch and a sound patch. (very good btw) This one is worth your time.

Massacre at Southam v1.0

Capt MTPosse — Jul 31, 1997

A large net level built on the pfhor texture set. A large central arena with a lot of view points, some ground level and some elevated. This level can almost be played on the ground or on the elevated walk-ways. Some great tricks with the Trooper room and if you find it, the flame thrower. Will hold up to eight and net modes are supported. Good for solo or practice also.

Castle Uprising v1.0

Capt MTPosse — Jul 31, 1997

A large net level that has some great constuction for the "castle" concept. Great lighting and some very good detail. Lots and lots of sniper pill boxes, elevated platforms that are just perfect for holing up and picking off marines. The king's throne was pretty cool....supports most net modes. Lighting was very good on this one...

Netmaps Worth Playing v1.0

Gary Iams — Jul 30, 1997

Seven unique levels. Some of them large to very large. Net modes for KOth and EmfH. Most of these are really good. The author states there will be another edition soon, updating some of these and adding some more. This is a good pak for any group needing some levels for carnage.

Marathon Mars

Lyndon Lorenz — Jul 30, 1997

This author continues to marvel all of us with just what is possible with basically a couple of textures. From the author of Marathon Earth comes a new saga in the continuing adventure-Marathon Mars. Yes, I will admit at times it does get confusing-but what drives me to keep looking for the end is boggling. I keep restarting this thing, bear in mind, IT IS HARD. But, the new alien along with the number of sprites, well, give it a try and don't forget to the let the author know what you think. File includes a shapes juggler patch. (thanks Charles!) (by the way--you are on Mars. Don't forget about the oxygen shortage!) Make sure you can sidestep and glance up and down...

City Carnage

Luke Heise — Jul 30, 1997

Another twist of a map from Luke Heise! This package comes with a shapes patch that worked very well. (I got it to work with two different versions of Anvil-1.0.2 and 1.0.3b4) 2 Levels. The first a city with a road that could be used in many ways..cool idea. The second--a remake of Duality from the Infinity Game. Give this a look, this seems to be the ocming thing. Not just net maps but maps with texture changes and sprites. Liquid force fields along with some neat highway signs makes this one unique!

Butchered (infinity)

Gary Iams — Jul 30, 1997

Butchered was a very nice map. I had no real complaints with it. It is large enough for 6-8 people however we had no difficulty playing with only two as it made good use of intersecting paths of travel. I found one secret which I liked. A good map with some great flow.

Mister Potato Head

Richard Dierkes — Jul 30, 1997

Another net map from Richard Dierkes! This one is not in this authors vien of netmaps. Elevated platforms are in the open area along with a few baddies. All modes are supported and this map has many secrets. This was the authors very first map, but, it is a pretty good "first map".

Mike's Netmap

Mike Srstka — Jul 25, 1997

A medium sized netmap for the Evil application. Most of this map is corridors and hallways with the majority of them submerged under media. Flow is interrupted by transporters, deadends and one way doors. It can hold 4 to 5 minimum, but due to basic construction, you can't effectivly kill marines, hence the media. Some pretty good scenes to watch between devlins and troopers and Bobs. I tired to find a way to make the media drain, (with Forge), but I was fruitless in that endeavor. Can be played solo, regeneration is fairly quick for the aliens. Weapons/Ammo placement is plentiful and well placed.

The Square Root of Pain

Matt Dolan — Jul 24, 1997

A medium sized net map with some unique construction. Four large rooms, with some of the polys assigned as slow moving platforms that recend lower than ground level that surround a middle "square" that acts as the hill. The whole map is visually open to itself. Meaning you are able to pick off marines in other rooms. Weapons are distributed with this in mind and the height of the walls match perfectly. Some good ideas and some great carnage counts with this one. Supports KotH, EmfH and KtMwTB. You can play this one solo as well.

Basic Missions

Dispatcher — Jul 24, 1997

Basically what you have here are 7 levels that describe, "visually" , what the different types of levels are in Forge. Everything from Extermination to Repair, Rescue, etc.. A couple of unsed modes are discussed and addressed in these levels. A great visual tool for those wanting to learn mapmaking. Thanks to this author for taking the time to help others.

Pseudonets v2.0

Christopher Lund — Jul 24, 1997

When I posted the first set of Pseudonets, I apporached them from a completely different angle. Pseudonets II are a set of maps used for practice levels, network levels and I found some of them to be good tutorials for construction ideas. The use of 5D space is ingenious. I stopped many times and switched to map mode to try to figure out how they were constructed. Some very large levels and some neat tricks with 5D. Check out the physics model that comes with the file. This author takes 2 to 3 textures with a level and with the use of 5D and some good construction ideas, shows what is possible. Some great levels and some great ideas. Get this pak!

Evil at Night

Matt Dolan — Jul 24, 1997

A very large net map that basically is going to take a lot of players or it is going to be slow. Some good detail in the hallways and if you access the secrets in this map it really becomes BIG! A large central area surrounded by lava that rises and falls via triggers, that serves as the hill. All net modes supported plus co-op! Some good ideas and some good detail work. Be prepared, it is large.

Insane v1.1

Craig Harvieux — Jul 24, 1997

A update of a previously posted map at the HA. This is a large level with different rooms that have some obstacles that can be used for snipering or for protection. This update now has platforms that move much faster, (very good), and added KtmwTB and KoTH net modes.

The Rock 1.1

Chad Wayne — Jul 24, 1997

A two-level solo map that is a great adventure. The first level is informational only, with a pretty good design idea. The second level is the main battleground for the story. You end up on a listening post and you have to activate.....well, I won't spoil it for you. The last terminal had a few problems for me, but other than that, this is a good map! Very well designed and I was impressed with the stair construction. Flow is good and lights are done well. For the authors first attempt not bad at all.

Forge102 -> EvilForge102 v1.0

Colin James — Jul 23, 1997

Forge for EVIL Patcher: ReadMe
Patcher by: Colin James

YOU MUST REBUILD YOUR DESKTOP on the volume that Forge for EVIL resides on....
YOU MUST USE THE FORGE ON THE INFINITY CD! [This patcher is for folks whose Infinity CD has Forge 1.0.2 on it. The older Infinity CDs have version 1.0.1 on them, so be sure to check which version you have first.

New features:
• New creator type so that maps saved with Forge for EVIL, can be opened by double-clicking on them!
• New strings for weapons, monsters, scenery, and sounds, so that they correspond to the new EVIL environment.
• Changed the CICN resources so that they items represent the new EVIL items
• New splash picts.
• No longer a need to make an alias of the Cursed Shapes file and rename it "Shapes"...This version of Forge for EVIL recognizes the name "Cursed Shapes".

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL BUNGIE: regarding this patcher, nor the application that it produces. If you have any problems email me and I'll see what I can do, but I am not promising anything .

•We have not yet made a patcher for the version of Forge on the Trilogy CD, due to the fact that I don't own it. It may work, who knows...


• Why did it take so long to get it to us?
We've had it through Evil's development, but we had to get it approved by Bungie and that well just now happened...no biggie though..its cause they are working on makin Myth kickass!

•If the patcher doesn't work, or quits half-way...
Try increasing the patcher's RAM allotment in the Get Info box.

•The patcher won't work because it says its not the right file!:
MAKE SURE that you are patching the Forge right off of the Infinty CD.

•Forge won't load now! :
Did you reset the RAM allotment, to what you had before...this patcher sets the RAM to what Forge off of the CD has it set to...i.e. real low.

This software is completely unsupported. Neither Bungie Software Products Corp., nor any members of The EVIL Group, nor Colin James, are in anyway responsible for any effects that the use of this software may incur, on either hardware or software.

Forge104 -> EvilForge104 v1.0

Colin James — Jul 23, 1997

Forge for EVIL Patcher (1.0.4): ReadMe
Patcher by: Colin James


This version of the patcher has hardly been tested at all. The EVIL Group used Forge for EVIL 1.02, so that is very sturdy, but due to popular demand I whipped this patcher up real quick, leaving out some of the time consuming v1.02 bells and whistles. If you find something DRAMATICALLY wrong or skipped over then email me.

New features/Taken out:
•• THIS WAS TAKEN OUT FOR THE 1.0.4 PATCHER (Don't ask why)->: New creator type so that maps saved with Forge for EVIL, can be opened by double-clicking on them! (SO that means you need to manually change the creator code or Merged Maps to 26.E to give them the EVIL map icon)
• New strings for weapons, monsters, scenery, and sounds, so that they correspond to the new EVIL environment.
• Changed the CICN resources so that they items represent the new EVIL items
• New splash picts.
• No longer a need to make an alias of the Cursed Shapes file and rename it "Shapes"...This version of Forge for EVIL recognizes the name "Cursed Shapes".

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL BUNGIE: regarding this patcher, nor the application that it produces. If you have any problems email me and I'll see what I can do, but I am not promising anything .

Troubleshooting/Known Bugs:
•I have the Trilogy CD only how can I patch it?
Tough luck. Sorry, I don't have the Trilogy CD, so I don't have anything to base this on. You're not missing much.

•In the Weapons pull-down menu, next to the MOWMDWN/CM36, there is an odd/annoying "3"!
Deal with it, I don't know what it is, and it won't go away.

• Why did it take so long to get it to us?
We've had it through Evil's development, but we had to get it approved by Bungie and that well just now happened...no biggie though..its cause they are working on makin Myth kickass!

•If the patcher doesn't work, or quits half-way...
Try increasing the patcher's RAM allotment in the Get Info box.

•The patcher won't work because it says its not the right file!:
MAKE SURE that you are patching the Forge right off of the Infinty CD.

•Forge won't load now! :
Did you reset the RAM allotment, to what you had before...this patcher sets the RAM to what Forge off of the CD has it set to..(read: real low).


This software is completely unsupported. Neither Bungie Software Products Corp., nor any members of The EVIL Group, nor Colin James, are in anyway responsible for any effects that the use of this software may incur, on either hardware or software.

Fm: Brak Station v4

Frigidman™ — Jul 14, 1997

Initially Created: 1-15-96

Specs: Initially created on a PPC with Pfhorte. Runs well for PPCs, and some say it runs ok on 040 machines.

Positioned on one of the Pfhor worlds, B'rak Station is the first of its kind for its energy efficiency. Powered by the molten rock just north of the station, B'rak transforms the energy from the cooling process into useful protons for the machines operation. After the magma has fully cooled, it is then mined for useful ores, and minerals. Being a completely self contained station, it requires no imports to get anything done.

Although all grand and glorious, this station has fallen prey to the AGB (Astronomical Gaming Bureau), and is now the battle field for the masses. Players are now thrown into the canyon, to battle to the death. Aliens and even B.O.B.s have been sent in (although very unsuccessful). You have been chosen to be one of the gaming participants, good luck.

(funny I had created that blurb of text a long long time before Unreal Tournement came to existance... I wonder where they got their idea? Or just great minds think alike? YOU DECIDE!)

This map was converted into a solo level included in the Siege of Nor'Korh scenario. It was then taken from that form, and turned back into a net level as version4 in the Infinity Net Map Pack. This level has gone the miles.

Evil Films Pack 3

The Evil Group — Jul 14, 1997

Submitted by: The Australian Marathon Players Group
Uses the standard Evil Netmaps.

Evil Films Pack 4

The Evil Group — Jul 14, 1997

Submitted by: sno
All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.

Fm: Vidmaster Pack 1

Frigidman™ — Jul 13, 1997

Films: 13, 14, 15, 31, 32, 33, 33.2
These films are of me testing the vidmasters challenge levels after I got my Infinity from Bungie. I play tested the levels to see if Bungie changed anything, and they didn't as far as I figured. Each film is of a single level, except the multi-level films which are 13, 14 and 15. I didn't care about rules when doing these... so no guarantees as to how they are. It was late... I was tired... and I didn't care. I would also like to note that these are the "first ever" Vidmaster films of the Vidmaster's Challenge levels in Infinity. Partly because I made the damned levels! (oh my I cheated!!!)

Film: acme
This film was done after like six friggin tries! (damn hard level I tell ya, not to mention unfair) Jimmy Mitchell said "try it vid boi" so I did... here it is. It's the only film in this that is new... the others are close to a year old... almost. I don't give a crap about what I did or didn't do... I was just happy I got through it alive.

Film: acme2
This film was done because I was testing something. No biggie, I lived through it, so I figured to save it.

About these films as a whole:
I really don't give a hoot about all this vidmasters crap...
I play for fun and mostly play in Net games, where there are "no rules", and not to mention real minds against you. I only give these up because some have voiced their concern as to why I have never given out a film of me doing the levels that I made. So here they are.

I really don't want to hear about what rules I broke or didn't follow... so save your petty bitching for someone who cares :-)

Fm: Hatala v4

Frigidman™ — Jul 11, 1997

Originally Created: 2-20-96

Specs: Initially created on a PPC with Pfhorte. Runs really well for PPCs, and runs ok on high end 040 machines.

Continuing with the theme of Pfhor Winds, comes Hata, a power station for Pfhor Winds. Hata was the first of its kind to have a fusion propellant system to give great power to all of its surrounding uprisings. Unfortunately this too has been selected as the next AGB site.

Hah, enough with that theme crud. This map is for all of you arena ground pounders who just like to be able to find your opponent in two seconds flat. This does just that, but don't threat thinkers, there are some really good spots for ambushes and head games.

Fm: Net Map Pack v3

Frigidman™ — Jul 11, 1997

Requires: Marathon:Infinity
Specs: All of the maps in this pack run well on any PPC. Most run well on an 040.

This new version has 11 net maps, which are strictly for use with Marathon Infinity.

I fixed some tiny bugs in the maps that people reported, and that I had found myself.

Each level still contains a nice ammount of aliens, so if you wish to go solo and romp around carnaging to your hearts content, it will be much more satisfying because it contains aliens. If you don't like them during net play, then check them OFF in the Gather Net Game dialog (duh).

The maps in this pack:
* Damned if you do...
This is the Infinity version. You can read about it from the listing under the Evil levels. This conversion uses the water texture set instead of the sewage set, because the sewage set in Infintiy isn't as good as it is in Evil.

* Pfhor Winds
The latest version

* Desperate Measures
The latest version

* Carnage Heights
The latest version

* Brak Station
The latest version

* Axiocranium
The latest version

* Hatala
The latest version

* Flying Leap
This was called Rancid Cafe a long long time ago. I originally made it for Marathon, but then decided to convert it for Infinity. This is so much more different though from the Marathon version.

* Cringe & Cringe Again
These two are not listed and described on this site, because you have to go get the file and find out what they are like for yourself. I thought I would throw in "Cringe Again" because many keyboarders loved that version since it's flat ("Cringe" is more for mousers).

* Pfhree Pfhor All
Its a stretch saying this is an Infinity version, but it is. I had to remake the whole map from scratch for Infinity, because every time I tried to convert it, Forge would blow up. So I just remade it. The whole outside area is completely different, but the main arena pads in the middle are the same.

Fm: Axiocranium v4

Frigidman™ — Jul 11, 1997

Initially Created: 12-30-95

Specs: Initially created on an 040 with Pfhorte. Runs really well for PPCs, and runs decent on 040 machines.

Axiocranium was one of the toughest maps I have encountered making. I came across so many weird bugs and glitches, I was about to scrap the whole darned thing, but decided to press on regardless. So, I finished this map while half crazed with fever and fatigue.

Axiocranium is almost like a gothic church where carnage takes place in and about...with the huge locked gates, players are not allowed to leave, so they are forced into combat. Although the outside can be an everyone-throw-all-ammo-at-once arena, the inside fits for the intellectual types who go for mind games and tactics.

This three level complex has an inner rumpus room with the sky shining in, an upstairs hallway ring, and a rooftop view. Being an old building it comes with a few secret hiding places for the thrill of it.

Fm: Carnage heights v4

Frigidman™ — Jul 11, 1997

Initially Created: 2-29-96

Specs: Initially created on a PPC with Pfhorte. Runs well for PPCs, but is a bit sluggish on 040 machines.

I bring to you, CARNAGE HEIGHTS, a grand an luxurious villa with many wonderful sights to see. While you are wasting away your opponents, you can enjoy the brisk night air in the open patio area, and if you're an inside person, we have an extra wide heated pool.

Carnage Heights was made with death in mind, so many areas have been made for your killing pleasure. Strategically placed doors, walls, and hideaways makes this map a treat for the thinker. With its tempting hill however, the arena jockey can have fun blasting away the opponents! Fun as this might seem, it really is. I have spent many hours just fooling around in solo mode. The aliens prove most fun in Total Carnage. But beware, the aliens have sent a package that poses a dangerous secret. Not to mention if you ever get the chance, the Pfhor Delta Force will grace you with their presence.

The A-Bob box of horrors, I think is the most hilarious thing.

Fm: Pfhor Winds v4

Frigidman™ — Jul 11, 1997

Initially Created: 12-20-95

Specs: Initially created on an 040 with Pfhorte. Runs great on any mac that runs Marathon2 and Infinity.

Pfhor Winds is one of the most liked maps I have ever made. It is one of my personal favorites as well, because I have racked up many hours in this with fellow Marabuds.

Pfhor Winds is a flowing heart-pumping map that leads danger around every turn. With an arena in the center for the arena dudes, it poses a great challenge due to the ring of "safety" water surrounding it. The waterway leads out through pfhor different access paths, so getting around is very easy. Also with the additional pfhor doors that lead out from the center, one can cut off a foe in little less than 10 seconds. I speak from experience.

Pfhor Winds will work on virtually any mac that can run Marathon2 and Infinity. It has been optimized for smooth play and visual esthetics. Along with its tactical mind games it can be very fun for everyone.

The funny map notes are from the hours of play with friends. We would come up with descriptions for areas, so we could reminisce about "blowing you away from Mr. Hidey Hole" or "killing brymen at his last stand". I guess you just had to be there.

Fm: Desperate Measures v4

Frigidman™ — Jul 11, 1997

Initially Created: 3-23-96

Winner of many awards.

Specs: Desperate Measures was designed on a PPC but works well on almost every kind of mac.

Desperate Measures is a Map designed to be fast. I limited myself to around 90 polygons, which is very small if you wish to make a decent map! This map should run smoothly on many machines because of this.

I created Desperate Measures out of complete boredom while in class. I had lots of time to draw this thing up and optimize it (my classes are long). Every point in this map can have meaning, if you know how to use it. Angles are carefully planned out, and heights are set just right. It is possible to get to the hill from five different ways ;-)

Remember, I am a ham for secrets, so they are abound. No peaking with a map editor though!

Ever wonder why the map 2d view is angled weird? Well, that's because I actually designed the map at an angle. The map is square, yes, and when you play the game, you wouldn't know its skewed unless you went into the map view. Why did I do this? Because no one has. You can easily make a square map when Forge has that wonderful grid layout for you follow, but try making that same square map at an angle. Also, if you bothered to peruse the sketchbook area, you will notice I even drew the map in my book at an angle. Welp, that's it for the History Lesson.


Brian Wry — Jul 10, 1997

A medium sized arena that is visually great! Two rings wrap around the arena, one-that is at floor elevation and on the outside of the map. And the second one-that runs a world unit above the floor elevation that is exposed to the arean. Very good flow with this map. It is stunnily fast and it is very well thought out. The shield recharge will provide for extra shields if you are lucky enough not to get a spnkr in the back while charging up. Enough ammo and weapons to fit a large group. Comes with a physic model that is, well, give it a try...

Kessen Chu

Tarmo Turunen — Jul 10, 1997

A large 5 level solo map, that has so many sprites that I really didn't think the engine would handle it. The story line is that you are a security officer.....The story is pretty cool. Three large solo levels in this map and 2 net levels. This is a different map, one of the likes that I haven't seen before. You give it your opinion and make sure to email the author. Construction was pretty clean but some of the levels are very linear. Worth the download.

Malancanth 1.5

Scot Bowlin — Jul 10, 1997

A good two level solo map. The first level is for ammo/weapons and information, but get all that you can. You will need it on the second level. Comes with a built in physics model that gives you two pistols? You will be able to yield superior fire power, but be forwarned, the kick from these new weapons will push you completely across the room. Good flow, pretty well laid out, story line is good and some of the baddies now die but, they will take you with them if your to close.

Marathon Quicktime Recorder

Bo Lindbergh — Jul 10, 1997

This utility will allow you to save Marathon 2/Infinity films in Quicktime format. Requirements are a powermac and QT 2.0. Be warned that this will generate some very large files so it is recommended that you use a film editor to cut and paste so that you end up with the best parts

Calamity Courtyard v1.0

CAPT. MTPosse — Jul 10, 1997

Two large courtyards separated by platforms and pillars. Great flow, very good lighting and enough ammo/weapons for any sized group. Very fast and loaded for carnage!

Bela Lugosi

Unknown — Jul 10, 1997

From the very beginning you will get the impression of what the title of this map suggests. A very large room that has sub-rooms in the middle of it. The sub rooms are very tight and I mean tight! Teleporters take you from one room to the next but be careful, there is a ring of lava that surrounds the rooms. Large and wide corridors wrap the whole thing.


Matt Mogavero — Jul 09, 1997

A very large, and I mean LARGE, net map. This thing will take a bunch of marines to keep it interesting. A bunch of large rooms that are connected by some very large open corridors. The corridors lead to other large rooms or upper tiers for sniper posts. Enough ammo for a very big group, guns were hard to find at first, but they are there, keep looking. I found this to be a very good, very large net map. The problem with the water pools is that I only found one way out, gernade hopping, up and out. (which really takes a beating on your shields) There might be teleporters, but be prepared. Supports Koth, EMfH, KtMwTB and team play.

Fm: Damned if you do...

Frigidman™ — Jul 09, 1997

Requires: Marathon:Evil, for the single map -or- Marathon:Infinity for the Net Map Pack version.

Specs: Was created on a PPC with Forge. Runs really well for me. From my FPS, it will run well for other PPCs, and run 'ok' on 040 machines.

Damned if you do... is a map I decided to finally create. I had the sketch in my book for ages, but never got around to making it. So, here it is. I hope this is as fun as many of my other maps.

Made for all types of play, this one is really good in King of the Hill. The Hill is more of a pit inside a central building. The majestic look of the entrance to the building is where most of the action takes place, "on the steps of hell". There is a high upper rim from which you can snipe and attack from, as well as retreat and leap into the hill area (great for mid air shots).

This map can also be played using Infinity, but you must make sure you get the Infinity Map Pack v3. If you try to run the single EVIL version of this map, you will crash in Infinity. The EVIL version is in the Sewege set, and the Infinity version is in Water.

Evil: Music in mp3 v1.0

The Evil Group — Jul 09, 1997

This file will not work under the game, it can only be heard with a working MP3 Player. It is the Music from the EVIL scenario, set to higher quality and in mp3 format.

Gemini Station 2.0

Mike Trinder — Jul 09, 1997

Claude Errera's Review

When this solo scenario first came out in 1996, I played through the levels. I was impressed with some of the puzzles but I felt claustrophobic. After getting through this new port with all the new levels, I have gained a appreciation for this project. If you played the M2 version, don't EVEN try to compare. This is a great work and yes!, it does take some time to get through. But, it will be worth your time. Some very cool tricks, (I won't spoil here), two different endings and some intricate, thought provoking puzzles. Get This!!

A solo Marathon Infinity scenario

First two original levels made with Phorte 2.0a14
Subsequently retextured and expanded for Infinity using Forge 1.02, Anvil 1.02, Hex 1.02, Chisel 2.01, Shapes Juggler 1.0 and a large stick when Anvil crashed again

Graphics ©1996,7 Chthonic Ionic Software with exception of terminal logo and background of the Gemini promotional shot which were borrowed from Bungie Software. Apologies to them...

Contains 12 levels, and 2 endings. You may not see them all, and some are quite short :)
Final merge 3rd July 1997.


Things have been quiet on Earth for decades after the original Pfhor attack on the Marathon, so much so that most of the UESC fleet has been disbanded.
You have been in stasis for years with no real role to play in human affairs any more.
And then a recently de-militarised scout ship Hermes announces that he has negotiated
a peace treaty with the Pfhor...

This scenario started production in, oooh, June 96. It seems only yesterday I thought, well why not spend a few weeks indulging myself in making a groovy scenario that looks really nice.
Gemini 1.0 was released to lots of interest in July 1996, and I had a deluge of email wanting more. Putting it off because of pressing PhD commitments, it was only when Infinity came out that I returned to work on the story.
The original levels are still in there, so if you don't want to do them again command-option start at level 3. I put a few weapons at this point to give you a chance, but you'll have significantly less ammunition than if you play through
from the start. At least watch the opening splash graphics :)

Evil Films Pack 2

The Evil Group — Jul 08, 1997

Submitted by: Leslie Shafer "The Griffen"
Uses the following maps and packs:
• Classic 60
• Ultimate NetHop
• Evil Official NetMaps
• Coriolis Loop

Sound Shrinker 1.1.2

Charles Lechasseur — Jul 07, 1997

The sound shrinker can take a sounds file from Marathon 2 or Infinity and delete all its 16-bit sounds. This will reduce it's size by a tremendous amount. A must for those with filled up HD's.

This updates corrects a bug that was in 1.1.1

Butchered (evil)

Gary Iams — Jul 03, 1997

Butchered was a very nice map. It is large enough for 6-8 people however we had no difficulty playing with only two as it made good use of intersecting paths of travel. I found one secret which I liked. A very fast map with great flow. Most net modes supported.

review by Hal & Scott (MacSource)

Classic Net Maps II

Unknown — Jun 30, 1997

The same map pak as listed below, but, this is provided with Terminals. This is the Ultimate Hop Net Pak. You can hop levels with the terminals now. All 61 included.

TexRay Workbench v1.0

Tim Thomas — Jun 30, 1997

A packet of instructions for creating Marathon textures using Bryce 2 along with Bryce templates. Support files are here and a set of 12 example textures that are stored as pics.


beh+ — Jun 26, 1997

The top shot is either great wall detail or it is the layout of the monorail track. Such great ideas in this map, just a little much for a net map, but, still one that needs to be experienced first hand to get all of the benefits. The lights on the wall shows you which part of the track is lit and/or dark. Switches in the main room control these lights. There is a sewage trench that acts as the monorail. Entry and exit is very easy and the four gun rooms turn you into a "duck" at a shooting arcade as you go around the track. Teleporters take you from one gun room to the other and to the command room. There is also a tunnel section to be explored. Some great ideas here, maybe too much for a net map since you will have to have a large group to keep this one interesting, but, definitely a place for it since it shows the creativity and possibilities with Forge. Some great moments here........worth your time. Make sure to email the author. (address is in the terminal.

Audio Levels 2.0

Dispatcher — Jun 26, 1997

A update of a great mapmaking assistant. These levels give you the sounds that go along with the pull downs in Pfhorte and Forge. This update now adds platforms and ambient and random sounds.

The Playce v1.0

CAPT MTPosse — Jun 26, 1997

A medium sized arena with a oblong ring that wraps around the outside. The ring is exposed to the arena but it is separated by elevated platforms that will require you to good aim. Better practice you up and down keys! Based on the lava texture set, some good texture choices along with some great light sets. Support EMfH.

Gen Pfhorteen

Erik Adams — Jun 26, 1997

A wonderful map that is a simple, basic and a visually stunning design. Great use of textures, great use of sounds and flow is generally very good. Object placement is thought out and this level will support large groups as well as small groups due to it's size. Check this one out and make sure to email the author and let him know what you think. Net modes supported-KoTH, EmFH.

Objects of the Game

Dispatcher — Jun 26, 1997

A level that in turn allows you to view the different objects that correspond with the pull downs in Forge. But, in turn it turned into a 3 level map that really is pretty good. Check this out and make sure to email the author to let him know that his efforts DO help. Especially if you are a beginning mapmaker.

Bunker Hell

Darrel Plant — Jun 26, 1997

A very good construction idea! A large, very tall open air arena with bunkers sunken down in the bottom of pillars. Each bunker has weapons placed in them and some of the ammo is placed in the arena. In net play, these bunkers would be great for a "quasi-sniper" bunker. They are protected, IF, the other players don't have very good aim. If they do, watch out!! These sniper rooms can be turned into mortuaries. Worth the download...

Infinity Cult

CAPT MTPosse — Jun 26, 1997

A good King of the Hill level based on the Jjaro texture set? A big open arena with a elevated hill in the middle. Slow moving platforms on the edges of the hill provides access. Transporters on the ground floor take you to the sniper ledges and to the recharger. Should provide for some great carnage and also supports EmFH.

No Way Out

CAPT MTPosse — Jun 26, 1997

Straight from the Read Me-- A big yard full of toys. A great playground. Good for 2 to 8 players, Every Man For Himself. A fast paced massacre can be had here. Watch out for the tight corridors though. And during testing I noticed that once in a while one of the blue projectile fighters has a mad half hour. It's really cool, and I'm not sure why that happens but look out for that. Two versions here, one with aliens, one without, (in case it gets too heavy). Enough said...

Muay Die

CAPT MTPosse — Jun 26, 1997

A beautiful map visually. A large central outdoor arena that also acts as a hill. Transporters provide you direct access to some of the best spots in the map. Try it, you'll see. Supports EMfH and KotH.

Corridor of Death

CAPT MTPosse — Jun 26, 1997

A long central hallway built with the lava texture set. Many ports on both sides where Aliens continusely regenerate. At times there are so many of them that it is impossible to get good frame rates unless you are on a high end mac. This level was one of the reasons why my posting is so far behind. This map was really fun to play. Kill everything, kill all the Bobs and then get the chips! Have fun...

Grenade It

shampoo — Jun 26, 1997

A single level solo map with some interesting tricks. You might end up calling this, "Hit The Switches", but it's a pretty good adventure. This is the authors second map and he is steadily getting better. Your email helped him when I posted his first map in May, make sure you take the time again. Your aim needs to be good, just as the title suggests!

EMR Trilogy patcher v1.4.1

Marathon Map Makers Guild — Jun 24, 1997

This is a patcher for the Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge Marathon1 Scenario. Use this ONLY if you have the Marathon1 game from the Trilogy Box set.


Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1997

A map that shows possibly the funniest bug ever found in Marathon. I found this map at Bo Lindbergs site and asked permission to post it. This map is nothing more that a visual display of what the bug is in Marathon. I personally have never seen it before. Pretty interesting and very observant to even find it!

Sixteen Cowards

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1997

A experimental map made with no doors, no arenas and no corridors. Should be a very fun map for a large group. Give this thing a look. It obviously could support tag and could be very fun! An ingenious idea!!

Infinity Saved Game Editor

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1997

Exactly what the title suggests. A editor utility to use with Infinity that allows you to take a saved game and change the parameters. More ammo, more health, etc.

Gladiators (mi)

Capt MTPosse — Jun 22, 1997

Two different maps, basically the same level. 4 Man Carnage is a large net level designed for 4 players. IMO due to the shear size of this thing you will need more than 4. It is possible with 4 with 4 very tall pillars that have slow moving platforms to give you access to the top. The pillars are in a very tall and large room, (arena) with one small room off to the side. Ammo is light but it does regenerate at a fast rate. The second: A very good water based arena map. I will quote from the read me. "This map is for the gladiators out there. There's nowhere to hide, sight always available. Yellow life machine for the brave. Lots of ammo. Good movement and agility is necessary if you want to win. Good for two players, and crazy for any more. Unlike lots of my other maps, the only aliens here are a couple of Ticks."

4711th Circular Arena

Bo Lindbergh — Jun 22, 1997

A beautiful example of what is possible with Chisel. A very large circular arena enclosed by a ring. The ring has a upper level where all the weapons are located. The bottom arena and outside ring has the ammo. A very good large net map. Visually one of the best I have seen.

Phorsight v1.0

Bill Duffy/John Dasher — Jun 22, 1997

A very large, water based net map. This level is fast and furious. Four medium sized arenas with a small water corridor in the middle. Wrapped with a ring, that is elevated and exposed to the rings via sniper ledges in the walls. Access to the ring is by teleporters in the floors of the arenas. Supports EmFh and KtMwtB. Homogeneous textures makes it a little confusing at times but overall a good large net level.

Chock Full O'Shots (mi)

Richard Bushey — Jun 22, 1997

A very large water based net level that is visually stunning to look at. Some very nice texture choices here along with some light sets that make it as stunning as it is. You will need large groups for this map. It is BIG. Supports EMfH or could be played solo or co-op with the aliens provided. Give it a try and let the author know what you think. Previously on the archive as a M-2 map, now ported over to Infinity.

Town Square

Capt MTPosse — Jun 22, 1997

A very large square arena with a few tricks thrown into the square. The arena is wrapped by a a single hallway that wraps completely around the square. A water pool along with some elevated platforms that activate at different speeds. Large groups intended here. Enough ammo and weapons for all and will support EmFH and KoTH.

Cemetery v1.0

Capt MTPosse — Jun 22, 1997

Visually this is a beautiful map! It is designed for a large group that supports EmFH and KOTh. But, to be honest, visually and construction wise, this map is really nice. I jumped in to the ceremony in progress and started firing. There was so much carnage that the engine couldn't handle the number of aliens. Designed as a alien cemetery for 2 to 8 players, this thing was great. Play wise you will need to have a large group.

Higher 4

Tarmen Turunen — Jun 22, 1997

It's hard to address this level. A very large map that can be played solo or co-op. The very best thing I can say about this submission is the light sets are very well done. In the large rooms that surround the inner "quasi" arena, are some of the best realistic light sets that I have seen yet. It actually looks like light that gradually goes from bright to dark all in one viewing distance. A very good job!

Bounce Town

Luke Heise — Jun 19, 1997

A small arena style map with some platforms that will give you the experience of "mini-tramps" as you run across them. Author states in the read me that it is large and needs to be played with a large group. I couldn't find enough ammo for more than two or three. You can be the judge. Visually, a beautiful map!

"FALLEN ANGEL: The Chai'etra Saga, Pt 3 3

Gareth Wood — Jun 19, 1997

We had part one, then part two and now part three. The time that this author puts in on a map, well, it should give you some insight on just how dedicated he is to his work. AND It has paid off!! With this installment you get 8 levels. Typical of this author is that you rarely see a standard door or corner or even a wall! Detail is everywhere and you get a appreciation for it after just the first level. Puzzles are good and bugs, well, I couldn't find any. There are secrets and secret terminals. So, make sure to take your time. Great artwork and some that was very familiar to Roger Dean and his Yes years. You have to use Quartz' Madd Shapes Patch for this game to work. Don't worry, it comes with the package. Always save and backtrack to see if something has changed since your last visit. Another great solo scenario. Get this one too!!

Herman's Network Maps

Herman Ulltin — Jun 19, 1997

6 of Herman Ulltins best network levels. Most of these are large and can be played KotH, EmFH or KtmWtB. Some of these levels have been released already here at the archive, but most of them have been reworked. Some very good large net levels here for your next carnage fest.

Marathon 1984

Elk Rooke — Jun 19, 1997

The whole game!! With this download you get three levels of some of the best puzzles since Infinity, Megiddo and Evil. This author is not all that new of a mapmaker, but, in a very short time he has established what is now possible. I won't elaborate too much, but with the map you get a shapes patch, (rescompare). You'll enjoy the new textures, and the new scenary. I only found a couple of bugs and have notified the author. Check out the first elevator ride, the message is a new trick that I think now, will be a new marathon standard!..Get this one!!

Fm: Gravity? v4

Frigidman™ — Jun 18, 1997

Initially Created: 1-14-95

Specs: Initially created on an 040 with Pfhorte. Runs really well for PPCs, and runs decent on 040 machines.

Gravity? was the first map I made that used varied lights for M2. This was a great thing back when Pfhorte was in alfa4. This map uses liquids as a form of elevator system to get you places. Also with a low gravity setting you can launch yourself out of liquids very easily. Beware the fusion.

Just Do It

Jonas Bjarnehall — Jun 16, 1997

A very well constructed two level solo map that will have you retracing your steps many times. No terminals, not a whole lot of detail but some great ideas along with some very good construction. This author has come a long way since his first map and make sure you take the time to send him some email. I was stuck forever on this thing before I finally found my way. It is possible to finish so keep trying and make sure that you explore EVERYWHERE. The second level is really just the end so once you get through the first, you are practically done.

Hide and Spank

Stephen Johnson — Jun 13, 1997

A great level to use if one needs to learn about light sets and their states. This level is a small network map that gives the player the chance, "to follow bread crumbs" to get to the other marines. The "bread crumbs", are light sets that come on and go off as you enter and leave the areas of the map. Very good idea, and well needed. I know personally that I have been experimenting with light sets, and this map was a good guide. Supports Emfh and KtMwTB.

Juggernaut Fortress

Stephen Johnson — Jun 13, 1997

A unique and quite spectacular map, if you like oddities. This map has some unique tricks that are not just "run of the mill" Marathon tricks. I won't spoil it by posting all of them. But you have one of three choices with platform switches. Hit the right one and come out on top. Hit one of the other two, you will get lights and/or a juggernaut. Great ideas on a different type of map. Take a look...

Bloody Bodies Running Around

Herman Ulltin — Jun 13, 1997

A small network map that supports EMfH, KtMwTB and KoTH. Flow is good and the platforms, etc. are fairly fast. Texture choices were good and there are some great hiding places to perch out and wait to pick off you fellow marines.

Shuttle 477

Luke Heise — Jun 13, 1997

A very unique and different type of solo map. From the maker of the Bob heads shapes patch comes a, at times, very funny solo adventure. Five levels, each with a different theme as you go throughout your mission to stay clear and find Luke. Many times he intercepts you and does some funny things, like make you .2 world units tall, etc., etc. There are some things that I personally didn't care for, like the mini player, but, this is a excellent example of what is possible with the Infinity editors that are available. The man taking and singing in the shower was probably the best and funniest thing I have seen with Marathon in a very long time. He even drops his soap and stops his singing and says, "uh-oh". LOL!!!!!!! This is great!! You can even walk up to a mirror and see the reflection of the guy in the shower. The work that went into this has paid off. A worthwhile download and the best thing about all of this is, it is patched with Anvil 1.0.3!! And it Works!! There were toilets, water rides and some very good public voice notices. "A civilian is loose, kill him!" "Welcome, etc..."A great map, full of fun and baddies and a lot of cool tricks along the way. Some misaligned textures and some other minor problems, but well worth the download.

Cover Hill

Stephen Johnson — Jun 13, 1997

A king of the Hill map with a hill that supports the Marine on the hill. Many times in KotH maps, the marine on the hill has to defend his place, with this map, you have tricks and other ways to help you to stay on the hill. Set with the Pfhor texture this map is visually nice, along with some pretty good flow for trying to be the first Marine on the hill. A good idea along with some great barriers...

Infinity Suicide Bungie Levels v2.0

Butch Massoni — Jun 12, 1997

16 levels that are remakes of partial Infinity maps. These are loaded with ammo, weapons, in typical suicide style. These are done pretty well and should provide you with a high amount of kills and carnage.

Tower of Fear

Andrew Mellinger — Jun 12, 1997

Two levels, two different styles of play. The first level has normal physics and no aliens. (It does have those Explodobobs). The second level has the "alien weapon physics model" and a different strategy. A very tall, vertical, in terms of world units, map. Can be played EmFh, or KotH. The hill being the lighted poly on the ground floor. Three different main platforms, 2 in the tower and one across the arena. Access is by long staired, weaving hallways. Some of the bob tricks are pretty funny. AND make sure you power up!

Infinity Suicide Original Levels v2.0

Butch Massoni — Jun 12, 1997

10 original suicide levels by Butch Massoni. Some of these are visually nice as well as loaded for kills and carnage. Some pretty cool ideas for this style of map. Give these a try and have some all out carnage...

Be Happy or Not 1.7

Borzz — Jun 12, 1997

Download this map!! Four levels make up this adventure and probably the best part about it, it is designed for co-op play. You can also play it solo. I can't say enough good things about this map. I first played this when it was only for Marathon 2 back last November. The third level really intrigued me, at least to the point of going into Forge to figure out how he did the tricks. There are multiple paths to the end, some easier than others. Save terminals for the solo players. No Dead Ends! and with this Infinity update it basically improves overall game play. A very good map, definitely worth your time and the download. This like his other post tonight are updates, I wonder when he is coming out with some new maps?

Audio Levels

Dispatcher — Jun 12, 1997

A unique set of levels. Two maps that give you the titles that are associated with sounds. The best way to use this map is as a guide when using Forge. It will allow you to always know what sounds goes with their names. It took some time to put this together so make sure to Email the author and thank him for his help. These will work with Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity and Evil: Cursed.

Thors Hammer v1.5

John Dasher — Jun 12, 1997

A update of a previous map posted at Midwest. This version updates a couple of light sets.

Kill 'em All v1.3

Craig Harvleux — Jun 12, 1997

A update of a previous posted map. This update adds some passageways and adds a 1x recharge. A very good large net map with a pretty cool trick in the middle. It is not a hill! So don't think that the sewage will give you time. This map is best for EmfH and it is designed for it. Some nice visual moments along with some pretty cool tricks.

Death Repeats

Herman Ulltin — Jun 12, 1997

A large net level that is best played KotH. A very tall and large hill in the middle of a medium sized arena. Access to the hill is via teleporter in one of the enclosed hallways that has ammo/weapons located in it. Will support KotH, EmfH and KtMWtB. If you leave the aliens on, be careful, "they're everywhere"!

Boo Berry Blood Bath

James Pillar — Jun 09, 1997

A wild and somewhat large experiment into 5D space. One very wide and long hallway with no ammo/weapons, wrapped about by a mini maze, (walls do not go entirely to the ceiling, so it is still very open) where all of the ammo and weapons are located. Your aim needs to be very good along with your side stepping skills. Basic textures, basic lighting, a medium sized level designed for carnage. EmFH supported...check the film.

Disco Duck

Herman Ulltin — Jun 09, 1997

A large net map that is made up of three medium sized arena's tied together with some passageways. These halls could be represented as rings. A very fast map, some great construction ideas and enough ammo and guns for eight. Will support EmfH, KotH and KtmWtB. A great large net map, this author has gotten better with every map. The spankr is present, but due to the tightness of the passageways, etc., your aim needs to be taken in care.

Carnage Time

Herman Ulltin — Jun 09, 1997

A medium sized net map that has great flow along with some very interesting switches. These switches will open up a small room that is a teleporter that takes you straight to the 2x shield recharge. Two rings wrap around this medium sized arena that is 1.5 world units or so lower. Accessible by stairs the arena itself isn't very large and you will also find a couple of pillars to aide in your dodging. A very fast map with good flow. EmFh supported and should add to some high carnage rates.

Everybody Dies v2.0

Todd Keating — Jun 09, 1997

A very large net map that, for it's size, still has great flow. The whole map was designed for flow and this author has come very, very close. A large open area in the middle that has elevators and doors to elevated areas or the one of the other arenas. Some of this reminded me of "A Converted Church" level out of Infinity-anyway about it, this thing has some great construction details. Some maze-like halls get's you from one place to the next, don't get caught in a hall, there's no place to hide. You will need a very large group for this map. Any less than six and you will wander by yourself!

Crank Me Pumping Station

Carl Lineberry — Jun 09, 1997

A large net map with such great detail that I was truly trying to find out how it was still as fast as it is. Another great level from Carl Lineberry. This thing is so fast that you will miss things if you don't take the time to go through it before a net game. Some beautiful visual designs and great object placement. As you can tell I really liked this one. Supports EmFH and KotH. Some very good and cool ideas here.

The Blaze of Conquest

Richard Dierkes — Jun 06, 1997

A small net level that is tight at times but visually a nice map. The flow is never interrupted and you will need to keep a eye out for your backside on this one. Up and down aiming will help so make sure that you aren't just gunning for the Marine in front of you. EmfH, KoTh and KtmwTb supported.

Rebel Base/Infinity

Eric Hill — Jun 06, 1997

A three level solo map, (really two-the first is informational), that has been ported over to Infinity. Definitely Eric Hill style-short, sharp turns, visually stunning and some pretty vicious bad guys. It took me forever to get going through the beginning of the second level. Ammo is tight and there are enough bad guys to last forever. I had to fist a lot of the second level. What this author does with a normal texture set at times is quite remarkable!! The docking ring (landing) was neat along with a couple of other texture tricks. Worth the download-save often-you will find yourself retracing your steps. As always, with Eric's maps-some really nice graphics!


Christian Blomqvist — Jun 06, 1997

Six levels of a upcoming scenario that has proven to have a place in the Marathon community. At first, if you try to compare it to all of the other scenarios coming out right now, you will think this as a "cartoon" type of Marathon game. Don't be mistaken, this game has a very unique standard that it is representing and it is enjoyable to play. Don't go on your first impression.....btw-make sure to use Anvil 1.0.2 and not 1.0.3 For more instructions read the readme. You should also grab the necessary CLUT folder.


Richard Mikat — Jun 06, 1997

You must try this patch!!!!!! A very, very good effort was put into this patch and I highly recommend it. These robots are the ED-209 Robots out of the Robo Cop movie. The patch replaces the troopers and they are deadly. There is a physics file that comes in the folder but the shapes are outstanding. The sounds file is a must. You can't get the full effect of these guys without it. Their armor makes them pretty stout, so watch out. The voices they come with are pretty cool!!!!! Great job!!!!

Addictive Moments of Epiphany

Richard Dierkes — Jun 06, 1997

Another great map form Richard Dierkes. This one though gives you much, much more room to fight other marines. This was a different style for this author IMO and I personally liked it. Three modes supported and a few visual tricks.

Same Name Madness

Richard Dierkes — Jun 06, 1997

A classic in the realms of 5D space. This map is very well done and there is enough space for some good carnage. Visually another good map from this author...he seems to be opening up a bit as far as giving space for the players. Three net modes supported->KtmWtB, KotH and EmfH. A couple of cool tricks...the author has included his three different physics models with the map.

Marathon Earth

Lyndon Lorenz — Jun 06, 1997

The style of this author is unmatched by any map that I have seen since December of 95! This author can take basic polygonal shapes and expand on them to the point that you loose track of the fact that you are in the same geometry most of the time. A three level solo map that is designed to remind you of some earth type adventures. Level 1-Roswell-posted earlier on the hyperarchive, Level 2-Redwood Forest-some cool textures here. Level 3-Hometown USA-(dreamscape)-a complete revamp of Infinity texture sets. Some of these textures are really great!! The third level completely gets away from the poly shapes of the first two-maybe a branching out by the author? A great download and make sure you take the time to email the author with your comments. I still like his quasi-wrap around terminal idea!! A first.

Grunge Depression

Richard Dierkes — Jun 06, 1997

This map is a large, rectangular net level that is a representation of a actual event that happened to the author. When you read the read me it should provide you with the information that explains the map. Kind of gave me a chill to be honest! A multilayered net level that is visually, again, up to this authors standard. Three net modes supported and three physics models included.

Get In The Ring

Alberto Bisaccia — Jun 02, 1997

The author says in the read me that this is a dumb map. I disagree! This is a 2 player small net level that is a mock up of a boxing ring. No ammo, no weapons and a host of fans in the audience. (hunters, security bob, regular bobs). Some very nice detail in the walls of the outside of the ring. The ring is only about 4 to 8 polys large and you must use your fists against your opponents. This is a great vid-master practice level. Maybe a novelty map, but, IMHO, this is a small net map that you can use to hone your skills.

Borzz Pak

Borzz — Jun 02, 1997

This really isn't the name for this map but, I decided to call it this since you do get so much with this download. You get 1) High School Tool-a large net map with probably some of the best texture sets to be produced. Borzz was one of the first to experiment when Anvil came out and now he has updated the map. 2) Tooled By Aliens 1.1-->The same map but solo or carnage style. I tried very hard to stay alive at the Major Damage setting. Give this one a try for some cool carnage kills. 3) Borzz Outdoor Textures---> The texture patch that will change the Jjarro set to the outdoor settings. Very well done!! You must use Anvil 1.0.2, if you haven't figured out by now, 1.0.3 has some problems with the shapes but works well with the sounds. So don't even try it with 1.0.3!! 4) You get the list of what the changes are with the textures patch. This is helpful for all of you out there that are getting ready to make scenarios. Lists such as this is always a must. 5) Of course the read me! Great pak-get it, download it, net carnage with it and just get some great ideas. The net mode supports KotH, KtmwtB and EmfH.

The Legend of Carnage

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A very large open air arena with a pretty big hill located in the middle. The arena that surrounds the hill is 2 W.U. lower and filled with chest high sewage. There is a outside ring that wraps around the arena that is elevated above the whole arena. It seems that this is another redo of two other maps submitted today, but, this is the better one of the three. Comes with baddies which will allow you to practice staying alive. There's a lot of them.


Andrew Mellinger — Jun 02, 1997

A very good large net map with some very cool water tricks. Just like the name suggests, this map has a central hill, or water chute that will take you up to the top where you can pick one of five chutes to be shot out of. The end of this roller coaster takes you to one of the sniper perches located at the top of the walls that enclose the arena. Will support several net modes but best suited for KotH. A very good download, just for the water tricks if for no other reason.

House of Flame

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A very large open air arena that is very close to a Bungie remake. Very fast and very open. I only got one smear and I believe that it was because of LOS errors. The flame thrower and all of the canisters are the only connection with the title.

Fight for Your Life v1.1

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A very large open arena net level built using the Jjarro texture set. Very reminiscent of a M2 Bungie net level. Multiple levels make up the outside ring that runs around the arena and another "inside" ring at 1 W.U. lower. A few elevators here and there but their speed is set fast enough for good flow. Very fast and very big. Would be slow with less than 4 players. Supports KoftH, EmfH and KtmwTb.

Burn Them All v1.0

Andrew Mellinger — Jun 02, 1997

A large arena net level based on the lava texture set. A embedded physics model gives some of your weapons changes that matches the lava set. At first, I thought this map would be more of a novelty than a net map. The level starts with the arena being completely filled with lava about ankle deep. It eventually recedes and then fills again. Many sniper perches located in the arena walls are hooked together via stairs. Flow is really good with this one in spite of what I first thought. Textures are placed well and enough ammo for 6 to 8. Just don't fall off of the skinny bridges. Designed for KotH, but will support KtmwTB and EmfH. It can hold up to 8, has that many starting positions, but the author suggests 6.

Plight of Expostulation v2.0

Richard Dierkes — Jun 02, 1997

A large net level built using the Jjarro texture set. This map has been posted previously at the archive, but, for some reason for the life of me I couldn't find it. So, here it is again. One of Richard's better maps, comes complete with a sewage chute that can be used to your advantage if you go (run) through it just right. Some beautiful visual designs and one of the fastest net maps posted tonight. Supports multiple net modes and enough ammo for 6 or more. I have misplaced the read me that goes with this map, but, make sure you email the author and he would probably send it to you.


Christopher Lund — Jun 02, 1997

A very good net pak with a new classification. Pseudonets-the start of a new Marathon slang, possibly?? 10 very good levels that range from medium to large. I personally enjoyed most of these and when you use the enclosed physics model, well, watch out because the Bobs mean business and they will.........I don't want to give all of this away. Another good pak-most of the levels have very good flow and this is another good collection for your carnage fests. Worth the download...

Stay Alive v1.1

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A multi level large KOtH map. A square hill surrounded by a small arena with a few pillars that can get in the way if you use the spnkr a lot. A enclosed ring wraps around the arena with elevators to a upper ring that wraps the whole map. A enclosed passageway from the upper ring takes you directly to the hill. The elevators are set at a great speed and their is enough ammo/weapons for 6 to 8. Few sounds to speak of, but, this one is optimized for speed and flow. Even on the longest line of sight I got very good results. A few misaligned textures and some sharp angles, but a fast map with good flow. The author says in the read me a small net map?? It will support a few other modes of net play.

Brymen's Map Pak v1.0

Brymen — Jun 02, 1997

Eight of the Evil:Curse net levels now available for Marathon Infinity. brymen has taken these net levels and released them in this pak for the general public. All eight levels are very good and anything I could say here would just get in the way. Download these for your next net carnage fest.

Water Land Map v1.2

Manny Castillo, Albert DeLeon, Edgar Retana, Humberto Reza — Jun 02, 1997

A net map that really is made up of some very large rooms. Based on the water texture/pfhor sets, this map is loaded for all out carnage and some good KoftH play. It was made by 4 young men that are students of Richard Dierkes. They would really like some feedback so please take the time to email them and let them know. Designed for KoftH, the light texture poly in the middle fits well with the construction idea. Of course, this is their first map and for fourth graders--not too bad. Download it and give it a look.

What's Love Got To Do With It v1.1

Herman Ulltin — Jun 02, 1997

A large outdoor arena map with a hill, well, a quasi hill placed towards the middle. Almost a outdoor version of the Stay Alive map, this one is fast too, but, the elevators are at different heights when they zip you up to the ring. Thus, flow is severely disrupted while you wait to take another ride. Some very sharp angles on some of the polys could have been avoided. Same texture choices as the map listed earlier, but overall, a pretty good effort. Will support KoTH and EMFH. A previously released map at the archive. This update now fixes some elevators and a few other tweaks.

Wisdom of Old Frustration v3.0

Richard Dierkes — Jun 02, 1997

nother good map from Richard Dierkes. This is a large net level, but if you looked at it as it is laid out, it is really three levels that run perpendicular to the others. Richard has made some very good maps that have been posted here at the archive, this one seems to have every detail idea he had thrown into one map. At times, I felt very claustrophobic, but, once you get the lay out down...there are some really cool tricks with this one. Be careful while you recharge, this author has NEVER made a safe recharge poly, and this time you will be caught by surprise if another net player has any idea of the functions of the switches. (cool trick-not new, but I personally haven't seen it in a net map). The flow on the lowest level is pretty good, and on the other levels I personally just tried to get a feel for where I was. This will support a few net modes, rather fast for the amount of detail, and some pretty neat choices of textures at times. So take the time to check out the detail with this one and please email the author, he would really like to hear your comments.

Forge101 -> EvilForge102 v1.0

Colin James — May 30, 1997

Forge for EVIL Patcher: ReadMe
Patcher by: Colin James

YOU MUST REBUILD YOUR DESKTOP on the volume that Forge for EVIL resides on....

New features:
• New creator type so that maps saved with Forge for EVIL, have the right icon!
• New strings for weapons, monsters, scenery, and sounds, so that they correspond to the new EVIL environment.
• Changed the CICN resources so that they items represent the new EVIL items
• New splash picts.
• No longer a need to make an alias of the Cursed Shapes file and rename it "Shapes"...This version of Forge for EVIL recognizes the name "Cursed Shapes".

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL BUNGIE: regarding this patcher, nor the application that it produces. If you have any problems email me and I'll see what I can do, but I am not promising anything .

•We have not yet made a patcher for the version of Forge on the Trilogy CD, due to the fact that I don't own it.


• Why did it take so long to get it to us?
We've had it through Evil's development, but we had to get it approved by Bungie and that well just now happened...no biggie though..its cause they are working on makin Myth kickass!

•If the patcher doesn't work, or quits half-way...
Try increasing the patcher's RAM allotment in the Get Info box.

•The patcher won't work because it says its not the right file!:
MAKE SURE that you are patching the Forge right off of the Infinty CD.

•Forge won't load now! :
Did you reset the RAM allotment, to what you had before...this patcher sets the RAM to what Forge off of the CD has it set to...i.e. real low.


This software is completely unsupported. Neither Bungie Software Products Corp., nor any members of The EVIL Group, are in anyway responsible for any effects that the use of this software may incur, on either hardware or software.

Harmonia/Llamas Evil Pack

Jimmy Mitchell — May 26, 1997

Two maps from Jimmy Mitchell. Llamas are Larger Than Frogs v1.7, and Harmonia v1.2. These maps, which are posted elsewhere on the archive, are now patched for use with the Evil: Cursed application. Just as fast and as good as before, but now with the evil weapons and sounds. You get both maps in this download and the author is asking for films, along with the hyperarchive.

First Mission

K Sugiura — May 26, 1997

A small two level solo map, well, the first level is informational only, but the second level is medium sized. The authors first map, and for a first timer not bad at all. Some common textures throughout, but some very good work with platforms and elevators. Flow isn't really great, but it is good enough to keep you playing. Just the right amount of baddies in comparison to ammo/weapons. So, for the most part this guy is on the right track. He is requesting email so please take the time to let him know. New mapmakers are always encouraged and it is good to see some new folks making maps. Two versions-1 in Japanese and 1 in English.

Forge/Anvil Patchers 1.0.3

Bungie Software — May 26, 1997

This is the editor updates released by Bungie. Although Anvil will still give you problems when patching files, the sounds portion of this file has been fixed now. You will still have problems with shape files, unless there is a fix that I am not aware of. Anvil 1.0.2 is still posted for those that have files or download files that were made with this version. As of this date I have had problems opening files created with the 1.0.2.

The latest for Forge is 1.0.4, found in another archive here.

Harmonia v1.1

Jimmy Mitchell — May 26, 1997

Another update of a previously posted map. This one falls right in line with flow, lighting, visual design and construction. A very good large net map that is now updated. Minor tweaks in this one, a definite addition for every ones net map library.

The King is Dead

Tim Armstrong — May 26, 1997

This is supposed to be the authors first map and he states in the read me that he was learning Forge as he went along. Well, if this is how he learned I can only imagine what is to come from him in the future. A very good 1 level solo map that has some very good tricks and puzzles in it. I found myself going back to reread the terminals, as I thought I had done everything the level had called for. You will need to take this one slow so that you don't miss anything. There are rooms with enough bad guys to fill a normal level just by itself, but he gives you enough ammo and weapons to clear them out. I finally got exasperated and grenade hopped to finish the level, and that route didn't work. Good flow, some incredible detail and some fantastic lighting texture effects. The author eludes to a upcoming scenario that this level is a part of.....we can only wait. Check the lava facets, not a new trick but one with a different twist.

Llamas are Bigger Than Frogs v1.7

Jimmy Mitchell — May 26, 1997

Another update of one of the best medium sized net levels. This one has been reworked in some areas, lights for example. It does seem to be faster and it is just as fun now as it was before. If you don't have this one yet, get it...a very well thought out map.

Joe Gets Smashed

Christian Blomqvist — May 23, 1997

A very large arena level that is just basically a carnage map. Ammo and weapons are few and there are a couple of aliens for those that like practice. Line of sight is so long that you get some textures smears. Assignment is incorrect in one area. Good to see a Marathon 1 map again!

Cartho delenda est 1.3

Grag — May 23, 1997

A very, very good solo map. 2 levels that has you chasing down a missing officer and a prototype ship that the pfhor has taken. Some incredible detail with this map and some tricks that are worth seeing if for no other reason. The ship in the space landscape that lands is pretty cool. Some pretty strong bad guys and you will have to take your time. Check out the transporters.......(any more and I will spoil the map) Get this!!

Future Death

Herman Ulltin — May 23, 1997

A medium pseudo arena level, that has some very nice visual touches to it. A fast map in spite of the line of sight this level holds. Three elevated errors separated by a sunken arena. Some pretty good ideas here with some good construction techniques. Simple, but good. Sounds are ok, and flow is pretty good.


Christian Blomqvist — May 23, 1997

A two level solo map that is really not that bad considering what the author put into it. Some basic retrieve the chip ideas but the idea of the ammo and weapons given makes this really worth your time. Magnums are the name of the game and even though there is some linear layouts, stay alive!! Some haphazard construction problems-stairs that are so tight-that you will think the player doesn't fit. Keep trying you can get through. I personally don't like floor and ceiling heights that move together on stairs. Flow is pretty good and worth the download. Check out the authors web page for more maps.

Land of the Yeti 2: Vengance v2.0

Nathan Wiens — May 23, 1997

A rework of Land of the Yeti. This update now has a built in bad guys that are more of a challenge than before. The gray s'pht was a challenge and the map seems to be faster now? The author explains in the read me concerning the parts of this creation. Now supports KoTh and multi carnage.

Evil Films Pack 1

The Evil Group — May 22, 1997

Submitted by: Sam Miller "whipass"
All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.


RuGGeR — May 16, 1997

Cool name, huh?? A large square arena with hallways that wrap around the middle square. A good sized elevated hill is located in the middle that is accessed by the corners of the hallways or a couple of straight passageways. Some 5D space with this one. Tons of ammo and weapons. Will support at least three net modes and is fast. Texture choices get a little noisy, but overall a good carnage map. RuGGeR is on of the original 3 creators of bungie.org

Your Worst Nightmare

Herman Ulltin — May 16, 1997

Probably the best from this author on todays page. Similar to There Can Be Only One, but a little bigger and different texture sets. Will support KtMwtB and EmfH.

There Can Be Only One (HU)

Herman Ulltin — May 16, 1997

Construction with this author just keeps getting better and better. No more of the single line walls, no more slow elevators. A large net level set with the pfhor textures. Some of the textures really tend to bleed but after a while I got used to it. Some pretty big arenas connected by stairs and or passageways. Good construction on the stairs, some strange ambient with this one. Pfhor set and I heard some bird sounds?????

Watch Your Back

Herman Ulltin — May 12, 1997

Should have been called, check your aim. A small square net level that has elevators to a semi-ring. The ring will take you to a couple of rooms that lead off of it. The rooms are very tight with access by some very tight stairs. BE CAREFUL HERE! I suppose the name comes from the shield recharge. A great place to get nailed in the back as you try to recharge. Some interesting design ideas here. Would be best for EMfH.

Everyone In The Pool

Chirs Sartoris — May 12, 1997

A little tough to describe this one. A kill everything level?? A incredibly large net level with a lot of pools and water?? Whatever you want to call this map, there is one distinction that it holds. This author has learned how to use media, and in some places he has learned it very well. Some of the rooms, (areas), have great design techniques. Some misaligned textures, some smearing in a few of the water pools, and a bunch of sprites. (some regenerate immediately). But as you explore all of the different rooms, outdoor areas, you get a appreciation for what the construction ideas compass. Some of these areas are impressive, and some of them need a little more tweaking. Download this one just to kill some bad guys when you need the practice. It does have a hill and it is supplied with a ball. So, it will also support some net games. The author is asking for email, so please take the time to let him know what you think.


Linton von Beroldingen — May 12, 1997

A interesting large net level that at times is very tight. From the authors readme: "In this net level the hill is the lowest, middle polygon in the "bunker" ,which can be seen from outside from either of the two small arenas, and reached by the two, light textured hallways. This is also where the ball is located."

Big, Slow Moving Elevators

Linton von Beroldingen — May 12, 1997

Previously posted on the HyperArchive, but was lost due to the crash in April. This level is best described just by the title. There is no ball and there is no hill. Best for EMfH, or for practice against the aliens. You will need to practice your up/down aiming. (due to the elevators) Less that 5/6 players, might be slow.

Were War are in Dreams

Herman Ulltin — May 12, 1997

A very large, square, open arena level. The arena has a medium sized square hill that is accessible via grenade hop from one of the rings. I haven't checked for teleporters yet. Two rings wrap around the arena that are both elevated. The very top ring will give you access to the hill and the middle ring is where the ammo/weapons were located. Made for KtMwTB, KoTH and EMFh. Less than 5 it will be slow so make sure you have a big group. Some good light sets and the third ring is constructed with inverted corners. (my description) I only found one dead end.

Bowser Castle

Alberto Bisaccia — May 12, 1997

This level is probably one of the neatest design's I have seen in a while. I took my time going through it, and finally decided that it was the 5D that made it so different. And, a 5D that is brilliantly disguised. A small hill that is surrounded by elevated lava pools. Access to the hill is via elevators. (this hill is tiny so be careful when firing the spnkr) Surrounded by 3 rings, one that surrounds the whole map which is bounded by landscape. The second one that is enclosed via windows to the hill. Some stairs and elevators give you a variety on this ring. The third, that runs enclosed just inside of the first one mentioned, that is at ground level. THEN, you have the outside arena (5D) that has a light textured hill. Some great ideas in this one. KOtH or EMfH are supported. The readme says it is a small net map. I would hate to see what he calls a large netmap. A great download.

Everyone Says

Alberto Bisaccia — May 12, 1997

A very large open air arena built on the lava texture set. Reminded me of a combination of Route 66, and Thunderdome. Due to the size and a couple of other parameters, this one ran slow at times. Still a good KoTH map. The hill is loaded with weapons and a recharge. Will support EMfH as well.

Moonlight Diner

Alberto Bisaccia — May 12, 1997

A small net level built with the pfhor texture set. A hill surrounded by a lower ring. There are rings that elevate as they wrap around the middle square arena. Two transporters takes you to the hill. Sniper perches are accessible via elevators. A fairly well constructed small map, some good texture choices and some great ideas. Only one bug in one of the sniper areas, the elevator height is set too high. Expect an update soon.

Get The Hell Out of The Hill

Sebastian Brytting — May 09, 1997

A square arena with a partially enclosed ring that wraps around 2/3rd's of the square. Some transparent walls that lead to some secrets. Most of the ammo is located around the square with the weapons located in the arena. A water chute and a few other extras seem to slow down the flow, but a pretty good KOtH map. Only access to the hill is via a transport that is not too easy to find. Would work with a couple of other net modes but built for what the title suggests.

Lost in the catacombs

Sebastian Brytting — May 09, 1997

A large net level that is designed for KOtH. The title tells you what comes along with the arena, a small system of catacombs..that has a lot of 5D to it. Stairs lead down to the catacombs and the way down is quite crammed. (ceiling moving down along with stairs) Will support EMfH...

"Ready, set, Kill"

Sebastian Brytting — May 09, 1997

A basic 2 to 3 texture KOtH level. A square arena surrounded by a elevated ring. Access to the ring is via very fast elevators. Weapons are basically shotguns and should provide you with fast carnage. Read me states that it will support up to 8, you will end up with fists if you play with 5 or more.

Storm Tower v1.1

D Andrew Schutz — May 09, 1997

A update of a previously posted map on the HA. This level now supports KOtH and KtmwTB. Still one of my favorites. Force fields that bounce you half-way across the map....and some other great effects...

Bloody Bodies Falling

Herman Ulltin — May 07, 1997

A small net level that is crammed full of just about every construction idea possible. Stairs that go to transporters, doors that open to U shaped hallways, a very dark water room, a small hill with a small arena room that surrounds it, etc, etc. Don't even think about picking up the spnkr, unless you are going up to one of the sniper perches. Best set up for EMFH but will work with KOtH. Flow is constricted at times, but one that will provide for a lot of carnage. A bunch of polys , so be prepared.

Moloch's Crucible

Brian Forsberg — May 07, 1997

Today's best upload and the reason why there were no posts yesterday. A single level solo map that has some very good visual and construction details. You will be flippin' a bunch of switches but the flow and methodology behind it is very well laid out. The story line is good and the color touches on the aliens are done in very good taste. I won't spoil this for you, but make sure you can grenade hop. It is essential to the completion of this level. Definitely worth your time. Still couldn't figure out why the spnkr', possibly for another level in the future.

Can't You Hit Me!

Herman Ulltin — May 07, 1997

A very large water arena net level. In the area of flow, this one is the authors best yet. Way too many sharp angles that give you the bouncing feature. Some stairs, etc., not accesible in some areas which really slows down the game. Platforms, elevators and doors are very fast and really aide in the flow oif the level. A good bunch of good characteristics here mixed with some other ones that are not so good. Should provide large groups with some good carnage. EMfH fits the best.

Evil: Cursed-Sounds v1.0

The Evil Group — May 06, 1997

This is the Official Sounds file for use with EVIL. To run, just double-click and select an Original Marathon Infinity Sounds file. It will do the rest.

This is ONLY the Sounds file. This is to download so you do not have to download the entire installer again if you happened to delete this file from your directory.

Evil: Cursed-Physics v1.0

The Evil Group — May 06, 1997

These are the Main Physics files for use with EVIL. They make the shapes work, and you need these if you plan on using a third party map that does not have physics merged into them.

This is ONLY the Physics file. This is to download so you do not have to download the entire installer again if you happened to delete this file from your directory.

Evil: Cursed-Images v1.0

The Evil Group — May 06, 1997

This is the Official Images file for use with EVIL. Just make sure this file gets put in with the EVIL Application, and it will be all set. Do not rename it, or EVIL will not find it.

This is ONLY the Images file. This is to download so you do not have to download the entire installer again if you happened to delete this file from your directory.

Evil: Cursed-Music v1.0

The Evil Group — May 06, 1997

This is the EVIL music file. It can be used for Marathon:Infinity, and Marathon2 as well (it's a universal file). It goes where the application is, and should not be renamed or it will not play.

This is ONLY the Music file. This is to download so you do not have to download the entire installer again if you happened to delete this file from your directory.

Evil: Cursed-Data v1.0

The Evil Group — May 06, 1997

This is the Data file for use with EVIL. This should go into the base folder where the EVIL Application resides. Otherwise EVIL will not recognize or use this. Also do not rename it.

This is ONLY the Data file. This is to download so you do not have to download the entire installer again if you happened to delete this file from your directory.

Evil: Cursed-Shapes v1.0

The Evil Group — May 06, 1997

This is the Official Shapes file for use with EVIL. To run, just double-click and select an Original Marathon Infinity Shapes file. It will do the rest.

This is ONLY the Shapes file. This is to download so you do not have to download the entire installer again if you happened to delete this file from your directory.

Evil: Cursed-Maps v1.0

The Evil Group — May 06, 1997

These are the Official Solo Scenario Maps for use with EVIL. They all have physics merged into them, and special texture assignments. You will crash if you do not use these maps within EVIL.

This is ONLY the Maps file. This is to download so you do not have to download the entire installer again if you happened to delete this file from your directory.

The full list of all the maps is as follows:

1 Mangle him, really
2 10-4th
4 All dressed up
5 Hackers
6 Bill Gumby
7 The Awakening
8 Resort pt1
9 Resort pt2
10 Ground Pounders
11 Went-to-College
12 Code 42
13 Parathymeter
14 Septic Exodus
15 Shmackle
16 Life's End
17 View From the Edge

Evil: Cursed-Netmaps v1.0

The Evil Group — May 06, 1997

These are the Official Net Maps for use with EVIL. They all have physics merged into them, and special texture assignments. You will crash if you do not use these maps within EVIL.

This is ONLY the Net Maps file. This is to download so you do not have to download the entire installer again if you happened to delete this file from your directory.

The full list of all the maps is as follows:

1 BabyBlue
2 Castle R'Khor
3 Gladiator Central
4 Chronic Pain
5 Beautiful Violence
6 Shades
7 Rude Awakening
8 Nerve Kurl
8 Marine Tanks
9 Spiderweb
10 Stormlord Castle
11 Stormlord Dungeon
12 ThingWhatSucks
13 Dusk (the original)
14 KoP.complex
15 Return to Thunderdome
16 Devil's Pot
17 Deth Pfhestival
18 Cloud7
19 Blue Monday
20 Hot Stuff
21 ClanWar

It Is A Good Day to Die

Herman Ulltin — May 05, 1997

A small network map with some interesting designs. Flow is slow to medium due to the dead ends and transporters. (your new location puts you facing a wall) A few texture alignment spots and some weird angles on some of the polys. Speed of this one could be faster with some polys shaved off. General idea is pretty good, check out the stair construction. Designed for EMFH, 4 is the max according to the author. I agree.

Lord of the Hill

Herman Ulltin — May 05, 1997

Exactly like it sounds, a medium sized net map with a exposed hill that has access by one side to a half enclosed ring and accessed by the other side by some fast elevators. Fast map KoTH supported the best. Will support a few other net modes.

Marathon: Evil v1

The Evil Group — May 05, 1997

Requires: Marathon:Infinity to install from. PPC 60mhz or better. 65megs of disk space. And a strong heart for the scary parts.

Specs: Was created on all sorts of macs with Forge. Runs well for PPCs, and is not recommended for 040 machines.

Project:Curse, the story of EVIL

This is one of the most worldly loved scenarios for Marathon Infinity. Created by some of the most talented creators for Marathon in the world, this project has been an incredible hit.

With that said... my role in this creation was very large. I coordinated the effort, and created many of the parts for it. From the shapes, physics, and a few sounds, to creating 7 of the solo levels, co-creating three others, and making 5 of the net maps, I speant a great deal of time making this a reality. However, I couldn't have done it without the talent that I had on the team!

If you havn't already, you should check out all the concept sketches and ideas I drew up during creation, on the sketchbook section.

More Information, screenshots, etc, can be found on the official EVIL website.


Alternatives to Submission v4.1

Rich Dierkes — May 05, 1997

I almost put this one in the small net map group, but it does have 8 starting points. Some very good detail put in to the design of this level. A medium sized net map that is probably best suited for EMFH. A exposed shield recharge, and some great tunnel passageways that reminded me of A Converted Church. Should provide for some fast and great carnage. Sounds were placed sparingly and the light sets were used in some really good places. Once you get the feel of the map the flow was pretty good. Visually a good effort.

Bordello of Blood

Jean-Francois Picard — May 05, 1997

A very large net level that has some pretty good construction and design to it. Flow is good except in just a couple of small areas. Designed for EMFH, you will have to have at least 3 to 4 to keep it interesting. Very slow frame rates due to the line of sight, polys and sprites. (if you play it solo). Even on low res and 256 colors it gave low rates. Faster machines will help in this area to a degree. Visual effects are very good in some places, sounds are limited and the light sets were few but well placed. Again, a well constructed, linear, lay out, well worth the look.

Some Dummies Die v1.1

Herman Ulltin — May 05, 1997

A mixture of different sized rooms connected with some very fast elevators, transporters and/or stairs. The main room has some cool look-outs/sniper pill boxes that run around the top edge. To what is becoming commonplace with this author, some great hiding places and I believe some of the best stair design I have seen. The time that it must take to make these stairs. Again, a few texture misalignments, few sounds and few light sets. But, some very fast carnage in spite of it's size. You need a large group for this one.

Dome Warz v1.2

Draquo — May 01, 1997

A very unique large domed type arena. The effects in this one are not a first but, they are extended to a point that it will make you feel like your having a flashback. The embedded physics model gives you a float key in lieu of your run key. Some very nice visual effects with this map and some unique texture choices. Visually, worth the download...

Infinity 1.5 updater 1.5

Bungie Software — May 01, 1997

This is the latest update for the Infinity engine. This update includes the ability to use sprockets for various add-ons.

New World

JTL12 — May 01, 1997

The path to getting this map was quite different, but well worth it. A 5 level solo map that really is quite nice. Through the use of Anvil, you get the best of all three Marathon's. The buffers, switches, etc...are a combination of Marathon 1 thru Infinity. Almost all of the levels have good flow and there are interesting tricks on each level. Puzzles aren't too hard to figure out, and visually some really nice moments. Physics models help out on some of the levels with some ammo and weapon enhancements and at times you'll have memories of Marathon 2. (which I appreciated) Well worth your time...make sure to play it on Major Damage or above.

Phreak and Phind v1.1

David Ptasnik — Apr 30, 1997

A medium size net level with some good detail. Two rings wrap around this small arena, one that is on the outside of the map and the other that is elevated. The hill is elevated and is not completely open to the lower small arena or upper ring. Access to the upper ring is via stairs from the arena or some fast, small stairs for the outside ring. A great KOtH map, but will also play very good EMFH. You will have to have some good aiming skills, this is not a wide open map. This level was very fast and should be fun with 3 or 6.

Parts is Parts

Rich Dierkes/Dave Ptasnik — Apr 30, 1997

A unique level with a unique name. Two authors collaborated on this level and if you are used to playing any of Rich's levels, you will be able to tell. Some texture choices were quite different, but overall a fast map. The usual good detail with this one, plus a couple of surprises. Two arenas that aren't very large, connected by twisting stairways and/or hallways. LOTS of ammo to be had and will support up to 8.

Slaughter Net Four

Rich Dierkes — Apr 30, 1997

Four small to medium net maps. Very fast, very plain, high carnage rates. Some very good 5D ideas on these, along with some other cool tricks. Besos Revueltos-missiles and 5D. Betadine Barbie-missiles again. B Pump Barbie-some really neat physics built in, especially the sounds. Chicken Pops & Expresso-physics again along with a two level arena carnage fest. Some real good ideas here, visually great in some areas.

Mr.Twisty v1.1

Rich Bushey — Apr 27, 1997

A very large net level, that is brilliantly built. Some very good light sets, construction ideas and flow. But, it is just too much of a good thing. This map is so large that unless you have 8, it will be slow. I found one water pool that had no exit, other than that, a pretty solid map. Many secret passageways that lead you to small arenas. Will work with both M2 and Infinity, it also includes a physics model. Now updated-fixes the pool and tweaks a few other items.

Chisel 2.0.3

Kirill Levchenko — Apr 27, 1997

A great utility that allows you to draw circles and ovals easily on your map, it removes any unused lights, media and sound and, it now allows third party effects with the permission from the author. It still is able to move the entire level along the x, y and z axis. Update adds the effects folders.

More info is available from his web page.

Marathon Roswell

Lyndon F Lorenz — Apr 26, 1997

A very unique solo map. This level tries to be similiar to the New Mexico desert near Roswell. The author gets pretty close, taking in the limitations of the engine. Two large main areas, the first being the desert area, the second a water area. Construction is impressive, especially on the water ride, (water area), but I lost fps in the water area due to the platforms and line of sight. The map is a repair level with terminals that aren't finished yet. A new idea with terminals that wrap around, worth the download...

Two Net Maps

Joe Allen — Apr 26, 1997

Two net levels. Island of YoYo, a small arena that has a elevated hill in the middle. Exposed elevators gives you access to the hill and two outside rooms. All the platforms move at the same time and are too slow. So, you will be prime carnage practice if you're not careful. No Time for Loosers-one that has some good areas but like the first one, transporters really disrupts the flow. Flow is interrupted on both levels with transports to areas outside the main maps. All in all a good effort with some good ideas.

Seven Infinity Net Levels

Herman Ulltin — Apr 26, 1997

Seven very good net levels that range from small to huge. These are set up for basic KOTH or EMFH. All of these are very fast and very good. All platforms and elevators move very fast and secret areas reward you with ammo and shields. Construction on most of these are of high quality. If there are any drawbacks, it would be in ammo placement and amount of weapons/ammo. Good basic net maps that should provide for some great carnage.

Hyperhill v2.1

Malaclypse — Apr 24, 1997

A update of a previously posted map. A small square net level that supports KOTH very well. Four enclosed small rooms are hooked together by a exposed ring that runs around the arena. The rooms provide access to the hyperspace area, ammo and transporters can be found there but you will also encounter the Guardian. So make sure to be careful. This update makes access to hyperspace easier, a 5D effect.

Hammys Demise

Unknown — Apr 24, 1997

A very large net level that is quite fast in spite of the sight of line areas. Some very tall and large arenas with maze like hallways that connect them. Some water pools and transporters come with this one. EMFH would be best, but this level is flat and very huge, so make sure you have 5 or more.

Die Hard 1.2

Mattias Holm — Apr 24, 1997

A single level solo map with a built in physics model. The bobs are changed and you better make sure that you stock up before you do battle with them. The story line is pretty good and it makes sense with the bobs being so radical. Construction is good but the homogeneous texture choices really gets to be a little too much. Flow is ok, but you will need to find the chip insertion places. I found it no problem to find where the chips where, it was just where to place them. Worth you download for sure, take your time and watch out!!

Camelot v1.1

Jesse Dowdle — Apr 24, 1997

A large net level that is the best castle w/moat that I have seen yet. The texture patch that comes with this map fits the concept very well. Some really good architectural design here. Flow isn't too good in some spots and I got stuck inside a un-textured elevator, ( I have enclosed a film) but to be honest I was overtaken so much by the design that I overlooked it. Download this one just to see the castle with these textures. I am not raving over the texture patch as much as the design. Check out the catacombs (screen shot) while your at it. Now updated with the bug removed and the moat now wraps around the entire castle.

Up Periscope 1.9

Dispatcher — Apr 24, 1997

A good solo map that has some really good light sets and some innovative use of pattern buffers. Some of this map was very good and some of it needed some more tweaks here and there. The common "sand" texture is a little overdone but the authors light sets really helps with the textures. Some more could be put into the story line-where to put chips and why you are doing it. Transporters are essential, but they will take you a bit to find, they are not the usual textures. Be fast with the terminals, aliens regenerate pretty fast, and I'm not talking about pfhor, but juggernauts and troopers. (special thanks to Quartz for help with this map)

War and Pieces 1.21

Josh Gregory — Apr 24, 1997

A single level solo map that has many dead ends in it. Construction and design is really quite good, but the flow keeps getting interrupted by transporters or dead ends. Design is definitely not the problem with this map, just flow. Terminals didn't work so don't think it's you. Maybe a update will fix them.

Hand Grenades

Mike Miazgowicz — Apr 24, 1997

A pretty good shapes patch for weapons. This patch will give both of your fists a grenade in each hand. The only sequences that looked a little strange was the grenades in the hands sequence. These grenades bounce just like the cyborg mines and if you are too close, watch out. You will sustain some damage. Comes with a physic model that is needed. And of course you will need Anvil 1.0.2 Good for net games to throw the grenades down a passageway...

Anybody's Son Will Do

AC Spring — Apr 24, 1997

A three level solo adventrure, well, really just one. The first one is a introdutory level and the third one is a bonus net level. This map is hard just because of the regeneration rates. Don't try to kill everything, they will just keep coming back. Texture alignment problems along with flow being obsturcted but some ideas I haven't seen before. I ran by one door to a upper level at least 8 times before I saw it. (map mode, duh!)

Harmonio v1.0

Jimmy Mitchell — Apr 24, 1997

Another large net map from the maker of Llamas. Again, a very fast net map with some open area's that can serve as arena's. Some "back doors" that lead to some great places to sneak up on your net friends. This map is detailed but at the same time is very fast. Just a couple of items disrupt flow. And these items where either on purpose or for the sake of the geometry of the map. Will support 4 net modes, a very good download.

Operation Boombastic

Johan Lindgren — Apr 21, 1997

A single level solo map. This map, in a different sort of way, could be played and reviewed as a mapmakers beginner type of map. Grant it, some of the texture choices aren't the best in the world, but, the construction of the water area and the stairs was very good. Sounds were at a minimum, not a whole lot of different light sets, but still a playable map. It is hard to get through due to object placement, but you get just enough ammo and just the right amount of space to maneuver in. This one took some time just on normal, although it is a short episode. Not a bad first map...

Justifiable Hypocrisy

Richard Dierkes — Apr 21, 1997

Another large net map from the mapmaker that puts these things out faster than I can get them up. A center hill area, (sort of), where the hill is the second floor. The third floor allows access to the ring, that kind of goes around the hill. This, IMO, is the fastest net map the author has make yet. Some pretty cool light sets and his construction design is NEVER along the normal arena, wrap around ring concept. Some lower hallways that are perfect for those that like to hang out and wait for other Marines to blow away. All types of net modes supported and will hold up to 8.

Hell Hole v1.4

Gary Simmons — Apr 21, 1997

Bob surfing, speed and air time all is available with this map. Updated now with elevated platforms (mounds) for aiming practice and wider passageways. The mosh in the middle now transports to a high sniper ledge, but don't stay there too long. Now supports EMFH and KOTH. Oh, and the famous readme cheat codes have been updated...(at least since I last saw them). Update now includes flims...

Coop Coliseum

John Scott — Apr 21, 1997

3-level solo scenario, designed to be played cooperatively. The level design could be a little more interesting, but it'll keep you busy.

Octavius v1.0

Dan Rudolph — Apr 18, 1997

A very good practice map that is used by the author to test all the physic models he receives for the physics model archive. This thing is not very big but you will have to keep moving and firing to stay alive. You could play it with aliens off for small net.....EMFH would probably be the best call with this one.

The River Bed

Daniel Loebl — Apr 18, 1997

A large one level net map that shows some very good attention to detail. Light sets, speed of the elevators and heights are all thought out in this map. EMFH seems to work best with this one. Definitely learn the map beforehand, lots of hiding places and corners, etc... Very good in construction and design.

Speed Bump v1.9

Dispatcher — Apr 18, 1997

A large net map designed for speed. When you first enter this map you can tell right off that it is not made to win accolades for texture choices or detail. Very large square arena with a hill , with some very large halls that are at different elevations that connect via the arena. A small wrapping, enclosed hallway wraps around the whole map. Speed was the issue here, email the author info so he can expand on his concept. You also get a screen saver level, pretty cool idea..where expload-da-bobs do a never ending suicide trick.


Benjamin Fitts — Apr 18, 1997

A well designed net level. Four outer pools surround this semi-oval map. Except for the media and some outer slow elevators to the outer ring, a fairly fast map with good flow. The hill is centered with a 4 sided pillar that acts as transporters. A very small ring wraps around that exposes itself at the corners. Then wrapping around that are the pools and landings in between. Geometry at times is very good and the long stairways from opposite ends of the map are well thought out for speed and fast access to the hill. Enough ammo and weapons for large groups, KOTH, EMFH and KTMWTB fit this one very well.

Quigleys Olympics v2.0

Richard Dierkes — Apr 17, 1997

This author is continuing to make large net maps that are designed well, good construction and very good attention to detail. At first I really had a hard time describing this one. A castle like hill in the so-called middle of the map, with some outer areas that contain ammo/weapons. KOTH, EMFH and KTMWTB works best, and you can find the ball on top of the castle. You better have 5 or this one is going to be slow...........Good design again. Pump this author some email, I believe he might start making solo levels. He definitely has some great ideas for maps.

The Devil's Workshop

Brian Forsberg — Apr 17, 1997

A single level solo map that will make a grenade hopper out of you if your not already. I had to go through this one many times before I finally found the end. Search every corner on this map, the author has put in some rewards if you search hard enough. A interesting story line where you are a general that has been sent to a planet to investigate why a scientist has disappeared. Flow is interrupted with transporters and terminal transporting. This was the biggest obstacle I found with this map. It really takes you through some great ideas and then you flip a switch and transport. Monster placement was good and some very good terminal artwork!!

Slice Me Nice

Jojo Falk — Apr 17, 1997

A very large solo map that has some pretty cool tricks in it. Your job is to release the BoB's that are being held captive. Great detail with light sets, construction and with flow. The way the BoB's finally get released is cool.


Mark Gelotte — Apr 17, 1997

This is a runner up qualifier in the Marathon Map Making Competition for the Best Single Player category. The story line pick's up from the Robert Blake time line from M-2. You are on a trek to retrieve a chip and repair. Most of the time I personally have problems with small, thin, passage ways. But, with this map, you don't seem to notice it. Some very good flow along with some unique design. This is a tweaked version that is different than the one at the ftp site at Bungie. Some really cool lava pools that will make you "tip-toe" around them. The puzzles are one step ahead of you most of the time. A well thought out map with many secrets, so take your time.

Bob Tiles

Bernd Schneider — Apr 16, 1997

It's hard to tell from my screenshot, but this texture patch gives you textures that are psuedo 1960's. At least that is how they looked to me. The best set of textures in the bunch seemed to be the pfhor group. Alot of Peter Max looking swirls and neons combine to give you a completely different world of Marathon. Worth the download if for no other reason than to just check out another authors perspective.

Dome of Death

Dave Smolin — Apr 15, 1997

Very small arena type map, with some pretty cool light sets. This level has plenty of ammo for 2 to 3 players but it also has a embedded physics model, null g, that kind of made me swimmy headed. Construction is good, the idea of a open arena with a dome ceiling and lighted walls is not bad.

Road Warrior v1.666

Dave Smolin — Apr 15, 1997

A two room map that is based on a previously posted map (Little Room). This version has a new texture set, new light sets and now has NO hiding places...

Creeping Death Maps v1.0

Peter M Bukowinski — Apr 13, 1997

10 net levels that range from medium to large. Some very good design ideas along with some tricks. Fill 'ER UP was on of the best IMO. KOTH, EMFH work best with most of these maps.

Cluck Fest '96 v1.1

silbiz — Apr 13, 1997

A small net map with only magnums and fusion pistols. The name is the basic description of the map. One secret....pack 'em in and you should have lots of carnage.

The Well of Souls

Mark T — Apr 13, 1997

A large to giant net map that has some very good details and design techniques. The overall flow is slow at times due to the dead ends that are at the different areas of the map. But, these notches in the wall, etc, are great hiding spots to pick off other marines as they come by. A isolated ammo room, has everything you need in the way of shield recharge and ammo, that is only accessed by teleport; along with some water pools, that have some pretty good rewards at the bottom, provide enough ammo for a large group. You will need 5-8 for this one. Send the author some email requesting him to make some solo maps, he definitely has some ideas. Also comes with a physics model that enhances your weapons with ammo and sound. The double fisted magnums are pretty cool.

Civil War

Michael Coyle — Apr 13, 1997

Another great map made by Michael Coyle. This one is pretty large but built on a big round oval style. (I think, I was so busy dodging the bobs that I rarely got a chance to check the map mode) Whatever you do, don't leave the aliens on. I was trying to do a walkthru and was nailed in the back by the bobs. The title should give you a hint...you can witness the event the map is based on if you leave aliens on. A good download and some really nice landscape visuals.

The Ups and Downs of Elevator Repair 1.0.4

Jeff Melrose — Apr 13, 1997

A solo map with a brand new idea along with some intriguing puzzles. Some very good construction on some of the levels. Basically you enter on a central area core shaft that will take you to the various levels (floors) on this map. (that you must repair) You must reach the goal of each floor and then access to the next floor will open. Some of the levels have long and sprawling hallways, but, they are done with some real taste at times. The level with the transport puzzle is the only one I didn't care for. (personal taste here) This map should challenge you and at the same time give you a appreciation of layers. Worth the download.

Roy Batty

Mark T — Apr 13, 1997

From the same author of "Well of Souls". This net level is a large square arena with a elevated exposed ring that runs around the edge. Another outer ring surrounds the whole map with some small notches and rooms along the way. Best suited for EMFH, KOTH and TAG...you also get a real good physics model..."Watch Out Phatboy"..Design is basically good with some neat details along the way, flow is much better on this one...

Infinity Suicide Pak #2

Butch Massoni — Apr 06, 1997

From the same author, 29 levels and these are pretty well done too. Should provide you with some all out carnage.

Phatal Phred & Deadly MorPH

MORPHicide — Apr 06, 1997

A remake of a bungie classic with some added tricks. The PM will give you all kinds of weapon delights, but, the aliens have been reworked as well!! So, beware. The spnk'r should be fired in a well open place the first time....so you can see what the new model does. Kind of fun, if this is your type of Marathon.

Megiddo Game

James Hastings-Trew — Apr 06, 1997

A update to a previous released scenario. Winner of the Bungie Mapmaking Contest, this is a brand new game. Almost makes you wonder where the ZPC folks got their ideas from?? Great game--get this one too!!!!!!! This version adds some landscape textures and includes the Shapes Juggler shuttle app.

Dirty Tricks v1.0.1 v1.0.1

Dave Bailey — Apr 04, 1997

A very good small circular arena with a lighted hill in the middle. It is enclosed but accessible by small, narrow doors from a outside circular ring. The outside ring is fairly wide, it will give you enough room for wide open carnage. 4 doors along the outside wall leads to ammo, a lowered enclosed ring, (this one is really tight vertically and horizontally), and a switch that releases a horde of hunters. A very good map and fast. The homogeneous type textures fits very well with this one. Will support EMFH and KOTH.

R2700 MA Blaster

Luke Heise — Apr 04, 1997

A pretty good shapes patch for the assault rifle. It looks to be the authors own rendition and seeing the other work he has done, this one falls right in line. Really, the only difference here between the patch and the assault rifle is the graphics.

Big Headed Bobs

Luke Heise — Apr 04, 1997

A shapes patch that will turn your bobs into the author. Or, at least that who I think it is supposed to be. For the most part the sequences are pretty clean. But, for some reason the death sprites revert back to the regular bobs. This only happens when the bobs are in the process of being torn apart by a marine. When the bob is dead laying on the ground there are a few sprites that revert back again to the big head. Big Head-it looks a little out of proportion with the oversized head on the bob running around, but the title itself tells you what to expect here.

Other than a few of the death sequences, a pretty clean patch. Comes with a sound patch that fits the big head, if you know what I mean. Not a bad job and the first in what a lot of us expected would maybe be the norm with Anvil. (Marathoners placing their own face on jugs and bobs)

Pfhor Comes to Dinner

Christian Blomqvist — Apr 02, 1997

A small rectangular net level with a few small rooms that are connected to the main hall. Ammo and weapons can be found in the smaller rooms. Four pillars in the large room gives you something to hide behind but due to the size of this one, it would probably only hold 3 to 4. Ammo is tight so conserve. This author likes holes in the floor so be careful with your steps or you will get fried with lava. This is his first level and he is asking for feedback so take the time to email him.

Breath of 1,000 Dogs v2.0

Richard Dierkes — Apr 02, 1997

A large net level with some very interesting texture choices. The author used pattern buffers, etc. to texture some short walls and in some other key places. Again, some pretty neat 5D here, but done in good taste. (not too much) A few details gets in the way of flow, but still pretty fast. Check out this one in high res. Net modes supported, EMFH and a few others. A neat trick with invisible walls in the main arena.

Culture Shock 0.1

Malaclypse — Apr 02, 1997

A 4 level solo map, really 2 levels that describe where you are and what your mission is, the other two are pretty large. The author went to some detail on the read me's so don't fly past them. A couple of smears on elevators and some neat puzzles to figure out. Visually, pretty well done. This guy likes drones and he also puts jugger's in places that you wouldn't expect. (check the screenshot out)


Thomas Westberg — Apr 02, 1997

A very good solo level that will try your patience. From the very first puzzle you can tell that this thing is going to take strategy to get through. A vacuum level on a ship, you fish your way through fusion bobs (these guys are pretty deadly), compliers and not to mention sewage and the constant need for air. Run back and forth, seems to be the case here, but I sure didn't get bored and didn't mind running. A good download with some great ideas and construction efforts. The beginning central shaft is worth the download.

Castle Carnage v1.0

Dave Bailey — Apr 02, 1997

A large net map that is just right for playing teams. Two castles spaced apart by a moat. Ammo and weapons are placed about inside each castle, with a 2x shield recharge on the top level. Some enhancements that will allow you to practice your missile jumping and if you need some work on spnkr firing, then try this one solo! You have jug's to fire at through the small openings from each castle. Great spnkr practice here. One of only two maps I have seen that work great with teams. Construction is good, hallways are tight so be prepared.

Tekus Station

Mike Miazgovicz — Mar 30, 1997

A update of a previously released map. A solo level that IMO is pretty good. The author is asking for email concerning the level before committing to more. Comes with a physics model that affects some of baddies, i.e. what guns will have effect on them. Also includes two net maps, Hoover and Cartography 101. A good download and worth your time....

Toxic Waste

Christian Blomqvist — Mar 30, 1997

A three level solo adventure that IMO is much better than the authors other maps. This map still needs construction detail and sound detail, but he is getting better. A basic repair map but with some varieties. A few of the elevators were too slow, but overall a much improved effort. This guy is definitely getting better...

Daves Map Pak

David Ptasnik — Mar 30, 1997

A combination of 8 Infinity net levels that range from medium size to big. Two of these had bugs in them, so there will be a update soon. The other six are laid out for KOTH, but will support EMFH.

Map Mania and Conspiracy v1.1

Richard Dierkes — Mar 29, 1997

Like the author says, "If you like dark, carmped and twisty levels than this map is for you." I personally have trouble with hallways that turn so fast that you end up with not really having a hallway. This thing does have a central area "arena" but it's not too big. Again, a triple shield recharge BUT at the end of a very long hallway. Just right for getting a missile in your back. One of those levels where you meet in a hallway and blast until one drops.

Novocaine v1.0.3

Kevin Johnstone — Mar 29, 1997

A large circular arena surrounded by a very tall wall on the outside. 4 openings in the wall leads to the outer ring with transporters that zip you to the upper ring that is at the top of the wall. The hill is the raised platform in the middle and the ball is also on this platform. 1 secret and worth your time. A very fast map with very good flow. Not a lot of detail, just flat out carnage....worth the download. Ammo might be tight with 8...

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