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Air Speed Map Pack v1.1

Cindy Hoffa — Mar 29, 1997

A very tall pentagonal large net level. You get 4 versions of this map designed for you style of net play. The last two versions comes with a embedded physics model that will give you some flying time. Designed for KOTH or EMFH..flow is very good and there are a couple of secrets..there are at least 3 rings that wrap around the small arena. Access to the very top is by transport or by gernade hop off of the hill. Lots of ammo and weapons but the bigger ones are only found higher up. The higher you go the more you will be rewarded!!

update fixes a bug

Learn To Spell

Christian Blomqvist — Mar 29, 1997

Well......to sum it up. I went down one hallway and thought, this is a cool idea and then I was stopped by dead ends right around the corner and then I thought, did the same person make this whole map. Maybe the start of more things to come. A M2/Infinity 2 level solo map that gives you some good carnage practice. Story, well, find out for yourself. The two juggers at the end can be killed with the spnkr', but you will probably fry first!!

Avalon's Sunset

Draquo — Mar 29, 1997

A round open air large arena net level with a altar in the middle that acts as the hill. While a very close resemblence to Route 66, it holds ammo maybe for 4 to 5. All types of net modes supported.

eCore v1.0

Ross Reyman/Tom Baird — Mar 29, 1997

I know I have said this before but just when I thought I had seen big, here comes another one. The author states that it is for 3 an optimized for 5?? Well, with three it is going to be slow, if you use to a high kpm. You will find the weapons on the outside rings and the ammo in the inside. There is a inner ring that is enclosed around the inside, with some great sniper bunkers. The marine in the bunker is able to open and close viewports and one of these bunkers has a elevator to another area and shield recharge. Some neat visual tricks and for a big group it should handle at least 4 modes of play. The authors have a web page with a open doc readme with pics.

Satanic Cummerbund

James Pillar Jr — Mar 29, 1997

A very tall and circular large net level. Enough ammo for 6 or more....and enough sniper ledges in the walls of the arena for 8. Two rectangular rooms off of the arena with transporters to the different ledges and if you play it solo, there are so many sprites that they will appear and disappear as you walk right thru them.

Enforcer Plot

Christian Blomqvist — Mar 29, 1997

Basically a run around and exterminate everything you can find solo level. I couldn't find a real story line....except kill the bad guys. I suppose the readme is the terminals.

Slanes Map Pak 1

Steve Lane — Mar 29, 1997

8 levels ranging from medium to large to very large. Shangri-La Rotunda-a remake of the classic M2 but it is round, very good work here. Sky High-in the vien of Tuncer's YAFNM, it will take 6 to 8 to keep it moving. Over and Under-great idea here for a netmap, a little jerky at times. Crossed Circuit-More like two levels here. Four Square-a little tight. Trefoil 1 and 2-1 is for smaller groups and 2 for the larger. The House of the Sun-I liked this one the best.....check these out, they should provide for some net carnage and all modes can be used...

The Prototype Wars

Daniel Gaskill — Mar 29, 1997

A 2 level solo map. The first level, was orginally released by itself a couple of months back, Hunter Chase. You are supposed to do exactly what the title states, run from Hunters. The second level, Chips Ahoy has pretty good construction, and because of the design the flow is decent. It is basically a get the chip and insert type level (repair). This guy loves compliers, it seemed eveytime I turned around, one was aiming for me.

Atmospheric Sounds

Nick — Mar 28, 1997

A very good sound patch for Marathon Infinity. Anvil 1.0.2 is needed and the replacements that this guy has made are, again, pretty good. Most of the sounds are drones and sustaines, but, I still enjoyed them.

NetKid v1.1

Chris — Mar 27, 1997

A update of a previously posted map. NedKid is a small Netmap, designed for playing KOTH by 2-4 players.

New in version 1.1 : much faster platforms,more ammo and a second teleporter to make the game faster

Endymio 1.2

Christopher Lund — Mar 27, 1997

A previous 3 level solo map. Now updated with the jugger flashes out. (Towards the end of the 2nd level there were flashes from juggers dying, they were in fact so bright that it was almost impossible to see. Honestly, I played with my sunglasses on) The net levels are now gone and some lighting effects have been added. Personally I liked some of the ideas with this map, the author stretches sight lines to the max, so in some cases it might get a little jerky, but I played through in low res...

Robs Net Maps

Rob Griffith — Mar 27, 1997

You get two large net maps with this package and both of them are constructed very well. The Red Room 1.4 is large so make sure you have a big group. It has a hallway that is a series of crushers, (it is a deadend btw), that are controlled by players at either ends with switches. It can be played KOH with a lock that will lock you in or EMFH. Use the ambients to your advantage on this one. Behind the Sun is the second map in this pak. A large arena with very fast waterways that allow some pretty fast access to some good areas. This is the first level that I have seen that can be completely changed. Switches will change the floor of the arena and turn alot of the polys into very, very deep holes. We played this one, (check the film), and my group really liked it, especially Josh. I had a very weird sync problem that I have heard about but never experienced. (My movement controls went 90 degrees off) I heard about this but have never seen it happen. So I finally just gave up and had a Dr Pepper and the other 4 played and really gave a good rating with this one. Check out the added physics model...

Superlatives and Absolutes

Richard Dierkes — Mar 27, 1997

A quasi arena map so-to-speak with some very good hill detail in the middle. The hill is a square, multi-leveled passageways. The ring that wraps around is fully exposed to the arena. The author gives you a triple shield recharge, but, as we have seen with his other maps, it is in prime position...

Beware the ShadowStalker 1.4

sart1739 — Mar 26, 1997

A very confusing level if you are used to using your map mode. Three identical levels stacked on top of each other reached by elevators. Pretty much common texturing used here, based on the World Wide Web map. You would need a lot of players to keep this map interesting, my group tried to play this but even with 5 we were pretty lonely. The turbo chips were pretty cool, but with all the trip powerups, it took a bit to kill the other Marines. We also found ourselves with a lack of weapons. So, conserve and the flamethrower is the weapon to get first...

Alpha Ylusor Net

Thomas Jansson — Mar 23, 1997

A very large two tiered net level. A very thin walkway that runs the perimemter of this square like arena map. You have another sidewalk type map on the lower level with water as part of the arena. It will take at least 6 if not more to keep this one moving. 2 to 3 net modes possible here...

Remember the Marathon

Unknown — Mar 23, 1997

A short one level solo map with some good construction. It is media heavy but some different texture choices...the author requests emails so please help the author in that area.. A LOT of baddies and some of them don't appear as hostile as they have been in the past.

Beta Molorok

Thomas Jansson — Mar 23, 1997

A solo level that is based on the lava texture set. Some very good lighting effects along with some pretty neat tricks. Aliens are triggered weird at times, maybe a few tags need to be changed. Be careful, the first platform you start in doesn't have a ledge.

Take This!

Thomas Jansson — Mar 23, 1997

A 8 level solo map that has some very good lighting effects. There are some texture alignment problems and a lot of bad guys to kill. You will need all that ammo the author gives you to finish this thing. Some of the aliens needs to be retagged, I was able to run right by them. If you are on a 68K machine you might need the IZD.

City Center Massacre

Luke Heise — Mar 22, 1997

A neat large infinity net level. You will need Anvil 1.0.2. The shapes and sounds patch makes it worth your time. You are placed in the middle of a happening hang out area where you have access to facilities like the movie theater and a hair salon. The Forrest Gump movie poster is really pretty funny.

Arx Immanis

Søren Bech Jensen — Mar 22, 1997

A three-level demo of a gothic masterpiece... it'll make you rethink the way you play Marathon. The art is great (this scenario won Runner Up as Best Use of Anvil in Bungie's map contest), the play is tough, the mood is overpowering. (The download is huge.)

Visceral Fury

Rich Dierkes — Mar 21, 1997

A somewhat medium sized net level with a built in physics model. Weapons are different in this level, since you are born with a spankr and some of the other ones require some baddies when you get them. The missle paks are located along two walkways-but don't go too slow along them, you will find that these are prime areas to get picked off...

update now takes the physics model out.

"Blood-loss, Folly and Passion"

Rich Dierkes — Mar 21, 1997

A very big net map with a lot of polys. It was still pretty fast in high-res. Again from the author of The Hunger Which Summons , another very large net map that will require 8. (you might get by with six). 3 courtyards that surround a center arena with a water pump in the middle. There is a hide-out here so in essence, KOTH could be played. The spankr is located in a isolated room but the rewards in this area will come with some baddies. Some very nice detail work again. This guy just keeps getting better and better...

Dysfunctional Temporal Lobes

Rich Dierkes — Mar 21, 1997

A small net map with alot of "5D". A built in physics model will give one of the weapons some added punch. A long rectangle net map with some 5D hallways in the middle. Really confused me at first.

Little Room v4.0

Draquo/Dave Smolin — Mar 21, 1997

Still the same as before but now with different textures and differnet lighting. Two small ovals connected together that will provide a very high carnage rate...

Don't Scapegoat the Metamucil

Rich Dierkes — Mar 21, 1997

A medium sized arena map with wrapping hallways that have many obstacles. Very similiar to Marathon 2 net level-"Shangrila"...but with a lot of corners and bends. The small arena in the middle has a 2x recharge, (sound familiar), and two chip insertion slots. The chips will open some very slow doors with ammo caches. The spankr is there, but again you will pay dearly for it if your not careful. IMO don't even try the bigger weapons or you will be in "suicide heaven"...

The Hunger which Summons

Rich Dierkes — Mar 20, 1997

A large, (this puppy is big), net level that will take 6 to 8 to keep it interesting. Some very good detail work here but this thing goes on and on. Jjaro textures along with vacuum enviroment, will keep you moving through this thing at a pretty good clip. A couple of dead ends and a teleporter to another area off the main map, aliens are pretty vicious there, but other than that a very good map. Small passages and wide open rooms will make you take a while to get your bearings. "controlled action and stalking should dominate". (authors read me) Sounds like a good strategy. EMFH or KTMWTB would be best, IMO.

There Can Be Only One (D)

Draquo — Mar 20, 1997

A very big round net level with a sunken lighted area in the middle that can act as the hill. There is enough ammo in the hill but the weapons are located throughout the arena. There are sniper perches inside the surrounding walls, (access is tricky at times), with great views of the arena. The ball (skull) is located inside one of the perches. Probably best for KOTH but will support EMFH and KTMWTB. A few weapon placements are odd, spankr half in a wall and half in the arena, but other than that a pretty good arena map.

Big Whoopee Dings Dongs

Rich Dierkes — Mar 20, 1997

A small, very detailed sunken arena with two outer rings that wrap around it. The rings are constructed at two different elevations that are open to the arena. This map is very fast and has great flow, except in the pit. Exit out of the pit is via teleporters, or by a elevator in the middle that leads to a 2x shield recharger atop a raised hill. But, as noted in the past with this author, don't get to greedy for the shields, you are exposed to most areas from the rings.

More Spankies For Daddy

Richard Dierkes — Mar 19, 1997

A very large net level that has sub arenas around a smaller arena. Leveled walkways around the edge of the map gives access to higher sniper vantage positions. The lava pits on the outside down below will reward with some goodies..Flow is still pretty good in spite of some detailed constructions.

El Winky Quemado de David

Richard Dierkes — Mar 19, 1997

A very large net level with the lava texture set. A large middle arena with a good lava chute that is full of ammo/weapons. Smaller rooms that are attached have some ammo cache rooms. One large ring that wraps around the arena with windows and some delicate aiming perches. Very good detail in this map. In spite of the authors attention to the detail, it still runs quite fast. Some 5D tunneling that is great for those that like to sit and wait to pick their friends off. Enough ammo and weapons to last until the floor is covered with carnage. This one will take a large group, but well worth the download.

Demise of the Enterprise

Unknown — Mar 19, 1997

A solo level that is laid out with teleporters. Four different areas that you must explore and then when finished you teleport back to the original room to teleport to the next area. You are urged to help contain a virus on board the enterprise. A pretty fast one level solo adventure, nothing really detailed here but some good target practice with the BoBs.

2x Magnum Marines Patch

Nils Nybonde — Mar 19, 1997

From the author of the Rocket Marines patch comes a pretty good patch that turns your regular bobs into Marines totin' two magnums. They can get pretty deadly if there are more than a couple of them. I found this patch to be pretty clean and for once, a Anvil patch didn't crash my machine. The author has included a physics model to make for better BoB behavior, etc...

Dance Hits

Rich Dierkes — Mar 18, 1997

A large net level that consists of three square/rectangular rooms. Many sniper perches that are accessed by player controlled switches. Triple powerups are located three times in this level, but don't stay there too long... One secret where the aliens will win eventually. The read me gives a suggested strategy.


Bill Duffy — Mar 18, 1997

A very large round net level with a large raised tower in the middle. The outside ring is consistent with platforms that raise and lower you to the different heights of the outside wall of the map. Many doors on the upper levels take you to under ground sewage passage ways and transporters to other ledges on the outside ring..Due to the shear number of polys this thing is built on, it ran a little jerky at times, but enough ammo and space for 8. KOTH or EMFH net modes fit s this one very well.

Marathon Spoiler Guide v3.0

Michael Neylon — Mar 17, 1997

Text document that will help you out if you are stuck in any level of Marathon 1 or Marathon 2. An online version, slightly newer (3.1, from August 97), can be found here.

Dead Meat Walking

Dennis Travaglia — Mar 16, 1997

A single level solo map that is quite linear at times, or at least it felt that way. This author is off to a good start here, some very large rooms with alot of space for more detail maybe in the future. (hint) Check everything at the very beginning, there is a way out. Some monsters needed different tags, they were great target practice though.

Let's Go Blow Up Daddy v. 1.1

Erwin Haa — Mar 16, 1997

A very good large pfhor net map. A center hub that acts as the hill and 4 spokes that connect to it. The spokes connect to a outer ring that is on a lower level surrounding the hub. 4 pits of lava are inbetween the ring and hub and the platforms that elevate to the spokes can provide for some tricky shots or alot of sucides. Our group really had fun with this one. The outside ring was NOT the place to be....you can tell by the film.

Everybody Samba!!!

Tobias Merriman — Mar 13, 1997

Everybody Samba!!! consists of two medium sized arenas with a couple of smaller side rooms. One of the arenas contains a raised tower as the hill. Ammo was initially tight, but in the previous update it was more evenly distributed - it's still fun trying to get to the heavy stuff in the Exploda-BoB room while watching your back for other players. This version changes the level to the Jjarro texture set and adds sounds.

Potato Ball

D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

A good idea that seems to be the thing to do right now. A small arena complete with a audience (aliens) in the bleachers and with 2 blue s'pht as ticket takers. Sounds interesting, huh?? Those Potatoanus' are the balls and you job is to blast it into the opposing goal. You start in the locker area right next to the showers, then you progress by the concession stand and then into the arena. Pretty fun if this is your type of Marathon.

The Collective 1.3

Mike Slavko — Mar 12, 1997

A pretty good three level solo scenario. The first level will tax you and don't feel alone if you find yourself standing in the beginning room scratching your head. We've been there too. The second level has some good tricks in it. This update fixes a major smear when the "flood" happens. The third level is lava based. Save everywhere you can, you'll need it. Some tightness at times and some homogeneous textures in some areas, but not bad when you consider the tricks that are added into the second level. The pfhor fighters come in a different color-worth the download.

this update adds text to levels 2 &3, changes the flow on the 2 level and tweaks a few other objects

Niagarena Falls

D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

A very large net level that has some neat tricks to it. A couple of water chutes (cannons), a couple of transporters and some very deep and big water areas. Just like the title suggests. No Flechette, the author did this on purpose so the level would play in Marathon 2 as well. You will have to go swimming to get the guns you need, and ammo.

Carnagey Hall

D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

A medium sized rectangular level that despite the polygon effects is still pretty fast. A raised walkway around the edge and across the middle of the lowered carnage area provides for some high carnage totals. Again the author suggest using the "DASH" sounds patch along with the game.

Desperate Pfhor Net Play

Ian Kelleigh — Mar 12, 1997

Net levels of Marathon that you can play by yourself along with other net players. Well kind of?? A physics model and map comes with this file that will turn the bobs into "Psycho Killers". They are sheilded so be warned.


Christopher Lund — Mar 12, 1997

A small solo level that one should not play if you have a headache. The author suggest's this in the readme and he is telling the truth. The entire level is made up of platforms that are constantly moving and you goal is to try to stay alive against the BoBs. BoB's is not what they seem thanks to the physics model that comes with this level. I doubt if this could be a net level, thus the solo tag. Two versions, one with a lower ceiling and a different hill, if that's what you want to call it.


D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

This is a cool map. A very big large net level that has a opening splash screen of "Let's Dance". From this point on you will be really inspired to start making maps. The visual design of this map is excellent and you will really feel like you are in a techno-club. You can try this one solo but even with eight it is going to take some patience. Along with the theme of the map the "dash" sounds patch fits right in, and it fits very well. The whole map is built on a techno-rave dance club theme and the extras that you get are great. The music that is loaded in along with some pretty cool transport, and other sounds makes this map one you will want to play more than once. I know this is Marathon but to be honest I completely forgot about that and just kept listening. What a cool idea!!!!!!!!!!

Dash's Sound Patch

D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

A very good sound patch that was made by the author to fit a dance type of net level. It also has some other techno sounds added to it.

The Wishin' Well

Jason Smith — Mar 12, 1997

A medium sized net level with some very good detail work. Four elevated towers (platforms) are your reward for going down into the well. EMFH would be best for this one. Some nice visual ideas. Check out the textures on the stairs.


Chris Eplett — Mar 10, 1997

Just what the title suggests. It's been a while since I went to the map mode this many times while going through a net map. Secrets with this one that has some pretty good rewards. But, again would only support a few net modes and so large that it would be slow with small groups. With 7 or 8 it would probably be fast due to the sheer size of this thing. Some of the textures lend themselves to be confusing at times. No sounds to speak of.

MI Carnage Palace Deee-Luxe

Winston Hendrickson — Mar 10, 1997

A very good port of the Bungie level Carnage Palace Deee-Luxe. The texture set gives it just the right touch. Fast carnage or hide out to blast away.

Go To Hill

Chris Eplett — Mar 10, 1997

Probably best designed for KOTH, tag or KTMWTB. A very large net map with enough nooks and crannies that less than 5, would make it real slow. Some 5D with this one that made for some cool visual effects. The Hill is accessible through levels or ledges. No sounds to speak of.

The Big Game 1.0

Writer — Mar 09, 1997

More of a non participatory map. You open up rooms that connected off of a main arena, and watch a bunch of baddies go at it. Some of the read me sounded awful familiar.....kind of fun if this is your type of game

Spankers Map Sixpack

Emilio Gonzelez — Mar 09, 1997

A really different type of net maps. The read me alone was quite different and I must say enjoyable. Not since the Hell Hole read me has one been so detailed. These maps will hold from 2 to 8 players. They are titled Double The Luck, Space Crap, Stop, The Complex, The Gutter and The Lavawood Bowl. Some of these were very well constructed. Take a look and see for yourself. I liked The Gutter the best--great idea here!!

Rocket Launcher Marine Patch 1.1

Nils Nybonde — Mar 09, 1997

A good update of a very good bob patch. As you can probably tell this turns your regular bobs, not the fusion bobs, into a totin Marine with a SPNKR'. He's pretty deadly and with the new update you now get a marine in the violet mode. Or at least I did. Comes with the patch, (you will need Anvil 1.0.2) and a physics model that has been improved also.

Not Everyone's Mortal

Tim McLaughlin — Mar 09, 1997

A port of the Marathon 2, "Everyones Mortal But Me". This port adds a ring around the arena from the standard transport perches with some ammo and a couple of secrets. I really thought the sounds was the biggest improvement. The secret rooms has enough sounds attached to the polys that they are really too much at times, but I enjoyed them!! Some new light sets with this port also...

Firehill v1.0

Erwin Haag — Mar 09, 1997

A very large net map that is very well constructed IMO. This arena is BIG, and the ring that wraps around gives the effect that it is a long way until you get to the next door (also the width of them will provide for some easy spnkr kills). 4 doors open into the ring (north south east west) with a lava pit in the middle for the hill. A map that I really liked, since I dig tons of room to play net games in.

Rush n Crush v1.1.1

Erwin Hagg — Mar 08, 1997

A update of a previously submitted map. This is the first map submitted that adds the Frigid Combo/Texture trick since I posted the file, (or since it was discussed on the news group), thanks to Randall Shaw for this trick. It also adds two more secret rooms. There is a film of our group going through another version of this map, but this one comes with a film showing you where to find the goodies..

Inside Out v2.0

Tom Phillips — Mar 06, 1997

Another very good net map submitted today. We didn't have the time to get to it tonight but, you can tell just by the visual design of this thing that it is meant for high carnage. No sniper levels, no secrets, a great outside ring, so to speak and some great battles on the crosswalk. This is a update of a earlier map.

Phor Score v1.0

DN Israel — Mar 06, 1997

A well designed large net level. Some wide open fast paced carnage with this one....Will support at least 3 types of net play.

KR Net Levels

Kendall J Redburn — Mar 06, 1997

12 net levels that, at best, are visually stunning. These levels are dominated by media, not all but most of them. Some great visual effects but at times, we felt a little too tight. There are a total of 12 levels but the Marathon engine will only let you access 10 unless you gather a net game. We played through SkyWay. A good net map but with 5 of us the random replenishing of ammo and weapons, was a little slow and few and far in between. Some really good maps in this pact that allow themselves to be played in various modes.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

DN Israel — Mar 06, 1997

A unique, in design, net map. The homogeneous type textures presented problems at times for my group. We found that it was real easy to spend a lot of time inside the middle of the level. The outside "ring" or "rectangular hallways", presented itself for some real "back-kills". The middle was really tight at times and the object placement was really few. With five of us it was still pretty slow, so this should tell you how big this thing is. BTW-check out the design in map mode...

Forge Patcher 1.0.3b

Bungie Software — Mar 05, 1997

This is an update of the Forge map editor from Bungie. This should fix some problems with the run time errors. I personally use 1.0.2, so I am not familiar with the errors at this time.

Anvil Patcher 1.0.3

Bungie Software — Mar 05, 1997

Again, an update. I am not for sure what this fixes. I will take the time to find out and post the information.

Ship Ahoy

W.Rosenauer — Mar 04, 1997

A new trick with the Marathon engine! Will support 3 to 4 types of net modes, but the whole concept and idea behind this design is really cool. If you get your self on top of the ship you will feel like you are on a real ship ridin' the waves. Really neat effect. Almost makes you swimmy headed watch the texture on the walls go up and down, but this one is built with the Jjaro textures, sewage instead of water?? This is for a large net game, 2 to 3 would be real slow. Check the effect out if for no other reason...


Nik — Mar 04, 1997

Two net levels that are really hard to explain. If you try them out solo there are so many crazy bobs and bad guys that it is almost impossible to stay alive. (Maybe a good pratice level for all those vid-heads out there) , but if you played this in a net game, it would probably be tag or KTMWTB. You will need 6 to 8 to keep it interesting...rather strange hearing the bird type ambients when your under water.. There were a few bugs with some invisible walls that would appear and reappear.

Sports Maps v1.0

Scott Wilson/Kent Murdock — Mar 03, 1997

All types of sports are included in this map pak. You can play soccer again, pool, pinball and even bowling. The bowling and the pinball maps were the most amuzing and interesting. Some old tricks and some new ones. Seven levels in all.

Hello Kittys Fun Time Toy Box

Unknown — Mar 03, 1997

A pretty fun novelty type net map. This one gives you the weapons but not the ammo. The ammo is given to you when the aliens die....A strange but different type of map. Give it a try...

Nomad S'pht

Loren Petrich — Mar 03, 1997

This is a ingeniously designed patch that replaces the S'pht with these drones that are called Nomads. They are taken from the Star Trek episoded bearing the same name...

Updated now -with Shapes Juggler Patch-This should help with your shapes files.

Hunting Hunters (mi)

Draquo — Mar 03, 1997

Well, like it sounds. A small round type arena that has multiple level passageways that wrap around it. With, you guessed it, all types of Hunters in this one...


Draquo — Mar 03, 1997

A very well designed net level that is in the design of a oval. (well sort of) Access is by a differnt type of design in the usual ring area. A fast and well built map.

Dave's Action Pack v1.1.1

Dave Bailey — Mar 03, 1997

Six very, very good net levels ranging from giant to huge. I won't reiterate the read me but; 1) Are you Afraid Of The Dark-check out the spiral staircase and the weapon placement. Very well constructed and very fast. 2)Clay Pigeons-Great Idea here!! 3)Everyones Mortal But Me II-remake of Bungie all time great with a couple of twists. 4)Free Fallin'-giant, all that I can say. 5)Infinite Loop-reminded me of a ride I was rode that I got sick on. Again very good design and construction, something for everyone on this map. 6)King of the Pit-see if you can find the lava switch. Great Map Design and great ideas. This guy can make maps, hands down!

Marathon M.A.D.D.S

Quartz — Mar 02, 1997

Check this out, a really good madds patch....if you don't know the history behind these, either email the author or check out the infinity patch for madds

Coriolis Loop

Double Aught — Mar 02, 1997

The new net maps from Double Aught. Carnage Soccer is one of many in this group. Only one is mentioned since I have received e-mail concerning the Soccer map.

Gironicorp v3.0.5

Gironimo7 — Mar 02, 1997

4 Levels that are tagged with some pretty cool names. Like the folks at Northwest I liked the third one best. Kind of reminded me of My Own Private Thermo...from M-2. I labeled them like this Water, Sewage, Water, Alien. A lot of media here again...The first was really fast, especially with the water rivers that were more like chutes. There are a couple of secrets here, if you have time to find them. (check the films) 2nd Level...well, download and email the author on this one..4 level..."Transport City" (my label on this level) ...flow gets interruped with transporters, which are good in places..but you will transport to another transporter to another transporter to.... and just keep transporting..(hmm., have I used the word transport alot???) I think you get the idea. We felt crammed into this one, but the SPKR was just a little too much for the small area. The first one will support some big group play, the middle two would be crowded with 4 or more. update with some new sounds and new textures/sounds for Everybody Samba

Townsend Square

Tim — Mar 02, 1997

Exactly what it sounds like. A medium sized square arena with a enclosed ring around three sides. The ring gives access to the arena via windows. Pretty fast carnage but some deadends that will disrupt flow.

Texture Combinations with Forge

Frigidman™ — Feb 28, 1997

This is my guide to making the combination textures in Forge that used to be possible when we all used Pfhorte. Some say it will crash the Marathon engine. I say, take it from the man that is the leader in Map Making... This information is also found on the Hasturs workshop, or in the hasturs archive here.


Kendall Redburn — Feb 26, 1997

A very good solo map!!! Three levels that is crammed with just about all of the coolest tricks available with the Marathon engine at this time. You are on a pfhor ship trying to kill the bad guys while they are pretty intent on defending it. You have a choice of multiple endings and a great trick on the third level. (I don't want to give it away) The detail in this one is quite unique. Switches, chip insertion slots, etc....do not appear as they normally do. You will have to listen to the sounds that you get when you walk over a trigger poly, that are very well designed by the way, or when you see a texture that is placed on a wall that might just look a little out of place. Detail.............Enough said, this is starting to be the norm and some of the ideas, like the ones in this map will really challenge you of what the detail is there for. Construction is great and the colors(choice of textures), even in low res. are very well laid out. If there was anything negative about this one it would be that you will have enough ammo, but, there are baddies that will require all that you keep picking up. Force fields, train dodging, lava swims, this one has in all packed into three levels. Some very, very good ideas here and worth your time.

Siege of Nor'Korh v2

Frigidman™ — Feb 26, 1997

This is the Prequel to the wonderful conversion known as Marathon:Evil. This is loosely the prequel I should say. Evil finishes the unfinished business you have at the end of this scenario, and continues on further.

Originally Created: 7-22-96 (M2)
Updated: v2: 2-26-97
Requires: Marathon:Infinity, or Marathon2 for the solo portion. The net maps included are Infinity only.
Specs: These levels run smoothly on a PPC, but are a tad slow for an 040.

Siege of Nor'Korh! This was the first solo adventure that I created. It has rated the best as a single person made scenario to date. So in all the fuss, I decided to revamp it and make it more clean and compatible for both Infinity and Marathon:2.

This pack includes the 6 large solo levels for the scenario, and also the Infinity Only Net Maps that I have made.

This was originally about five months of work, needless to say I poured my heart into this to make it the best ever. What spurred me to do this? YOU PEOPLE DID! Without any of the support and fan mail, I would have just said to hell with it all. The update for Infinity took me two days to do. God Forge is great :-)

Be sure to read the readme file with this pack because it has some preliminary mission info for you, as well as thanks to a lot of special people. Also, I would like to apologize about that readme. It used a horde of true blue on black for text and backgrounds. I was stupid back then, and didn't realize how horridly crappy that sort of coloring was. So, I fixed it.

Here is what it says about this scenario off the Marathon:Trilogy Map CD...
This six-level solo scenario is the most visually stunning creation developed for the Marathon engine. There are no misaligned textures, no suicide rooms (areas you can get into, but not out of), no misplaced textures. Every space is meticulously crafted, with many gratuitious constructs there only to enhance your viewing pleasure. Several tricks have been created to take advantage of the Marathon engine in ways that noone has done yet, including force fields, fixed gun turrets, and airlocks. The plot is well thought-out, and consistent through the six levels. This is not a flip-all-the-switches-and-teleport-out game... you know generally what you need to do at each juncture, but it's not always clear how to do it. Monsters are well-placed, showing up when you least expect them. There are certainly huge firefights, but usually, you're killing stuff that creeps up on you, or appears because of your actions. Often, you're tempted with goodies (weapons, ammo), but greeted with flaming death when you try to collect... You need to keep on your toes at all times.

Temple Raiders 1.0

Daniel Vice — Feb 26, 1997

A very small, tight net level OR a very small, tight, kill them all type of level. Pixel smear is a problem at times against some of the walls. A good stress burner. Comes with two versions one with a merged physics model and one without. The outdoor part is pretty well constructed, just a little too small for net gaming. Try it solo!

Random Acts of Violence And Senseless Br

Andy Spring — Feb 26, 1997

A large net level with some very good construction ideas. A round large arena that is wrapped by a spiral staircase around the edge. There are a couple of rooms on the outside of the ring, and some very ingenious object placements. The overall design is pretty good but your going to have to stretch for the ammo. Once you download it you'll know what I mean. (can be played solo, with some interesting kills)

Meth v1.1

David Smolin — Feb 26, 1997

A very large oval (round) shaped arena with some great construction and design ideas. You might think this one is just another net arena, but one look and you can tell that some time has been put into it. Some great sniper ledges.....Will support EMFH and a couple of other modes, and is designed for a minimum of 4 IMO.

Draquos House

Draquo — Feb 23, 1997

A representation of the authors residence. Well, it's a good thing that your not given the spankr with this map. IT IS VERY TIGHT. Fists might be really good in this one, although there is plenty of weapons/ammo. Some cool construction with the different rooms. A small net map that is slow due to all of the doors, but you know that goin in.

Ripcord v1.1

Noble Atkins — Feb 17, 1997

Ripcord is a very intense map, that's beautifully constructed, very realistically shaded, and packed full of ammo and weapons. I was amazed there wasn't too much detail for the engine to handle! Very meticulously created, Ripcord supports all modes of play-albeit a little spread out, while covering a small area. Corridors and recessed walls hold all sorts of surprises. The more players the better in this masterpiece.


Chris Johnson — Feb 17, 1997

A large net level that has a "warehouse" type feel to it. Very tall ceilings lend themselves to what I thought would be some slow arena play, but the basic design is what keeps it fast. The illusion that this is bigger than it is, is quite good. This map, again, from the author that brought us Mirage, has some pretty cool novelty tricks built in. If you like spankrs' than this one is for you.

Mr. Happy

Michael Shuster — Feb 17, 1997

A new shapes patch that will turn your Marathon 1 jugger's into a new shape. Now the missiles fires right out of the eyes and when it dies it will drop, well, check it out an you'll find out.

M.A.D.D. Patch v1.6

Quartz — Feb 17, 1997

Remember the defense drones that flew around in Marathon 1? The ones that were on your side? Well here they are and ready for Infinity..slightly modified but a great job to say the least. Comes with a Anvil patch, physics model that you will need to use to incorporate these into your maps, plus a solo map (based on the Lost Network Packets) containing the normal ones...not the berserk ones in Marathon 1. These guys are really, really deadly so be careful!!!!!!! This update fixes a few bugs and improves general behavior, and also tweaks up the map a bit. Updates can always be found at the authors web page.

Pie In The Sky

Michael Coyle — Feb 16, 1997

Pie In The Sky is not a new map, but it's a very good map. KOTH is where's it's at here. Ammo is placed around the outer edges of the map while the hill is located in the middle. It's not a safe hill-sniper perches leave you a very vulnerable target. Some nice lighting allows you to hide in the shadows to elude enemy fire, but the low ceiling can cause cuncussions that will make your ears ring. How long can you stay on the hill before restocking your ammo? Teleporters are uniquely placed, as is the flame thrower. A extrememly balanced map that should provide hours of fun.

Focal Point

Chris Johnson — Feb 13, 1997

A small arena type map with steps that go down to the hill. A high carnage type map that would be absolutely great for KOTH. Textures are well selected, lights are placed well and the flow is very fast due to the size of the arena. In low res, this one still looked great and in high res, the colors with the choice of textures was absolutely great. Author says the map will support eight...It really doesn't matter how many though, this one will be fast and if you choose the cyborgs, well, give it a try and find out...

Dusk 'till Dawn

Mike Holder — Feb 13, 1997

Great flow, great lights, very good construction and some very good object placement. To be honest when I first opened it, I said well ok, another media level. (and I really don't care for media levels) ...BUT, don't be so fast to judge......This one has some great design to it and for the size of it, it is quite fast........ Get It!!!!!! Enough said........(as you can tell I thought this one was pretty good!!!!) (Another one for a HOF, if I had it) BTW-once you start to play it you will understand why it is called Dusk till Dawn...

Carnage all the Way

Paul Bertone Jr — Feb 13, 1997

A single level net map with some Bob who get serious with you. The author want's you to kill 100 bobs before the terminal will allow you to have success, but trust me, unless you are a vidmaster you won't live that long anyway. Great design with some neat design tricks, lights and textures are well chosen and the flow is fast, except for the bobs that are just about everywhere!

The Attack

Michael Coyle — Feb 13, 1997

ou know it is really a shame when you have a very good solo map that has designs so innovative, and the guy running the HyperArchive takes a screen shot of a dumb alien. My apologies to the author. Here is a three level solo adventure that will take you through some of the most imaginative tricks available with the Marathon engine. I was able to beta test this thing about a month ago and tried to get the author to submit it then. He was diligent to keep working and you will see why....Honestly some of the coolest tricks I've seen yet.....Flow is superb, lights and design are great and this one uses sounds really well. In fact, if you have the time check out the sound sets and assignments with Forge, we could all learn for the first time or relearn them again...(if you visit double aught much)

The Revenge/Let's Have Some Fun 2.0

Patrik Edberg — Feb 13, 1997

A rework of Bungies Reverof Nohtaram BUT, with some pretty incredible twists. If you have ever wanted to play a net game but have been unable to, get this. The shapes patch (included) is a must. The sounds will simulate the sounds that marines make when you are in a net game plus give a couple of your weapons some cool sounds. The physics model will give the marines (net players) the motivation to kill you, and by the way, they are worked to have double your shield strength, so watch out. The drones now take on a missile barrage at everyone in the game if everything else wasn't enough. The whole package is called "Let's Have Fun". So, as you can tell the map is just the beginning. Get this package and it will provide you with some fun carnage events. now updated to give you Bobs with no grenades -except they are marines again. Troopers are changed into Marines with SMG's. Hunters are changed to Marines with (watch out) SPNKRS and Drones have a flying grenade launcher!!!!!

The Chai'etra Saga

Gareth Wood — Feb 13, 1997

A four level scenario that has some great construction ideas. The ammo placement is great, but beware!! Like all of Bungie games, conserve, conserve and conserve. The first two levels were better IMO that the last. I played this one all day and was stuck on the second level forever!! I finally came off of TC (which I forgot I was set on) and made it through. Great monster placement, some dead ends and some crafty puzzles that you will have to figure out to get through this set. A couple of the levels were giant and at times seemed to just ramble, but every time I felt this way, here came the baddies again. Worth the download, could of used more sounds, some great light sets. Updated 12-18, fixed some smears and suicide rooms.

Now updated with some new details.....this now flows right along with Hammer of the Gods.

Aft Shuttle Bay-Net Level

Michael Coyle — Feb 13, 1997

The third level from The Attack. This has been reworked for a net level and a large one I might add....Don't attempt this unless your group is 4 or 5 at a minimum. It has been reworked to help with flow but, it is large and it would be slow with just a couple. Same great parameters as the solo adventure.

Beautiful Chickens

Paul Bertone Jr — Feb 13, 1997

A large net level that has just about some of the best design and light sets I have seen yet. This one is based on shotguns and it is best played with KOTH net mode. You will need at least 3 or 4 at the minimum for this one, but I promise you won't be disappointed. Enough ammo for eight

Warrior's Way

Eric Hill — Feb 11, 1997

From the author of Rebel Base, this is a continuing three level adventure of The Last Interceptor. At first I was too crowded with this thing, but a second time through, I found it a little bit more open and after slowing down a bit, you begin to appreciate the work that went into this. On the second level there is a incredible light hallway that was really designed well. I tried hard to get a shot of it, but I kept getting fried every time I slowed down at that point. If there was one thing I can say about these maps it is that no space goes undone. The author uses every available wall, platform and poly possible. Ammo is there, just not in the usual places. A few smears on the second level, but other than that the flow at times is pretty good. Good use of sounds and lights along with some unusual platform tricks. Some very sharp angles at times but with some deligence you can get around them. Download this one just to see what platform ideas this guy has.


Chris Johnson — Feb 11, 1997

The screen shot doesn't do it justice.....The author has now broken the boundaries of what is possible with Anvil. When looked at from a view of original ideas, Chris, in the last 2 days, has come up with some great ones. In the map you are fighting against "ghosts" that are of course the Pfhor, etc.... It is a large net map with tons of ammo and some incredible ideas. (Have I mentioned the great ideas this author has come up with) Download this map to see what the next generation of Marathon engine possibilites are going to be....Made with the least number of polys possible, this one is fast!!!!!! This might just be the beginning of things to come.

Big Friends

Chris Johnson — Feb 09, 1997

A large net level that has the illusion that you are on a open air station. Bob Hell is what the author calls it and he, if anything, is understating it! The bobs are all nuts in this one and they shoot and explode and etc, etc........Designed best for KOTH. The illusion of open areas to the landscape texture almost worked here. Will support a few net modes and big enough to give you places to hide and at the same time room to maneuver...You can also play this one solo but it's pretty bizarre. Some great tricks with this one.

The Ka'Fein Clash

Mark Hudon — Feb 09, 1997

A single level solo map that is once again from the same author that designed Amaze Me. This level is a basic retrieve and repair level, BUT, it will actually require you to backtrack your steps many times. Don't always expect the expected with this one. Although the story line instructs you to retrieve some chips, the process that you go through has a couple of twists. Excellent design, great lighting and some fantastic object placement. Sounds could be a bit stronger but to be honest, I am really being picky here. Get this one, all kinds of great design ideas. We are all beginning to see that details are certainly starting to be a standard with mapmaking...

Hammer of the Gods/The Chai'etra Saga 2.0

Gareth Wood — Feb 09, 1997

A five level solo adventure that to date is the authors best yet!! A follow up to the Chai'etra Saga Part 1, you are asked to perform many deeds with this one and the tricks with this saga will take you some time. Great story, great ideas and some very good details. I have played through all levels of this one many times and when I received the entire package, I found myself "ammo-less" many times. Be conservative and always go back to check where you have been. The construction and design ideas here are light years ahead of part 1... Yes, the level designs are huge again, at times, but this time, you have to become a strategy type of marine. Good luck and let the author know what you think.


Chris Johnson — Feb 09, 1997

You are on a exposed station in space. Your goal is to avoid the missiles that are shot at you in slow motion. (And some strange missiles they are!) Some of the baddies are invisible and if you add that in to all of the mines flying through the air you get a whole new way of playing Marathon. The free floating mines, so to speak, will take some rather nifty manuvering or you will find yourself blown up in the air....This is if you choose to play it solo. A letter X design for a net game and could probably be pretty fast...there is a built in physics model and you could use the X for KOTH. Some good ideas here with what is possible with Anvil...

Let's Have Some Fun!!

Patte Edberg — Feb 08, 1997

This is a name that I came up with for this file...It was originally coined from the author when it was sent. This is a patch that turns your bobs into Net Marines totin' some mighty strong firepower. If you have never been able to play in a net game with other players, then, to date, this is the closest thing I have seen. And it doesn't stop there...With the bob patch you also get a sounds patch that mimics the marines sounds when they die, and it also will give a couple of your weapons some pretty cool sounds. Along with the shapes and sound patches you also get a map that is a Bungie Remake and a physics model that I can't even begin to tell you how to pronounce it. But, the model will give the drones some"different" type of ammo and will also give the net marines in the map twice your shield strength. So, to sum it up.......Have fun and BE CAREFUL. The marines will only take 1 shot to get them mad, after that start running.

Texture Patches

Bernie Wieser — Feb 08, 1997

These are brick, grass and some other slate type textures that have been made for the authors maps.

"Amaze Me, Live!"

Mark Hudon — Feb 08, 1997

A single level solo adventure that ranks up there with some of the best maps made since the editors were released. This map, the authors first, contains just about a little bit of everything. When I first saw the Pfhor texture set, I thought "here's another one". But, to begin with, the story line is great, the design is great and the lighting was really well done. If you are familiar with PID's "Evil Undead Phantasams Must Die" then you will see some familiarity with the pillar room in this level. Like we all learned in playing PID, the best thing to do is to conserve, converse and conserve. You will run out of ammo real fast if you're not careful. I was on Major Damage and finally ended up fighting cyborgs with my fists. A very, very good solo adventure...Some Frigidman tricks in this one and some very good object placements...

The Window of Light

Darius Gilder/Carnage Inc — Feb 07, 1997

A medium sized arena map that has some very impressive lighting details. The center of the arena is similar to Route 66, but the ring that wraps around the arena is quite different. You will need to be fairly fast if you are a keyboard player or, this map will certainly improve your mouse skills. (OR make you become a mouse player) I first tried to fire from the outer hallway and wiped myself out due to the tightness of the hallway. Be careful and remember when firing a spankr where your aim point is!! A good fast map that should provide for some great carnage.......good design, great light sets, and due to the design it is quite fast.

Magotopia v1.1

Bernie Wieser — Feb 07, 1997

An update of a previously released level...this update adds the texture patterns for the shapes patch. New textures adds grass, bricks and some slate textures....You will need the "All in one" shapes patch to work with the map, Anvil 1.02 is also required and there are three different shape patches. One for Hi-Res, Low-Res or a Alt-Res, which will work for both settings-but not as good.

4 Steps to Death

Darius Gilder/Carnage Inc — Feb 07, 1997

A small arena map with 4 starting rooms. The hill in the center of the arena is gradually raised to the top. As the author states this provides some very interesting lift effects while running across. Very simple design that should provide you with some wide open carnage... Great for KOTH and a few other net modes. Check the authors

Battle of Que'Fargo

Manny Peters — Feb 03, 1997

Well, for the authors first map, not to bad. If you download this map PLEASE take a moment to email the author. This is his first map and some of his construction ideas are pretty good. There are misaligned textures, lights suspended from the floor, enough sprites that the engine can barely load the game, and I mean with all memory allocated to the game. So, some typical first time mistakes just like we have all had. (well at least with Pfhorte in the old days) A basic lock and load and blast away level...

Pantload of Trouble

Carl A. Lineberry — Feb 02, 1997

A very good map for KTMWTB. I found this one confusing at first, but then after some play time, this thing was great. There are so many places to sit and hide for other marines, that I finally fiqured out how ingenious this one was constructed. (I know I'm slow). Some elevated areas that believe it or not has fast flow to get up there. Some transporters that will aide in your play and a trick with some lava that I am still trying to figure out. To be honest, I first thought this level was too tight, but was I ever wrong..download this one to see and have some good ideas for elevated net play. Comes with a extensive read me and a "tour guide", just in case you are slow like myself.

Sludge Match

Richard Bushey — Feb 02, 1997

A large octagional arena map built with the Jjaro textures. Really quite fast even when you need to get out of the sewage. Two rings that surround it one exposed to the middle media area and one that is covered. Pillars stand in the media, but all have transporters built into the their bases. Enough rechargers to keep the carnage moving along fairly fast and weapons/ammo seems to be placed very well. Flow is great, no sounds to speak of and lighting is done pretty well, even on low res. This one should provide for some fast carnage and some extended play, just keep alive for a good stockpile of ammo.

Testosterone Monkey

Richard Bushey — Feb 02, 1997

The read me says, Arena Map for 2-8 that has been updated from it's M-1 version. I don't see how 8 would fit, but I will give it a try with six. A small lava based level with ledges, dark tunnels a couple of transporters and some secrets. Watch the lava pits, a couple of them will take a gernade hop to get out off. Really a overkill on detail, there is so much that this author did that it is "claustrophobic" at times....This one would be best with KTMWTB.

Big Bake

Richard Bushey — Feb 02, 1997

A small lava based level that at times was too cramped. Some good design and construction ideas here, but, just too many sharp corners to allow the flow to be smooth enough. Physics model again and would probably be best for EMFH. If you end up in a lava pit you might get lucky enough for some rechargers at the bottom. No sounds to speak of...

Sparkling Insides

Richard Bushey — Feb 02, 1997

From the same author again, a small net level with a small partially covered arena. One ring that runs around the arena in a elevated mode that is accesible by platforms and teleporters. Each player starts in a ordinance room that opens into the the main arena. Their is only one spankr', and be patient when you acquire it. Flow is great on this one..I couldn't find a deadend at all. Sounds are few but some light sets and some fast carnage.

Plenty O' Room

Richard Bushey — Feb 02, 1997

Plenty is saying it mildly. This is a large net map with enough places to go that it would be slow and probably boring with 2 or 3. A square arena with elevated platforms, a lot of multiple levels and enough transporters to make you dizzy. Embedded physics again, low gravity and I must say that it was pretty good on this one...

Ring Around The King

Richard Bushey — Feb 02, 1997

Well, once you play through it a bit, it will make a little more sense. Flow is o.k., but at first I really had some trouble with this one. Found a couple of weird things, in fact I have never seen them before. One, a yellow cannister floats inside a textured wall, depending on which angle you look at, and second, the pillars in one of the 4 rooms bounces you around quite a bit. A very small hill, in the middle of media, surrounded by a ring with some rooms at the points. Lots of rechargers here so it should provide for some extended carnage. Like all of these by this author, a built in physics model is present.

King Target

Richard Bushey — Feb 02, 1997

Marathon Infinity map only; uses the SMG in place of the Assault Rife. A small net level with a small partially covered arena. One ring that runs around the arena in a elevated mode that is accesible by platforms and teleporters. Each player starts in ordinance room that opens into the the main arena. There is only one spankr', and be patient when you acquire it. Flow is great on this one..I couldn't find a deadend at all. Sounds are few but some light sets and some fast carnage.

3 a.m. Bakery Trucks N' Roadkill

Richard Bushey — Feb 02, 1997

Cool name for a map, huh?? A large square arena with a 5D type of hill. You will have to hunt for the spankr', and this should be a fast map. Small, good flow and lighting is done well...

Ruiners Map Pak

Paul Bertone Jr — Jan 28, 1997

6 Levels-a couple of them have the best light sets I have seen yet. When these first came to me they were in a different order.....so I will try to get the order right in the descriptions: 1) Anythings Possible-Media level with water cannons, various net play possible. 2) ArchiTorture-(I hope this is right) a space arena with a cool trick....some obstacles slow the flow down-rectangluar in design 3) EgneHenotS: the best light sets I have seen to date. Get this just to look at these lights. (study the name a minute and see if you can figure out what the construction is based on) 4)The Pain Years-circular arena with wrapping stairs-if I have the right one, the stairs are on 3 teirs, pretty cool!! 5)Agony-KOH, KTMWTB-water level underneath with some more incredible lights. 6)Everyones Imortal but I-Bungie rehash--except a few tricks with the elevators...

Hulk Patcher

Dustin Westphal — Jan 28, 1997

Finally!!!!!!! I have missed these guys. AND from some of the news groups and mailing lists other folks have too. The author is already working on a update..and if you watch the action of the hulks close enough, you'll see a few imperfections....but, you have to look close. I noticed they might be a little skinnier than they used to be, but all in all a great patch! This file comes with a shapes patch, sounds patch, (really cool, I had forgot about the sounds), a physics model, (very important-read the read me), and a map. I had alot of fun with this patch..I finally changed the regeneration rate just so I could see more of 'em..A great download.

btw-there is a fee with this patch-you have to visit the authors web page!! Pretty cheap for such a fun patch.


Eric Lupon — Jan 27, 1997

A well designed large net level. Designed in the outline of a shamrock, this map was constructed very well. Flow is good, the lighting is bright and the overall design is well open for those that like some room to maneuver. KOH and KTMWTB would work very well with this one and with 2 to 3 it would be pretty slow. Two exposed, well elevated switches that control the secrets and media. Other than that, wide open, fast and ready for carnage. Sounds are limited and textures are well selected. I found a couple of unstable polys but I had to really hunt for them..other than that, mostly error free.

Spanker Bobs

Hamish Sanderson — Jan 27, 1997

I have had this patch for about a month now. It was sent to me and for some reason I never got it up. To the author I apologize. This is probably one of the cleanest jobs I have seen yet. The bobs that usually run around with a magnum, now run around with spnkr's. AND, they are pretty deadly!! It took four restarts on the game so that I could just get a good screen shot. (And it's not really what I wanted) These guys are have one priority and you can probably guess which marine they're gunnin' for. This comes with a great read me, the patch, a test map and a physics model, which makes the bobs go after you.. A great job and a fun patch!!! Be careful with this one!!!!

Power Ranger Defence Drones

Michael Shuster — Jan 25, 1997

As you can tell from the shot....this is a patch that you can really have some fun with. Although the patch really is not all the good until the Ranger is bothered, it is still not all that bad. When the ranger (drone) fires or is bothered by other stray fire....the patch really does look quite good. The patch tries to be what the drone is, squashed and small. But when you fire at it, it turns into a pretty large Power Ranger...

Forge and Anvil Tutorials v1.0.2

Bungie — Jan 23, 1997

These are the updated tutorials that comes with the Anvil/Forge 1.0.2 update. I know I didn't include them in the file that is uploaded at MidWest and I haven't seen them anywhere except at Bungie's server. These go along with the 1.0.2 updates that came out not too long ago.

Babs Deluxe!

Rugrat Productions — Jan 23, 1997

Okay folks, here is another one...but I must say this has been done very, very well. This patch comes with a sound patch, shapes patch and a map. This patch will turn those innocent civilian bobs into BabS! The graphics are rendered very, very well in all views and have been painstakingly rendered for our enjoyment. I must say, these just keep getting better and better.

The deluxe file comes with everything mentioned above and is right at 2.5 megs! If you would like to download them separately than click on the segments below. You must get the sound patch along with the shapes patch. DO NOT be tempted to just download the shapes patch. The sound patch, although we can still only work with 8 bit, will add a tremendous amount to these babs! It is large but well worth the download. You will need to have clean files and Anvil 1.02 update. Check the authors web page for more info........

Please note---you will have to get the map from below if you download the deluxe pack!!!!!! The map is not included in that folder......

Babs Sound Patch-2.4 megs
Babs Shapes Patch-170K
Revenge of the Babs Map-417K
Babs Deluxe-2.5 megs

Female Cyborgs

Ken Hodgman — Jan 23, 1997

There seems to be a run on female shape patches lately and now this one takes the cake. No harm intended here, this is really a fine job and the author has spent some time with even the colors. This is a patch that turns your Infinity cyborgs into Female Cyborgs. The "landmine" it now shoots at you, or bounces your way is colored and it has a bit of a twist to it. As you can tell in the screen shot, the whole cyborg has been patched. Worth the download just to see what a incredible job this is....also you must have Anvil 1.02 update for the patch to work.

Amazon vs Robertas

JCoffey — Jan 23, 1997

From the authors web page...

Roberta, the female bob, is now ARMED AND DANGEROUS!! Sometimes she fights with you and sometimes she fights against you. Amazon Fighters are now ported into Infinity. Destroy them all!!!!!!

Well, if you have gotten bored with just the Amazons...now you have pistol packin Robertas to help you out, or so you might think.. John Coffey has done another great job and with all of these patches you might just end up with a brand new way of playing Marathon!! (now didn't I say that in a nice way?????)

Check these out, and, again you will need the Anvil 1.0.2 update.


Mike Holder — Jan 22, 1997

A small arena/pit surrounded by two rings, with only one having window access to the arena. Some of the best detail work with this texture set yet! There are two ammo rooms off of the upper ring that should lead to lots of carnage. The upper ring and rooms are accessible by transporters and thank you Mike Holder, for making a way out of the pit. Many of the pit arena maps I have seen lately does not provide you a way out of the pit, this transporter should provide for some high carnage and some extra life. Check out the dynamics with this one, it is worth the download. Should work well with many modes of net play!! There is a physics model that gives some radical speed and also will give you a two fisted KMG.

Fear of Falling

Carl A Lineberry — Jan 22, 1997

For as large as this level is, it really was impressive on how fast it still was. This thing just about maxes out the limit on sight lines with the marathon engine. In one way, this could be a water arena with the ring that runs down at a lower level around it. Or, it could be a good king of the hill with the use of the teleporters and the splendid hill that has the great view in the screen shot! This map has it all, I will not spoil it by describing everything it contains. It comes with a film and is merged with a physic model that affects the bobs. I will try this out with our net heads next week. Download this one, there is some great design and construction here. Don't feel bad if you have this incredible sense of "lostness". I really spent some time with it and was lost the first 4 times. Large groups only on this one OR play it with the aliens on...

M2 Film/Save File Converter

Naoki Yokoyama (nao) — Jan 20, 1997

Gets around a bug in M2 that causes the wrong ID to be recorded in a film or saved game. Ever returned to a saved game, and have it jump to the corresponding Bungie level when you advanced? This program will fix that problem!


Will Craig — Jan 19, 1997

What a beautifully designed net level. The colors in this one caught my attention right from the start. Using the new Infinity textures in unlikely places is what make this one different. Alot of corners and zigs and zags that slows the flow down, but all in all still a well designed level. There are some secrets here and the light tricks in some spots are strategically placed. A good map for KTMWTB as will as other modes of net play.

Stinkfist 1.0

Borzz — Jan 19, 1997

As you can tell from the screenshot, this is yet another good net map from still the only author really using Anvil to some of it's capabilities. A medium sized net map that fits EMFH and KTMWTB. With this map you also get a shapes patch that gives you some great outdoor type textures along with the Infinity textures. You get grass, dirt, bricks, blocks, school type lockers and the list goes on....... I only found two secrets with this one, flow is great, a great RR type crossing in the middle, should provide for some fast carnage. Download this one if for no other reason then to just find out what is possible.

Surgical Strike

Chris Sena — Jan 19, 1997

Level 3 of the Codename Genesis Trilogy. This by far is the authors best yet. His first two maps Codename Genesis and Postcard from Valhalla should be played before this one. The story line continues and is one of the best yet, but, you need the first two installments for all of it to piece together. The map, well you must first play Codename to understand how this author makes maps. His attention to detail and unusual tricks will make you stop and rethink your moves. Ammo is logically placed, detail is great and every detail is there for a reason. STRATEGY is a must at all times with this guy!! Unlike his first two creations, this one is more open and gives you some fighting room. But, the visual aspects are on the lines of Tony Smith and Frigid. I tested the Postcard level before it was finished and I must say that this one is at least twice as good. The term art again is great, and the inside remarks are a nice change of pace. This map comes with a physics model that MUST be used to make it effective. Make sure to save your game as often as possible. The end of the game is, well........ Email this guy and let him know what you think

Lysander XB71

Darrell Olson — Jan 19, 1997

A brilliant solo effort!!!! I have played this one all day trying to get to the end of it. I am just about there but I decided to stop and get it posted for everyone else. A two level, (well the first one is informational) solo map with some very creative and very good artwork. I really don't care if it is just a symbol, it is very refreshing to see something in a terminal other than the Bungie picts. This map is full of unexpected surprises, built on the tradition of the M2 levels, it will take you a while before you finally figure out what is shootin' at you. EVERYTIME I thought I was finally making it through something else would show up and tozt my butt!! Some very thoughtful work went into this one and a pretty cool story line to boot. One time I thought I was just about there and then my wife ask me why I was yelling DAMN so loud at the computer screen. This was right about the time a explodabob came out of nowhere. You get the idea?? Make sure you save your game often, you'll need it. Some great visual effects and some great puzzles to figure out. At times very dark, but it can help you just as much as it can help the baddies! As you can tell, one that would make my hall of fame if I had one.

Open the Pod Bay Doors, Hal! v1.1.7

Devon Belcher — Jan 19, 1997

Two maps come with this one. One for solo play and one for net play. A well designed circular type level with a large rectangular area on a lower floor. (The Pod Bay) And wait until you see the floor in the bay area!!! A few good tricks here with lighting, etc. The upper area is a large hall with a outer ring that wraps around it. Some slow doors, but they can be used to your advantage. The textures on the walls in the ring that surrounds the main hall really work well with the lighting sets. At times it looked like they actually took on different colors. (light sets) Really a nice map, good sounds, flow is good and enough goodies to give you some great ideas concerning map making. High res. will give you the richness that I am speaking about, I didn't check it on low res. I strongly recommend this one!! Make sure to read the readme.

Pain Is My Girlfriend

Cindy Hoffa — Jan 19, 1997

This is a update of a previously posted map. But, somehow it never really got posted. I recently came back across it on a zip disk and the author (a old friend from my aol days), emailed me and brought it to my attention. A small level that has now been updated to include a bit more ammo. Flow is good in the main area of the rectangular hall, but there are some doors that you will have to manuver through. Some great sniper posts in this one. Texture choices will make you keep a sharp eye out for "net heads"

Borzz Shapes 1.1

Borzz — Jan 19, 1997

This is a shapes patch that will give you some new textures to work with. You will still have the Infinity textures plus some great outdoor ones to work with. The read me's that comes with the shapes patch explains what all of the new textures along with a detailed procedure on how to patch your Infinity shapes file. THANK YOU, BORZZ. If for no other reason than just to learn how this process is supposed to work, this file is worth the download. BUT, It is really worth the download just to make some outdoor type maps. Try this one, you won't be disappointed. There are some strict guidelines from the author concerning these textures so make sure you read BOTH of the read me's.

Three Polygons No Waiting

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

Exactly like the title states...Get ready for some fast carnage.

FM Infinity Net Hop Map Pak

Sean McKnew — Jan 16, 1997

Three net levels and for the most part constructed very well. The first one, Snapple: Made from Bob Guts, (lots of names today-huh!) Is a very big and tall square arena. A couple of secrets and a cool sewage chute that can aide to some height tricks. The readme says that the name is "12 Days of Beavis"?? The second one Lithium Mill, is lava based with a hill in the middle. There is a enclosed ring that wraps around the arena?, in the middle. Good for KOH. The last, Lets Take a Bath in Sewage, has some cool physics with it or I had one loaded w/out my knowledge. When I first try to fired underwater, well check it out yourself. This one is probably the best made, flow, lights, etc. All of these would work well with groups of 4 or more..With only 2 it might get slow..check the authors web page for info!

Sins of the Flechette

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

A very tall large square arena that is set in a outdoor enviornment. Texture choices are at a minimum and it really gets hard to maneuver at times. A lava pit in the middle of the map has a neat trick to it that I haven't seen before, maybe some have... Worth the download here just to figure the trick out.

Eight Daze A Week

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

A square, rectangular type of map with some very large passageways that hook into it.

This is Spiral Tap

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

A vacuum level. A large square arena with four large rooms on the corner. The arena though is not open. It is culmination of many hallways that evidently lead down to the middle of the map. Some texture problems when you get down there. A super fast physics model is built in that allows you to go turbo speed along with the fish-eye vision. Got me so swimmy headed I had to wait until it timed out. A minimum of 6 to 8 is needed for this one or you will walk around by yourself for a long time...

All Roads Lead to Hell

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

A large net level that had a few texture problems. Alot of passageways that reminded me of the tunnels in M-2 Arrival. Again the maze is confusing but some good ideas here...

Sex and Violence

David Bricker — Jan 16, 1997

6 net levels: Courtyards, Decaffeinated, I'm Not Afraid of the Spotlight, King of the Damn Hill, Pfharade and Subterranean Heaven. The first one crashed my machine at least 3 times. The incredible amount of objects and sprites on this level was almost ridiculous. If you download this to test it---turn the aliens off, by all means!!!!!! Aliens were in the air, water, walls, rechargers just about everywhere. Two courtyards here that are linked by some passages.....some good construction ideas. Decaffeinated is a Pfhor type texture level. Again some pretty cool ideas. Spotlight was better IMO. Some of the design ideas with the stairs was really cool. King of the Damn Hill-Jjaro textures, Pfharade and Subterranean Heaven was a good design. The lava base sometimes was above and you worked in a ring around the bottom. Some pretty cool ideas here.

Illegitimi Non Carborundum (MI)

Will Craig — Jan 16, 1997

I first saw this map at Northwest a few months back...I do think it was for M-2 then. A very well designed arena style net level. A hill in the middle that is accessible from the above sniper ledges. Some cool tricks inside the hill and this one should give you a very fast paced net game. Only for groups of 3 or more.....it would get slow with any less. Great lighting, very good design and some great construction ideas.


Ken Alper — Jan 16, 1997

Two levels, both of them are water/media filled. The first one shows some good construction ideas and choice of textures. I really don't care for media in net levels, but if you do this one would help you with some strategy type ideas. The water height can really be a pain if your not careful. The second one was smaller. Again a square arena with a couple of sniper ports in the walls.....but on this one you control the height of the water by switches.

The Great Cornholio

Sean McKnew — Jan 16, 1997

A one level large net map that incorporates a new trick that I haven't seen before. This one will support KOH, but you need to download it to check out the space trick. The author asks that if you use this space texture, then you need to email him. Lighting is pretty good and it should prove for some high carnage. Will support large groups.

Confounded Bridge

Tim — Jan 16, 1997

Exactly like it says, a map in the design of a bridge of a space ship. Too small areas off to the sides of a middle large rectangular arena. Lots of carnage with this one and ammo is supplied well.

Infinity Triangle

Ken Alper — Jan 16, 1997

Well, exactly like it sounds. A tiny triangle with about 8 starting positions. One that would provide some practice in dodging, sidestepping and dying.

More Testicles Means More Iron

Ken Alper — Jan 16, 1997

Gotta love some of these map names that have come in lately!!! A square/rectangle type arena room with some corridors that wrap around it. A very, very fast net map. This one would be good for most types of net play...

Defendence v1.0

Mike Holder — Jan 15, 1997

This one is built with some great construction ideas: From the read me--- The idea is teamwork - two forts, blue and red, either to play team carnage or kill the team with the skull. Enough said!!!!!!!!

Particle Man

sfere — Jan 15, 1997

Great construction ideas...Flow is fairly good. A small net map that centers around a central area with adjoining hallways. 3 to 4 players would fit fairly well into this one and it will support a majority of game options. Due to it's size......it seems that it has very good flow..(will find out this weekend) There are a few doors that will slow you down. Lighting was pretty thought out with this map...not too much media, but enough to keep it interesting.

Everyone is dead but me v0.9

Ilkka Koski — Jan 15, 1997

A very simple net map that is still under development....It is based on "Everyone is Mortal", This one would be good for a couple of players or via NetLink.

Oval Elevations v1.1

Mike Holder — Jan 15, 1997

Lots of media with this large net map: From the readme A carnage level only. One secret passage, in the water that leads to stairs going up to a platform overlooking the central area. The first step after the turn to the left is a teleporter to a ledge with some goodies on it. Should hold 8 OK.

Hamburger Hill v1.2

Mike Holder — Jan 15, 1997

This one will support all types of play and IMO is visually one of the best, construction wise. A large square arena that surrounds a hill, or tower if you will. It is accessible from all sides by elevators. This one will support up to 8 players and the sniper ports, ledges are really constructed with some great taste.. Certainly worth the download...

Midnight Blue

Stephen Richie — Jan 15, 1997

Probably the best map posted tonight..Another great map from Stephen Ritchie..Two main arenas that have great construction techniques written all over them. Large enough that 2 to 3 marines it would be slow. Ammo seems well plentiful at the beginning...but if you don't play with "dead players drop ammo" it might get a little thin. Download this one to see some great construction ideas...

Quartz Net Maps v3.0

Quartz — Jan 15, 1997

A very unique collection of Marathon Infinity Net maps. These maps are more than just net levels, they are experiments with the different physics available now with the availability of Forge and Anvil. There are levels that will require some patience and skill to use. The readme explains every level very well so take some time to read it. My favorite was the "whirlpool" type level. Download these, should provide some great ideas for all of you beginning mapmakers. This collection now holds 4 new maps. The only thing this lacks is the net hop terminals that are now becoming popular. I still like whirlpool level the best.

Hide and Seek v1.0

Mike Holder — Jan 15, 1997

This map is designed for KTMWTB (skull) or KOH. It is large with a lot of secrets. Some of the secrets leads to ammo stashes and/or some really great sniper posts. There are death type hallways that can make you real easy pick off objects if anyone is on one of these sniper posts. The map is merged with a built in physics model that is pretty cool. Should keep you busy but would be only good with large numbers or with teams..Some different construction tricks on this one, water chutes (towers) that will aide you with elevation tricks..

Live and Let Die

Jonas Bjarnehall — Jan 13, 1997

A very large single level solo map. Lots and lots of bad guys, most of which trigger at just the right time. This level is very linear-hit every switch, etc...

Bodies v1.5

Dan Rudolph — Jan 13, 1997

This is a file that allows you to see how to put dead or mutilated bodies into a Marathon level. It comes with a example level that is just a couple of polygons large.. The author states in the readme to e-mail him for more info or questions.

Alien Arena v2.0

Carnage Inc — Jan 11, 1997

A great large net map that reminded me of 5D Space. This is one of the better ones we played tonight. The elevators are ultra fast and there are some great sniping areas. A very tall map with the hill in the middle. Direct sight of the hill is located all around from the sniper posts. Didn't find any secrets...but as you can tell from the film, I would have gotten tozted if I looked. Great map, great lighting effects and very good for large groups.

Medrev v4.5

Perry Wang — Jan 11, 1997

This one didn't come with a readme. A very large type of city, located in the sky, so to speak. A central building with ledges/pathways that wrap around the sides. Inside are many rooms with ammo a plently!! Some texture problems here and there and some very slow moving doors that provide for some flow problems but this map was still fun to play. Only large groups here and co-op and KTHWTB would work great.

Tooler's Haven

Carnage Inc — Jan 11, 1997

Lots of carnage with this one......there was so much ammo that it is obviously intended for large groups!! If you are a mouse player then this map would work to your advantage. For me the flow got claustrophobic at times, but it always seemed like there was a fast and smooth way around each and every sharp corner. Construction ideas are great and if you use external sound with your Mac, turn it way down..the sound of picking up ammo will drive you crazy...Like I said, there is a bunch.

CrossHair/Death Becomes Him

Eric Lupon — Jan 11, 1997

Two net levels in one package. The first, called Crosshair is a basic king of the hill map with some pretty cool twists. There are switches located around the outside ring that fills the hill area with lava, or elevates and/or lowers the platform around it and just elevates paths to the hill. We found this one fun for tozt'n some of the players in my group but ammo was scarce. It was hard to find a weapon and ammo sometimes..The spnkr is located in the middle but to get to it you will need to jump into pit...some good ideas but a little dark at times.. The second level IMO was much better...the textures were extremely well lit and the ammo was perched on very thin ledges...It took some skill to run around this thin ledge. Defintely worth the download...Both would support up to 8 and are probably best designed for Kill the Man with the Ball.

Where the Piggies Play v2.0

Paul Bertone Jr — Jan 09, 1997

A update of a previously posted map. This update adds a very good rooftop arena. One that is large enough to get some high carnage rates in. There has been a secret added, don't give up it's there and now there is a ending terminal for you that play this map solo. Will support 8 with no problem. KOH, KMWB,EMFH are all supported with this one. Some great ideas but there are some flow interruptions. I personally liked the way the hallways were laid out.

Aksel's Best

Aksel Arnesen — Jan 08, 1997

8 levels, way too many baddies. The readme says play it on Kindergarten, to keep it from crashing. Maybe the map designer should have taken the hint.

Waphle v1.0

MIS S.A.M. — Jan 08, 1997

A small net map that leads itself to tag very well. Almost a spider web type layout. One small central area with small tunnel like paths that hook to large rectangular hallway that wraps around the map. This one would be great to play EMFH. Some very tall walls outline the center area with some dark hallways that run around forever. Or, at least it seemed like it. Will support up to 8 due to the sheer layout of this one.There is one recharge but a spankr will get you if you not careful...

The Cog

MIS S.A.M. — Jan 08, 1997

A pretty nice medium size net level. I thought the color/design of the hill in the middle was rather good!! A small central arena (with the hill mentioned above), surround by two rings, that provide multiple paths into the center. Well, if you count the one on top of the pillars there are three rings. Pretty well built..It was kind of nice to see those bright green textures again!! Will support king of the hill very well and probably KTMWB also. Up to four players it would be ideal. I will find out if 5 is too many.

About Terminals v1.7.97

T. Belton — Jan 07, 1997

This is now updated. A crash bug when merging was found and updated and now it comes with a example map. This is in html profile so you will need to use your browser on some of it.

Marathon Film Renamer v1.2

Naoki Yokoyama (nao) — Jan 07, 1997

Allows drag and drop renaming of films, including level and game type. This is very convenient for people that are storing alot of films and have no idea which level they go with. This will allow you to name and keep, hopefully just a little better tract. Handles the M2 bug where the film on the non gathering machine records the wrong map ID. Also works on M1 maps. Update now works with Infinity maps as well, it will let you mix or match M1-2-Infinity films!!

Hot Handed God of Cops v1.0.3

Dan Preston — Jan 07, 1997

A very well-built level, reminiscent of the quality of Bungie M1 net levels. Flow is superb, weapons are nicely balanced, all play styles are accomodated. This was originally designed with M2 textures, and needed serious reworking to look good with the new Infinity sewage textureset. (It still looks better in the M2 version, included.) On the other hand, the Infinity version contains a KKV... Update fixes a bug that kept Kill the Man with the Ball from working, tweaks gameplay, and adds a true M2 version.

Cap N Crunch v1.1

David Israel — Jan 07, 1997

A very large diamond shaped map with some really nice lighting detail in the middle. The middle of the map has lighted platforms that make for some very interesting hiding areas. The upper platforms are accesed by teleporters. The light detail is very good in this one. ) The most impressive part of this map is the lighting....some good ideas here. One secret--it's worth finding. Now only one level, the update takes the 2nd level off...(which was basically just the same)

Fm: Net Hop Pack v1

Frigidman™ — Jan 06, 1997

Created: 1-6-97
Requires: Marathon:Infinity
Specs: All of the maps in this pack run well on any PPC. Most run well on an 040.

This is a pack of 8 net maps strictly for use with Marathon Infinity. It contains some earlier versions of many of the levels here, I have not updated this NetHop with the new versions (no demand for it). The thing that makes this different from the Infinity Map Pack, is that each level contains a Terminal from which you can jump to the next map during the same game.

This is really neat because you can then start a game and jump from map to map during it to keep the variety up so to not lose interest. Some games have been known to go for 2 hours on this pack!

Each level contains a nice ammount of aliens, so if you wish to go solo and romp around carnaging to your hearts content, it will be much more satisfying because it contains aliens. If you don't like them during net play, then check them OFF in the gather net game dialog.

If you play this pack SOLO, you will notice an extra level in the beggining. This was a 'needed' level in order to make the jumping from map to map repeatable in a net game (bug in the program). That is, if you wanted to loop back to the first map, you wouldn't be able too if this extra map wasn't there. Call it a bonus map I guess... it's the same map in Infinity I made (King of Pain).

The maps in this pack:
* Pfhor Winds
* Desperate Measures
* Carnage Heights
* Brak Station
* Axiocranium
* Hatala
* Flying Leap
* Cringe


dbunny — Jan 05, 1997

This is defintely a large net map!!!!! If you have any eyesight troubles then I strongly suggest you don't try this map. I found myself squinting to try to see the other net player. Biddle is a map that is a very large cylinder looking arena with many lighted sniper ledges at different heights located in the walls. The problem is that the whole map is pitch black and the sniper ledges are lighted. Transporters gets you to the ledges and watch out!! Even on low res., my net partner was able to see me. Lots of carnage with this one...Construction ideas are pretty good but way too dark for my tastes..Update--We loved this one!!!!!!! Wow talk about fun..check out the 5 player map.


Kirill Levchenko — Jan 05, 1997

A very well constructed net level. The author gives some insight that the map might of have been rushed to complete, but some great construction ideas here. Well probably hold up to 4 real well, the elevators in the middle of what I thought make up the "Christmas Tree", came in real useful. Try it and see what you think. Update fixes a few poly problems...

Daronn's Sunfire

Jesse Lowther — Dec 25, 1996

Some real ingenius types of lighting has gone into this one. Big, arena surrounded by a ring of ammo located in very small hallways. Keep on them, you will eventually end up on a great sniper ledge. At times it didn't seem big, until you play it net, this puppy is big and it will support up to 8..I was just so impressed with the construction idea that as I was looking up at the center of the map I was getting wasted. A cool trick with the lava- the film doesn't show it but it's there. Will support all kinds of net play..great download and well worth you time. The readme says that this is part of a upcoming scenario.....shades of things to come, it should be great...

BOBs of the Hill v1.0

Bachus — Dec 25, 1996

A elevated center tower connected to a outer ring. The paths to the ring are cool but the pits are filled with sewage. The flow at times seemed to be obsturcted with the ease of finding the teleporters in the pits. (Why it is a good king of the hill map--if you play it on EMFH, then the flow comment will make more sense) Will support king of hill great...The switches will also aide in this endeavor, although the film will not show it. Good construction and the use of one ambient sound just about blew me out of my room.....(if you use a subwoofer) Solo is possible---the readme explains the aliens that can be used.

Off He Goes v1.0

Shadi — Dec 25, 1996

A medium sized large platform arena surrounded by a "lack of vision" type of trench. A couple of outside rooms connected by walkways that show you some great consturction efforts. I enjoyed playing this map the most. It lended itself for all kinds of play and it is well laid out. Lights and sounds are pretty basic but construction and stragedy was well thought out. IMO one of the best--the author threw some cool ideas in for the door switches. (?) Teleporters can help you if you think them through. Great map, great flow and some great "death rooms".

Come and Get It

Justin J Cooper — Dec 23, 1996

A small square arena with a recharger that is right in view of all parts of the room. (don't stay here long-you will die often, duh??) Lots of ammo and weapons--platforms can aide so be careful.

The Pit

Michael K Neylon — Dec 23, 1996

Based on the authors M1 version, this one is a small arena that can hold up to about 4, IMO. Smearing in this one too, but still worth the playtime. I liked it better than the Rising Sun map. Again, compatible with Marathon 2.

Enhanced Wheel

Michael K Neylon — Dec 23, 1996

This map has some great construction ideas, based on a "spoke of eight parts", this map will lend it self to all types of play. Based on the M1 version, be prepared for teleporting and halls to get from one area to the other. Light sets were great and the use of sounds, IMO was just right. Out of all the maps I played this one, IMO, was the most fun. Check out the film. This map is also M-2 compatible so it is well worth the download.

World Wide Web

Michael K Neylon — Dec 23, 1996

I enjoyed playing this one solo!! A maze of twisted passageways that in time might give you a claustrophobic feeling. Net play, well......you determine....I have the map at Cyber Worx, so I will find out soon. Same as above-based on the Marathon 1 version with compatibility for Marathon 2

Rising Sun

Michael K Neylon — Dec 23, 1996

Identical layout to the Marathon 1 version. A small arena with a platforms that will smash you faster than you can get out. This feature was a great idea but annoying at times. Some texture smearing with this one and with the authors other maps, it is compatible for M-2.

I Could've Had a V8! (mi)

Michael K Neylon — Dec 23, 1996

A small arena with vertical moving pillars that can aide your destruction or carnage total. I can appreciate the work for the moving platforms, but I killed myself more times than my opponent. Don't just ramble through this one, take your time to get the "feel" of the construction. This one will support more players than I thought it could. Very well built and some great light sets!!

High School Tool

Borzz — Dec 17, 1996

This map is really a high school, almost like the one I teach at. Complete with a football field and lockers in the hallways. I didn't have time to go through every nook and cranny---I did want to get it up tonight. A net map that can be played with teams, every man for himself, king of the hill or kill the guy with the ball. With 2 it might be slow--although I plan to try it with two asap!! Great construction, great use of texture placement. This one is cool!!!!! Comes with a patcher that HAS TO BE USED!!

Carnage Collection v1.3

Jimmy Mitchell — Dec 16, 1996

A great collection of network maps. This collection was put together by Jimmy Mitchell with permission of the authors. All of the orginial readme's are included. You will find levels from Frigid to Borzz....10 in all, some remade for Infinity textures. This update corrects some texture problems.

Mara OS

Unknown — Dec 16, 1996

About MaraOS. MaraOS, formerly called Marathon Runner, is an application that makes it easier to manage all the different Marathon accessory files (modules) you might have accumulated. The usual way to do this involves a lot of copying, moving, renaming, and forgetting. I wrote MaraOS to make this process somewhat simpler- it moves files to their proper place and renames them, freeing you to organize and name modules as you see fit. By keeping track of names and locations for you, MaraOS allows you to get on with the killing with the minimum of fuss. It does this by searching for modules within a certain folder and presenting a dialog with pop up menus that allow you to more easily select the different modules you want to use. It tracks the following modules: Marathon Preferences, Map, Music, Physics Model, Shapes, Sounds, and different Marathon applications (such as ones whose terminal resources are patched). It then moves modules to their appropriate locations, renames them, and launches the selected Marathon application.

Basically, it's a Startup/Extension Manager kind of program, but for Marathon.

This update works with Marathon Infinity

This is the latest update from the author--it will work with Marathon, Marathon 2 or Marathon Infinity

Castle Rocagloriosa

Bernie Wieser — Dec 16, 1996

This map was sent to me a couple of weeks ago. I just found it and decided that I owed it to the author to at least explain why it was so late in posting. A very good map with some incredible construction. Choice of textures is few, but if you read the read me it is done this way on purpose. This map lends itself for team play as well as king of the hill. Flow for the most part is good and when you are in the inside of the castle take my advice and slow down or you will miss some things. The moat around the castle holds some goodies.

Shotgun Bobs 1.02

Brett Engle — Dec 14, 1996

Well, if you read news:alt.games.marathon news group often than you know about the thread to accomplish this type of shapes patch. Brett Engle decided to get involved and the bob now totes a shotgun with some pretty good sequencing. This is the first patch of what we will probably see a run on and it is done fairly well. I checked for the cells to see concerning the running of the forms and it is pretty clean. Check this one out and email the author and also if you get the chance let me know what you think about it. He is asking for feedback so take the time to let him know. Author has a web page.

Dirt Devil

Mike Miazgowicz — Dec 13, 1996

At first I tried to play this map without reading the read me....big mistake. This map uses the flame thrower for a jet pack and allows you to waste carnage while floating in space outside of the very small arena. The only problem I had is while you are flying it is very difficult to aim and fry someone. The concept and idea is cool. Check it out if you are into these types of physic's models.

HMS Albatross

Ken Hodgman — Dec 12, 1996

Billed as a tutorial map(for the author). he's off to a good start here. Six levels, designed to be difficult on the normal setting-and they ARE! Each level is simply over populated. There are plenty of rechargers, heaps of ammo (in places), and generally nice level construction. A lack of lighting effects, use of sounds, a few bouncing poly's and overall feasability-allow for room for improvement. Those of you into "Vidmaster" style levels should really enjoy at least the last level, and some of those on the way there. Well worth the download, but there is alot to learn here. The author states that this was his Forge mapmaking tutorial and each level trys out new ideas.

Roberta Patch

John Coffey — Dec 12, 1996

From the maker of the Amazons patch comes a new shapes file that turns your bobs into Robertas. They behave kind of strange at times-i.e. depending on your carnage setting and enviorment, but I do believe they look a little bit better than the Amazons. These new "BoBs" don't wear much so if you like your bobs dressed real scandaly, then this file is for you. A sounds file really adds to the patch, you can download it here.

2000R / Mini Gun

Dave Lovell — Dec 11, 1996

Changes your assault rifle into the MO-M/DWN Mini Gun. This 2000 round weapon is 15 times more powerful than the MA75, and will slice through anything that is foolish enough to get in your way. Includes shape/sound patches (requires Anvil v1.0.2) and a new physics model.

A Day In The City

Varmint — Dec 11, 1996

A large square arena that is enclosed by 4 two story type buildings. This is a large map so any less than 3 it would be pretty slow. Construction is great, no sounds to speak of, use of textures sometimes gets confusing, but I got used to it. Weapons are placed very well-so don't expect to be able to find everything right from the beginning. No secrets on this one, king of the hill is possible within the intersection of the middle of the map.

Hunter Chase 1.1

Daniel Gaskill — Dec 11, 1996

You are on a mission against a number of new and deadly pfhor prototypes. You have to clear out a old underground mining station and get back up to the top alive and in one piece. Well, I have to admit the film is on easy mode due to the embedded physics model and some doors that have delays. There are hunters in this one that I found myself just trying to keep away from, thus the name of the level. Some wild textures at times but some great mole tunnel caverns that I really liked. Watch out for the dead ends. The author states that this is the first in a series of maps and so far there are some great ideas here. Update fixes some dead ends.

Pfhors House 1.0

Moritz Grund — Dec 11, 1996

A small solo level filled with beautiful lighting techniques and good use of sound, which set the mood for some good , fun carnage. There are plenty of baddies to keep you busy, and a few traps to keep[ you thinking. Although I usually don't favor "death traps", this level is small enough that you don't mind having to start again. A little bit of 5-D space, nice orginal terms, and challenging alien placement make this German import a winner.

Carnage Among Enemies

Bachus — Dec 11, 1996

A basic stress reliever. This is one of those "kill everything and keep loading". The carnage never stops in this one....what more can I say...

Skin of Your Teeth 1.0

Mike Slavko — Dec 09, 1996

A five level follow up to the Osterburg Adventure. This one IMO is much better. Careful attention has been placed to lighting details and flow. Although I found myself wondering why I was taking certain routes, it still proved interesting enough to make me keep coming back for more. Lots of baddies and a unique shapes patcher that allows for some other "Marathon visited times" to stir your memory. A few bugs in this one, but worth the adventure. Some texture problems here and there but, fairly well done. Keep going back to check for things that have changed if you get stuck.

Niagara Falls

Borzz — Dec 09, 1996

Probably one of the biggest if not the biggest map I have seen in a while. It is not giant as far as space is concerned but in vertical form; it is one of the tallest I have played. Ingenious idea of using media to allow for long views without smearing. The concept of media/water with space was really interesting. A very unusual map!

Cross Me Fool

Borzz — Dec 09, 1996

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Sic Friat Crustulum

Tony Smith — Dec 08, 1996

Tony Smith has done it again. "Sic Friat Crustulum" is the fourth installment of the continuing "Origin of Species" series. Unbelievably creative use of textures, with very believable lighting effects. I've always loved the way he rations ammo, and places it where you 'll need it most. If you see fusion cells, your bound to see a cyborg. No traps, unless you decide to take a dip in the lava. Beautiful terms make the continuing story starts to gel. Hats Off!

Encounter at V'tri 1.2

Dan Ray — Dec 08, 1996

A four level solo scenario that just keeps getting better and better...

Devil in a Blue Dress 2.2

Marathon Map Makers' Guild — Dec 02, 1996

A full-blown port of the M1 scenario, Devil in a Blue Dress. I won't hype this too much, since it's my baby, but it contains 21 solo levels (painstakingly debugged), almost 7 megabytes of original artwork, and 2 megabytes of original sounds. If you've played the original, you'll find all-new puzzles, secrets, and enhancements. If you haven't, this should keep you busy for almost as long as Bungie's M2 scenario.

Because of it's extreme size, it's also available in floppy-sized chunks.

Assorted Walls

Chris Johnson — Nov 27, 1996

What it sounds like. Comes with replacement textures for three texturesets. (Some textures are used in more than one set.) Generally an interesting collection... well done, and useful. The sky texture has some problems in 256 colors (but blues are really hard in M1), and the alien set will do terrible things to your blood pressure, but overall quality is high.

Olaf Fub 1.2

Borzz — Nov 25, 1996

Four levels, although two are transition/informational. Some really cool tricks, and very high-quality map construction... but I had trouble getting into a level that's 50% underwater. Other than that one gripe, though... there is some really cool stuff here. Definitely worth the download. Great map, good construction and nice lighting tricks, can be played co-op, we are testing it and it will also be posted as network level later. When you play this one sit down and take some time....Some of the doors aren't just doors-I got smashed and was caught off guard a couple of times..The rest you will have to figure out yourself.

Death From Above Mark II

Matt Sanders — Nov 25, 1996

A very good map, construction is very linear and very well done. Everything is laid out in a east to west type of line and this one, although it might be small in ploy count, can hold up to 6 easy. I really enjoyed playing this map. There are two secrets, well three if your counting and there is great recharge area that can be guarded. Out of all we played tonight I played this one the longest--lacks sounds but has some great lighting sets. You can stand in the dark and the other players can't see you. One fish eye chip enhancement, other than that pretty straight forward. Great map. Object placement is great!!

Carnage v2.0

Richard Bushey — Nov 25, 1996

A small, and I mean small stair/plaform type arena. There is some texture smearing on this one that you can see in the film. I think the biggest reason for this is the large number of polys. If you fall into one of the water pools, well, your history. The top ones I know have some cool things in them but everytime I stopped to check I got wiped out!! Textures are cool, except in the upper stairway I got lost many times. Map consturction is good, would probably hold a max number of 4 players, and this might be pushing it. Update takes out the "stuck-o-pools". You now transport to another poly.

Gumby Patch v1.01

Unknown — Nov 24, 1996

Turns BoBs into light blue (or light grey) Gumby dolls. Pretty high quality, and the death sprites are entertaining. Anvil v1.0.2 or higher is required for installation.

Forge/Anvil Patchers v1.0.2

Bungie Software — Nov 24, 1996

This is Bungies update to their great editors, Forge and Anvil. The Anvil updater adds a import and export feature that is great. If you are using Anvil to add palettes or the like-I strongly suggest you use this version. For sounds, use the 1.0.3 version.


Unknown — Nov 24, 1996

Converts Macintosh M2 maps into Windows 95 M2 maps. Runs on a mac only.

Sight Patch 1.1

Unknown — Nov 24, 1996

Not related to the sight patch above, this patch provides simple but accurate sights for all weapons in Infinity. It requires Anvil v1.0.2.

Juggernaut Patch

Dan Clancy — Nov 24, 1996

Turns Jugs into "Hollywood Art Directors". The face was captured with a camcorder, so it's a bit pixellated... but [note: the guy's real name is Mike Cardinal, and he designs movie posters, among other things.] It is pretty fun to blast him, though...

New Bob Deaths

Unknown — Nov 24, 1996

Supposedly it makes the bobs die with more blood and stuff. More gore-but I couldn't tell the difference to be honest about it.


Chris Johnson — Nov 23, 1996

A whole bunch of platforms that are invisible, except from above... set in space. Really tough to figure out where your enemies are... especially if you play with the motion sensor off. There's a catwalk around the outside for those of you who get queasy.


Noble Atkins — Nov 23, 1996

This is one big map. Some nice lighting effects, and sound is used well... but with fewer than about four, you'll feel lost. Textures are nicely spread out... you can pretty well place yourself by the walls around you. (This is a good thing, on a map this big...) A few nice secrets, for those with the time to find them.

Dog & Dog Map Pack v1.0

Simon Blickert/Chris Spicer — Nov 23, 1996

4 levels. A pretty wide range of playstyles... the first map is quite small, with seriously fast-paced carnage (if your friends don't kill you, the hill will), but the other three are rather large. I wouldn't expect great performance of What The Hell on 040 machines... but other than that, these are pretty fun. Caesar's Palace shows an enormous attention to detail.


Thomas Samson — Nov 23, 1996

Sort of feels like a pried-open Mars Needs Women. Nice lighting, for M1. Comes with a physics model and a shotgun sound patch.


Richard Bushey — Nov 23, 1996

A small, stair-filled arena. Due to the huge number of polys in view at any given time, this map is pretty slow on low-end machines... and it'll give you motion sickness on the back stairs on high-end ones. The upper pools hold goodies, but watch the lower ones... once you're in, you're in (until someone kills you).

Temple Land

Scott Haynes — Nov 23, 1996

A large, open arena with some fun 5D stuff in the center (good for escaping your opponents... once) and a couple of really nasty end rooms.

Hop Skip n Blast

Richard Bushey — Nov 23, 1996

An arena surrounded by a ring with multiple routes between them. The arena is two-tiered... there are several platforms in it, allowing travel among and through them. A couple of sniper perches provide nice shooting locations, but they're not particularly safe...

Pfhunk Dat

Patrick Boie — Nov 23, 1996

14 levels. (Well, really only 13... one of them is an info level.) There are five levels that were quite good in their M1 and M2 incarnations... and better here. There are three ports of classic Bungie M1 levels. And there are five new (previously unreleased) levels. In general, these are quite big (there are a couple of exceptions). Uniformly, these are well-made. Lighting is impressive, texture choices are tasteful, and level design is very entertaining. A winner of a package.

Infinity Suicide v6

Butch Massoni — Nov 23, 1996

4 levels, all M2 ports. These were enjoyable in their original form, and they're enjoyable now... the smg adds quite a bit. (The Molecule might induce flashbacks...) I've gotta say, though... there's absolutely no excuse for texture misalignment on levels this small that were made with Forge. (Not that this gets in the way of our killing each other...)

Pfhive Levels for U

Chris Pietrzykowski — Nov 23, 1996

As the title implies, five levels. These are generally large, wide open, rambling levels, mostly well-lit. Aliens abound, and weapons range from plentiful to meager. A cool trick I don't think I've seen before was used on Doors of your Mind.

Flight Of The Bumblebee

Batman — Nov 23, 1996

A spaceship. Extremely linear. Oh, yeah, and for the first half of the map, you'll be fighting hunters with your pistol...

Hunter Chase

Daniel Gaskill — Nov 23, 1996

This map had real potential... level construction is fun, the new hunters give you a serious adrenaline rush, and the potential for future maps in the series is great... but it's too easy to lock yourself into a dead end. (I did it.) Most of the switches have delays... so it's easy to close a one-way door and still get through it, but you won't be able to come back. Oh, well... If you're careful what you open (and close), you should have fun.

Dawn of the Cyborg

Gareth Wood — Nov 23, 1996

A big, rambling solo level without very much to do. The author says it is his first Forge level, and he's testing ideas. Some are okay... but in general, it's a pretty slow level.

Tell Me If This Hurts

Carl A. Lineberry — Nov 23, 1996

Feels much bigger than it is (could be the large outdoor area and the thunder...). Wide open map with great flow... You can get anywhere from almost anywhere else, and once you've played for a little while, you can do it in your sleep. The hill is not a very safe place to be...

The Infernal Machine

Chris Johnson — Nov 23, 1996

A couple of large rooms on one side with a jug in 'em, some really stupid bobs that insist on freeing that jug, and a nasty crusher. There are very good reasons for braving the crusher... like the jug.

The Green Hills of Death

Chris Johnson — Nov 23, 1996

Very, very green, and very, very dark, with a very, very large number of fighters.

Calling Mr. Otis

Chris Johnson — Nov 23, 1996

You're in platform hell, and you don't get to leave until you kill everything. Or die.


Chris Johnson — Nov 23, 1996

A huge spiral staircase, with the top ending just above the bottom. Some of every monster... and every weapon. (No explodabobs.) All in a nice space setting...

Stef. D.'s Package

Stef. D. — Nov 23, 1996

12 levels, ranging from simple to quite complex. Some nice lighting tricks... and some texture choices that'll make your eyes bleed. Cool doors on In My House.

6 French maps

KProD — Nov 23, 1996

Actually, 7... with outrageous accents. Mostly geometrical (big squares, or long hallways leading to other long hallways). If you can avoid the fisheyes, The Hard Machine is quite fun.

Drink Your Milk

Scott Haynes — Nov 20, 1996

A small arena with a raised ring around the outside. (Access to the ring is via teleporters.) Lots of fusion bobs, and more ammo than you could ever use... a recipe for disaster if ever there was one. Watch who you shoot...

Our Ancient School Days

E. Mawatari — Nov 20, 1996

A run-around-and-kill everything level. At least some of the bobs don't like you (which eventually leads to all of the bobs not liking you), but there's a big cyborg on your side. I found him to be pretty good at killing, when he found something to kill... but he was a little weak in search mode. Generally good construction... but save before you enter the final room. There's only one way to finish... and you only get one shot at it.


John Coffey — Nov 20, 1996

Amazon women (pretty scantily clad) replace your fighters, and they come with wall textures (for building temples) and sounds. Pretty well done... although some of the sounds don't seem horribly appropriate for dying...

Fortress Infinity

Gabriel Gilder — Nov 20, 1996

A small arena with a central area and four semicircular additions, with walls to hide behind and windows to shoot through. Small enough, and with enough big weapons, that carnage rates should be absurd, even for two players.


Borzz — Nov 20, 1996

This puppy's much bigger than it seems at first blush. Billed as "a very simple carnage warehouse", this map contains lots and lots of nooks and crannies... enough to keep eight players busy, easily. The hill is reachable from a hundred different directions, it seems... you can jump to it from nearby ledges, and teleporters bring you to it from the farther reaches. And wonder of wonders... this map contains two lava pools, and neither one has to be fatal! This map has potential as a long-term keeper.

A Star is Born

M. Brent Sleeper — Nov 20, 1996

A geometric level in the shape of a star. A lot of floor space, but walls break it up into relative tight areas... continually regenerating fusion bobs and troopers should keep the action up when there aren't enough players.

Opium v1.1

Gabriel Gilder — Nov 20, 1996

A small, simple, wide-open level, with great flow and lots of weapons. Keep the total players under 4 or 5, and you should have seriously fast-paced killing going on. (More and you'd just get in each other's way...)

Infinity Nightmares Patch

Ken Hodgman — Nov 20, 1996

Replaces Fighters, Troopers, Compilers and Hunters with characters from the creator's childhood nightmares. This is now an Anvil patch, and requires v1.0.2 or higher. The new shapes were created with Infini-D, and are very high quality. (The hunter replacement, especially... I'm glad I didn't have these nightmares!)

Infinity Sight Patch v2.0

Stefan Joos and Stefan Berner — Nov 19, 1996

Gives you sights for your weapons in Infinity. If you have trouble aiming the SPNKR, this is for you! (This will eventually migrate to the Infinity shapes page, once it exists...) Update is now an Anvil patch, but it needs Anvil v1.0.2.

Repurposing Bob

Mark Conahan — Nov 18, 1996

Mark Conahan has taken all of his M1 maps (including those originally in Canyonlands, Go Wif Jeza, Bobco, some single-map releases, and some previously unreleased maps), tied them all together with a cynically entertaining storyline (reminded me of Harry Harrison), and bundled them with a huge assortment of shapes. These include all those first released with the above maps, plus new scenery, and some shapes and physics created by other people (the battle mech from Dogs of Pfhor, the fusion and spanker bobs from Dave Turner's High and Low map, a sight patch...). The entire package isn't completely bug-free, but it's very enjoyable.

M2 Wall Textures

Claude Errera — Nov 18, 1996

PICT files (and Photoshop color tables) for each of the four texturesets in M2. These can be imported easily into an Infinity shapes file (using Anvil), facilitating the use of Forge for building M2 maps.

Physics Converter 1.0

Unknown — Nov 17, 1996

A small drag-n-drop program that provides a simple way to convert between M2 and Infinity physics models.

Infinity Net Collection vol.1

John W. Bishop III — Nov 16, 1996

Three levels. The first is a straightforward sewage-filled arena, with a few areas out of the action, for loading up on weapons and ammo. The second is split into two pieces... a warzone (lots of baddies, bobs, and S'pht'kr) and a small lava-filled arena. The third... well, "You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike."

Infinity Water World

Phor God — Nov 16, 1996

A pretty nice rendition of Waldo World. Outdoors, in (mostly) knee-high water.

Celestial Planes

Jesse Lowther — Nov 16, 1996

Very clean. An outdoor level (well, in space, I guess), on multiple levels. Extremely open... almost any spot is in the line of fire of any other, but that doesn't mean you can aim that well, or that your target will obligingly stand still. A few nice secrets.


Bernie Wieser — Nov 16, 1996

This map seriously favors mouse players... the ability to turn on a dime will keep you alive more than any other skill, here. Four towers, with door locks on the inside, are surrounded by open alleyways. Weapons are in the towers, ammo is outside... so you can't stay safe forever. Some secrets remove even the advantage of the well-stocked tower-dweller... this is a really well-thought-out map.

Carnage Over My-Hammy

Jason Smith — Nov 16, 1996

Flow is quite nice, even if you do find yourself running into pillars every once in a while. Texture choices make distances and doorways hard to distinguish, especially at low-res... but layout is well done overall. Feels like it'd hold eight without too much trouble.

Full of Bucky Minister

Bernie Wieser — Nov 16, 1996

A large honeycomb map. This one's designed for teams... the ammo caches require two people to access. (Check your map view for clues...)

The Twister

Bob Vandehey — Nov 16, 1996

A tall cylinder, with stairs (and teleporters) around the outside, and a very slow-moving platform in the center. If you can stay alive on the platform until it reaches the top (unlikely, but...), invincibility awaits you. (There aren't any fusion pistols...)

"Burn Baby, BURN!"

Mario Saullo — Nov 16, 1996

Very dark, very confusing, lots and lots of monsters. (Author recommends you turn them off for net games.) A little bit of 5D, mostly just for breathing room where there wouldn't normally be any.

Death From Below

John Wilson — Nov 16, 1996

A large, water-filled arena with a dry hill in the center and a dry ring around the outside. A single water pillar provides a stealthy way to attack the hill (and is probably what gave the map its name). If you're hiding in the pillar, beware of opponents with SMGs!

The Bridge

Bob Vandehey — Nov 16, 1996

This is simply enormous. Gigantic walls, huge falls, really, really long shots. Not all platforms make noise, so if you're looking for secrets (and there are a bunch), be sure to keep your eyes, as well as your ears, open. Looks like it'd be slow with less than, say, five.

Reach Out...

Phor God — Nov 16, 1996

A pit, filled with many pillars which can either act as cover or induce suicides, is surrounded by a ledge. The pillars effectively hinder sniping from the ledge... but the high ground is useful, nonetheless. (Watch for shots from below, though... the ledge is lit, and the pit is not.) Teleporters bring you up, jumping brings you down.

Infinity Suicide v5.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 16, 1996

Three levels: two Bungie M1 maps, and one original. All three are really, really fun. (Smells like Napalm is a blast-watch yourself on those recharging platforms!)

Cage Dancing

Varmint — Nov 16, 1996

Cross-and-ring catwalks surround the hill, which is enclosed in a cage... the sectioned areas of the floor below provide teleporter access to the cage. You can't shoot out once you're in, and you can't escape... and it's really, really small if someone decides to join you. Good for Prisoner on the Hill games.

By Jove Jeeves!

Jim Barratt — Nov 16, 1996

The second part of the Dragonfly trilogy that started with What Ho! Jeeves, this is a slightly more involved scenario than the first one. You still have a dry, erudite AI helping you along, but there's some serious fighting going on. Four levels, but the first three are a cakewalk. (The forth is definitely not.) This should provide you with some good stress-burning opportunities.

Symmetary v2.0

Chris Sartoris — Nov 14, 1996

A large cloverleaf arena, with four underground loops for added space. An insane collection of monsters for a net level (four jugs in the main arena!), and lava you can't get out of... but it plays okay. Big enough for 8. Update cleans up textures, adds weapons, and tones down monsters. Much more playable, now...

Love and War v2.0

David Cornwell — Nov 14, 1996

A very large, sprawling level with a wide variety of playing areas (open, narrow corridors, and everything in between). Lots of lava to die in... some smearing due to sight lines longer than 28 WU's, but only in a few places. Is built with an, um, interesting physics model... Let's just say you'll see something you haven't seen before. It's not at all clear what this update adds... (the readme doesn't mention changes, and I didn't see anything radically different when I ran through it.)

Marakart Enforced

Tony Martin — Nov 14, 1996

A port of an M2 level, that was itself a port of a Nintendo level. Pretty unimaginative layout... this version has monsters and powerups, which the M2 version didn't have.

Here Be Dragons

David Cornwell — Nov 14, 1996

A rather large lava map, on two levels. Be sure to use your map view in the underground part... or you'll miss a passageway or two. Big enough for eight, but without the weapons support for that many...

I Smurf to Kill You!

Tony Martin — Nov 14, 1996

Flow is pretty good (it's very open), but the texture choices make my head swim. Keep your eyes closed, and this map plays pretty well.

Banzai! v3.0

Ben Matasar — Nov 14, 1996

A classic M2 map, now retextured, with totally redone object placement. Comes in both Infinity and M2 versions.

Kill My Landlord

Darryl W. Moore — Nov 14, 1996

A great map IMO. This map has been tested by me via Net Link every night this week. The author has reworked almost every bug and if you have the patience this one is worth every minute of game time. It is constructed on a basic three tier level and the whole idea is to be where the player dies or where the ammo is. Two cool smasher tricks and a one secret. (napalm unit) (the authors favorite weapon). Some of the construction of this one is detailed enough for a solo adventure. Flow is great once you get the hang of it, well, flow per tier I mean.

Osterberg Adventure 1.2

Mike Slavko — Nov 14, 1996

A three-level solo scenario, from someone who learned an awful lot from the likes of Bungie, Tony Smith, and Randall Shaw. The storyline's cohesive, though not pulitzer material... the levels are very playable. The near-constant juggernaut explosions add a novel lighting effect to the third level. Definitely worth a look. Update fixes a few missing or misaligned textures.

"Fire, Walk With Me"

David Cornwell — Nov 14, 1996

Two levels: one cross-and-ring based over lava, and the other a huge water-filled room (with water pillars for gaining altitude). The fire level feels a lot like an old Mike Neylon level, FineLine, for anyone who remembers it. Update adds a custom physics model (you're faster, now) and removes the water level.

The Unholy Wheel...

Tony Martin — Nov 14, 1996

A wheel within an octagon... the textures hurt my eyes too much to figure out if this is a 5D map or not.

When I Close My Eyes...

David Cornwell — Nov 14, 1996

Several rooms, linked together. Some rooms have pillars to dodge behind, and there's some Jjaro Goo to swim in. The included physics model provides invisible Pfhor.

Discipline of Anarchy

Gareth Wood — Nov 14, 1996

A relatively short solo level, where your job is to find the final term. Well-constructed, with switch-controlled doors making sure you see the entire map before exiting. The final battle is a nice one-on-one with a major jug... let's hope you brought enough ammo!

Cinco de Mayo

Jeremy Roberson — Nov 14, 1996

Well, these Mexican restaurants are in Oklahoma and I love their food. Well, maybe I am thinking of another restaurant anyway , a fairly well consturcted map. You will finally get to a point in this one where the floor disappears due to all of the drones that have been massacred. Some cool tricks in two spots and even a jugger as a pinata~. Well worth the download if for no other reason then to shoot drones. It is large and has lots of very small passages in between.

Bring on the Cookies

Tony Martin — Nov 14, 1996

A medium-sized generic level. There are open areas and enclosed spaces, and multiple tiers, so most play styles should be accomodated.

UESC Armeus

Cavan Farrell — Nov 13, 1996

A spaceship, with tons and tons and tons of baddies. (Instant regeneration...) You can get outside the ship, but there isn't much there.... If you find the secret ammo room, you've got a serious leg up. There's a bad texture on one elevator, but it's not a crashing bug.

Son of RatRace v1.2

Courtney Evans — Nov 13, 1996

This is a great map!!! It is based on three rings, the outer one with windows that open so you can pick off your friend, the inner one that has the most room with some aliens and weapons, and the inner one that I felt a little cramped at times. All in all a cool map with a couple of secret transporters to some secluded areas..and just enough media but not too much. Water in this case. This one can be played solo also just watch out for the inner ring. Construction is quite good and there are some cool lighting sets.

Marathon Art Guide

Hamish Sanderson — Nov 11, 1996

From the creator of Trojan comes this collection of tips, hints, and step-by-step instructions on how to create new art (sprites, not chapter art) for the Marathon series. Most of the work was done with M1, but the information is perfectly appropriate for use with Anvil. All documents are in Simpletext format, except for the Photoshop color tables and the like... If you're trying to create new monsters or weapons for Marathon, you'll find information of use to you here.

You Don't Need To See My ID v0.3

Daniel Whelan — Nov 10, 1996

A port of M1's You Don't Need To See My ID. A few glitches (missing texture in the center room, no lighting to speak of), but playable.

Infinity Suicide v4.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 09, 1996

Five levels, some ported from M2 suicides, some brand new. All quite playable (except maybe Kevorkian's Rooms, which will give you a horrible headache). Deadly Ledges is very nice for extremely high-carnage games.

Off He Goes

Shadi — Nov 09, 1996

A nice little four-room level... sort of a space station, only with daytime landscape textures. Teleporters decrease the linearity brought on by the geometry.

SeweRAT's Wild Ride-Infinity

Jesse Lowther — Nov 09, 1996

An M2 level, updated with SMGs and a hidden term. For those who haven't seen it, movement is controlled by sewage-you can change direction, but forward motion is out of your hands. Takes some getting used to, but it plays pretty well.

Castle Freakula

Jeff Cisselee — Nov 09, 1996

A castle. Big, with lots of open spaces. There's a nice little spanker ammo cache in what looks like a theater...

Over Hill and Dale

Jesse Lowther — Nov 09, 1996

A very large, up-and-down level (the name is apt), with a small central killing space. Teleporters will dump you into nice little sniper nooks... one secret, explained by the single term.

Mr. Bathtub

Jeff Cisselee — Nov 09, 1996

A very large bathtub, complete with faucet, drain, and shower equipment. Mostly underwater (as expected, I suppose...).

Pit of Despair v2.0

Shaun Shakib — Nov 07, 1996

A pretty cool arena level. A port (with major changes) of the M2 map. This might be best played in teams... there's a large central arena, with a pit in the center. Lots of big weapons there, but switches on the outside rim lowers the pit and dumps the trapped player in small crusher cells. Escape is possible, but the door is slow... which is why tag teams would be nice. It's not clear whether the action will center in the central arena, or in the surrounding hallways... but this map is easily big enough to support 8. No relation to the M2 map Pits of Despair.

Catwalk Carnage

Mike Miazgowicz — Nov 07, 1996

A tall central arena, with catwalks leading to the hill. These can be lowered with switches on the hill, but they're also player-triggered... so you're not particularly safe there. Passageways around the outside contain weapons and ammo... and small hopscotch courses through lava pools (easy to do when you're concentrating, a bit harder with someone shooting at you).


Eiichirou Mawatari — Nov 07, 1996

A very high-quality solo scenario (single-level). Great lighting, nice monster placement, and decent puzzles. (A bit linear-since every switch you throw opens a door somewhere else-but not at all predictable.) Fantastic use of lava F'licktas, which I hate, normally. If you get stuck, look very carefully through windows, wall openings, cracks... you might just see a switch or breakable panel.

Circular Synapse v0.61

Ragnarok — Nov 06, 1996

A well-built 5D map that's seriously confusing until you get the hang of it... and then carnage gets absurd. Don't stay on the hill for too long... it's very, very dangerous. Nice use of the portals concept. Update darkens up the outside stairways, and reshapes the portals. Overall, this is a very playable map.

High School Brawl

BenTheRed — Nov 06, 1996

A bunch of small rooms (classrooms, I suppose) leading to a larger (auditorium?) arena. The readme talks about separate map and physics files, but I've merged them... watch the hunter.

Land or Sea

Paul Hanson — Nov 06, 1996

A large level, with big open rooms joined by hallways of various widths. A large underwater area, as well... Flow is not as good as it could be, mostly because elevators are a primary mode of transportation, but they all move really slowly. Getting out of the room with the recharger, for example, is a pretty painful experience... Ammo is very scarce, for games of more than two or three people.

Agitation Arena

Darius Gilder — Nov 06, 1996

A big open-air arena, with enclosed killing rooms containing teleporters to sniper ledges. Simple, sweet, lots of ammo...

USIT v3.2

Joakim Magnus Taraldsen — Nov 06, 1996

An Infinity port of an M2 map. This is based on the author's work building in Norway. This version seems to have more open space than the first one, and there were various other tweaks to take advantage of the new engine (Flechettes and lots of ammo available...).

Let's Rock Infinity

John Bingham — Nov 06, 1996

A remake of decent M2 level. Flow is pretty good, lighting is controllable from above the main arena, and yes, there is a reason for going into the Hunters' cage...

The Succulent Nipple of Life

Dustin Haynes — Nov 06, 1996

For anyone who ever played the M1 mapAim High, you'll recognize the feel of this map-enclosed catwalks above tall platforms and a lava-threaded base. For any who haven't, you'll find this map requires real up-and-down aiming abilities... and the skill to recover from weapon recoil. Far easier to look at in hi-res than low.

Infinity Suicide v3.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 06, 1996

8 levels, mostly ports from M1 suicides (mods of Bungie M1 maps), but including Electric Sheep 2 from Infinity. Some of the texture choices hurt my eyes, but as usual, layout is great, and carnage is high. Warning-there seems to be a bunch of untextured sides (shows up as smearing). Not fatal, but...


Gabriel and Darius Gilder — Nov 06, 1996

A big cross-and-ring level. Nice fast elevators.


Shadi — Nov 06, 1996

A very nice bilaterally symmetrical open-air arena. Flow is great, with plenty of avenues to the various sniping ledges. Fun lighting, and a cool little term.

Columns v1.1

Seth D. Kromholz — Nov 06, 1996

Takes its inspiration from a classic M1 map (Pillars). Simple, clean, and small enough to be carnage-filled. Can actually be played in both M2 and Infinity (although I think I like the textures better in Infinity, for this one). One secret, but it's only a little one... mostly this is just a great place to kill people. Update fixes an untextured side and adds some sounds and minor tweaks.


Paul Mackinney — Nov 06, 1996

A small arena with a prison motif. Explodabobs in sealable cells (although there are goodies in there with them), and troopers as guards on the outside walls... a central hill with access from any side, or from below. Comes in two versions: one Infinity-only, one that's also M2 compatible. (The textures are the same on both, and look far better in the Infinity version.)

Shadow of Death v1.1

Darius Gilder — Nov 06, 1996

Extremely Thunderdome-like. Choice of textures gives the map a gentrified feel... small enough that carnage should be very, very high. Update fixes some lighting bugs, and tweaks ammo. Like all Carnage Inc. levels, this can also be found on the author's web page.


Eric Hill — Nov 06, 1996

Part two of the Interceptor Series. Two levels, both with some seriously beautiful mapmaking techniques... You're charged with protecting the Rebel Base. Keep a sharp eye out for oxygen rechargers and save buffers... you'll need 'em. This one's worth the download for the platform techniques alone.

And check out the Digestible Chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!

U.S.S. Triesty

Nick Confalone — Nov 04, 1996

A 17-level scenario (or a little more, if you count repeated levels), with modified shapes and art. (The shape mods are mostly a new weapon, but there are a bunch of small things that add up to a more complete experience... check out the doors, for instance.) It could use a little texture alignment, but overall quality is quite good. (The first level is very slow-don't judge the entire scenario by it.) Nice AI evolution.

nfinity Suicide v2.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 02, 1996

Three new levels, all very playable. This map is recommended for Power Macs. If you have a 040 machine, make sure you read the "read me". If you live suicide maps--you will love this one!!

Mutual Satisfaction (mi)

Ben Matasar — Nov 02, 1996

This map was originally inducted into the Marathon 2 Maps Hall of Fame at Marathon HyperArchive Northwest. A great net map that will allow for alot of carnage. This map will MAKE your aim get better!!! (or you will die alot). Great construction, great use of polys, IMO!! Watch out for the hill in the middle.

Shadow of Death

Darius Gilder — Nov 02, 1996

Thunderdome flashbacks here!! Textures are quite different and it is small enough that there should be a lot of carnage.

The Gauntlet v1.1

Brian Wry — Nov 01, 1996

A classic-style arena, reminiscent of Lack of Vision or What Goes Up... fantastic flow, nice variety of playing styles, and a few secrets. (Watch your back if your opponents find the recharger before you do!) Big enough for eight, but plays well with three or four, as well. Worth the download.

Who Brought the Bandages?

HEADBUTT69 — Nov 01, 1996

Extremely simple layout (rectangular rooms, and a couple of ledges), filled with ammo and baddies.


Russell P. Liddick — Nov 01, 1996

A pretty nice dual arena, in a sort of twisted figure eight layout. The hill is in the room that looks a lot like Everyone's Mortal... flow is great, and ammo is plentiful. This also serves as a great level for fusion bob target practice. Comes with an optional physics model.

"Oh. Gosh! Oh, Gee!"

Phil Hilton — Nov 01, 1996

Huge. A central arena, surrounded by a lower ring, and some hidden stuff. Weapons and ammo to support about 300.

Who's your daddy?

holzp — Nov 01, 1996

A multi-tiered arena, with the hill at the bottom. Small rooms around the outside of the middle level provide breathing space (although the pulsating walls are a little annoying). Trapped exploda-fusion-bobs provide static entertainment.

Close Combat

Benjamin Fitts — Nov 01, 1996

A bunch of odd-shaped, bug-filled (both alien and the more mundane kind) rooms... I got trapped in two polys in three rooms. (Including the start position...)

The Warren

Varmint — Nov 01, 1996

Large (frighteningly large), and it uses exactly one texture. Designed to look like a rabbit warren. It does. I say leave it to the rabbits.

The Impoverished King

Varmint — Nov 01, 1996

A mazelike level, with the hill in the center. Once you're on it, you'll be there until you die... and once you run out of ammo, you won't be able to defend yourself. Each section has a route to the hill. A little claustrophobic- the ceilings aren't very high (usually).

The Ramus Adventure

Mike Slavko — Nov 01, 1996

A six level solo scenario. Generally high quality construction, and entertaining flow. This one'll keep you busy for a while... really has the feel of a tight-quartered ship, in places.

Riker's Maps

Chris Riker — Nov 01, 1996

Infinity remakes of some classic M1 levels... these bring back memories. (I even remembered where the flamethrower was on KillKillKill!) In general, these are much brighter than the originals... this may disappoint you if you like to lurk in shadows (which all three of these maps were good for). Two versions of Billy... one with media and one without.

Infinity-Suicide v2.0

Butch Massoni — Nov 01, 1996

Three more, all originals. These are reminiscent of the early M1 suicides... high carnage, no hiding places, lots of in-your-face action. Storm Drain is beautiful, both for action and for looks!

You Killed Bob!

Forrest Cameranesi — Nov 01, 1996

A simple map, filled with lots and lots and lots of bobs... some of which are explodabobs. The SMG comes in really handy in picking off the right ones... and there's plenty of ammo to keep you going.

Chain Mail

Varmint — Nov 01, 1996

Designed to look like it's name. Claustrophobic-you'll find yourself running into walls a lot. Mouse players will have an advantage in this one... but it got old pretty quickly for all of us.

Beware the Jabberwocky

Justin Burns — Nov 01, 1996

A very nice M1 net map... felt a lot like a combination of a bunch of Bungie's net maps. Twisty passageways, a large two-tier arena, teleporters to take you from here to there with no waiting, and a few little secrets... worth playing.

Empire of the Serpent Sun 1.0

Gareth Wood — Nov 01, 1996

A three level solo scenario. Needs a great deal of texture alignment, and the lighting could stand a bit of sprucing up, but there's plenty to kill... I got a little tired of the fight-to-a-teleporter, see-if-you're-done style.

Killer Canyon

Bob Vandehey — Oct 29, 1996

A multi-tiered level based on the concept of a box canyon. There are no indications for the elevators... you just have to know where they are. Seemed really, really low on ammo, as well...

Postcard from Valhalla

Chris Sena — Oct 29, 1996

The next installment of the series started with Codename Genesis. Hmm... "non-trivial" comes to mind. A fiendishly designed level (plus a nice setup level), with nasty traps, cool terms, but more than anything, physical puzzles requiring timing, more than anything. (Or at least that's what it boiled down to for me...) Well worth the download.

Covered With Corpses

Gabriel Gilder — Oct 29, 1996

An extremely fast-paced map, with a tiny open arena in the center, surrounded by eight entrances on two layers... and a rolling staircase around the whole shebang. Absolutely no place to hide...

Marathon Cheater 5.0.2

Unknown — Oct 29, 1996

Allows you to modify saved games to give yourself obscene amounts of health, ammo, oxygen... and it works on everything from Marathon 1 (all versions) through the M2 preview, the M2 demo, the M2 full release, the Infinity Demo, and the full version of Infinity.

Head Pfhor The Sewers! v2.0

Travis Vils — Oct 29, 1996

This was one of the first third-party M2 maps available, and its classic styling earned it a place in the Map Hall of Fame. This Infinity release updates the textures, and adds a bit of sniper space... it's still a fantastic, simple arena map that doesn't get boring.

ACME Station-M2

Alex King — Oct 29, 1996

The infinity level, ported to the M2 alien textures. It's no longer vacuum, and all the baddies are gone... but so are some of the windows (which makes for easy transfer from hallway to hallway, actually).

La Terrasse Dufrein

Simon Litalien — Oct 29, 1996

A funky little wide open 5D map with edges so sharp I'd hesitate to try this on an 040 machine. However, it plays beautifully on a PPC... you won't be getting too many wall kills on this one.

Got a Match?

John McKisson — Oct 29, 1996

Simple outdoor maze, with a couple of rechargers and a (not-so) secret room. Flow is nice... but it could use some sounds.

Infinity Arena

Alex King — Oct 27, 1996

Based on the original Arena in M1, but with much wider hallways. (And an extra secret or two...)

Portals Max!

Jeremy Condit — Oct 27, 1996

For anyone who's seen a previous incarnation of this map (it is available in both M1 and M2 flavors), this version is a serious upgrade. It feels more like a small city block, instead of a single room (well, a pair), and there is support for 8 players, finally. For those who haven't seen this map before, check it out. This is 5D space taken to the extreme. Two nearly identical areas (differing only in textures) occupying the same space, with windows for attacking, and a convoluted passageway to actually cross over. Spectacular...

Lunatics Lounge

ESPYGRFX — Oct 27, 1996

A very tall 3-tiered map, with elevators and secret staircases leading from tier to tier. A few bugs (missing textures, that sort of thing), but nothing fatal.

Shotgun Overkill

Alex King — Oct 27, 1996

A straightforward arena (which, incongruously, has lights hanging in a clear sky), connected to an absurdly overstocked ammo room (so much so that it blinks out of existence as you walk past it-the engine can't draw everything there). Would be more sporting without the ever-present invinicibility...

Warm and Snuggly

Mark Mann — Oct 25, 1996

Warm, yes. Snuggly, no. A lava-filled pit is surrounded by, and crossed over with, jagged steplike areas. One wrong move, and you're drinking the hot stuff. There's a 2x recharger, but it's pretty exposed...

My Own Little Playground

David Cornwell — Oct 25, 1996

A tiny geometric level, with interesting lighting. Weapons and ammo seem to be designed for two or three players, but there are 8 starting positions. If you decide to run through this solo, you won't see any of the items-they've all been designated network-only.

Infinity Suicide v1.0

Butch Massoni — Oct 25, 1996

Three new levels, all quite playable. (The readme, especially about the part that talks about these being made for Powermacs, should be heeded... the last one, in particular, is horribly slow on 040s.) The suicide tradition continues...


Kirill Levchenko — Oct 23, 1996

Based on the offices of the author. Very nice layout... another good example of the power of Forge's texture alignment capabilities. Check the restrooms... lots of good stuff to be found there. Comes with films.

Night Panther Levels 1.1

James Heaney — Oct 23, 1996

A two-level solo scenario, and a net map. The author was learning Pfhorte as he went, and it shows... The second level, and the net level, are far more impressive than the first level. (The first level isn't buggy or anything... just a little slow.) Stick it out, though... it's worth the wait. (He's obviously a very fast learner.) Update adds one solo level (huge, and rambling, with some very nice visual effects) and one net level (5D, with some serious confusion going on). Every level is better than the last... as it should be.

SeweRAT's Wild Ride

Jesse Lowther — Oct 23, 1996

Current is the major player in this map. You have the ability to control your turns, but forward motion is out of your hands... turn-and-fire spanker shots can make this level deadly for stalkers.

5D in Space

V400m — Oct 23, 1996

Just what it sounds like. Double ring-and-cross formation, with four outdoor viewing stations (if it weren't for the weapons out there, there wouldn't be much point in entering those death traps). The textures are a bit busy...

Arena of the Stars

Jesse Lowther — Oct 23, 1996

A large arena, with a split wall dividing the space in half and rooms reminiscent of Bungie's two M1 arena levels at both ends. Watch your back in these rooms... the walls aren't always what they seem. Teleporters take you to tozters, and then to sniping positions in the main arena. Very nice flow.

The Dark Side

Jesse Lowther — Oct 23, 1996

Sort of a reverse Rising Sun. Pitch black room, with a crusher (pressure-activated, so watch where you walk!) in the center... a switch lowers some light panels and weapons shelves (both good for silhouetting your opponents). The hunter is pretty annoying...


Kirill Levchenko — Oct 23, 1996

Two maps (variations on a theme). This map was created during the Forge beta testing cycle, and is basically a demonstration of the utility of Chisel, a Forge enhancement (written by this map's author). This is what you can do when you have the ability to make nice circles... The second map is a nice variation on Everyone's Mortal But Me.

Infinity MaraMacros v1.1

Unknown — Oct 23, 1996

Similar to the M2 version, these are MacsBug macros for cheating in Infinity. Install them (instructions included), and you'll be able to boost shields, weapons/ammo, oxygen... you name it, all without modifying your Marathon app or needing a saved game. Update fixes a small bug that makes it impossible to change the info on the assault rifle.

Giza Revisited

Clay Ramsey — Oct 23, 1996

A pyramid in the center, small sniper halls halfway up the outside walls, and a plethora of elevators and teleporters make this a high-carnage map. There's no place to hide (except maybe in the center of the hill), and no place you can't get to with a weapon in seconds.

Control Room

Jeff Isselee — Oct 23, 1996

A KOH level designed for two players. (I suppose there could be more, but it seems best suited for two.) The hill is, as the title implies, a control room, and provides switches for five elevators that make up the main floor of the arena below it. The person in the booth tries to crush his opponent, who tries to stay alive long enough to plant a missile where it counts. A back hallway provides more than enough ammo.

M2 Suicide v19

Butch Massoni — Oct 23, 1996

8 maps, all remakes of classic M1 suicides. The biggest change between these and their predecessors is the lighting... these are all bright and cheery, where their originals were dark and brooding. Cylinder, particularly, suffers from this... but they were all among our group's favorites, way back when, and it's great to see them again.

Rising Roundabout

PhforEyes — Oct 23, 1996

A hellish level. Huge, with a main arena that consists of a slow-moving large elevator, and various ledges. Monsters, lava pits, and suicide traps abound... your death rates will be much higher than either your kill rates or your suicide rates on this one...

The Marche Pit

Jesse Lowther — Oct 23, 1996

Everyone starts in small rooms above a round, well-lit pit. No weapons (not even a pistol), but you do start with full 1x health... the object is to see who's the best with their fists.

Infinity Easter Egg

Randy Reddig — Oct 21, 1996

This map was included in the Infinity package as an easter egg. Finding it was truly convoluted... details can be found in the Readme. Suffice it to say, it's a way-cool trick. The map is here with the permission of its author.

Smell The Noise

Aksel Arnesen — Oct 15, 1996

A straightforward arena. This one's dark, and rectangular, with a couple of (well-lit) sniper perches and a few small pools to lurk in... and more than enough ammo to level a small European country. The prize goes to he who moves the fastest... there's almost no place to hide.

La Haute-Ville

Simon Litalien — Oct 15, 1996

A large room, with a raised central platform. The center of the platform moves, bringing you from level to level. Teleporters on the outside enhance flow. The upper section can be truly dangerous to those on the ground, since it has safety ledges to hide behind...

The Table

Bob Vandehey — Oct 15, 1996

A two-level arena, with the "table" being a large, open area, sitting as a pillar above an encircling ring. Teleporters and secret doors in the landscape of the outer ring wall bring you to either sniper positions above the outer ring, or to the center. Ammo and weapons seem to be optimized for smaller groups.

Round and Round the Mulberry Bush

Mike Miazgowicz — Oct 15, 1996

The readme says this is your basic arena level, but that's a bit misleading... there are three open areas, two of them island-pocked pools, and the third a ring-like room. (Which is actually two rooms, thanks to the magic of 5-D space...) All are connected by narrow passageways, with a few nice secrets. Look hard for the secret ammo room, and when you find it, make sure to check out your map view!

HabitTrail of Death

Penfold — Oct 15, 1996

A large map, consisting of layered passages in the center, and various level-changing options around the outside. Flow seems quite good... there are a pair of rechargers, but they're pretty vulnerable to sniping action, and there's plenty of ammo to keep the game going. Comes with a totally incomprehensible film.

Devlin Teaser Mov

Frigidman™ — Oct 12, 1996

Marathon:EVIL Teaser Movie

This oldversion quicktime movie was made and sent abroad to many newsgroups as a "teaser" of the upcomming large conversion project. One of the first for Marathon:Infinity, and loved by many. This movie is quite an interesting look of what you see when you see a Devlin.


Lack of Limbs

The Duke — Oct 11, 1996

Originally released as The Place of Two Deaths. Flow has been improved quite a bit, and the big weapons are very difficult to get. (Well, the flamethrower is. The SPNKR is only moderately difficult...) This is much more in the genre of the original Bungie net levels... high carnage requires skill, not just the blind ability to pull the trigger on a big gun. (Plus, it's very pretty to look at.) This (in both its forms) is our current favorite net level.

Two Ways To Death

Jon Häggblad — Oct 11, 1996

A simple solo level... two paths to go down, but no real ending. (If you kill everything, you have to just quit.) Should take a few minutes, at most... either you beat it, or you get tired of it.

May You Have Long Life v1.0

Seth D. Kromholz — Oct 11, 1996

A very simple novelty level... one small room, lots of shotguns, a couple of SPNKRs, and lots and lots and lots of 3x canisters. Unless you're not careful, death rates should actually be pretty low... there are a minimum of 40 3x canisters at any given time.

Killing Fields v2.5

Butch Massoni — Oct 11, 1996

Wow, this one has a long history... It started life as a section of Bungie's M1 solo level Try Again. Butch created one of the best M1 Suicide levels ever by cutting off outside access to this ring... the original Killing Fields can be found in several packages, including Suicide Maps v.2. Laurent Stanevich converted this to a gorgeous M2 map, which has been remodified by Butch to include one of his favorite aspects of the Marathon universe...


Maxime Tremblay — Oct 11, 1996

A two-arena map, with passageways between them. Might make an interesting two-hill level, but neither "hill" is specified as such... lots and lots of spanker action.


Kendall Redburn — Oct 11, 1996

5 levels, mostly ports from his M1 maps. Like most KR levels, movement is facilitated more by stairs, jumps, and teleporters than by platforms. Some nice touches (Piqued over has several nice hiding places, but don't try attacking from them...).

Suicide v27

Butch Massoni — Oct 10, 1996

Three levels, all originals (they match M2-Suicide 17). Pepper Popper is pretty cool... watch the damn bobs! Fans of Sky Diving will love Sky Diving 2.

Suicide v28

Butch Massoni — Oct 10, 1996

Three levels, all originals (the counterparts of M2-Suicide 18). The first one is just as aptly named as its M2 counterpart, but the other two provide some serious carnage opportunities. Learning the teleporter positions on Walking Charlie is a huge advantage...

Extra Celestial

Nicholas Graham — Oct 10, 1996

A nicely constructed solo level, looking like a well-lit space station. As far as I can tell, there's only one suicide pit (and there's a save term just before it)... otherwise, this is a phenomenally well-designed map. Even though there's no plot (besides kill everything), and getting to the end only teleports you back to the beginning, this one is really satisfying.

All MIDI 1.1.2

Paul C.H. Ho — Oct 10, 1996

A small app for converting MIDI files into QuickTime movies.


Boneman & Baggman — Oct 10, 1996

The bottom level of Never Burn Money, with a few minor changes, mostly to increase flow.

Xzu's Levels

Cyril Blaise — Oct 10, 1996

3 levels. Very large, very heavy on the baddies, pretty light on the ammo and weapons. Nice construction, though... There's a section of the first map that's right out of Bob-B-Q.

Steve's M2 Net Maps

Steve Latham — Oct 08, 1996

6 maps, all remakes. No major problems (minor smearing on Hey, Sonny), and a few nice secrets (the upper sniper perch on the second Everyone's Mortal is pretty cool), but nothing to go into convulsions about, either. Decent, solid net maps.

The Last Interceptor 2.0

Eric Hill — Oct 08, 1996

A five-level solo scenario. Very nice terms, and generally great level design. Monster placement has been toned down nicely since the last verison. Lots of goodies in places you really shouldn't be going, so explore... The plot isn't Shakespeare, but it'll get you by, and the levels will keep you entertained for a goodly chunk of time. Update expands the first level, and aligns textures, reduces baddies, and improves spelling throughout.

And check out the Digestible Chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!

Stomp U 2 v1.1

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Oct 08, 1996

A KOH map with a very well-designed hill. You can keep your back to the wall, and you can kill anyone going for big guns (the level is named for the SPNKR room), but there are a couple of nasty attack points that are really hard to guard against... Overall good level design. Update fixes bug in southern hallway, cranks up shield generators.

Mind of Bob

Seth D. Kromholz — Oct 08, 1996

Bob is your SPNKR... and you'll need to use him well here. Two levels, the first is quite short. Ammo is very well rationed on the first level, a bit more plentiful on the second. Very nice monster placement... there are enough, and in the right places, to make it difficult, but not impossible. (The room that looks the hardest is amazingly simple, if you just think for a minute first...) If you haven't mastered SPNKR jumping, you're gonna die a lot...

Htahth Station

Mychal Mccabe — Oct 08, 1996

A level from an upcoming solo scenario, and a partial second level. It can be played net, but it was designed as a solo level. Navigation is a bit confusing (and the map view doesn't help), but construction is fine, and it's a good stress burner.

Be Happy or Not

Borzz/Spockers — Oct 08, 1996

Four-level solo/coop scenario. While this one was designed to be played coop (and designed well), it was also been built to handle solo play very nicely. It's not easy, but it keeps the adrenaline flowing without building up too much frustration. Snazzy little tricks, multiple paths to each objective (some will have you banging your head and saying, "Why didn't I think of that first?"), and overall kickass level construction make this one a winner. Robert Blake comes off as a bit of a psycho, but what else is new?


Daniel Loebl — Oct 04, 1996

If you think you've found all the secrets in this level, you haven't played it long enough. Lots of doors that don't look like doors, but there are some very nice navigation tools, fun lighting... and more than enough ammo to keep your whole group dying.


Mikito Tanaka — Oct 04, 1996

A 2-level solo map. Wow-this one's pretty impressive. The terms leave a little to be desired, but the author is Japanese, so be gentle. (They're at least understandable.) The level design, however... very, very nice. The last room will keep you busy for quite a while, unless you're a very adroit sidestepper. Classy use of solid transparent walls... If at any point, you feel lost, go back and check a previously sealed door, or broken switch. Also available from its own web page.

Codename: Genesis 1.1

Chris Sena — Oct 04, 1996

A spectacular solo level (and harbinger of things to come, maybe). Fantastic lighting, meticulous attention to detail, very cool tricks (checK out the bio-scanner and the comms on the doors!), and great terms make this one not to miss. This is a level where stealth wins out over strength, cunning will beat brawn. Do it right, and you'll see the final term. Do it wrong, and you'll see the ceiling... And always, always, always, check for changes. (New sections show up in strange places.) Update tweaks lots of stuff, including ammo/monster placement, terms, layout... much improved! (Which is impressive, given how good it was the first time...)

Welcome to the Arena

John Scott — Oct 04, 1996

A three-level solo map. Hmm... it's big, but it often felt like I was running through the same areas again and again (even when I wasn't). There's a lot to kill, but finding the ammo/weapons you need can be frustrating. Beware of the second level on slower machines... you get an absurd number of baddies in an open area.

Jafa v1.1

Gairdt 'Hans' Lundeen — Oct 01, 1996

Jafa is not this map's real name-you'll have to download it to see that (several of the characters cannot be reproduced with HTML), but it's a pretty nice map, anyway. Spectacular to look at, although for carnage games, it might not be laid out with serious death rates in mind... as a KOH level, though, it's quite good. (If only all the textures were aligned...) Looks like the lighting might have been improved for this version (and a lot of the texture misalignment is gone).

Psychoholic Dementia

Tobe Stokes — Oct 01, 1996

A three-level solo scenario. A little rough around the edges (a few bad textures, that sort of thing), and a bizarre ending, but it's pretty playable. The disco's a hoot... check out the sign!

Death Rotunda

Darius Gilder — Oct 01, 1996

A standard arena with sniper positions reachable by easy-to-fall-off-of elevators.

Passing AirWhales

Devestator — Oct 01, 1996

An extremely playable variegated arena. Lots of platforms, but jumping distances have been planned quite well, and the alert player can use pillars and tunnels as missile blocks quite effectively. The teleporters on the bottom bring you up to sniping positions on the outside pillars... anyone trying to stay on the low hill should keep a sharp eye out above.


Darius Gilder — Oct 01, 1996

A pretty slick little arena with a dangerous hill. (It's designed to look like a lantern... but what that really means is that shooting out from the hill is a risky proposition.)

Operation Wormwood v1.0.1

Eric K. Salzman — Oct 01, 1996

An 8-level solo scenario, 5 net maps, a passel of physics models, and some films. This is a truly impressive piece of work, with very well-crafted levels, fantastic term and chapter art, and a load of cool features. It is also the first scenario specifically designed for cooperative play. In fact, it's so well-suited to coop play that it's extremely difficult as a solo map. (You may have to drop one or more difficulty levels off your normal playstyle in order to finish it, and you'll be cursing the low number of save terms, which wouldn't bother you at all in coop play.)

Newton's Folly v1.0.1

Chris Butcher — Oct 01, 1996

Heavily inspired by What Goes Up (M1). There is some texture alignment needed, and the bobs can be seriously annoying in net play, but this is a pretty well thought-out map. Most areas are vulnerable from multiple directions, and there are very few (if any) resting places. Keep an eye out for secrets... some of them can make inter-area travel much easier. Update aligns most of the misaligned textures.

Gladiators with Guns II v1.1

Gairdt 'Hans' Lundeen — Oct 01, 1996

A pretty nice multilevel arena, with interconnecting narrow passageways and back elevators. The only problem is, the extravisions all over this map make navigation quite difficult... readme says the map was built while the author was sick, and felt like a bob with crack-vision, but I wish he hadn't taken it out on us... without them, though, the map is quite enjoyable. Comes with a pretty tasteless joke map... you'll need to see it for yourself. Update removes the annoying extravisions.

Fast and Furious

Darius Gilder — Sep 27, 1996

A straightforward multilevel arena (modified cross-and-diamond), with breathing rooms. Ammo will be tight for longer games.

Carnage In Wonderland

Matt Glover — Sep 27, 1996

A three-ringed map, with elevators providing inter-ring access. The doors are a bit strange, but maybe that's where the level name comes from... Don't get stuck in the outer ring, there's only one way out. Ammo placement seems to be geared towards 2-3 player games.


Darius Gilder — Sep 27, 1996

A simple KOH map with protected "forts" at each end of the arena. Works best for 2-player games, or small teams.

Pit of Death

Darius Gilder — Sep 27, 1996

A small outdoor arena with a gazebo-like hill and a raised outer ring. Nice lighting, and nice play on most machines, due to the small number of polys. (The hill is a bit hard to take at low-res.) Watch the long games... you'll be left with nothing but spanker and shotgun ammo after a while.

Spanker Mania

Darius Gilder — Sep 27, 1996

This is what you'd get if you combined Everyone's Mortal with Thunderdome, then shrunk the result to 25%... a small, SPNKR-filled arena with spastic elevators and very little room for error. Expect to die a lot...

Invasion of New BOB City

Darrell Olson — Sep 24, 1996

A followup to Bob Factory, and a pretty impressive effort. This pair of levels is very, very hard, but it's worth it... I found myself having to try sections many, many times before seeing an easier way to get somewhere. Both levels allow multiple routes of access to the finish line... and some are much harder than others. And again, that M1 feeling is everywhere. As you do your best to stay alive, don't forget to notice the little things... like the lighting, and the constant explosions, and the architecture. I'd say Darrell is a mapmaker to watch...

8 Ways 2 Die v1.1

Torsten "Totte" Alm — Sep 22, 1996

A large mazelike map, with a mushroom in the center (acting as the hill). Lots and lots of dead ends... but many of them aren't quite as dead as they look. All teleporters take you back to the center. In team play, we found it was pretty easy to rack up kills by chasing someone into a dead end... either they die there, or they die when they arrive at the mushroom, with a rocket waiting for them... Update fixes doors, and decreases desynchronization.

Modified Duality v1.1

Claude Errera — Sep 22, 1996

A version of the netmap that comes with the Infinity demo, modified to contain a pair of flechette guns and plenty of ammo. For those of you who feel the need to puncture your friends, instead of aliens, with flechette rounds... Update adds multiple depths to the pool, to allow experimentation with the KKV across media barriers.

Pfhort Boyard v1.1

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Sep 22, 1996

A very classy little arena. Extremely nice lighting effects... some of which won't dawn on you until your opponent uses them to kill you. Great flow, and very nice elevation diversity. Update adds a couple of new sniper spots, and improves flow. (Also fixes a few textures and lights...)

Mission Almost Impossible

MIS S.A.M. — Sep 22, 1996

In the tradition of Waldo World. Nice flow, plenty of weapons and ammo. Two versions-with and without aliens.


MIS S.A.M. — Sep 22, 1996

Very big. Starts out being a big, rambling level surrounded by a sewage canal. A single switch gives access to a Tozter and a second switch, which really ups the amount of ammo available...

Thrill of the Hill

Henrik Lethagen — Sep 22, 1996

A small, bilaterally symmetrical arena. Definitely set up for two players... although there might be enough weapons for as many as 3 or 4. Contains the first use of PfhorSlime elevators I've seen... but there's no really compelling reason to use them, unless you've found the single fusion pistol.

Pfhors and Broadway v1.1

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Sep 22, 1996

A large, flower-shaped map with a ledge around the outside, a large open floor, and a central hill/SPNKER pit. Plenty of weapons and ammo, but the ring around the hill is the only way back up to the ledge. (Well, that, or dying...)

The Pentagon

MIS S.A.M. — Sep 22, 1996

Pretty cool angular arena. Nice use of 5-D space... the unpaired teleporter leads to a nicely stocked ammo room.

Shane's House

Shane Crosby — Sep 17, 1996

Exactly what it sounds like. (Except for the aliens, I hope.) A little rough around the edges (probably could have used the snap-to-grid feature of Pfhorte a bit more), but playable-no major problems. I'd have to disagree with the difficulty rating listed in the readme-I had no trouble clearing the level on Normal, first time through, with plenty of ammo to spare. Kinda fun, though... all the big baddies are in big, wide-open rooms, giving you room to maneuver. I wish I had a teleporter in MY house!

Pit of Darkness

Gabriel Gilder — Sep 17, 1996

Sort of a takeoff of Everyone's Mortal... except with a shorter hill, and more easily predicted transporters. In longer games, fighting will narrow down to shotguns and missile launchers (no other weapons will have ammo). Getting around is really easy...

Temple Phelsuma v1.8

Clinton Bauder — Sep 17, 1996

A very nice temple, with catacombs (filled with sewage) running underneath. Good attention to detail... will run a bit slow on slower machines (due to the large amount of open space). Update fixes a platform bug, and tweaks the term and bob placement.

Hiroshima Mon Amour v1.3

Borzz — Sep 17, 1996

A larger, rambling level. You start on an outer, elevated ring, that cannot be returned to without some judicious SPNKer jumping. On the main floor, lots of constructs break up the line of fire, and provide hiding places... but secret doors and teleporters give access to all parts of the map very quickly, so there isn't much safety. Playable with two people (a little slow), but really comes into its own with 4 or more. Comes in two versions-with and without baddies. Update adds a third version of the map, this time with H-Bomb explosions to add to the ambience.

Pfhor Flight

Tom McKenzie — Sep 17, 1996

Wow, this puppy is BIG. I don't mean lots of polys, I mean BIG - 34,000 units (in Pfhorte), top to bottom. (That's roughly equivalent to 235 feet, or 72 meters.) And it's mostly in one room... The hill is waaaay up high, a tiny little platform hanging in the wind. There are some very narrow, short columns waaaay down from here, with lots and lots and lots of goodies on them... but hitting them (especially when getting shot at) is quite difficult. One thing's for sure... you'll never run out of ammo - there should always be tons of SPNKR and shotgun ammo around. (Plus other stuff.) The huge distances, combined with the plethora of 2x rechargers, assure that the death rates will be low, moreso if the aliens are turned off.

The Pfhirm v3.0

Martin Koistinen — Sep 17, 1996

Modeled after the author's workplace. Straightforward carnage... there is a way to get the flamethrower, and don't go out the windows... there's no way back in.

Mark's Maps

Mark Mann — Sep 17, 1996

Three maps. Basically simple, but very nicely done. Shoot the Curl is pretty simple-two identical rooms connected by an s-turn. Most ammo is underwater. Lots to hide behind. Ring of Power is a pretty cool 5-D map that takes a little time to get the hang of... but works really well, once you do. 4-Gun Clover is pretty well named... there's a ledge around the outside of the cloverleaf, and a cross cut into the center of it... all ammo is in the cross, which can be filled with PfhorSlime. Only 8 shotguns, max, so this one's really designed for smaller groups. Plays quite nicely, even on slower machines (although it's hard to look at in low-res).

Flash Death v1.0

Martin Koistinen — Sep 17, 1996

Pretty slick small arena, with the hill on a small island, surrounded by lava. Nice sniper perches...

The Infinity Game Wimp v1.4

Unknown — Sep 15, 1996

Is a lot like the Marathon Cheater, but with a few differences. It's a bit more flexible (with more info) on stuff like Oxygen, Invincibility, etc (it'll give you approximate durations). It will add fist power-ups. (I don't know what this means... I didn't see any effects when I tried it). It will play your Marathon Music while it's working. (This can be cancelled.) It only works on the Infinity demo, M2 and the M2 Preview and Demo. $5 shareware. Update adds a very cool Full Map feature, and a bunch of 68K-only enhancements (save anywhere, start with extra health/oxygen, etc.)

Pud's Pit

Dave Kupczyk — Sep 14, 1996

A small arena with a sewage-filled pit in the center (hence the name), but most of the action seems to congregate in the side passages, where the weapons are... Drop back into the pit for ammo and a recharge canister. Keep an eye out for secret passages...

What Ho! Jeeves

Frank Rattlehead — Sep 14, 1996

A short (okay, very short) but entertaining solo level, where you're a security officer on a cruise ship with a very proper AI. It won't take you long, but the terms are funny.

Criss Cross

Dave Kupczyk — Sep 14, 1996

What it sounds like. An open arena with a raised cross in the center. Ammo and shotguns on the main floor, assault rifle one level up, all the big guns are a little harder to get to... See what you can do about getting the flamethrower with someone on your tail.

Too Young to Die... v1.1

Borzz — Sep 14, 1996

Original version released in No Parole. This is a multi-level arena, with extremely fast-moving elevators bringing players to all levels. There's a small danger of non-regeneration due to the near-constant motion of the elevators, but otherwise, this is a really fast-paced level with plenty of weapons. Two versions-one with baddies, one without. Update adds new sounds, tweaks object placement.

Wash and Dry

Greg Reinmuth — Sep 14, 1996

Horrendously annoying water level (although that seems to be the point...) Four areas, separated by ledges... primary mode of transport is the water, which goes up and down a lot (and never when you want it to...).

Foe Hammer

Greg Reinmuth — Sep 14, 1996

Shaped like a sledgehammer, with ammo at one head, the hill at the other, and SPNKRs at the bottom of the handle. Small enough that carnage should be extreme. Nice use of alien textures.

Incubus v1.6

Borzz — Sep 14, 1996

A small central arena with a shielded hill (user-controllable), and some very easy-to-navigate passages around the outside. Bilaterally symmetrical, which makes it easy to lose your bearings... Very few places to hide, so don't take too long a breather! Update includes a couple of nasty traps for the two remaining safe places on this map...

Romper Room

Dave Kupczyk — Sep 14, 1996

A huge, rambling level. There are a few funky textures, and it's really easy to get lost, but with a big enough group, there should be something for everyone. One thing's for sure-you'll never, ever, run out of ammo.

Blood Spray

Greg Reinmuth — Sep 14, 1996

Everyone starts out in a small, rectangular room filled with TOZTers and 3x canisters. You teleport out from here to a small cylinder, with shelves along the sides... a teleporter at the bottom brings you back to the top. Simple in layout, more weapons than you'll ever need, brightly lit. Expect really, really high carnage rates.

Four Dead Kings

Greg Reinmuth — Sep 14, 1996

A large arena with four hills. The hills are extremely vulnerable, from many sides, but only accessible from one point (each). Nice flow, and pretty to look at, as well. (You'll have to hunt for the teleporters the first time through...)

Island in the Sun

Borzz — Sep 14, 1996

Sorry, no description given at this time.

M2 Suicide Infinity/NorKorh

Butch Massoni — Sep 14, 1996

It had to happen... here are the three Infinity demo levels (and one from Nor'Korh), remade for M2, in the suicide tradition. Some are recognizable, some are not... all yield extremely high death rates.

PipeLine v1.1

Jeffrey Wood — Sep 14, 1996

A large central, waterfilled arena with a dry hill is surrounded by a matrix of passageways both above and below the waterline. Access to the hill is pretty nice for a water level. Update tweaks and aligns some textures.

Meo My!

Shawn Keller — Sep 14, 1996

Two levels. Both are pretty intricate, although the first one has some problems on slower machines, due to its extreme size and openness. (It's a huge fortress, and would fit 20 players comfortably.) The readme is (very) misleading about Meo My!... don't give up on escaping the invincibility chamber. Secrets abound... The second level is well designed for KOH or Ball games. (There's a huge lower pool, which would be hard to fight in, except for the fact that all the SPNKRS are down there...)

KreeNakoorie v1.3

Borzz — Sep 14, 1996

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Bob's Pfhort

Peter and James Graham — Sep 09, 1996

A two-level solo scenario. The first level is quite playable (assuming you choose the proper direction to navigate the loop... otherwise, it's a bear). The second level is hellish. Lots o' baddies, which would be fine, except for a framerate-sucking HUGE water-filled room that crushed a Q800 on Major Damage... Still, it's worth the effort, because it's just plain fun. The AI is a no-nonsense guy, but if you listen to him, you'll get around...


Steven Sauvey — Sep 09, 1996

A precursor to Good Day 2 Die, this is a pretty fun large map. This one favors the player who can change vertical targets easily... and it helps to know where the access to the secret areas comes from. Plays best with bigger groups, but 3 should have fun, as well.

The Search 3.11

Steve Campbell — Sep 09, 1996

The first level of a 3-level solo scenario. You're asked to activate a power station, and kill a few baddies along the way... okay, a lot of baddies. Well laid-out, in terms of action... some very nice visual effects. There are a few puzzles that need to be solved by finding hidden doors, but mostly, you need to keep your eyes open. Keep alert for those nasty cyborgs! Update fixes first term so you don't teleport out immediately. Very fun.


Doug Moyers — Sep 09, 1996

As the readme says, it's in the Everyone's Mortal genre, except the area surrounding the hill is filled with deep water. The whole map's spread out a bit, since it was designed using the (enclosed) LTI physics model, which adds a bit to your jumping capabilities, among other things. Some very nice sniping positions.

Darius's NetMapPack

Darius Gilder — Sep 09, 1996

6 maps, mostly variations on Bungie's arena levels (M1 and M2). The biggest influences are Thunderdome, House of Pain, Everyone's Mortal But Me, and Waldo World. Generally nice construction, and plenty of weapons.

Pfhunk Pfhiles v911

Humberto Acevedo/Mike Miazgowicz — Sep 09, 1996

8 net maps. These are split between a few standard (pretty nice, in most cases) arena maps, and several team-oriented game maps. There's a capture-the-flag variation (already released), a mortar-style combat map, a pretty slick KOH level, and more. Construction is good, ammo is plentiful, and for bigger groups, the team play should liven up your carnage-fests.

Re'fix v2.1

Doug Moyers — Sep 09, 1996

A pretty slick run-and-hide map, with lots of windows, and lots of escape routes. You can get almost anywhere from anywhere else... but everyone can see you do it. There are a few lava pits that might slow you up, but they can also be used as shortcuts to some of the more useful places on the map. Nice construction.

Triangle of Doom

Ken Alper — Sep 09, 1996

Wow. I thought the suicide levels were small and deadly. This is a collection of three maps, mostly one room each. (There's a bonus space in the last one.) The title map is tiny (about 7000 units across), with 7 starting positions! The other two aren't much bigger... Ammo is plentiful, but these would be unplayable with more than three players (and even then, it's Stand Up and Shoot Someone). Play these if you really, really need to kill a lot.

M2 Suicide v18

Butch Massoni — Sep 09, 1996

Three more from the long-quiet suicide master. The first one is extremely aptly named, but the other two are quite fun. Death awaits you...

"Lights, Floors, and Ceilings"

Phil Maaris — Sep 07, 1996

Have you ever made a simple marathon map, with limited lighting types ,because you never figured out how to make those smooth fluctuating lights? Or maybe you know, technically, how to do it, but never got around to it, because of the tedium of creating all those lighting types. Well, wait no more-download this package. It contains 4 one-poly maps (yes, you'll have to add your own polys to make them functional), containing smooth gradations of lights using various steps. Also contains easy lookup tables for creating staircases.

SyncFilm v1.0

Kirill Levchenko — Sep 03, 1996

This drag-n-drop film fixer will synch a film with the map it was made from. Good for those times when the proper map is present, but Marathon refuses to recognize it...

alt.games.marathon FAQ

Claude Errera — Sep 03, 1996

Finally, a FAQ for alt.games.marathon! Never again will you have to explain why you can't change views in net films in M2, or how to find out your frame rates. Contains info through the demo release of Infinity. (This puppy's so out-of-date, it's not funny... but it's still useful info, for the most part.)

Funky Town

David Shaw — Aug 31, 1996

A four-story house, with a yard. Overall, this is quite impressive. The attic is great, and the sniper positions outside are pretty cool. The interior (first and second floors) are a bit cramped... but what would you expect, running around a house with weapons of destruction? Check under the stairs in the basement for a Bungie-esque joke.

The Moat v1.0

Nic Munroe — Aug 31, 1996

A large, sewage-controlled KOH level. There are a bunch of secrets, and lots of effort has been put into sound and lighting effects. There's a secret term that will bring you to a joke level... try not to use it during a net game. Lots of smearing due to media heights going above walls... non-fatal, though. Also comes in a much smaller, term-less version.

Hoorah! Hoorah!

Dave Markowitz — Aug 31, 1996

A big upgrade of Hoorah! Lots to do, seems to work better as a solo kill-everything level than a network level (unless you like lots o' monsters in your net levels).

Blue Monday Revision Z

Nick Esborn — Aug 31, 1996

The map played at the Grayphics Marathon Tournament 1996. Pretty cool design, in terms of flow and targeting... but it relies very heavily on secret doors (checK out the film for a comprehensive list). Should fit 6-8 easily.

Syltetoy's Levels

BjornKing — Aug 31, 1996

Twelve levels. These tend to be huge, open areas, with smaller side areas. Texture choices are odd, in some cases (and overabundant in most). The levels seem to get better as you go higher in the map set (although I encountered a freezing bug in the last level). A couple are extremely high in alien count.

Pfhorte Anti-Crash Guide v2.0

Alamar Sheltem — Aug 30, 1996

The first iteration of a guide to getting started in Pfhorte, and what pitfalls to watch out for. Shows how to set up defaults so that they're useful... and how to avoid common errors (including those caused by bugs in Pfhorte). Update adds a bunch of information, fixes some grammar.


"Gairdt "Hans" Lundeen" — Aug 28, 1996

Take House of Pain, open up the outside walls, add crossed trenches in the center, and brighten up everything considerably, and you'll get this well-built large arena, equipped for up to 8 players comfortably. Nice roof...

Kill Em All 1.1

David Markowitz — Aug 28, 1996

Bobs, bobs, and more bobs. Some are explodabobs, some are not... Play it long enough, and you'll be fighting all of them, like it or not. A good test of how long you can stay alive against bobs. Update tweaks weapon availability.

The Return v2.0

Daniel Loebl — Aug 28, 1996

An abandoned church, with a few elevators, some teleporters, and a secret passage or two. Always keep in mind-if you can see them, they can probably see you... Update adds lots of secret passageways, reworks some of the existing ones, and generally cleans up. (A much sneakier level, now...)

Nuclear Map Pak v1.0.1

Jeff Gibboney and Tyler Grant — Aug 28, 1996

The focus recently has been on solo levels, but this is a pack of 26 consistently very good net levels. These guys like narrow raised walkways and sharp corners, but overall, flow is great, texture choices are very tasteful, and weapons are plentiful. There are some very cool tricks (I liked the stairways on Pseudo Bridge a lot), and nice lighting on several maps. No matter what size your group is, you should find maps you can die in here...The only downside is that they're actually asking for money if you like the maps. Update fixes a couple of small bugs (one net level didn't show up in the Gather window, that sort of thing...)

Keep Yourself Alive v1.0

Robert Lenne — Aug 28, 1996

A pretty interesting level, with lots of secret (or semisecret) doors. Flow is great, once you've figured out where these doors are... and there's a little something for everyone. Open spaces, tight corridors, hideaways... there's always a way out of wherever you are. Watch the double jugs (non-trivial to trigger, so you may not see them).


Matt Mogavero — Aug 24, 1996

A solo level with no save term. You'll find yourself doing it several times, as you run into each new trap... and parts can be pretty repetitive, but it's a fun half-hour or so. Fun terms.


Matt Mogavero — Aug 24, 1996

A pretty cool small level designed for two players. You face each other across a lava moat. Both have a large wall to hide behind, but your opponent can raise yours with a well-placed projectile, leaving you defenseless... and for those who believe the best defense is a good offense, you can build a bridge across the moat (although it's not necessary-you can simply run across, using the alcoves on the side).

Detention Center

SeigfriedH — Aug 24, 1996

A sequel to Lunar Fort. Very well-done, and quite playable... it's three levels, but only the second one counts, in terms of gameplay. Worth the download, for sure...

Pfhor Corners

A112551 — Aug 24, 1996

A simple arena in two flavors... one has a walkway around the outside of a lava pool, the other is the same with a hill poly in the center. Weapons are really tight (looks like they're set up for two-player games... which is okay, I guess, since more than three (or maybe four) would be insane.

The Battle

Ronald Sweeney — Aug 24, 1996

Two huge rooms (lots and lots of smearing) filled to the brim with aliens, and bobs, and S'pht'Kr. No weapons... you're supposed to do your fighting with what you can pick up off the dead bobs... Frame rates below 5 fps on a Q800.

Pfhor Complex 7

Matt Mogavero — Aug 24, 1996

A large level with a few open areas, a suicide room, and lots of passageways that look the same. The room with the fluctuating pool has some neat features, though...

BOB's Alien Ship

Jim Hart — Aug 23, 1996

Two levels. One is a conversion of Bob World HQ (no credit to Mark Conahan, the original creator), using the alien textureset, and the other is a small insanely busy arena with a raised cross in the center.

Everybody In The Pool

Matt Mogavero — Aug 23, 1996

An arena level with a large pool in the center. Half of the bottom rises and falls slowly, making a good high spot (or missile block). Teleporters speed up end-to-end travel, and light switches control who's visible and who isn't...

"Much Better, Thank You" 1.8

Steve H. Wiedemann — Aug 23, 1996

A pretty straightforward solo level. Not horribly difficult, unless you try to face the jug at the beginning instead of the end. Very bright... and there's one pretty cool room, watch for the hunters.

BOBlienation Trilogy

Paul Roberts — Aug 23, 1996

A three level scenario in which you're helping a mining colony's AI fend off an attack from Explodabobs. Generally, I don't like Explodabobs, but this was a playable scenario. The biggest problem was a complete lack of save terms-you have to play the entire thing in one sitting. (Luckily, it's not too big.)

Nokrah Torture Chamber

Alex Black — Aug 20, 1996

A KOH level with a big central hill, and waterfilled arms around it... you can come out low, or you can come out high. Problem is, the hill is big enough that it ain't like shooting fish in a barrel...

Marathon Film Installer 1.0a5

Charles Lechasseur — Aug 20, 1996

Will allow you to replace the films built in to Marathon 1 or 2 (the ones that show if you leave the main screen up too long) with your own. Update adds compatibility with Infinity.

Kill or be Killed

Steven Sauvey — Aug 20, 1996

A large map, broken into a few rooms. Lots of ledge shooting... and doors that look like walls. Should boil down to an arena map, with a few areas to take breathers in.

Mission: Improbable

Jeff Isselee — Aug 20, 1996

A sequel to Operation: Exaggeration. 12 levels (or so... a couple don't really count, in terms of gameplay). This one's a winner. It's not the most visually stunning, or the hardest... but the AIs are very funny, the physics are brilliant, and the tributes are really, really well done. Don't miss this map-it'll give you ideas for your own maps. (And the sense of humor shown in the storyline is really refreshing, after all the 'save the universe'-type plots.)

Majordomo V1.3

Mackman — Aug 20, 1996

A large, two-level arena. The hill is elevated, and can be reached from walkways at all four points of the compass. Travel between the floor and the upper areas is well-facilitated, and in general, flow is quite nice. The hill's big enough that you can dodge almost anything coming at you... in order to knock someone off, it'll be necessary to get on it yourself. Update tweaks alignment and object placement.

Duality for M2

Eric Hoffman — Aug 20, 1996

The net level included with the Infinity demo, for those of you unwilling or unable to download the 19 meg file yourself. The only change was Type code, so that M2 would recognize it. Otherwise, it's the same as the Infinity level.

Good Day 2 Die

Steven Sauvey — Aug 20, 1996

The main room is a bunch of walkways between raised areas. There are overlooks that give you a birds-eye view of the arena (this was the author's original impetus), and lots of back passageways for hiding in/getting to sniper positions. More ammo than you'll ever need.

M2 Suicide v17

Butch Massoni — Aug 20, 1996

Three more levels, all original. The first one's pretty much deadly, and the second is hard to look at... but the third is a blast.

"Ok, Cannon Fodder"

Nick Singer — Aug 20, 1996

6 maps, and a physics model. A pretty good spread-a bungie tribute, a few KOH maps, a novelty level, and a couple of flavors of a nice paintball-style arena. Fast-paced, generally...

Reservoir BoBs

Tony Smith — Aug 15, 1996

The third installment in the Origin of Species series. Definitely up to the standard set by the first two chapters... with very nice term art, and some hellishly good level design, this one should satisfy the Tony Smith cravings induced by previous releases, at least for a little while...

Mad Pfhortes v2.0

Kitt Thompson — Aug 14, 1996

A couple of buildings and some surrounding courtyard. You can get to every place you can see, but the teleporters that make this possible are not at all obvious. You may have to resort to a map editor to find them... but once your group knows where they are, this becomes a very fast-moving map.

Bob Factory 1.0.1

Darrell Olson — Aug 14, 1996

This is a really nice three-level scenario. (Well, the first and third levels are pretty short, but they're still quite good.) I was running around the last level, doing my best to stay alive long enough to get to the end, and I was trying to figure out what I liked so much about it... I decided it's monster placement. It's great! (Well, a little light at the start, but he makes up for that.) It's really tight on ammo, at least at first, so you need to plan your routes quite a bit. Brought back the best parts of M1 for me... Update removes the one annoyance, by making terms and pattern buffers look right.

Deadly Vengeance v5.3.3

f515karl — Aug 14, 1996

A HUGE level. Would fit about 30, but has weapons for maybe 2 (and that's pushing it). Pretty nice to look at, though... 775 polygons, so don't bother with a low-end machine. Designed as a net level, but can be played solo.

No Stinking Type Pfhor Errors

Grag — Aug 14, 1996

A sequel to the DMMC Scenario Preview. This is another impressive effort, with a lot of fun touches (a working sink, video games, judicious use of juggernauts). A bit confusing if not completed in the order intended, and I ran into a bizarre bug with the first uplink chip insertion point, but all in all, an enjoyable scenario.

The Last Stand

Jeremy Whitman — Aug 14, 1996

Two maps, one for small groups and one for large. Neither is huge... At first glance, this is a very simple map, but some of the dead ends actually make nice ambush spots, and a few of the escape stairwells will catch your feet if you're running away and not paying attention...

Monkey's Fist

Stuart Glenn — Aug 14, 1996

Very similar to Everyone's Mortal in layout, but much different in actual play. Very fast, with a defendable hill.

fifty one fifty

Steven Sauvey — Aug 14, 1996

Narrow walkways rise above and split the floor. Teleporters bridge the gaps... weapons aplenty, and more than enough 2x powerups. A few out-of-the-way rooms give you a bit of breathing space. Nicely balanced-the high ground is hard to keep, because a spanker shot blows you off the ledge you're standing on.

Suffer Me v1.1

Borzz — Aug 14, 1996

A hill, surrounded by shallow lava, and overseen by several sniper perches. Getting on the hill is non-trivial, but stop in the lava if you need a little height... This should have some fast games. Update makes the sniper perches MUCH less secure.

Glory Hole

Dave Turner — Aug 14, 1996

This is a net level, but it doesn't matter if you aren't connected to a network-get this map. It doesn't matter if you don't like the design (I find it a bit labyrinthine, but others love that style) - get this map. Dave Turner has once again shown what can be done, by creating a map that uses three different media types (water, lava, and sewage) and two different texture sets (sets 1 and 2, water and lava), all on the same level! And just for fun, he's tossed in some cool tricks (switch-activated teleporter, multi-level elevator, retractable recharger). He also includes info on repeating the magic, if you feel so inclined.

Dying is Easy

Daniel Loebl — Aug 14, 1996

An open area with multi-level platforms, and a lot of intricate hallways and stairwells around the outside. Look for the sniper positions that give access to long-range kill shots... but beware the counterpositions! A deceptive map, for there are many areas that seem safe to rest in, but aren't...

M2 Crosshairs

Greg Parker — Aug 13, 1996

A small program that runs concurrently with Marathon. Adds a small crosshair in the center of the screen. Not a patch to Marathon, so but a separate entity... so getting rid of it is easy. Only tested with M2, but probably works with M1 and Infinity as well. PowerMac only-will crash your 68K machine.

Bubbleworld v1.1

Andrew McClintock — Aug 01, 1996

A bunch of large, well-lit rooms, some waterfilled catacombs beneath them, and darkened narrow passageways connecting everything. This one is absolutely HUGE-any one of the rooms would be big enough for a 2-3 person game... but if you've got the party, come on in!

Let's Rock!

John Bingham — Aug 01, 1996

An interesting level with several distinct areas. Big enough to support 6 (that's all the player points there are), but since the ammo is concentrated near the central arena, people should be sticking around there, making it playable with 2-3. As with the M1 level that inspired parts of this (Triskelion), a strategically placed fusion bolt can help increase the death toll on your enemies, while leaving you out of the carnage...

Bloody Dreams Level 1

Jesse Freeman — Jul 30, 1996

The first level of an upcoming scenario. Very nice chapter art... an interesting take on the Marathon universe. As for gameplay: let me give you some advice. DON'T try to kill everything... just do your best to get to where you need to go, as quickly as possible. If you're lucky, you'll survive to see the final term. Some nice dead ends (these would bother me quite a bit if it were a longer level), and a couple of nice visual tricks.

M2 NetHell 2000

Matthew Ramquist — Jul 30, 1996

A large arena, with lots of running room. There are also several narrow passageways around the outside, which provide access to sniper positions... The jug keeps things interesting for solo play. Size comes from an included sound clip. (This description was snagged from the the M1 version, which is included here.)

E=Dope MC

Ben Suppe — Jul 30, 1996

A remake of E=MC what!, with very cool lighting effects... update tweaks ammo, weapon, and powerup placement.

Sexual Chocolate

Dominic Ryan — Jul 30, 1996

A pretty fun larger level. In theory, action should revolve around the central arena (the one with the cross and the crushers. In practice, there's quite a bit of running up and down stairs (careful of the pits!), and some good spanker action in the waldo-like side arena. Nice lighting effects.

Iron Buddha Chakra v1.5

Ben Suppe — Jul 30, 1996

Another well-designed level (from a flow perspective), with some very nice lighting effects. Getting to the flamethrower requires exposing yourself a bit... update tweaks ammo and weapons, and makes a few aesthetic improvements.

Buckets of Fun

Alex Weissman — Jul 30, 1996

Eight levels, all aimed at smaller groups (3-4). There's a bit of everything here... a modification of Waldo World (very claustrophobic), some ledge maps that are really reminiscent of Mark Conahan's M1 work (Go Wif Jeza comes to mind, or Canyonlands), and some have been seen before (Bobcorn is a lot like Bob Hot Air Popper and Way Down should look like Lord of the Sky). There's also one nasty bug, and some misaligned textures... but in general, it's a pretty fun pack.

Wheatgrass Chakra v1.5

Ben Suppe — Jul 30, 1996

An interesting level. On one hand, it's nicely designed... three (or two or four, depending on how you count) killing rings, with easy access between them. On the other hand, there are many little funky sections, which serve no gameplay purpose, but are pretty cool to look at... some very nice uses of polygons. Run through this level once by yourself-you may not have time to admire the window dressing during a net game. Update tweaks ammo and weapons, and seems to pretty a few areas up.

Netwired v2.0a

Paladin — Jul 30, 1996

Very nice conversions of 2 fun M1 levels... Dementia came out better than the original author's conversion attempt, imho. These are both arena maps, with narrow staircase/hallways around the outside. Torque also has some nice crossbeam action.

Gemini Station

Mike Trinder — Jul 23, 1996

A huge, rambling, fantastically engrossing level that makes up the first of six to eight parts in this scenario. (The Tony Smith model of serial level release might be catching on.) There are a few (minor) bugs, like telepost bugs, and places you shouldn't be able to get to, but on the whole, this is really, really well done. The storyline gets weird at times, but it's quite intricate, and self-consistent. There are even a couple of never-before-seen tricks here... check out the self-destruct timer! Worth every byte...

Don't Get Pfhunked

Humberto Acevedo/Mike Miazgowicz — Jul 23, 1996

Another type of capture the flag. Find the switch in your opponent's base, then come back and flip your own. Your opponent's base will fill with lava. (Likewise, if he gets to yours first, upon flipping his, your base will fill with lava... should make you think twice before flipping...)

Four Pillars v3.0

Aaron Welton — Jul 23, 1996

A very slick, extremely confusing (at least the first time) large map. There's a bit of everything here... open space, sniper nests, 5D space, crushers for your enemies... you name it, all packaged in a very visually appealing map. The motion detector is close to useless, and there are many ways to get around. Use the various elevators as cover. Update cleans up a few bugs, consolidates polys (should run faster), adds sounds and aliens, and generally improves play. The web page has been updated, as well.

Siege of Nor'Korh v1

Frigidman™ — Jul 22, 1996

Updated for Infinity: v2: 2-26-97
Requires: Marathon:Infinity, or Marathon2.
Specs: These levels run smoothly on a PPC, but are a tad slow for an 040.

Get the Infinity Version (if you have Infinity)

Siege of Nor'Korh! This was the first solo adventure that I created. It has rated the best as a single person made scenario to date. So in all the fuss, I decided to revamp it and make it more clean and compatible for both Infinity and Marathon:2.

This pack includes the 6 large solo levels for the scenario, and also the Infinity Only Net Maps that I have made.

This was originally about five months of work, needless to say I poured my heart into this to make it the best ever. What spurred me to do this? YOU PEOPLE DID! Without any of the support and fan mail, I would have just said to hell with it all. The update for Infinity took me two days to do. God Forge is great :-)

Be sure to read the readme file with this pack because it has some preliminary mission info for you, as well as thanks to a lot of special people. Also, I would like to apologize about that readme. It used a horde of true blue on black for text and backgrounds. I was stupid back then, and didn't realize how horridly crappy that sort of coloring was. So, I fixed it.

Here is what it says about this scenario off the Marathon:Trilogy Map CD...
This six-level solo scenario is the most visually stunning creation developed for the Marathon engine. There are no misaligned textures, no suicide rooms (areas you can get into, but not out of), no misplaced textures. Every space is meticulously crafted, with many gratuitious constructs there only to enhance your viewing pleasure. Several tricks have been created to take advantage of the Marathon engine in ways that noone has done yet, including force fields, fixed gun turrets, and airlocks. The plot is well thought-out, and consistent through the six levels. This is not a flip-all-the-switches-and-teleport-out game... you know generally what you need to do at each juncture, but it's not always clear how to do it. Monsters are well-placed, showing up when you least expect them. There are certainly huge firefights, but usually, you're killing stuff that creeps up on you, or appears because of your actions. Often, you're tempted with goodies (weapons, ammo), but greeted with flaming death when you try to collect... You need to keep on your toes at all times.


Casey Lewis — Jul 20, 1996

Four maps, none of them really playable. They're mostly idea maps... sort of trying out new architectures. A couple would make nice additions to existing maps...

Trek Walls 2

Michael O'Brien — Jul 20, 1996

A full set of textures (and scenery, and the Borg Cube) from Star Trek. You can see a good representation by patching your Shapes file, and playing Arrival (the first Bungie level) with these shapes...


Andreas Rønning — Jul 20, 1996

A huge pit, with a ring around the outside. Bobs galore, mostly just for killing...

Party/Live at London

Andreas Rønning — Jul 20, 1996

Two maps. Party is 4 big rooms, LIve at London is a ring with sniper ledges and a central recharge area. Weird smearing because of a no-thickness wall...

Where'd That Come From?

Casey Lewis — Jul 20, 1996

A pretty nice-looking net level-quite bright, good flow-but no weapons. (Well, there's one spanker, and ammo for it, but...)

Nothing Special

Andreas Ronning — Jul 20, 1996

A big, rambling level that works better as a solo "kill everything" level than a net level. Lots of narrow passageways, and a bit light on the ammo...

Bob World Headquarters

Casey Lewis — Jul 20, 1996

A bunch of bobs, and a bunch of aliens... the only weapon is a single spanker. The readme says wait until you have it to start killing bobs... but when I did that, there weren't any bobs left.

Life Experience

Michael Svendsen — Jul 20, 1996

A spaceship level, with small rooms and lots of corridors. Some texture alignment needed...

NetHell 2000

Matthew Ramquist — Jul 20, 1996

A large arena, with lots of running room. There are also several narrow passageways around the outside, which provide access to sniper positions... The jug and the MADD keep things interesting for solo play. Size comes from an included sound clip.

Compactor of Pfhunk

Mike Miazgowicz — Jul 18, 1996

Very strange. The hill is truly dangerous to get to... and nasty to defend. Once you've figured out how to get up and down, it's a really fast-moving level... Aliens make it a pain in the butt.

Network Preparation

Craig Durkin — Jul 18, 1996

Thunderdome, slightly modified and with a nasty physics model. The elevators go all the way up now, but the ledge side never got textured, which makes for some trippy views if you're looking out at the arena... There are aliens now, and the physics model makes 'em really nasty. Supposed to be a training level.

Satan's Muffins M2

John Bingham — Jul 18, 1996

A nice port of an interesting M1 level. As with the original, it's a great arena, if you stay away from the edges... but if you do, you'll miss the goodies.


Mark Conahan — Jul 18, 1996

A striking map, designed for king of the hill. You want to stay on the high ground, because there's a switch that will flood most of the map in lava... The hill is quite reachable from this switch, so beware the cherry picker. (The lava's supposed to drain if you leave the switch, but I found with a little fancy footwork, you could make it to the hill with the lava in place... it'll go off when they die and regenerate, but this is a cheap way to get a few extra seconds of hill time.)

Holodeck Waldo v2.1

Peer Schmitz and Kevin Lim — Jul 15, 1996

Billed as the Ultimate Waldo World. There's a little that's new, but basically it's Waldo Conversion number 432...

Carnage Island v3.0

Jeremy Whitman — Jul 15, 1996

Fast-paced, multilevel map. Ostensibly a circular arena, but most of the action occurs in narrow passageways or the small central room. Best with bigger groups. Update tweaks textures, makes it harder to take a lava bath. (Although there certainly are benefits!) V3 update: The central area is now outdoors. Readme lists other changes, but they don't really seem major in terms of gameplay...

Krylark The Demo

Jeremy Whitman — Jul 15, 1996

First level of a 5-level scenario, Krylark the Fallen. Interesting plot, but the AI can't spell worth a damn. The level is almost too difficult to bother with... lots of tight corridors filled with purple compys and tanks (nowhere to dodge projectiles, or explosions). Nice construction, though... the transparent walls in front of lava might be overdone, but there are some nice tricks. Also comes with a copy of Carnage Island (looks like version 3, but I can't be sure).

Hadley's Hope

John Bingham — Jul 15, 1996

A small, bug-hunt-like level. There's an outer ring into which everyone must enter from their starting points. Inside that, there are a few small rooms with lots of cover... even though it's not large, you can stay alive a long time if you play it right. (Not much open space.) Inspired by the colony of the same name in Aliens.


kosmo — Jul 15, 1996

A run-around-and shoot everything level.

Operation: Exaggeration

Jeff Isselee — Jul 15, 1996

A tongue-in-cheek 11-level solo effort. Inspired greatly by Douglas Adams, this map is very funny for the first several levels, at which point it suddenly turns downright mean. I stopped laughing at about level 7... and it didn't get nice again until the very end. However, it's very playable (if a bit difficult). Comes with a really fun physics model (that wouldn't make sense in most maps, but works wonderfully here). The only real gripe is the lack of alignment for all comm terms/pattern buffers. Other than that, this scenario is a blast..

Yellow Seas of Blood 1.1

mduda — Jul 14, 1996

Two levels. (More are planned.) The first level plays nicely, but the plot is a bit weak... Update beefs up the second level (a little), tweaks lighting and object placement, and improves the plot.

Covered Bridge

cisselee — Jul 11, 1996

A small 5D number... bigger than it looks. Really nice use of landscape texture on the roof of the bridge...

The Dkkanichron

Will Starck — Jul 11, 1996

This is the sequel to The Wrath of the Sentinel. Huge vistas... a very workable storyline... some minor problems. (I got trapped in a poly near the end and had to restore from a saved game, there are a few spurious walls, that sort of thing. Nothing major, nothing that'll ruin the experience for you.) Quite a difficult start, but once you find that first save buffer, you're okay. Very enjoyable. Comes with its own obscenely graphics-rich web page.

The Bomb v2

Robert Chambers — Jul 11, 1996

A simple, Everyone's Mortal-type net map (but not quite as fast-paced).

Virtual Spaces

Paul Gronemeyer — Jul 07, 1996

A collection of maps of buildings, and new textures to make them look right. No weapons, and no aliens (well, there are bobs in one...). It's more of an architecture display than anything else... A couple are spectacular, but many textures are badly pixillated.

Paradise Can Wait

Draquo — Jul 07, 1996

A small arena with a ledge around the outside. Needs texture alignment...

King's Court

Derik Copus — Jul 07, 1996

An interesting little map, with lots of walls and windows blocking and facilitating long-distance shots... The hill's really not a safe place.

Return of the Cyborg

Luca Uggeri — Jul 06, 1996

A sequel to Foreign Legion 2.0. One level, with the ending leaving an opening for one more level. Very heavy on the puzzles... very nicely constructed. Enormous. Author expressed concern that the bar keeps being raised for quality, but he needn't worry just yet... This is another winner.

EvenFlow v2

Borzz — Jul 06, 1996

Three maps. A major Juggie in every one (well, at least one...). Despite that (does my bias against monsters in net levels show?), these are relatively playable... except for the first one. (DON'T leave the main arena...) The third one's actually quite intricate... Update adds a fourth level (pretty simple, but quite fun).


Derik Copus — Jul 06, 1996

A port of You Don't Need to See My ID. Some hallways (claustrophobic in the M1 version) are now wide enough for three people abreast... and at least one semi-open room has become seriously tight.


Ian Korf — Jul 06, 1996

A large, (technically) symmetrical level, with open, well-lit spaces, dark rooms, and some tight maze areas. Good for bigger groups.

Wrath of Tycho 2.0

Matt Kelley — Jul 06, 1996

Tycho didn't die when his ship crashed... and now he's back, and he's pissed. He wants you dead. The levels here are not easy, but they tend to be tough not because of good planning, but because of overwhelming numbers of baddies, and lack of ammo. 6 or 7 blue hunters at a time, e.g. Update adds much better term text, a new level, and some tweaks.

Another Brick in the Wall

Matt Kelley — Jul 06, 1996

Basically, two rooms, separated (and enclosed) by a wall wide enough to snipe from. There are also three lookout areas that don't seem to serve any purpose at all...

No Parole

Bores — Jul 06, 1996

Two maps. The first is also the new map in Evenflow2. The second is a seriously frenetic multilevel circular arena. Pretty nice use of Alien textures...

Baraka 3/3 Demo

Michael Gaines — Jul 05, 1996

A three-level demo of a 10-level solo scenario. (The first level has been altered a little from the original Baraka demo.) Also included are three net levels, as well as lots of peripheral info... a silly movie (you'll need a tool that can make it visible, like ResEdit), screen shots, sketches of work and info on the mapmaking process. Fun, but it seemed to go by pretty quickly...

You may want to look at the floppy-sized digestible chunks page.

Smiley ID's Maps

Morgan Odland — Jul 05, 1996

5 levels. Very large, generally quite playable. Lots of symmetry, as well as a bit of carelessness (bad textures in places you don't go very often, etc). A couple are very pretty to look at, and a couple seem to use textures gratuitously (that is, there are texture changes that seem to be nothing more than an attempt to get another texture in).

Marathon Revisited

Soren Bech Jensen — Jul 05, 1996

A pretty incredible 26-level scenario from a Danish mapmaker. Quite a bit of new art, as well as art "borrowed" (with credit) from other work... The storyline is conveyed in chapter screens-the terms you find simply contain the secret terms from the original Marathon, in case you missed them the first time around. Some unpleasant tricks are here (save whenever you get the chance, since there are more than a few dead ends), and some silly stuff (pictures of naked women in the marine jail cells, the bobs are now boobs (and pretty well done, too), that sort of thing), but overall, this is pretty enthralling.

The Splattitorium

Chris Canul — Jul 05, 1996

A large, pretty arena with a raised hill and a waterfilled outer ring. Don't bother with less than four... you'll never kill anyone.


Chris Canul — Jul 05, 1996

An M1 and M2 version of the Pacman maze. Very different feel to the two versions... too big, though, to recognize where you are until you go into map mode.

Jeff's M1 Maps

CIsselee — Jun 30, 1996

13 maps. Eight are already here, as Vertigo Maps. The other 5 are worth the download... generally, interesting-looking maps. (Some look better than they play.) One of these will make you go blind if you play it too long...

There Can Be Only One (m2)

Draquo — Jun 30, 1996

An awful lot like Waldo World, with a few twists.

Three Chips

Jim Prouty — Jun 30, 1996

A single-level solo map. Your goal is to collect three repair chips... two are pretty easy, one's a bit tricky. A nice little 5-D area in the middle...

Jeff's New M2 Maps

CIsselee — Jun 30, 1996

Three maps. Dark Temple is just what it sounds like. (Pretty open though...) Mash Pit is a tiny arena, with a smaller hill surrounded by pfhorslime... looks like horribly high carnage rates. The Island is a Thunderdome-style map with the central area filled with water, and the hill reachable by retractable bridges.

The Revolver

CIsselee — Jun 30, 1996

Big weapons are in the center, behind a wall you have to walk up to to open. (Don't get trapped inside-the only way out is to blast your way past someone else coming in.)

Let's Put the Pfhun in Fun

Steve Bush — Jun 30, 1996

Reminded me a lot of Spiral Insanity. An outside ring borders a mazelike multilevel building, with lots of ways to get around. A little jarring at first, but after playing it for a while, it starts to look quite nice. Best views seem to be while lying on your back in the outer ring, looking up...

Stairway to Heaven

Andreas Rønning — Jun 30, 1996

Very simple, but it plays well. High carnage with anything more than 2...

Dyad Destruction

Ian Korf — Jun 30, 1996

A symmetrical map using water cannons for rapid movement. Clean, and easy to get the hang of... very fast-paced carnage.

King's Throne v2.0

CIsselee — Jun 30, 1996

A pretty nice KOH map-the light switch behind the hill makes the king VERY vulnerable.

Anderson's Tool Shed

Steve Bush — Jun 30, 1996

A three-level arena-type map, with a hill on top, an outer ring below it, and access to the hill on the bottom. Very hard to keep an eye on all areas...

Spaceship Station

Josh Hoffert — Jun 30, 1996

A very nice multilevel map. Teleporters are color-coded, to help you figure out where you're going, and lights can make hallways safe or dangerous, depending on which side of the switch you're on...


Ian Korf — Jun 30, 1996

A shallow, waterfilled central arena and some interconnected passageways around the outside should keep you looking over your shoulder for that next grenade...

MIS S.A.M Archive

MIS S.A.M. — Jun 30, 1996

7 levels. All are pretty simple in layout, and all have way too many baddies for net play, but they've got generally good flow... Mostly arena-type stuff, but a couple are more complicated. Not bad for burning off a little steam.

Industrial Strength (M2)

Mark Conahan — Jun 30, 1996

One side is full of canyons and ledges, the other side is a fortress. Between them is a lava river that serves more than one purpose. This map is really pretty to look at, but if you play it with aliens on, you'll never get to see that... A little bit of smearing at the bottommost corridor, where the lava comes up too high, but nothing major.

Bucho Needs Women

Steve Weintraub — Jun 30, 1996

A pretty straightforward port of Mars Needs Women. Nice job, overall... The only additions are small, to take advantage of some of the improvements of the M2 engine. The intention was to create an M2 version that stayed truer to the original than most of the existing ports, both in feel and in playability. In that, it is a success.

Cherry 2000

Ian Korf — Jun 30, 1996

There are eight rechargers in this map, but you probably won't be very successful at using them. Our experience was, the lowest scores were achieved by those trying to recharge. Some of the better weapons require fancy footwork.

Everyone's Stupid But ME

Draquo — Jun 30, 1996

Everyone's Mortal, with the outer walls set to landscape.


Steve Bush — Jun 30, 1996

A great KOH map-incredible flow (there are lots and lots and lots of ways onto the hill, and most of them have vulnerabilities). Mostly a dark room, with a well-lit hill and four well-lit sniper towers. Looks nice, too...

11 Netmaps

Tschet — Jun 30, 1996

11 pretty big maps. Generally very well-constructed, but using a huge variety of textures per map (adds to eye fatigue after a while). Flow is usually pretty good, and textures are nicely aligned. Worth a look if you have a group of 4 or more.

The Little Room v2.1

Draquo — Jun 28, 1996

Two square open rooms (small), joined by an open doorway. More weapons than the Marines used in Granada. No cover, no secrets... just stand-up-and-shoot-the-guy-next-to-you carnage. Update changes walls from huge floor-to-ceiling windows to white with tiny windows. Also includes several films.

Waldo for M2-Better

Draquo — Jun 28, 1996

Another trio of Waldo World ports. The lighting on Waldo 2.0 is actually pretty nice...

Pie in the Sky (m2)

Michael Coyle — Jun 28, 1996

A pretty well thought out KOH arena. The hill is somewhat protected, but also has unique vulnerabilities. Some weapons are harder to get to than others... This one supports (well) any number of players from 2-8.


Richard Stogran — Jun 28, 1996

Inspired by Acid Jazz (and using the same general texture scheme), this is a great-flowing small KOH map. Weapons can be found in the room under the hill... Very polished map.

Fm: Pool Set v4

Frigidman™ — Jun 18, 1996

Initially Created: 12-13-95

Specs: Initially created on an 040 with Pfhorte. Runs really well for any mac.

The Radient Pools (yes it's spelled wrong on purpose) set was the first two maps I ever made for M2. They didn't have any type of lighting and that was because Pfhorte didn't handle it. These are redone versions with the newest Pfhorte, complete with lighting. Some nice sniper areas are in these because I was really into sneaky stuff when I was first making maps.

Thick of the Fray

Draquo — Jun 16, 1996

One large arena with several perpetual baddies, and lots of fake walls hiding passageways. Look for misaligned textures when you can't get out of a room.

Testland Physics

Draquo — Jun 16, 1996

A map set up to test hairy physics models. It's you against way, way too many baddies... load up your meanest physics model, and see how long you can survive.

69 Ways to Die v1.1

Thumper 12 — Jun 16, 1996

A pretty nice multilevel map, with lots of ways around. Update fixes whatever weird was making it 10 times bigger than it had to be...


Paul Grone Meyer — Jun 15, 1996

Huge. Lots of square rooms, with floating stones i the center, and sewage pits filled with drones, linked by sewage passageways. Some cool effects, but no plot to speak of (well, stay alive long enough to see the whole thing...).

Over The Hill

Joel Blecher — Jun 15, 1996

A small diamond-and cross configuration, with a pit in the center. Stay out of the pit. Textures will make your eyes hurt after a while.

Don't Start With Me!

Drew Ivan — Jun 15, 1996

A small, donut-shaped arena with a series of stairs around the outside, and some notches on the inside. Too small to stop moving for long...

Paranoid Turrets

Daniel Loebl — Jun 15, 1996

A multilevel arena. The textures keep you from getting your bearings for a little while... and your opponents will keep you from it for as long as you play. Very open, with lots of ways to get from point a to point b. Always check above you...

Pfhight Like a Man

Drew Ivan — Jun 15, 1996

A small, tall room with stairs around the outside, a couple of protected rooms with big weapons (and teleporters as the only entrance), and sniper pillars. Vertical distance is big enough that you actually have to aim.


James Taylor — Jun 15, 1996

Five very simple levels. Mostly, they emphasize a specific play style, or a specific weapon. Carnage rates are high.


Matt Donino — Jun 15, 1996

Narrow passageways filled with knee-deep water, and several fisheye powerups. Makes for drunken carnage...


Joel Blecher — Jun 15, 1996

Actual level title is much, much longer. (Check the readme.) Very dark, with crushers everywhere... and no way out of the pit.


Eric Jorgensen — Jun 15, 1996


The Meat Grinder

Stuart Glenn — Jun 15, 1996

A straightforward carnage arena. Two pillars in the center, a sewage-filled passageway around the outside, and some outside ledges. There seem to be some bad walls (poly edges with actual textures assigned, even though it's supposed to be open space), but I didn't get any crashes because of it...

100 D.P.M.

Draquo — Jun 15, 1996

Seemed an awful lot like a cross between Thunderdome and House of Pain (using HoP's textures).

Temple of Moo

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Jun 15, 1996

A circular main arena, with a passageway circling it at ground level, and another on the second floor. Sniper ledges with lots of cover are also on the second floor. There are two additional versions of the map included, for smaller groups-one removes the ground floor outer passage, and one removes the second floor outer passage.

DMMC Archive 10

Durandal Map Making Club — Jun 15, 1996

Three levels. Pfhort McHenry comes with an authentic flag. Intrepid Death relies on fake walls for secrets.

Some of my Favorite Things...

Joel Blecher — Jun 15, 1996

A two player map. Each player is in an enclosed space, facing the other across a no-mans land. Death rates will be low, unless your opponent doesn't know how to take cover.

9 Minutes 37 Seconds

Chris Wondra — Jun 14, 1996

A 3-level solo scenario. As the author says, the plot's a little hokey, but the levels are quite well done. (I've got a pretty big gripe with the last level... if you leave the tower, you can't get back in. There's a door, but it's only one way... You've got to restart from a saved game, and I didn't have one.) Watch yourself when you're close to a goal... the baddies have a nasty habit of showing up at the last minute.


Rob Griffith — Jun 14, 1996

A modification of FrigidMan's Axiocranium (authorized). New secrets, many more baddies, and some really, really death-dealing physics. (Do NOT, under any circumstances, be holding the fusion pistol when it overloads.)

Death By Accident

Martin Koch — Jun 14, 1996

A large, rather geometrical level. Lots of different areas, with different challenges and tricks. Heavy use of windows-use 'em for sniping.

Hunting Hunters (m2)

Dave Siddall — Jun 13, 1996

A pretty nice little arena, with lots of side passages, and WAY too many hunters. I guess if you were into practicing against them... Don't get trapped in the bob generation room.

No Soup For You!

Jacob Welch — Jun 13, 1996

An arena with a sort of a spiral staircase looping around and above it. Lots of wall openings, but once you're past the first ring, you're pretty much out of range unless your opponent is REALLY slow.


Hand Jam — Jun 13, 1996

Four maps. Two are straightforward arenas, but the other two have some unique features... See how long you can stay on the hill on Piston (sniper points are placed particularly well), and InnerSpace is pretty cool.

The Corporate Ladder

Stuart Glenn — Jun 13, 1996

Simple in design, but pretty fun in netplay. Four staircases meet in a cross, with the hill at the top. Around the bottom is another ring, with ammo... but you actually have to be coming up the stairs to get a shot at anyone at the top. Watch the walls when wielding that spanker...

Lost Angles2

spockers — Jun 13, 1996

7 maps. A few are ports of the M1 version of Lost Angles (I think). Others seem to be new. Generally decent layout, a little bit sloppy (lots of bad textures, misaligned textures, that sort of thing), but good play.


Craig Stanton — Jun 13, 1996

Imagine Everyone's Mortal But Me with deadly sniper seats... A grenade from the hill into any sniper seat will make life very uncomfortable for anyone in there, whether the grenade hits near them or not. A pretty fun secret that will never be seen by folks not using custom physics models (like the one enclosed).

Never Forever 1.0

Dan Preston — Jun 12, 1996

It's the week for solo scenarios, I guess... Here's a four-level spinoff of the Bungie universe. Map design is quite good on all levels (there may be some problems for 040 players on level 3-too much stuff). The story progresses well for the first two levels, then seems to become a Bungie derivative (I felt like I was listening to a juvenile Durandal). It ends with a bang, though. (You are gonna get SO lost on level 2...)

Check out the digestible chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!

Compound Pfhracture v1.1

El Bozo — Jun 12, 1996

Square, and symmetrical in gameplay. Easy to get lost at first, but not too bad to learn. Two levels, with many ways between them... Nice central bridge area. Update tweaks textures and object placement.

The Junkyard 1.2

Aaron Pollock — Jun 12, 1996

A ten-level solo scenario, and a net level (Lava Extreme, also available separately) Some of the levels are bigger than others, but except for the last one, you can run through the whole thing in under an hour. The story revolves around Durandal and Tycho, but they're not the Durandal and Tycho you know... Use IZD on an 040. (The last level shows what happens when you give someone All Roads Lead to Sol and DOPE and tell them, "make a level kind of like this one, but with more monsters.")

Lava Extreme!

Aaron Pollock — Jun 12, 1996

A simple net level, probably best with two players. A couple of ledges are separated by a lava pit. One player can control the lava, and teleporters from one side to the other are at the bottom... just make sure your opponent's nowhere near the switch when you jump in.

Foreign Legion 2.0

Luca Uggeri — Jun 12, 1996

This map is the reason I got 3 maps tested this evening, instead of 20. Very pretty to look at, with a really well-thought-out story (well-written, even!), and great monster/ammo placement. This one'll keep you on your toes... The only faults I'd list are a few trapping polys (polys you can't get out of once you get in), and one set of bad doors (always keep an older saved game around-otherwise you'll do what I had to do, and start over). Definitely worth playing-this one's great.

In Your Pfhace

El Bozo — Jun 12, 1996

Just what it sounds like. A small arena, with both elevators and water columns to move up and down. Really fast-paced... and it looks nice, too.

Wrath of the Sentinel

Will Starck — Jun 11, 1996

A large, rambling level with a lot of water tricks. An early juggernaut makes things a bit difficult, but this one's playable... a fun story goes along with the gameplay.

Lava Me Tender

Tony Smith — Jun 11, 1996

Installment 2 in the Origin of Species series (The Goo, the Bad and the Ugly was installment 1). I'll keep this short-get this map. It's really, really hard, but really, really good. Amazing art, and amazing level design. Wow.

I Dare You!

Daniel Loebl — Jun 07, 1996

A two-level arena, with lots of nooks and crannies on both levels. Watch the crossfire!

Descent 1.3

David Gordon — Jun 07, 1996

A 7-level descent into Hell. Visually, this is a stunning map. From the opening sequence (VERY cool doors) through the final battle, I was surprised by some of the unique touches of this map. The update has cleaned up quite a few crashes, and added terms, secrets, and battles. Also, I was wrong- no cheating necessary to get off the first level. There are still a few minor bugs, but nothing major.


Chris Butcher — Jun 07, 1996

A bunch of Marathon players took 54 of their favorite small maps, edited them a bit to their liking (more ammo, lower ledges in some cases, etc.), and stuffed them into a single Map file, to make net play easier. Unfortunately, the documentation is a bit sparse... (hard to tell which map comes from where, or what was done to it). If you're looking for a large collection of maps that someone else has already said is above average, download this.

Wet Arena

Stuart Anderson — Jun 07, 1996

A large, symmetrical arena with a central area that fills with water once the teleporters are used... Water height is such that if you miss the jump from dry spot to dry spot, your opponents will most likely kill you before you get out.

Kairn Pfhortress

Henrik Lindqvist — Jun 07, 1996

A very large, extremely good-looking castle. Very nice lighting... Construction detail is on the order of Villa Banzai. Readme says it crashes 68K machines hard, with IZD not making a difference, but I had no problem on a Q800 running IZD. You'll probably need 4+ to keep the kill rates reasonable...

Need Pfhore Speed

Kit Robinson — Jun 07, 1996

A pretty slick little arena, with zippy platforms, a water cannon you can access from a couple of places, multiple exits from almost every area, and enough firepower to level Cleveland. Carnage should be high, with any number of players above one...

DG's 4 Map Pak

David Gordon — Jun 07, 1996

4 levels (what did you expect?). Three are originals, one is a remake of someone else's M1 map. The remake is pretty impressive (a really large fortress, lots and lots of different areas), the originals are ordinary maps.

Cookin' With Pfhor 1.0.1

Darrell Olson — Jun 06, 1996

Wow, I'm not really sure what to say about this one. It's WAY too hard, so much so that in order to see all of it, I cheated. Maybe it's possible to get through it without cheating, but I don't think I've got that kind of time... OTOH, it's a really nicely designed level, with lots of new things every time you go through an area. There are a few misaligned textures, but nothing to yell about, and sounds are used well. Just when you think you're stuck, you come across that overlooked switch, or that hidden uplinK chip... and another door opens. So, if the baddies were toned down a bit (or if I enjoyed their reactions at Kindergarten), this would be a great level. As it is, it's a nice showpiece... (or maybe I'm just getting old.)

Shadows of Mordor v2.0

Damon Swenson — Jun 06, 1996

Looks like it was designed by a civil engineer on speed (except for the textures, when he switched to acid). This map is a sniper's dream. Well, if the sniper is good at moving... There is absolutely NO place that's safe from attack... Don't play this map if you're feeling paranoid. (I mean most of this in a good way- I don't think I've ever seen so many sniper positions in a single map. The textures, though...) Update tones the textures down a little, and adds some key strategic tweaks. Watch your back!

Phforte 2.0a14

Steve Israelson — Jun 06, 1996

Bunch of tweaks, bug fixes, new features. Check out the latest changes. Guides and other helpful documents can be found in the "Instructions / Guides" section.

New Toys v1.0

Daniel Russett — Jun 06, 1996

Bungie's Thunderdome meets MetaTool's Goo. A pretty nice arena... comes with a physics models that makes those long shots easier to connect with.


Joel Blecher — Jun 06, 1996

A three level scenario, but you could count it as one... the first two levels seem kind of pointless. And since you can pick up an invincibility just before leaving level 2, and not have it wear off until you finish level 3, you might consider level 3 pointless as well...

Jeff's M2 Maps

Jeff — Jun 06, 1996

7 maps. A real grab-bag... some have really annoying texture combinations, and some are quite enjoyable. (The last one is a pretty fun 5-D space kinda thing.) All maps are geared for smaller groups, although some will support more.

Frankenstein v1.0

Daniel Russett — Jun 06, 1996

A perfect example of why Bungie should never have unleashed the alien textureset on us...

Pits of Despair

Daniel Russett — Jun 06, 1996

A really nicely constructed, meticulously lit, extremely annoying level. You feel like you're in a giant honeycomb filled with lava... you can cross areas when the lava's down, but it comes back up pretty quickly... Death rates should be much higher than kill rates.

Hill Billies

Torsten 'Totte' Alm — Jun 06, 1996

Sort of a cross between the third-party Circular Death and Bungie's Everyone's Mortal but Me. Faster paced than both...

Villa Banzai v2.0

Tom Phillips — May 30, 1996

A conversion of one of the most beautiful M1 third-party levels ever created. This rendition is just as attractive as the original... and has the added attraction of real lava (instead of the simulated kind in M1). In fact, the biggest difference between the versions is the color scheme (the original was green, this one is brown). If you've got a fast enough machine, you HAVE to get this-that's all there is to it.

Close Quarters v1.0b

Eric Jorgensen — May 30, 1996

A tiny arena, with small rooms and passageways around the outside. Nicely laid out, with a switch that converts the whole thing from daytime lighting to dusk. Comes in two versions-the second one has the central hill raised, making for a better KOH game.

Midnight Carnage v1.1

Vampile — May 30, 1996

A huge level, mostly centered around a very large open area. Ammo is a bit scarce, given the size of this map... and due to its vast openness, it's somewhat slow on slower machines, but it should be pretty nice with mid-sized groups on fast ethernetted machines.

Black Magic VI

Daniel Loebl — May 30, 1996

A large, rambling level, with distinctive lighting effects, and some weird spatial quirks. Plenty of ammo and weapons... so as soon as you've figured out the flow, carnage rates should be high.

Dave's World

Eric Jorgensen — May 30, 1996

A medium-sized map, made up of a series of small rooms and passageways. Lots of explodabobs in tight spaces...

Vermicide v1.1

Damon Holmes — May 23, 1996

Another very nice small arena. Well thought-out in terms of movement... for example, you can't jump straight into the center from one of the side passages (but there are a few non-direct routes...) Our experience was that this little feature gave the hill guy that extra second to get a shot off... until people got used to the layout. Update tweaks textures, sounds, placement, and adds a room.

Ghost Town

Drew Ivan — May 23, 1996

Modeled after a western town, complete with jail, saloon, bordello, mines, and Boot Hill! A bit linear, but that comes from trying to set it up around Main Street (as most old west towns were), and there are usually multiple ways out of a room.

Carnage Collection v1.0

Jimmy Mitchell — May 23, 1996

In the spirit of the M1 MultiMapPaks, this is a collection of one group's favorite 10 net levels. They've been put into a single map file for ease of play. Original readmes are included.

Battle Dome

Kenny Kohlmann — May 23, 1996

A very simple map (very similar in layout-but not inspiration or beauty-to the original M1 Arena).


Craig Stanton — May 23, 1996

Another unique concept in team Marathon. Using the enclosed physics model, you'll be able to shoot the skull at one of two speeds-one for passing, one for shooting on goal. There's a small room off to one side with two sets of 4 switches... you throw one from your set when you score. The first team to 4 wins. Try it!

Still Here?

Charles Lechasseur — May 23, 1996

An awful lot like Four Leaf Clover, but without the lighting effects... a simple arena with four curving stairwells leading to sniper postions.

Ret Bested

Drew Ivan — May 23, 1996

A small, very simple, high-carnage map consisting of a bunch of intersecting hallways. 5D space without the 5D-there's no place to hide.

Another Net Map

Martin Sandin — May 23, 1996

The actual level is called "Another Small Net Map", but I think that's not right... it's pretty big. Decent flow (there's usually more than one way out...), and some secrets (look for that spanker!). Don't forget IZD if you're on a 68K machine-it's not clean.

Lethal Injection v2.0

Steve Fenton — May 23, 1996

A small central arena (with a smaller central room) and a passageway (with secrets) around the outside. I think the intention was to make the central room only escapable by shooting switches, but the platforms that block access are player controllable... (Read that as: there's an easy way to get that spanker.)

Above it All v1.0

Daniel Loebl — May 23, 1996

A very geometrical (mostly squares, actually), multilevel arena. There are a few secrets, but mostly you'll be jumping from block to block, avoiding spanker shots from all around...

Urban Warfare

Mark Thomas — May 23, 1996

A large, rambling team level. There are bases to guard, features that can only be accessed by two people working together, and lots and lots of places to sneak up on someone. Not a high carnage level... more of a hunt-and-be-hunted one...


Charles Lechasseur — May 23, 1996

A pretty nice little arena with a nearly indefensible hill. Carnage should be really high, and you can enjoy the good looks of this map as you fly above it, blood pouring from every orifice...

Kleptomania v1.0

Damon Holmes — May 23, 1996

Lots of passageways and stairs, with one Spanker (hence the name).


Craig Stanton — May 23, 1996

Inspired by the M1 map Chunnel. The object is to flip the switch in your opponent's base. (Similar to, but still different from, the Assault! concept.) Very nice layout. Size comes from a sound file the author uses to describe the map.

Jake's Revenge

Chet — May 23, 1996

A bizarre level. Mostly a figure eight with a bunch of dead ends, but with a few secrets that make the dead ends not quite so dead. Did weird things to my computer while testing (momentary freezes-no crashes, though).

Did you get that number? v2.1

Jeffrey Wood — May 17, 1996

A pretty nice little arena. Good flow around the outside, and lots of sniper locations. More than three or four would probably be a little too much... Update has more tweaks. Horizontal texture alignment is down, now it's time to work on vertical alignment...

BobbyCount v1.0

Mr. Nerd — May 17, 1996

Most areas have more than one exit, and the small central arena has lots. Fast moving platforms and teleporters keep you out of missile lock, if you use 'em right... Nice big weapons in the lava rooms, but they might be a little hard to get to. Still has a pair of bad textures in one of the lava pits (they're big walls, or it wouldn't matter much).

Circle of Kings

ma_israel — May 17, 1996

Based on "OK, HunnyBunny". The author says this looks better in hi-res, and he ain't lyin'. (Hurts my eyes in lo-res.) A few secrets, and nice touches (use the water jets behind the waterfalls to your advantage...). Great flow.

"Eye of the Tiger, Bart"

Drew Ivan — May 17, 1996

A big, rambling level. There's some of everything-the author says he was experimenting. Could use some variation in lighting...

Do you have a Cherry?

Paul Vesco — May 17, 1996

Very big. Compartmentalized, mostly... lots of big rooms. Sort of laid out in concentric rings, but with a catwalk spanning rings. A bit of smearing on one long staircase, but nothing serious.

Good vs. Evil

Philippe Gervaise — May 17, 1996

A large temple. Nice lighting effects, pools that are easy to exit, and some neat little tricks (shown in the included film) make this a pretty well-done map. Too big, really, for 2 or 3...

Neato v1.47

Curtis Hiller/Mark Hershey — May 17, 1996

A mostly underwater map (the bulk is taken up by a large pit). Ammo is mostly at the bottom. Comes with physics that allows weapons to fire underwater.

Yossarian v1.1

Steve Fenton — May 17, 1996

A central arena (more action on the ledges than the floor, at least for us), and some outside narrow passageways. Author says powerups and rechargers were kept to a minimum... I guess we have different definitions of "minimum". (There are 2 2x rechargers, and a 3x powerup, that I found...) Teleporters in the outside corridors make sure it's never hard to find spanker-fodder...

Bump in the Night

Jeffrey Krauss — May 17, 1996

Two maps, one designed for 3-person games (although it'll fit up to 6) and one for 4-person games (but with eight starting points). Premise is simple-there are small platforms at the vertices of the polygon that is the map (a triangle for the 3-player version, a square for the 4-player), with the hallway before it (in the clockwise direction) teleporting to it. Hit the teleporter, you bump the platform sitter off... but watch your back.

Chipper McFlappy's Playpen

Chris Leonardi — May 17, 1996

Two maps. Both make use of water as an accelerator-one in a pretty humorous way. Nice flow... Look in the pool for ammo.

Super Mara Macros

Tim Swihart — May 15, 1996

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Maramacros above, these add tweaks like hundreds of spanker shots per clip, or grenades, or whatever... 13x shields... extravision, infravision, invisibility... you name it. Works best with v6.5.3 of MacsBug.

"Tanks, What a Wonderful Thing!"

Jason Wood — May 13, 1996

A radially symmetrical map... the hill can't be reached directly, but the path up also can't be guarded by the hill occupier... simple in design, but high in playability.

"The Goo, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Tony Smith — May 13, 1996

A very nicely done solo level... the first of a series that will make up the first installment Marathon map ever released. Quite difficult, as are most of Tony's maps... but very satisfying. If you can't figure out what you need to do next, go back and check recently visited areas, looking for changes. Great term art (the best use of Bungie art to date, imo). As usual, dive into the melee; wield superior firepower; endure. (Just don't cheat-this one's too much fun...)

Fever of Unknown Origin

Jason Wood — May 13, 1996

Derived from Tanks, What a Wonderful Thing, this map has lots of water, lots of passageways, and just enough depth change to get you to blow yourself up every so often.

World Cup Soccer

rodeo/floop — May 13, 1996

Another team variant. Somewhat like the Assault concept, but with a few differences. The map layout is mostly a large soccer field, with a ring around the outside. (Check out there for bigger weapons, guarded by lots of explodabobs...) The object is to flip switches in the opposite goal... one nasty side effect is that the switch flipper is crushed to death. Oh, the sacrifices you make for your teammates...

Brain Surgery

Nathaniel Weston — May 13, 1996

Layout is simple, flow is great, and textures need serious alignment on this pretty nice two-level map.

The Tower

Nathaniel Weston — May 13, 1996

A big ring in a bigger room. You can use the center pool to get to the outer rings, or you can grenade-jump there directly... Check the water for treats, and look around for a tozter... One bad texture in the tozter room.

Pull Down the Shades v1.1

Seth D. Kromholz — May 13, 1996

A small, simple arena, with a twist. There's a hill in the center, and four rooms around the outside. The rooms have windows through which players can shoot (in either direction...). The doors leaving the rooms are one-way, out. However, with a little searching, you might find another way back in... but watch that you don't get SPNKed while you're looking.

High Anxiety

Mark Thomas — May 13, 1996

Another team map. There are two forts, each with a few ways in, all of which involve a very exposed, very slow elevator ride. Lots and lots of weapons in the forts, lots and lots of ammo in the ammo dump (nowhere near the forts). This is a very big map-play this if you like the hunt, not if you're looking for in-your-face carnage. Some cool tricks, like bunker shutters (windows that close from the inside, but don't open from the outside...). Not viewable with Pfhorte.

The Pfhorum

ruggiero — May 13, 1996

Huge. There's a central area filled with water, and lots and lots of places to go and hide. Can be played solo, or networked with large groups... The basic goal of the mapmaker was to provide multiple access points to most places. He succeeded... It's really hard to trap anyone-there's always a back door.

Look at the Loser in the Middle

Mike Salegui — May 06, 1996

A nice simple arena-like space... a central cage, and a light-and-shadow area around it. The central person gets a spanker, and invincibility, but can't move. The outside folks get fusion pistols and assault rifles... and shadows. This isn't new, but it's been lost in the depths of my hard drive for months.

QuasiMoFo v1.3

Colin James — May 06, 1996

A pretty big map, but very pleasant to look at, and open enough (with enough access to most points) that even smaller groups should enjoy it. Great lighting and sound... one of the more impressive releases off the (now-defunct) Testing Grounds. Update is only for email address change.

Llamas are Larger than Frogs v1.2

Jimmy Mitchell — May 06, 1996

A nice little arena with a few teleporters, some sniper ledges, and lots of flow paths. Good carnage for small groups. (Not enough weapons for larger ones.) Update adds new weapons, aligns some textures. This should be a final version.


Philippe Gervaise — May 06, 1996

A small 5D space. Won't support large numbers (not enough weapons), but should be pretty fun for small groups. Pretty intuitive... hard to get lost, even though you've got very distinct regions.

Arena Gold Collection

ad690 — May 06, 1996

4 levels. (Only 3 of them use the Pfhor texture set.) Need work... misaligned textures, missing textures (the center of the last level, for example), not enough ammo or too many powerups...


Mark Conahan — May 06, 1996

A port of an M1 map that was included with the Go Wif Jeza package. I didn't like the original very much, because I kept getting whupped on it... but this is a very nice translation, taking advantage of lots of nice M2 features, and the next time I run into these guys...
Download it for its diversity of altitudes, its great flow, its ubiquitous ammo. The biggest negative would have to be its overabundance of rechargers, and I can live with that... Staying on the hill is a non-trivial exercise.


Kirill Levchenko — May 06, 1996

An extremely well-done 8-level solo scenario. (Well, the count's a little suspect-there are a couple of levels that probably shouldn't be counted (they're added for story continuity, but except for weapons refreshment, they don't have much on 'em), and one net level that's simply the last level, redone for netplay-but the important part is that it's a full scenario.) The story revolves around the battle for a water supply plant... and has a non-standard ending. The chapter art is inspired. Highly recommended.

By Fire & Night v2.0

Zach Joress — May 06, 1996

Too much lava for my tastes... A large arena with smaller areas around the perimeter. Problem is, they're mostly filled with lava... Example-there's a 2x recharger, but you can't get to it without at least 2x shields... and we haven't had a chance to test it with a big group, but it seems to be a little short on weapons. The large size comes from a screenshot that's been blown way up to become a scrolling chapter screen.

Blunderdome v1.0

Damon Holmes — May 06, 1996

A duplicate of Thunderdome, except it's dark.

Death by Chocolate v1.1

ad690 — May 06, 1996

Three interlinked arenas (one waterfilled). The explodabobs provide convenient access to the ledges in the low-grav environment...

Cut in the Sublight Engines

Matt Drance — May 06, 1996

A pretty nice 5D map, in the vein of 5D space. A couple of secrets, but nothing you can't live without... (for example, there's a hidden spanker, but they'll show up in the main area after a little while). Good use of ambient sounds.

Alpha 43

Richard Stogran — May 06, 1996

Geometrical, with multiple routes of entry and exit from each area. Use the sewers... they're faster than the ledge routes. Overall, a highly polished map. Comes with a bunch of Marathon icons.


Eric Milan — May 02, 1996

4 incredibly simplistic levels. About 4 polys each... (I may be exaggerating, but not much). Some texture smearing because of room size. Whatever.


Laurent Stanevich — May 02, 1996

This map is a joy, both to look at and to play. Small enough that 2 don't get bored, but big enough to fit 8 without overcrowding. Very, very nice use of 5D space... hard to even notice it. (But it really makes the map work.)


David Markowitz — May 02, 1996

Lots and lots of twisty passageways, leading into monster-filled rooms. I'd recommend turning aliens off for netplay... or you're going to have a hard time finding your human opponents.

M2 Suicide v16

Butch Massoni — May 02, 1996

4 maps (the M2 ports of Suicide 26). I like 'em much better than their M1 counterparts... there are a few bad sides (textured air) in the last one.

Kool and the Gang Maps

Ryan McCullough/Todd Weller — May 02, 1996

12 maps. Lots of (too) sharp angles, and some jarring texture choices, but there's some pretty nice use of platforms here...

Welcome To The Machine

Dr. Mace — May 02, 1996

Another very pretty map from Dr. Mace. The center platform thing doesn't seem to be horribly useful (more for show than anything else), but other than that, this looks to be a fast-paced map.

'Cuz You're a Boy

Tony Neal — May 02, 1996

2 maps. Both are pretty nice-Double Helix takes a bit of getting used to. (Seems like it's got a 5-D aspect to it, but it doesn't...) This is one of the few attractive Pfhor levels. Lysurgic Dilithimide requires quick footwork to stay out of the lava...


Tony Neal — May 02, 1996

A pretty simple maze, with a somewhat hard-to-find center room. (Much easier if you're not playing this networked... more time.) Nasty Minotaur... but he's not too bad to kill, the first time.

5th Spiral

David Markowitz — May 02, 1996

Concentric hallways spiraling out... hence the name. There are shortcuts at some of the outside corners, and at least one secret room. Also comes in a solo version.

Pure Carnage II (Revisited)

Richard Stogran — May 02, 1996

Complete overhaul. This map is now MUCH faster on non-powermacs, and the outside water trap is now more like a skating rink. Concentrate on your human opponents...

Those Tiny Towers

Stopher T — May 02, 1996

A smaller version of the author's last map, The Towers 3. Still hasn't had textures aligned.

Alamap-Cloud Port

Jeremy Whitman — May 02, 1996

Textures are painful at low res, but this map'll keep you moving (those nasty purple compilers just keep shooting...). Big weapons carry a penalty.

New Pfhorte2 Menus

Tim Humphrey — Apr 30, 1996

Changes the names of Monsters, Objects, Texturesets, etc. to more descriptive choices.

Suicide 26

Butch Massoni — Apr 30, 1996

4 maps, all original. A couple are really slow on 040 machines. These are not quite in the same style as most suicide maps. (Well, two are, but the other two are very big, with much lower carnage rates.)


Bill Cameron — Apr 30, 1996

Modeled after a formal dining location. Readme gives credit to the creator of Villa Banzai, which is good, since it looks like that was the jumping-off point for this level. With 2 players, it was a bit slow, but more makes a very nice net level. Update fixes a few bugs.

Pfhalopian Tubes

HackdSabre — Apr 29, 1996

A cool little map-very simple, but with great flow. Check out the map view for a clue as to where the name came from. (The textures could use some work.)


Matt Kelley — Apr 29, 1996

A three level solo scenario. You're a prisoner, and your job is to escape, rescue Robert Blake, and get out. If you can finish this level on TC, consider yourself a true vidmaster. There are an absurd number of aliens here... and very limited recharging capabilities (unless I missed 'em all).

Assault! River of Death v1.1

Eric Hoffman — Apr 29, 1996

Introduces an alternative to capture the flag. Each team has a base, with four switches in it. If you manage to flip the switches in the opposing base, you raise a pillar in the center of the map, and show everyone you won the game. Pretty slick... has a few nice tricks even if you don't have enough people to play it. New version removes the chapter screen, and fixes a bug or two.

What Goes Up

Tom Phillips — Apr 29, 1996

A straightforward port of Bungie's M1 level. A pretty nice job-stays true to the play of the original, except that there are WAY too many invincibility powerups.

Unauthorized Access

Matt Kelley — Apr 29, 1996

Two bases, with lots of ammo and weapons in each (but shotgun and its ammo are split...). The object is to get to the other side's base... Texture choices make long-distance kills very difficult at low res.

MapInfo 1.3.1

Kirill Levchenko — Apr 29, 1996

This is a really cool little tool of use to both mapmakers and players. Now works with both M1 and M2. Drop a map on it, and it'll create a text file containing lots of information about the map. Object info, lighting types, textureset, number of polys, number of platforms, number of points, total volume, and on and on... Use it for error checking (your map is crashing and you don't know why? Make sure the landscape texture you used is the one defined for the map. Want to make sure you haven't passed the 64 platform limit in your map? Save yourself lots of tedious counting with this. yadda, yadda, yadda...), use it for info (Which textureset did that map use again?), use it for giggles. Small enough that you can't complain about the download... and don't forget to send the author feedback! Now gives info on Films, too. Latest version gives lots and lots of object placement info.

Bermuda Triangle

Seth D. Kromholz — Apr 29, 1996

A two-level arena, with a sort-of-open area underneath, and three passageways meeting in a small triangle above. The hill is the small meeting patch (not accessible with weapons from below...)

Hex Documentation v1.1

Uknown — Apr 28, 1996

Ben Matasar has written a very concise, easy-to-read guide to using Hex!, based on a USENET post by Brian Ridge. If you're at all confused about how to use Hex!, or what the various options are, grab this-it's small and useful. Update adds a crucial bit of info about the linkage between terms and lights in Pfhorte 2.

Assault: Bunker Attack!

Seth D. Kromholz — Apr 28, 1996

Another map using the concept introduced by Eric Hoffman in Assault! River of Death-two teams, two bases, the object to flip all the switches in your opponent's base. A nice alternative to Capture the Flag (which never materialized).

Pfhor the Good Times v1.0

Steve Fenton — Apr 28, 1996

A Waldo World-like arena, except that the ledges are much higher. Lighting favors snipers. Feels a bit claustrophobic, but that's not necessarily a bad thing...

Pfhor Squared = 16

Jeffrey Krauss — Apr 28, 1996

3 variations on a theme. Amazingly simple maps-one room, square, with a hill in the center and teleporters in the corners-but they play pretty well. One's dark, one's landscaped, and one plays with current.

Clara Dickson

Matt Drance — Apr 28, 1996

The outside arena is HUGE, and pretty slow on slower machines if there's anything in it... This is a model of the mapmaker's dorm. Some nice flow touches...


Steve Fenton — Apr 28, 1996

There's a central room, but most of the action is gonna happen in the outside rooms and hallways. Watch the nasty corner rooms...


David Markowitz — Apr 28, 1996

A small map. More than two or three would get really crowded. A couple of secrets, but basically, this is a first effort... sort of a test bed. (There's a little of everything...)

Stay In Control

Matt Mogavero — Apr 28, 1996

A KOH map with the hill surrounded by movable platforms, sitting in lava... relies very heavily on fake walls (walls that aren't really there, but that look fine until you run through them). Several secrets, and lots of switches, the use for some of which only becoming apparent when you hear the screams...

Middle of Nowhere

David Markowitz — Apr 28, 1996

A small arena with some not-so-apparent ledges. Watch the nasty platform in the lava.


Chris Ashton — Apr 26, 1996

You're a navigator on a mining ship where things have gone horribly wrong. You're the only member of the crew to escape capture... and it's up to you to set things straight. New shapes, sounds, physics, art, and a 9-level solo scenario make this a package worth checking out!

Pfhred 1.3.1

Jeremy Parsons — Apr 25, 1996

A shape editor that lets you scale and rotate character shapes. Lots of fixed bugs-this is a great choice to use with the Marathon 2 Wall Extractor... Here's the readme.

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